Tati RESPONDS to her lawsuit and WOACB is in TROUBLE...

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This video is about WOACB being in trouble and Tati responding to her lawsuit! Enjoy :)
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  1. Angelika Oles

    Angelika Oles

    20 dagen geleden

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    • Something’bout Money smels like Love

      Something’bout Money smels like Love

      15 dagen geleden

      19:50 can you do this more? When people talk just post a cute foto of your dog she is really cute😩

    • I Will Sleep With Your Man

      I Will Sleep With Your Man

      17 dagen geleden

      why do you wear so much makeup and then not comb your hair/have awful hair like that? doesn't make any sense

    • kimberley Howell

      kimberley Howell

      19 dagen geleden

      Please, please, please so a colab with Kendall ray and go on her mile higher podcast !! It would be ICONICCC!

    • Belinda Kent

      Belinda Kent

      20 dagen geleden

      aarrrrr Kute Puppy Pic!!!! xx

    • Birdie


      20 dagen geleden

      I’ve been looking for some wireless earbuds so I might just get these. 😊 thanks 👍🏻

  2. M.J. Dougherty

    M.J. Dougherty

    7 dagen geleden

    Aight, so I'm really late to this party (and the only person involved that I have seen/heard of before/followed is Tati), but I'm really enjoying watching these videos lol I'm sorry that you guys are going through this, and she sounds like a screwball, but this is probably the best entertainment when taking a break from studying for exams. Thank you !

  3. Pippa


    9 dagen geleden

    Woacb's lack of self awareness blows my mind.

  4. M fndz

    M fndz

    9 dagen geleden

    I found you through Emily and omg I love your voice!

  5. John Carter

    John Carter

    9 dagen geleden

    I just found your channel through another video about Katie. I subbed, hit that bell and shared this with my sis and a couple others. Great content, also got more from you about this shady, sue happy person. The things I've seen from her and what she says to her fans are disrespectful. I'm glad I found this channel. Look forward to more content.

  6. Kilibubble Cata

    Kilibubble Cata

    10 dagen geleden

    Does she actually not understand that EVERYTHING - E V E R Y TH I N G - that she is saying right now, on the internet, on record, about the lawsuit - CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST HER IN COURT?!?,? I'm honestly starting to think she is not completely right in the head because she literally seems to not understand the gravity of the situation that she is in. It's like she's physically or mentally unable to stop talking despite making it so much worse for herself every time she does. I'm fully in favor of her getting sued and I hope she loses but after that I seriously think she needs like inpatient mental health treatment. This is unbelievably self-destructive and borderline psychotic behavior. It's like she's living in a different reality than everyone else is.

  7. Zoe Parker

    Zoe Parker

    10 dagen geleden

    anyone else listen to angelikas videos while doing chores and other stuff instead of audiobooks?

  8. Madame Problèmes

    Madame Problèmes

    10 dagen geleden

    One thing : She is right on saying she is especially sorry about calling a girl a brat not because it's dumb but because she allegedly called a rape victim a brat. To me it's way worse that copyrighted issues

  9. Anjadv


    10 dagen geleden


  10. Meala B.

    Meala B.

    12 dagen geleden

    Doggy is a diva I love her.

  11. Bleach 3369

    Bleach 3369

    12 dagen geleden

    Found you with the whole crystal ball thing but you’re puppy is cute and I’m going to your 2nd channel

  12. KCs Funhouse

    KCs Funhouse

    12 dagen geleden

    I’m curious what kind of lawyer she’s working with that is ok with her talking about a the lawsuit so much. No lawyer would ever advise a client to speak on a lawsuit like that. Everything she said can be added as evidence and used against her. Sometimes you need to simply know when to keep your mouth shut.

  13. Humor In Politics

    Humor In Politics

    13 dagen geleden

    Unirock is extremely maladroit.

  14. iJesse


    13 dagen geleden here's the video for proof that she did call Sophie a ''Brat'' she cannot debunk her own *LIE* lol

  15. ash ley

    ash ley

    14 dagen geleden

    i thought wacb called a 9year old girl a little brat?

