She's The Captain Rounding Cape Hatteras - S5:E69

@Taylor’s Travels is the captain as we sail aroudn the treacherous Cape Hatteras. Many boats have been lost at the Cape!
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  1. 4K GoPro 8 Travel

    4K GoPro 8 Travel

    17 uur geleden

    cool video

  2. 502You


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  3. Tom J

    Tom J

    2 dagen geleden

    Watch out for those oyster beds in that area, Bobby!

  4. Dan Vaught

    Dan Vaught

    2 dagen geleden

    It sucks seeing you in a jacket, Bobby.

  5. Chris Rouse

    Chris Rouse

    2 dagen geleden

    Hope you saw some of the wild horses while in Beaufort. Great wildlife in that area too.

  6. Will Stevens

    Will Stevens

    2 dagen geleden

    Random drunk comment apropos of nothing. I just wanted to thank you for also doing flying vids; turned me on to Mike Patey's stuff, and also indirectly sailplanes. Really awesome, don't stop! I really think sailing and flying go well together. Also enjoy your sailing stuff.

    • Flyer Jack

      Flyer Jack

      Dag geleden

      Looking forward to more of your Flying Doodles vids as well!

  7. Stan Herman

    Stan Herman

    2 dagen geleden

    You need a small trolling motor! drop a battery in the dingy and hook up the power and away you go.

  8. willbrad2000


    2 dagen geleden

    Love the white sunglasses - I have a pair of Bolle's in white - all good!! Great channel - great content!!

  9. pumpupthevolume


    3 dagen geleden

    1:20+ More boobie-cam.

  10. Ed Ferculo

    Ed Ferculo

    3 dagen geleden

    Forgot the best website that connects captains and crews. Please and thank you

  11. Mark Rosenfeld

    Mark Rosenfeld

    3 dagen geleden

    The glasses are very ugly. Please don't ever put them on again

  12. thepiratedoc


    3 dagen geleden

    My backyard playground! Not Exumas or BVI, but pretty damn nice. Hurry back now, ya hear!

  13. Craig Simpson

    Craig Simpson

    4 dagen geleden

    Balloon cam was awesome!!!!!!

  14. Eaux Vives

    Eaux Vives

    4 dagen geleden

    « sure we could take em ! » looks to be a J 46 Bobby ! , like your sailing videos and explanations.

  15. mike dale

    mike dale

    4 dagen geleden

    Super videos, stories, everything superb !! I was wandering how do you tape ?

  16. J.J. Brownlee

    J.J. Brownlee

    4 dagen geleden

    Ok, so here's what I don't get. I have been wearing exclusively white sunglasses since high school, don't get why there's some doggedness against them. Stay in the white frames club Bobby!

  17. Sri Yantra

    Sri Yantra

    4 dagen geleden

    With the white glasses and the pastels Bobby is wearing, as well as letting Laura go, wonder if there’s something he is telling us??

  18. nixl


    4 dagen geleden

    OMG!! Can we be any MORE obvious with our bag of clickbait tools????? They're practically leaping out of the screen!!! Imagine if we had "touchy, feely" screens!!!!!

  19. Marian Smartt

    Marian Smartt

    4 dagen geleden

    She didn’t want what I offered to cook....probably because you were gonna cook Spam‼️ Love you guys!

  20. Danny Coe

    Danny Coe

    4 dagen geleden

    Taylor that's a really cute stripe top !!! don't let anybody tell you but those sunglasses are cool!!! And you make them look good!!!!

  21. Roy Pearson

    Roy Pearson

    4 dagen geleden

    As soon as the music 🎶 starts The Boobs PoP on the Screen UU yep that's them there on the left 😂😘😅 Good show

  22. Fire Falcon

    Fire Falcon

    4 dagen geleden

    i have a friend who has a house just two miles north of the look out bight there. We go out and troll for fish right there in that inlet every time i'm down. Last time, we were catching a lot of spanish mackerel there. it's a wonderful place

  23. Dartmoor Dave

    Dartmoor Dave

    4 dagen geleden

    Not having the face fungus Bobby, must be worth another knot in speed?? A more streamlined Bobby.

