Why Black Holes Could Delete The Universe - The Information Paradox

Black holes are scary things. But they also might reveal the true nature of the universe to us.
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How Black Holes Could Delete The Universe - The Information Paradox


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    • Mason space gaming scientist

      Mason space gaming scientist

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      You're the best

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    what if you put a camera in the blackhole to see whats inside

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    2019: my dog ate my homework 3019: my black hole ate my homework

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    I just wanna know how can something the universe created destroy it? I mean I get a baby can kill it's mom but this is the universe

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    As soon as he said big bang, a really loud ad came on and i thought the universe in youtube was ending.

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    Theory: black holes are the portals to the back rooms

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    that marble scene looks the same from the MIB movie i think.

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    So what if you sent a satilite into a black hole would it just stop brodcasting info or would it send it out as a decodable set of hawking radiation

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  19. Steven hubbart

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    I’ve said we live inside a black hole for years! We are forever getting created and destroyed, stuck between a black hole and a parallel white hole... it’s the ying and yang of all existence... It’s where our electrons go when they, “disappear”; just to the other side, cause they can’t be destroyed. It explains how our universe is expanding forever and also finite.

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    Small_drop in_the_big_ocean

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    "The information is not lost. It's just hard to read." We just need to learn how to tap into that information which has became hard to read and we might be able to preserve our consciousness.

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    Black holes are just the universe’s penis shafts

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    Joey Clayson

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    I don't get how information can't be destroyed. If information is just the arrangement of matter, if you destroy that arrangement, don't you destroy the information? The matter obviously can't be destroyed, but the info can, no?

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    i thought i told the unviers not to do black holes a thing... But of course the univers NeVeR liStEn

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    So when we die we can launch ashes/bodies etc to space since they contain atoms send it to orbit outside the black holes horizon and basically We can wait until someone in a billion years gets that information reads our encrypted hologram code and we can come back? Asking for a friend

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    In Hinduism, Lord Krishna has said that whatever we see is an illusion and not the absolute truth. And after seeing the Holographic universe theory, does look like what Krishna said can't be taken totally as a religious principle but a science encoded as philosophy?!

  64. Hamo


    11 dagen geleden

    I have something crazy, read this please. A theory of mine: What if the theory of the "big bang" was a black hole that was so huge it devastated all the universe, but then the particles and atoms that were sucked in such as hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon formed our galaxies once again. If we imagine that humanity existed before the big bang lets say, and we were so advanced in technology, but then a black hole so big sucked past humanity, then after the radiation the big bang occurred and history is just repeating itself again and again. If that is true, one day a black hole so big it will suck in all our universe and everything we know. Pulling to itself all the information that we discovered, leaving nothing or no evidence to show us that before the explosion of the future black hole, anything at all existed. Then one day, history repeats: atoms merge, combine, forming cells, forming tissues, and everything repeating itself.. maybe, that is the cycle of life

    • Subramani P

      Subramani P

      7 dagen geleden

      Already there is a theory states the same. The multiverse theory

  65. K V

    K V

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    We all may be just pieces of information on a collapsing black hole ,,, its high time to ask your crush out

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    I don't know whether to have an existential crisis, or study string theory and quantum mechanics

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    me someone already with severe anxiety *lets click on this NLcameras link about blackholes*

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    Wait, but then... Maybe we are in a black hole...We dont have any proof that we are...But we dont have any proof that we arent... (Nvm he just said the same thing in the video...)

  72. Sage


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    So basically they can thanos snap our universe. Wait, it can't delete us! We have the Icloud! We'll just retrieve our data back!



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    okay so black holes can get rid of info?

  74. Pasta Ramen

    Pasta Ramen

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    Love the Interstellar type music in the video.

  75. Xtreme RBLX

    Xtreme RBLX

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    me skipping the video what i hear: black hol- are- ten cents- Me: ok ima buy a black hole now

  76. MayMay3972


    14 dagen geleden

    This takes millions of years. We have nothing to worry about

  77. Silent Ninja

    Silent Ninja

    15 dagen geleden

    Information isn’t lost, Black holes trap information. White holes which theoretically are at the end of a black hole spew the information out. So information is not lost? Idk

  78. Why_ Azer

    Why_ Azer

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    What about banana squirrel 😳

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    Minecraft 4848

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  80. Cristle Tower

    Cristle Tower

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    Am I the only one who thinks they upload more video faster

  81. stankmaster5


    15 dagen geleden

    bruh i have a theory that a higgs field is basically a baby universe. this is because it starts as a tiny particle, then when it stabilizes, it begins to expand rapidly, erasing everything in the universe that it comes in contact with. inside of the higgs field, there are different physics form the outer universe. this is mirrored in our universe - the universe started as a tiny particle of near infinite density, then began expanding. maybe this is because it was a higgs particle that stabilized, causing the big bang - the expansion of our universe. humans have only ever observed a star becoming a black hole once, and even then, theres some contention. nobody is really sure if it actually became a black hole. meanwhile, im starting to see some similarities between black holes and higgs fields - it seems to delete the universe (information), it has different physics inside of it (the ergosphere), and it constantly expands (as it gathers information). what if black holes are higgs fields within our universe? stabilized particles resulting in the birth of a universe? this also makes sense, because if exotic matter were to hold open the event horizon, an observer could go through... into another universe. the universe that would, theoretically, be created by the stabilizing of the higgs particle. im not the best at science, though, so if youre more knowledgeable about this stuff, let me know if this theory is plausible.

    • Cristle Tower

      Cristle Tower

      15 dagen geleden


  82. unknown mindyourown

    unknown mindyourown

    16 dagen geleden

    Watching this video will stunt your intelligence, information is not matter and matter is not information!