  16. Mayy


    15 dagen geleden

    What??? I've subscribed like 3 times! I searched for you and I'm unsubscribed, click on this video and it says I'm subscribed 😫

  17. foxibot


    15 dagen geleden

    I am shocked about this Katie joy person, I subbed to her for lite gossip about sister wives, never really watched that much, never even watched her all the way through. I thought she was kind of odd, seemed insecure and seemed to be overcompensating because of that. But I thought well she’s losing her hair she said, so I can understand how that would take a toll. But when I say how deluded she was, looking people’s private information up, I dropped her. I can’t support that. And it made me angry when I was a news reporter that she thinks she is. I went to school for broadcast and then I changed to film industry, because news reporting is not the most stable job. When I had this mentor offer me a job but tell me don’t pack anything or ever think you have job security I thought I may want to do something else. Plus I am cajun and have a accent and a drawl because I moved up north of state when I was a child where everyone talks slow with a drawl. It was hard on me speaking a French patois then going to having to listen to these very slow drawls I heard. I still say all instead of oil unless I am consciously aware of it. I did get rid of a good deal of it, and can speak normally. But I enjoy speaking my cajun language. With the accent. It’s a pride that we are experiencing, a renaissance to speak with our culture and language because at one time they banned us from speaking in schools. We were beaten for it. We now don’t have that mindset so it’s good to see immersion being taught in schools.

  18. Jenifer Joseph

    Jenifer Joseph

    15 dagen geleden

    This Katy lady is raving. Does she just not have a life at all? Any friends to hold her accountable? Surely she can figure that if no one in the community she's a part of likes her, that's not THEIR fault.

  19. mooney_sugawara


    16 dagen geleden

    I love Angelikas videos, she has the most educated opinions and even though sometimes she might get the details wrong she still manages to make a living out of it so props to her.

  20. Katherine Vallo

    Katherine Vallo

    16 dagen geleden

    My cousin is a professional Journalist and has been for close to 20 years. She uses words like alleged to keep herself from being held liable and getting sued.

  21. Knotty Bunny

    Knotty Bunny

    16 dagen geleden

    Kj seriously needs to google 'self reflection'!! She took some time to reflect my a$$ lololololololol well maybe she stared at the mirror for 45 min playing with her hair 😎😂

  22. Ashley Rose

    Ashley Rose

    16 dagen geleden

    ‼️She didn’t call Creepshow art a brat, she called a CHILD SEXUAL ASSAULT VICTIM (aka Sophie) a brat ‼️

  23. Ashley Rose

    Ashley Rose

    16 dagen geleden

    She’s the biggest fucking Karen of all Karens

  24. Amirah_Lovey


    16 dagen geleden

    Your puppy is sooooo adorable omg

  25. Ashley Rose

    Ashley Rose

    16 dagen geleden

    Curious, has Katie ever had a sponsor?

  26. Chelle Nalehp

    Chelle Nalehp

    16 dagen geleden

    cute puppy!!! i don't think you respond to comments; especially on videos that aren't brand new but just in case; what's the breed? my moms cockapoo looked exactly like that as a puppy

  27. TheDragonchick1


    16 dagen geleden

    Her apology needs to be as loud as her disrespect...

  28. Razzle k

    Razzle k

    16 dagen geleden

    This woman has the same thought process as Donald trump while losing the election

  29. Elle


    17 dagen geleden

    All these videos are just ridiculous. I am not a fan of cb but all of you people have to make so many videos of the same person. Are you trying to get them to hurt themselves. It’s truly bullying someone to rock bottom. It’s brutal. The hate train for clicks and views. Do better

  30. mary bodnar

    mary bodnar

    17 dagen geleden

    Love your eye look today!!

  31. Rose Ella-Grace

    Rose Ella-Grace

    17 dagen geleden


  32. Tessa Karmala

    Tessa Karmala

    17 dagen geleden Clark Swanson in youtuber's Instagram DMs, shadyyy...

  33. Cheryl Lees

    Cheryl Lees

    17 dagen geleden

    Sorry but I don’t believe the allegations about Tati’s partner, I think they absolutely reneged on their commitments to him.. Tati’s husband doesn’t have a good reputation in the business world. Just be careful of presenting one side like its “the truth”, before it gets into court and is heard by an actual judge. Even Emily, whilst informative, it’s just an opinion. We don’t know what actually went happened and won’t know until the case is settled...