  24. Dartmoor Dave

    Dartmoor Dave

    4 dagen geleden

    You're quite right Taylor, there's nothing like a soft bottom. Nudge wink.

  25. Rasheed Masthan

    Rasheed Masthan

    4 dagen geleden

    Great ♥️👌👍

  26. Roslee Ross

    Roslee Ross

    4 dagen geleden

    Yeah Taylor are doing well in her new vision video Wishing her success

  27. RAH Capital

    RAH Capital

    5 dagen geleden

    thanks for the NC plug!!

  28. Nick Stokes

    Nick Stokes

    5 dagen geleden

    Taylor is the only good thing about this channel. Bobby you are such a wanker and white sunglasses just makes you a bigger knob!

  29. schweatty


    5 dagen geleden

    On the next episode of "Rich Guy goes sailing with his girlfriend who's young enough to be his daughter"...

  30. Jeff Burke

    Jeff Burke

    5 dagen geleden

    I love Bobby's sunglasses! It's a staple in Doodles history now. Rock them shades Bob!

  31. captsmilinjac


    5 dagen geleden

    Nice plug you guys gave for Beaufort and Cape Lookout! You even pronounced it right🙂 That channel out of Homer Smith’s is real tight and lots of people plow through the mud there. Enjoyed your travels!

  32. Terry Rutherford

    Terry Rutherford

    5 dagen geleden

    Bobby, your white shade are epic, but I hate them, Haha. They are straight from the '80s and I love the '80s, but not the white shade. Taylor can rock any glasses and look beautiful. Thanks for the Vlog you two!

  33. Ron Winston

    Ron Winston

    5 dagen geleden

    Love Beaufort! What was the restaurant you were eating at. Didn’t look familiar. Long time watcher and love your videos!

  34. David Ljt

    David Ljt

    5 dagen geleden

    Oh Taylor, looking stunning all thru this again. So glad for your channel so we can keep seeing your amazing adventures - sailing, van, biking, flying, and perhaps, a certain bluewater surprise? 😆. 🤔. 🤗. !!!

  35. Jason S.

    Jason S.

    5 dagen geleden

    God. I would love to be all alone on a sail boat with Taylor. Bottle of champagne, nice sunset and chicka boom boom.

  36. Scott Ballard

    Scott Ballard

    5 dagen geleden

    You should rename the channel to "Sailing Boobles" LMAO

  37. Kevin


    5 dagen geleden

    I loved the booby cam there. too funny! I needed a good giggle, thanks

  38. grummie


    5 dagen geleden

    I was wondering if it's difficult to find your boat in the dark? I'd be a little worried paddling around at night looking for it.

  39. Joe Roberts

    Joe Roberts

    5 dagen geleden

    What happened to the new crew?? They jump ship?

  40. Andrew Kendall

    Andrew Kendall

    5 dagen geleden

    It's Bobby and Boobies

  41. Former Everything

    Former Everything

    5 dagen geleden

    sunglasses are maybe something Taylor should reconsider

  42. Roy M.

    Roy M.

    5 dagen geleden

    i think the dude should make more eye contact with his sailing friends, seems very distant and disconnected

    • Craig Simpson

      Craig Simpson

      4 dagen geleden

      It is very hard to look Taylor in the eyes.......

  43. John Planas

    John Planas

    5 dagen geleden

    Living the dream, mahalo and Aloha from the Garden Island, take care and be safe

  44. Ross Webster

    Ross Webster

    5 dagen geleden

    Taylor looks good in anything. Or nothing for that matter. 😍

  45. Kilotango71


    5 dagen geleden

    Shades look good Taylor

  46. Joseph Blaha

    Joseph Blaha

    5 dagen geleden

    Why not just wait till day break to enter the Chesapeake? Wouldn’t it be easier and safer?

  47. Todd Smith

    Todd Smith

    5 dagen geleden

    Taylor cam was great! ha haha

  48. Paul Roper

    Paul Roper

    5 dagen geleden

    You still had time to drop down on both knees and beg her to marry you, I know you have long since hit shore but if it were me as you are a captain you could have just done your own marriage ceremony so by the time you got land you would already be married...

  49. sex dolls reviews

    sex dolls reviews

    5 dagen geleden

    It is very clever to feature boobs to get views... as if you were not featuring boobs. Chapeau!