  83. unknown mindyourown

    unknown mindyourown

    16 dagen geleden

    The structure of atom bound to each other may or may not have a pattern, but that’s not information! I’m not half through this video yet and you’ve told multiple lies already!

  84. unknown mindyourown

    unknown mindyourown

    16 dagen geleden

    Matter is indestructible, information is not you liar!

  85. unknown mindyourown

    unknown mindyourown

    16 dagen geleden

    Now you’re dabbling in outright lies, the genetics of a squirrel will contain Information but your example of coal or diamonds are absurd, at best it’s ignorance on your part at worst it’s a lie! Life forms contain DNA that are basic blueprints of what they are, the structure of a material wether diamond or coal is nothing like the information contained in DNA, on a sidenote, The information contained in the same DNA regardless of life form has to have come from an intelligence because from what we have been able to determine thus far information always always always comes from an intelligence!

    • Lünkel


      10 dagen geleden

      You clearly just don't understand what is mean by "information" in the physics context here. No information being lost just means that everything has to be perfectly time reversable. At no point can two seperate quantum states converge on the exact same state. This follows from the math of QM.

    • Sontar


      15 dagen geleden

      Dude in the river swam by Patrick; your argument is invalid.

  86. Sid Bangur

    Sid Bangur

    16 dagen geleden

    Amazingly informative. Thank you :-)

  87. Big King Ryan

    Big King Ryan

    16 dagen geleden

    Me: :o this is what happens to my deleted minecraft worlds?

  88. DJ_CodNub


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    So my Kindle is a black hole... Got it.

  89. DJ_CodNub


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    How can I turn my banana 🍌 into a squirrel 🐿️ again? 🤔

  90. DJ_CodNub


    17 dagen geleden

    Black Holes: Still not powerful enough to suck me out of bed in the mornings.

  91. Daniel Lagos

    Daniel Lagos

    17 dagen geleden

    2:33 It has been proven that in the last stages of a black hole, it slowly expels information. In these stage black holes don't suck matter, but repel it.

  92. Strictcypress 50

    Strictcypress 50

    17 dagen geleden

    5:20 what if we are in a baby universe

  93. Turtle Dude

    Turtle Dude

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    but what is the difference betwwen flat and not flat?

  94. Kim Fory

    Kim Fory

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    I absolutely love the thumbnail lol

  95. Ham Fish

    Ham Fish

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    5:31 that analogy is so good that if you have had a hard drive do that to you, this analogy hits home

  96. he he boi

    he he boi

    18 dagen geleden

    Could black holes be dimension portals to the second or first dimensions or maybe even the 4th dimension

  97. That Perston

    That Perston

    18 dagen geleden

    Why am I only just noticing the Black Hole in the beginning snapping that star away like Thanos?

  98. Ворон Маусы

    Ворон Маусы

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    This is truly fascinating

  99. Madison Parish

    Madison Parish

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  100. Ny'ygth'aal - Sothoth

    Ny'ygth'aal - Sothoth

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    'ه̵̛́س̀́ي̴̵̵ل̸̡͡ڢ́̀͏ي̢ن̷̕͜ي̢ن̷̕͜ي̀͡͞ه̧̡͡͠و̡͠͏̴ن̷̨͝ي͘͠چ͘͠͝͠ ̀̕*ا̷̛͞͏͡و̵̴̧͝ا͞͡ك͘͏ي̸̀͟͜͡ت҉̨͜ي̸̵͢ي̸́҉͜͏ 'ه̵̛́ي̸́҉ي̨҉҉ي҉̸̵͠͝♫̀͝ ̴̴̧͢͝فه̵̛́ي̀͡͞ت҉̨͜ي̸̵͢ي̸́҉͜͏ 'ه̵̛́ي̸́҉ي̨҉҉ف ,ه̵̛́ي̸́҉ي̨҉҉فه̵̛́ه̵̛́ه̵̛́ه̵̛́ي̸́҉ي̨҉҉فه̵̛́ه̵̛́س̀́ي̴̵̵ل̸̡͡ڢ́̀͏ي̢ن̷̕͜س̀́ي̴̵̵ل̸̡͡ڢ́̀͏ي̢ن̷̕͜ي̀͡͞ه̧̡͡͠و̡͠͏̴ن̷̨͝ي͘͠چ͘͠͝͠ ̀̕ا̷̛͞͏͡و̵̴̧͝ا͞͡في̸́ ز̡̰͙̜͍̫̘̗͡ي̡̰̦̜̱̬̲̩̳̝̟̗͈̀́̕͟ل̀͏̠͖̙̪͎̭̼̪͖̱̗̠͇̪̫̣̻ي̸̯͈̙̻̪̻̖̱̫͚̥̪̞̤͓͜͞͠ͅͅه̵̢̫̲͎̭͠ ‍ي̸́҉ي̨҉҉ي҉̸̵͠͝ي̸́҉♫̀͝ ̴̴̧͢͝فه̵̛́ي̀͡͞ت҉̨͜ي̸̵͢ه̵̛́ي̸́҉ي̨҉҉ف ل̀͏̠͖̙̪͎̭̼̪͖̱̗̠͇ ز̡̰͙̜͍̫̘̗͡ ه̵̛́= د҉͞͠ي҉̡͞پ̸̶̀͘͢ت҉̷̀́͞ م͏͜҉̸́ي̸̶͟͠چ͘͟͜ه͟͡ ه̵̛́ چ̴̢̛̟͚͚̝͉̰̜͖̭͙̥̖͟͞و̴̜͖̯̣͚̲͕̙͕̮̥͕̭̪̼̀ͅ