P Money & Silencer -'This Year' (Feat Tobi)

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  1. caké


    31 minuut geleden

    Tobi just came only 20 seconds

  2. Lewis Vassel

    Lewis Vassel

    4 uur geleden


  3. Rudy123YT


    7 uur geleden

    We have to get it to 1 mil views before the end of April

  4. Zali_ LND

    Zali_ LND

    Dag geleden

    We need a tobi single track and needs to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. krabbypattyy


    Dag geleden

    Tobi needs to make more music like damn why you gotta pop off on us like that🥵🥵

  6. Jake Young

    Jake Young

    Dag geleden

    🥶 cold

  7. yusuke Leiva

    yusuke Leiva

    Dag geleden

    what a monster

  8. Aliyah Everitt

    Aliyah Everitt

    Dag geleden

    tobi is a king so is p money

  9. Karen A.

    Karen A.

    2 dagen geleden

    Love From The US

  10. Karen A.

    Karen A.

    2 dagen geleden

    Love from Florida

  11. Dr Dank

    Dr Dank

    2 dagen geleden

    Tobi had more verses on the song he was featuring in than jj in his own song😂😂😂

  12. Gee Iffy

    Gee Iffy

    2 dagen geleden

    What's the intro music

  13. RollTru TV

    RollTru TV

    3 dagen geleden

    This reminds me of when Dave sang Thiago Silva with that kid

  14. NavilNDG


    3 dagen geleden

    In the beginning is that another song playin? What is it called

  15. Fz TFA

    Fz TFA

    3 dagen geleden

    i used to mistaken Tobi as 21savage

  16. Bhargav Joshi

    Bhargav Joshi

    3 dagen geleden

    Tobi looks like he's explaining his verse via presentation

  17. Lil WRLDzx

    Lil WRLDzx

    3 dagen geleden

    I thought this would have 2 mil + by now

  18. J. Benjamin

    J. Benjamin

    4 dagen geleden


  19. Azmir Baloshi

    Azmir Baloshi

    4 dagen geleden

    P Money's drip tho

  20. 1stklass


    4 dagen geleden


  21. anonymous person

    anonymous person

    4 dagen geleden

    Already better than jj

  22. parex Ψ

    parex Ψ

    5 dagen geleden

    this is wayy too cold

  23. help i need vänke

    help i need vänke

    5 dagen geleden

    if this is an add, bit of a madness 🔥 🔥 🔥

  24. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion

    5 dagen geleden

    What is the song at the beginning

  25. liam 2837

    liam 2837

    5 dagen geleden

    Is that jizzle yeh

  26. CWM 99

    CWM 99

    6 dagen geleden

    TBJZL 😍😍😍

  27. Defol


    6 dagen geleden

    whats the song at the beginning

    • Dragonjay6468


      3 dagen geleden

      I was wondering the same thing

  28. Eoin Buckley

    Eoin Buckley

    6 dagen geleden

    1:00 wenger not being able to fit his hands in his coat vibes

  29. Sahem Nofal

    Sahem Nofal

    6 dagen geleden

    Whats the song in the beginning?

  30. Billyboi and Zak attack gaming

    Billyboi and Zak attack gaming

    6 dagen geleden

    0:54 is that a illvzn coat jeeez tobi out here advertising his clothing line in a mainstream song big up

  31. K49f


    6 dagen geleden

    what was the song at the beginning

  32. Daniel Garcia

    Daniel Garcia

    7 dagen geleden


  33. Ibra !

    Ibra !

    7 dagen geleden

    tobi deserves a apple juice factory after this

  34. Konstantinos Attouni

    Konstantinos Attouni

    7 dagen geleden

    Way too few views

  35. Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn

    7 dagen geleden

    Tobi cold. He should release a song. Great tune

  36. Leo Prosen-Oldani

    Leo Prosen-Oldani

    7 dagen geleden

    Bro someone please tell me what the song at the beginning is

  37. Danny


    7 dagen geleden

    Rewind ⏪ this song 🔥 🥶 🔥 🥶🔥🥶🔥🥶

  38. Danny


    7 dagen geleden

    This song is madness... MADNESS!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  39. Alex Smiley

    Alex Smiley

    8 dagen geleden

    757,769 views only for Tobi! Change my mind!

  40. Filip Kleppe

    Filip Kleppe

    8 dagen geleden

    Name of the song in the intro?

  41. Dylan La'Villain

    Dylan La'Villain

    8 dagen geleden

    Tobi come through with his own slow flow on grime, muad, and p just done his thing, levels are set

  42. Nathan Lhoni

    Nathan Lhoni

    8 dagen geleden

    Tobi is hard still I never knew he had flows like that 👀👀

  43. Harry Milne

    Harry Milne

    8 dagen geleden

    P money is the most awkward man I’ve ever seen in a music video I swear



    8 dagen geleden

    JJ ft tobi need a song together

  45. Louis Busche

    Louis Busche

    8 dagen geleden

    I Just Hope Tobi meant the top of this years Charts With some more Tobi ICE bangers

  46. Bongo Bread

    Bongo Bread

    9 dagen geleden

    Yes tobiiiiiii

  47. tw0fast


    9 dagen geleden

    I hate p money’s verses, tobi killed it

  48. Joshua Mudhoo

    Joshua Mudhoo

    9 dagen geleden

    tobi spiting those barss cheesssseee

  49. MYK312


    9 dagen geleden

    this deserves to be on fifa 22 what a banger!!!!