  50. Bubba Gail

    Bubba Gail

    5 dagen geleden

    Great video guys. Best dingy ride I have ever had was the best line in the whole video. :)LOL

  51. Timebandit RvTravels

    Timebandit RvTravels

    5 dagen geleden

    Bobby you funny with out a beard

  52. David Scott

    David Scott

    5 dagen geleden

    Sunglasses are cool Taylor, it’s plain to see that when it comes to sunglasses, Bobby obviously has no taste...

  53. David Scott

    David Scott

    5 dagen geleden

    Get the beard back Bobby, you got a beard face man, wear it... no more cold face.

  54. MattyBravo


    5 dagen geleden

    Have you drilled that gold digger yet Bobby?

  55. Alan Jenkins

    Alan Jenkins

    5 dagen geleden

    Taylor you're mighty fine. Gorgeous

  56. Joe Swinny

    Joe Swinny

    5 dagen geleden

    Taylor the sailor, your welcome on my boat anytime. Sailing Doodles is not going to be the same without you gorgeous.

  57. Crazyirish _

    Crazyirish _

    5 dagen geleden

    Bobby row faster!

  58. ledrman


    5 dagen geleden

    Welcome to Hampton Roads, Virginia !!!

  59. Bo Burwell

    Bo Burwell

    6 dagen geleden

    Pick me up in Southport

  60. Richard Pickersgill

    Richard Pickersgill

    6 dagen geleden

    Good video Bobby and Taylor!

  61. Ibrahim Issa

    Ibrahim Issa

    6 dagen geleden


  62. Tim


    6 dagen geleden

    Can anyone go through this vid and any future vids and highlight the timings on bikini shots thanks? Can’t be bothered watching the rest..

  63. Bird Dog

    Bird Dog

    6 dagen geleden

    I like it when it’s just the both of you. Good chemistry between you to. Great episode.

    • nixl


      4 dagen geleden

      If only we could see what goes on when the camera's off!!!

  64. SV Waka iti

    SV Waka iti

    6 dagen geleden

    You know what....for a bloke who had an aneurism and could have dropped dead at any moment you’ve shown people how to live life like there is no tomorrow.

  65. Michael Fendya

    Michael Fendya

    6 dagen geleden

    Absolutely love your videos. You guys make me feel so at home; will miss the videos until next season. By the way; I'll REALLY miss things like at 1:22! That would run the country for a long time! 👍👍👍🤩🤩🤩🔥🔥🔥

  66. Sam Tucker

    Sam Tucker

    6 dagen geleden

    "Best Dinghy Ride Ever", says Taylor. Poor little Bobby and his little dinghy.

  67. Tim McNamara

    Tim McNamara

    6 dagen geleden

    Hey Bobby, so I guess your experienced in a two masted centre cockpit yacht, can you make any comparisons between sailing your CT and let’s say a rear cockpit clipper like a Benetau or Bavaria 50. Reason I ask is because I’m gravitating to them because of cost. Just wanted to know your thoughts and why. Cheers , your channel by the way, been a fan for about a year and I will be on the water myself in less than 2 years!

  68. Todd Bradley

    Todd Bradley

    6 dagen geleden

    Are you kidding Taylor???? Men don’t wear white framed glasses!!!!! Guys looking for guys wear white framed glasses!!! Bobby you look gay!

  69. Enlightened ☀️

    Enlightened ☀️

    6 dagen geleden

    Miss you Goose!

  70. Warren White

    Warren White

    6 dagen geleden

    Hey Bobby the white frames are a standard issue here in East Carolina so you're very much in style 👍

  71. Warren White

    Warren White

    6 dagen geleden

    Hey guys sorry I missed you while you were here in Beaufort I really enjoy watching your videos and hopefully if you ever make it here again I'll be able to get away from working drop by and say hello for a while have a safe trip and I'll keep watching your videos.

  72. EVmotoring


    6 dagen geleden

    Bobby probably has a library of Taylor videos he’s gonna be releasing for years to come to bring followers to his channel.

  73. Blue Gull15

    Blue Gull15

    6 dagen geleden

    Were those buoys at 1:22 ??