  34. Kris Shafranski

    Kris Shafranski

    17 dagen geleden

    I just think its funny she STILL calls you AngeLEEKA dedpite the fact you say your name in your intro in the videos lol

  35. Jessica Sample

    Jessica Sample

    17 dagen geleden

    When you have THIS MANY PEOPLE going against you, YOU. ARE. THE. PROBLEM. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  36. coco 。

    coco 。

    17 dagen geleden

    unrelated but girl ur makeup looks amazing 😍😍

  37. Dorie Triplett

    Dorie Triplett

    17 dagen geleden

    Love you!

  38. eli smith

    eli smith

    17 dagen geleden

    hey you know when you talked about shallon lester? has she done anything else sincev

  39. notnafe


    17 dagen geleden

    Honestly I don’t care much about this drama. Can you go back to making mini teas

  40. t k

    t k

    17 dagen geleden

    funny i found her channel and yours around the bye sister stuff. but i am still following you, and i unfollowed her after about 3 weeks. i could tell just by how she spoke about stuff she was full of shit.

  41. LaVey


    17 dagen geleden

    If u can use the rayjay airpods wtf up with ur big ass ear holes? Lmao srsly tho

  42. Sandra Murray

    Sandra Murray

    18 dagen geleden

    Wow you have to be really angry if you forgot to censor yourself in the last bit?😳 I don’t know who this Katie is nor do I actually care.... But I am on your side because she sounds like she needs Jesus 😅

  43. E C Donnelly

    E C Donnelly

    18 dagen geleden

    I think Katie is moreso angry because the abundance of information from that lawsuit only serves to highlight just how wrong she was all along, potentially putting more of a spotlight on her alleged defamation. It's really interesting from a law point too, this case potentially could have a knock-on effect for WOACB if she carries on

  44. Miu El

    Miu El

    18 dagen geleden

    I love your videos and i love the way you talk, ur very smart and articulate blah blah blah, but GIRL. WHY YOU SO PRETTY? YOU CHOSE TODAY OD ALL DAYS TO TURN IT THIS HARD 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  45. Sonia Khansa

    Sonia Khansa

    18 dagen geleden

    it's funny when people in Emily's comment sec. always rooting for Swanson when he's just as shady lmao

  46. michelle T

    michelle T

    18 dagen geleden

    Love your videos. Also, what is that lip color???

  47. eliza


    18 dagen geleden

    Phoebe 🥺

  48. Katherine


    18 dagen geleden

    i wish we were friends in real life but i live in sydney :(

  49. Luv2LuvEm


    18 dagen geleden

    The problem isn’t that Katie "responds to trolls" too much. The problem is that in Katie’s head _anyone_ who disagrees with her IS automatically a "troll." No Katie, every single person that has a different opinion than you is not a troll. And there’s not a "band of trolls" that are "trying to take you down." You’ve gone too far, too many times, and now _everyone_ is sick of it. They are done with you. So it’s not that there are a bunch of trolls trying to destroy’s that NO ONE LIKES YOU ANYMORE.

  50. Stephanie Carter

    Stephanie Carter

    18 dagen geleden

    WOACB is was wrong, is wrong, and probably always will be wrong!!!

  51. Christina K.

    Christina K.

    18 dagen geleden

    I think that WOACB chick has something genuinely wrong with her.

  52. Demi Upton

    Demi Upton

    18 dagen geleden

    not me being top of my law class from following this case with angelika and emily 🤪

  53. Kay


    18 dagen geleden

    Why does she even have subscribers and a following oh my!?!

  54. Kay


    18 dagen geleden

    This sounds like a horrible attempt of damage control.

  55. babyH777


    18 dagen geleden

    i dont understand cus this man was meant to be tati and james friend .. surely they knew if he could afford this shit or be serious about it and be responsible idk why they were friends in the first place

  56. Kate Batista

    Kate Batista

    18 dagen geleden

    Katie is a lawyers worst nightmare. Shut, and I mean this, the FUCK UP! The brat is talking about Sophie and not creepshow.

  57. Michelle


    18 dagen geleden

    Lol she wasn’t calling Creepshow a brat, she was calling a 9 year old SA victim a brat.

  58. Divine Star Goddess

    Divine Star Goddess

    18 dagen geleden

    TATI BOASTED SHE NEVER ONCE TOOK A BRAND DEAL. Now we discover instead she made millions from BRAND DEALS SHE NEVER DISCLOSED. FTC violation anyone?? That woman is a frazzled menopausal mess. Her hubby is a creeper with an ugly goatee. Scammmers

  59. AyoSuko


    18 dagen geleden

    That sweet baby puppy face!