  50. Baltazar Cruz

    Baltazar Cruz

    9 dagen geleden

    Best believe this will be in GTA 6

  51. Jj Olijede

    Jj Olijede

    9 dagen geleden

    most improved artist goes to tobi

  52. Jack Rennison

    Jack Rennison

    9 dagen geleden

    Tobi should make more music his bars were fire 🔥

  53. Jordan Brooks

    Jordan Brooks

    9 dagen geleden

    This is biggggg

  54. LK BROS


    9 dagen geleden

    Shit song 😪

    • A Wild Apricot

      A Wild Apricot

      Dag geleden


  55. Evan Parry

    Evan Parry

    9 dagen geleden

    What's the song at the very beginning lol

  56. Blurry Face

    Blurry Face

    9 dagen geleden

    Just noticed they were reppi'n ILLVZN as well 💀🔥

  57. Mac squad

    Mac squad

    9 dagen geleden

    damn tobi is the Goat

  58. Christopher Lontorfos

    Christopher Lontorfos

    9 dagen geleden

    2:08 best part

  59. beyond ultragaming

    beyond ultragaming

    9 dagen geleden

    This is actually brillany p money was brillant this and tobis verse was decent as well. Tobi could make it to jjs level in a couple of years if he keeps at it

  60. greatslumber


    9 dagen geleden

    2:17 whats her insta

    • Afshin Zaman

      Afshin Zaman

      2 dagen geleden

      Everyone is asking for it 😂

  61. Suhail Alqubaisi

    Suhail Alqubaisi

    9 dagen geleden

    The music video is great but, at 0:59 my man was struggling searching for the pocket whole

  62. JR2 Media

    JR2 Media

    9 dagen geleden

    Tune left me feeling nauseous. Jeeeeeeeez. Brother, you are the hardest. Assalamu Alaikum.

  63. TDMG YTB


    9 dagen geleden

    Tobi is definitely my favorite sideman

  64. kirsty angus

    kirsty angus

    9 dagen geleden

    l love the song tbjzl #

  65. eekling


    10 dagen geleden


  66. Yeet Feet 2

    Yeet Feet 2

    10 dagen geleden


  67. IITP Media

    IITP Media

    10 dagen geleden

    p money has got better with age

  68. Seam


    10 dagen geleden

    So nice to see P Money supporting Tobi. This is great content.

  69. mohammed ajmal

    mohammed ajmal

    10 dagen geleden

    0:59 this pocket struggle was pain 🤣

    • owen


      8 dagen geleden

      hahaha we’ve all been there

  70. Trevor Mathues

    Trevor Mathues

    10 dagen geleden

    This was amazing

  71. RV -CW7-

    RV -CW7-

    10 dagen geleden

    Tobi goes haaarrrrdddd 🔥🥶

  72. Adam Dawson

    Adam Dawson

    10 dagen geleden

    Never slept. 👾

  73. Clo4k3d


    10 dagen geleden

    yeeeesh tobi is FIRE

  74. Theo Woodruff

    Theo Woodruff

    10 dagen geleden

    Tobis hard

  75. D V

    D V

    10 dagen geleden


  76. R W

    R W

    10 dagen geleden

    Tobi doesn't fit here for me. Like compared to P Money it sounded like he was just talking. He really took me out of the song ruined the whole vibe. I think with more practice he could be a lot better but he needs to do something by himself or with people on the same level as him.

  77. Groot


    10 dagen geleden

    Real grime 🔥🔥

  78. Daanish Umair

    Daanish Umair

    10 dagen geleden


  79. Hussain Gais

    Hussain Gais

    10 dagen geleden

    anyone know what song plays in the first ten seconds??

  80. CY. 23

    CY. 23

    10 dagen geleden


  81. Tai Collier

    Tai Collier

    10 dagen geleden

    Daaaaaaaang. This song is a straight banger. Tobias has gotta drop more music fam. He's got the flow and lyrical talent 🙏🏾🙌🏾❤

  82. Sinatra


    10 dagen geleden

    tobi carried the track

  83. Natasha Thomas

    Natasha Thomas

    10 dagen geleden

    Considering this isn't my taste in music at all, this is actually very good

  84. Manny


    10 dagen geleden

    The song is ❄️ but tobis verse locked it off my mans wayy too talented 👀🔥

  85. weekend Gamer

    weekend Gamer

    10 dagen geleden

    Take a shot of apple juice every time someone says man.



    10 dagen geleden

    ILLVZN 🥶

  87. Ivy the elemental heart

    Ivy the elemental heart

    10 dagen geleden

    Tobi's bars are levels

  88. King Bling

    King Bling

    10 dagen geleden

    Sheeesh that was fire 🔥

  89. Sweaty fifa boi

    Sweaty fifa boi

    10 dagen geleden

    Anyone else feeling a little FIFA vibe

  90. ITZ ADDZ


    10 dagen geleden


  91. hacker IV

    hacker IV

    10 dagen geleden


  92. K49f


    10 dagen geleden

    this is a 9.7/10 for me, if jme was on this then 10/10, jme wouldve fit in so nicely

  93. Rhys Cox

    Rhys Cox

    10 dagen geleden

    Yoooo mans got the ill plug

  94. Mono


    10 dagen geleden

    I'm just here for Tobi

  95. Comrade Rodion

    Comrade Rodion

    10 dagen geleden

    this sounds like a fifa song

  96. THESEN.P


    10 dagen geleden

    1Mill soon

  97. BreadMan


    10 dagen geleden

    Is it just me or does tobi kinda sound like tinie tempah

  98. Qasim Zia

    Qasim Zia

    10 dagen geleden

    What's the song at the start?

  99. Yahye


    10 dagen geleden

    Should be called Tobi ft P Money

  100. Brenna Gallagher

    Brenna Gallagher

    10 dagen geleden

    Tobi's flow is immaculate 👌🤷🏼‍♀️