  74. saurabh nirwan

    saurabh nirwan

    6 dagen geleden

    I love you taylor, marry me❤

  75. Bobbie Wilson

    Bobbie Wilson

    6 dagen geleden

    Bobby I think you should wear Ray Ban aviator glasses. With the wood frame style. You would look so smooth 😎. And I love Taylor's sunglasses. I lived in Hampton,VA. I loved it there. Awesome sailing community. And the restaurants at the yachts clubs. Are absolutely on point. The people are super cool. And the food is amazing. Newport News was fun a time 🍸

  76. Anunaki Gilgamesz

    Anunaki Gilgamesz

    6 dagen geleden

    Awesome video great to see you both having fun in OBX 🤟

  77. goofsaddg gkle

    goofsaddg gkle

    6 dagen geleden

    Great vid - you are definitely having fun Bobby it’s clear from your expressions. Keep up the positivity!

  78. Reggie Lazaro

    Reggie Lazaro

    6 dagen geleden

    Is This late upload ? Coz' Taylor got here own youtube vlogs now, am i right? 😁😁

  79. Ernest Pitti

    Ernest Pitti

    6 dagen geleden

    Love the music!



    6 dagen geleden

    Very good season, Bobby and Taylor !!!

  81. Ron


    6 dagen geleden

    I like them

  82. Bob Horne

    Bob Horne

    6 dagen geleden

    I was one of the first to dis the white sunglasses. They’ve grown on me. I’d sail with you, thanks for the adventures.

  83. Bob Horne

    Bob Horne

    6 dagen geleden

    Her idea..

  84. olhemi1


    6 dagen geleden

    😎👍☕☕ Awesome

  85. Vynle Shmynle

    Vynle Shmynle

    6 dagen geleden

    Bobby’s really milking Taylor’s personalities on his channel now that she has left and doing her own thing.

  86. L W

    L W

    6 dagen geleden

    Nice view Tayler. What an opening. Omg nice need to do it more. Of course I know you’re not there anymore I’m watching you on your channel.



    6 dagen geleden

    As a land lubber ,what the hell is “ a reef in the Genoa “

    • G King

      G King

      6 dagen geleden

      aka: Making that big sail at the front of the boat smaller.

  88. quantumac


    6 dagen geleden

    Like the song says, "Go get yourself some cheap sunglasses!"

  89. David Moore

    David Moore

    6 dagen geleden

    This dude is pathetic

  90. No Brakes

    No Brakes

    6 dagen geleden

    Cape Lookout is a beautiful national seashore, but the horseflies there are the size of buicks and bite hard !

  91. Randy Grace

    Randy Grace

    6 dagen geleden

    9:22 They're alright.

  92. Curt Butts

    Curt Butts

    6 dagen geleden

    Bring back punky

  93. Patrick Smiley

    Patrick Smiley

    6 dagen geleden

    He's right they look bad

  94. Scott Duncan

    Scott Duncan

    6 dagen geleden

    Who is the new guy?

  95. Dave BongoSlide

    Dave BongoSlide

    6 dagen geleden

    Hope to see you both sailing together again once Taylor has travelled in here Van a while.

  96. Walker Holder

    Walker Holder

    6 dagen geleden

    My aunt lived in Beaufort for years. Looked like the "beach party" was at radio island. Took the kids there to swim when they where little. Cape lookout is an awesome place to hang out!

  97. orlin Chirinos

    orlin Chirinos

    6 dagen geleden

    What a great sail. Taylor easy to hangout with I see. Be safe you both.

  98. Phil Box

    Phil Box

    6 dagen geleden

    Those are Corey Worthington sunglasses. Party boy from Melbourne who organised a birthday party for himself and hundreds of kids turned up. Was very untidy. Reporter asked him if he was ashamed of the trouble he cause. Nuh, call me to organise a party was his reply. Legend. At the time he had a set of sunglasses that were similar to yours. So from here till eternity they shall be known by that name. ;)

  99. Eric Hyney

    Eric Hyney

    6 dagen geleden

    Yah. You can call it whatever you want. Diesel fumes ???? But it's really called Morning Sickness....

  100. Badass Tutors

    Badass Tutors

    6 dagen geleden

    Really digging the new boob cam