  60. Emma Collins

    Emma Collins

    18 dagen geleden

    I feel so bad for he attorney lol. That's a lot of work to do 😭🤣🤣

  61. Michelle


    18 dagen geleden

    All of those accounts you mentioned don’t even use opinions and they’re definitely NOT TROLLS!!! They are FACT BASED accounts documenting HER OWN LIES and wrongdoings!!! Smh

  62. jess. 715

    jess. 715

    18 dagen geleden

    She said she will only unblock you if you email her and request to be unblocked 😆😆

  63. Kay D

    Kay D

    18 dagen geleden

    She didn’t call creepshow a brat. That clip was about Sophie Long. Calling her a brat among a multitude of other things. She’s called creepshow many things but the brat thing was for Sophie.

  64. hazal soytorun

    hazal soytorun

    18 dagen geleden

    Im sorry but I cannot concentrate now because your lipstick is awesome! what is it?

  65. Devon Moxley

    Devon Moxley

    18 dagen geleden

    Omg phoebe is so cute

  66. Uncovering Hypocrisy

    Uncovering Hypocrisy

    18 dagen geleden

    Just to be clear.. She wasn't calling Creepshow Art a brat in that clip, she was calling a 9 year old alleged SA victim a brat. Just so you have correct info ❤

  67. jackie


    18 dagen geleden

    katie is acting like a child in this situation, shes in a huge lawsuit and is treating it like a little argument

  68. Angry tired nerd

    Angry tired nerd

    18 dagen geleden

    I watched a bunch of WOACB's videos during the whole Myka Stauffer situation and I believed some stuff that Katie said about Myka... now I'm not so sure anymore.

  69. Erin Reardon

    Erin Reardon

    18 dagen geleden

    I just got a new puppy too! They could be best friends

  70. Scarlets Brain Is On Fire

    Scarlets Brain Is On Fire

    18 dagen geleden

    @Angelika Oles the reason it’s a big deal that she show proof for not calling a little girl a “brat” is because it was in direct response to a 9 year old girl who had just made an accusation of being s**ually as$saulted by her mother’s boyfriend. I saw the livestream. She called a 9 yo who had come forward about SA and KJ called her a “brat” and a “good actor”. It’s the most vile thing of all the vile things she’s done.

  71. Ashley Maxwell

    Ashley Maxwell

    18 dagen geleden

    I was about to comment that I’ve never noticed NLcameras unsubscribing me or not notifying me of someone’s videos and then noticed I was unsubscribed 😅

  72. Shake Speare

    Shake Speare

    18 dagen geleden

    Ur lips r juicy

  73. Rylee Johnson

    Rylee Johnson

    18 dagen geleden

    I’m normally not “up” on NLcameras drama- I was like a month late to the whole bye sister thing but I am checking DAILY for new videos on this from you Angelika! All the love 💕

  74. Ashley Watson

    Ashley Watson

    18 dagen geleden


  75. Laura Mena Quirós

    Laura Mena Quirós

    18 dagen geleden

    She is sooo pretty

  76. E M

    E M

    18 dagen geleden

    I normally watch NLcameras at 2.0x speed, but for angelika I have to watch in 1.5x.

  77. Coco Marie

    Coco Marie

    18 dagen geleden

    She is really good at misdirection and gaslighting. Ill give her that

  78. khawla attia

    khawla attia

    18 dagen geleden

    Your eyes 💙 (engagement comment) 😝

  79. sachovnica84


    18 dagen geleden

    repeat after me: thanks for watching

  80. Grace g

    Grace g

    18 dagen geleden

    Katie’s lawyer must be losing their absolute shit right now.

  81. xFar


    18 dagen geleden

    Hi! Where is that fluffy pink jumper thing from? I’ve seen you wear it in other videos and it looks adorable❤️

  82. Brii Van Aalst

    Brii Van Aalst

    18 dagen geleden

    Phoebe is hella cute but I like watching you talk 😅

  83. Fatehah Normah

    Fatehah Normah

    18 dagen geleden

    Pheobe owns my heart 🥰❤️❤️

  84. Livid_Butterfly


    19 dagen geleden

    You should watch the video "My Letter To Katie Joy", from one of her ex-subscribers. Its compassionately brutal. KJ was super disrespectful to one of her die-hard subscribers on livestream, so they uploaded a video. Backstory - the women, Caroline, is Autistic and politely commented that her eating on camera was distracting. Caroline's explanation of every mistake Katie has taken towards her un-subscribing, is just a masterpiece to watch.

  85. Dayvee Gagnon

    Dayvee Gagnon

    19 dagen geleden

    Yikes 😳 got some good tea today

  86. Lux Fallen

    Lux Fallen

    19 dagen geleden

    Jesus Christ she's a mess, and the way she half asses everything, like gurl, you're really out here half assing a backtrack on your statements? Please.

  87. Kata Fazekas

    Kata Fazekas

    19 dagen geleden

    Here to comment, anyways Phoebe look sooo cute on the pic:)

  88. Dragica


    19 dagen geleden

    Descent into Madness: The Live Stream

  89. Kortel Maze

    Kortel Maze

    19 dagen geleden

    Your puppy is so Freaking Cute!!!~

  90. Desiree McCollum

    Desiree McCollum

    19 dagen geleden

    Me with a December birthday lol

  91. aysoul


    19 dagen geleden

    I hope your dog is oki and all sleepy 🥺

  92. Adrian Mesino

    Adrian Mesino

    19 dagen geleden

    Ok so I guess regardless of legal or not legal, there is something so social wrong with the way WOACB has been antagonizing tati, like maybe she wanted a feud, she poked the bear 👀

  93. Adrian Mesino

    Adrian Mesino

    19 dagen geleden

    You stoped reminding us to comment I've been LACKING sorry!

  94. Shade Conover

    Shade Conover

    19 dagen geleden


  95. SleezyMoves


    19 dagen geleden

    She wasn’t calling Shannon a brat angelika she was calling Sophie long from #istandforsophie situation where Sophie was making an outcry that she was being sa by her mother’s boyfriend and she wanted to stay with her dad. Which is beyond disgusting.

  96. Jess Leigh13

    Jess Leigh13

    19 dagen geleden

    She really needs to look in the mirror & just focus on herself. She’s her own problem.

  97. Terry Rodriquez

    Terry Rodriquez

    19 dagen geleden

    Can we have a guest appearance in each video...And it just is Pheobe? 😭

  98. Amelia Rose

    Amelia Rose

    19 dagen geleden

    love u but i feel like it's dangerous to say things like "it kind of makes sense I'm not saying it's true but i wouldn't be surprised if the were the truth hahahah like you can't relieve yourself of blame by saying that if people believe it after they hear this and you kind of are supporting that theory or at least putting something that has so little backing out there as a potentially probable theory. I am literally not invested in this drama but just thought that was funny

    • Annie


      16 dagen geleden

      @Amelia Rose It wasn’t a rebuttal, just an observation. And thanks, I will!

    • Amelia Rose

      Amelia Rose

      16 dagen geleden

      @Annie good rebuttal! Have a good one as well :)

    • Annie


      17 dagen geleden

      @Amelia Rose wow, so much whoosh in one comment. Have a good one, Amelia 😊

    • Amelia Rose

      Amelia Rose

      17 dagen geleden

      @Annie You're continuing to act like I ever said something she did was illegal but when you accept that I didn't and respond to that, you say my comment is just weird and "like I'm saying I don't like her opinion"... uh yeah that's the whole point. I never claimed she isn't legally allowed to say what she did, but (and you may not like this), I'm not doing anything wrong in sharing my opinion about her thoughts or actions. No, issues don't only arise when things are illegal, there can be problems with opinions or actions even if they are legal and if you think my comment is weird then who cares and why respond? Unless you're defensive

    • Annie


      17 dagen geleden

      @Amelia Rose No need to get defensive. You don’t have to like it, but it’s actually completely legitimate for a creator to talk about what they think may or not be true. Maybe it bugs you, but she’s not doing anything wrong in sharing opinions. That’s the entire point of free speech, and is why platforms like YT exist. An issue only arises when opinion is passed off as fact (which is not the case here), that’s when there can be legal implications. But since you say you’re not speaking legally, your comment just comes off weird and more or less as you saying that you didn’t like Angelika’s opinion. To which most would say, who cares, and why watch.

  99. Mario R.

    Mario R.

    19 dagen geleden

    Angelika: I’m ready to forgive that woman Future Angelika: Phoebe leave the room, mommy is going to scream.

  100. catssayquack


    19 dagen geleden

    love that lip colour on you!