making sushi is really easy

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  1. CJ Esplain

    CJ Esplain

    6 dagen geleden

    I knew he was gonna cut his finger the second her sharpened his knife

  2. Hannah Pak

    Hannah Pak

    11 dagen geleden

    Jennas squeals

  3. kaylas bored

    kaylas bored

    12 dagen geleden

    Omg jennnaaaaa hiii

  4. Zwaki K.

    Zwaki K.

    13 dagen geleden

    -Welcome back me -Thank me -I'm welcome ~Julen~ 2019

  5. TaeKookRuinedMe SendHelp

    TaeKookRuinedMe SendHelp

    15 dagen geleden

    When I have intense cravings but too lazy to go out and buy, I just get seaweed (the ones in the little packets), put in rice, kewpie, then roll or just shove it in my mouth straight. Soy sauce and wasabi will also help.

  6. Tiffany


    18 dagen geleden

    omg when Julien dropped his peppercorns, I only thought of Kevin and his chili

  7. Gabbie Phillips

    Gabbie Phillips

    2 maanden geleden

    When I was a child, I learned how to cook from Cooking Mama: Dinner with Friends (on my DSi) Now, I’m learning from Chef Julien in Aries Kitchen

  8. Braxtyn Billey

    Braxtyn Billey

    2 maanden geleden

    I was not expecting the ultimate sin of mixing wasabi in sushi to be in this video

  9. Amanda Dunbar

    Amanda Dunbar

    2 maanden geleden

    this is weird but is anyone else jealous of the sharpness of his knife?

  10. K


    2 maanden geleden

    What is that pink stuff he included nearer the end? 🤔 Looks like salmon, but I know he's vegan.

  11. Winter Rose

    Winter Rose

    3 maanden geleden

    I love how he says "hot dog style" like it's a cuss word😂

  12. Mrmeble


    3 maanden geleden

    Peach steal food at 11:50

  13. Ashley Lindo

    Ashley Lindo

    3 maanden geleden

    Idk why I cannot eat sushi with out the rice on the outside and i always get charged extra so I learned how to make it myself

  14. PbNoJ


    3 maanden geleden

    i realized when julien made the “roll” sushi dad joke that i am wearing sushi socks that say “just roll with it” and i promise it’s purely coincidental

  15. Ishita Shailesh

    Ishita Shailesh

    4 maanden geleden

    kermit is gemini-cancer cusp lets not lie

    • Ishita Shailesh

      Ishita Shailesh

      4 maanden geleden

      and it showssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  16. T


    4 maanden geleden

    Pleaseee bring your mother on here. My mom is an aries so I already KNOW this is gonna be a mess.

  17. Ash_Leigh_Sco


    4 maanden geleden

    Peach security cam 😂💞 she's adorable I'm usually intimidated by recipes and cooking but damn I think I could totally do this one 🤞🏼



    5 maanden geleden

    Julien pro tip: add dog saliva and blood to your sushi for that edgy taste



    5 maanden geleden

    Fuck you, Stacy

  20. Vanessa Lawson

    Vanessa Lawson

    5 maanden geleden

    why do i feel when he said something weird happened in this kitchen and idk what and then he made that dirty joke and then said i have a weird stain.. did him and jenna do it before he filmed this? lmaoo

  21. Ximena Vasquez

    Ximena Vasquez

    5 maanden geleden

    recipe Plant Based Sushi Ingredients: - Seaweed - Sushi rice - High Protein Tofu - Cucumber - Green Onion - Oil - Mayonnaise - Szechuan Peppercorn - Cornstarch - Vegetable oil (1/8 of the pan) - Sesame seeds - Chili oil - Rice vinegar - Salt - sugar Steps: - Cook the rice - Take a handful of Szechuan peppercorns and put it in the mortar and pestle and grind. - Prepare the tofu. Cut the tofu block into thirds and press them on the moist towelette to remove the last bits of moisture. Cut the tofu in long strips. - Coat the tofu in cornstarch and sprinkle in the Szechuan peppercorn, this will give it texture and flavor. - Fry the tofu in a pan using the vegetable oil. It should completely hold its shape when held up. - Cut the cucumber lengthwise down the center, cut long strips and then in half. - To make the spicy mayo you take the mayo, chili oil and sesame seeds and whisk them. - To make sushi rice taste like sushi rice add a pinch of salt and sugar and then add some rice vinegar, mix and let it cool. - Cut the green onion lengthwise - Roll the sushi

  22. Hitoshi Shinsou

    Hitoshi Shinsou

    5 maanden geleden


  23. HeHa


    5 maanden geleden

    Pls tell me you cleaned the rice paddle after peach licked it 😭😰😖

  24. Kathleen L

    Kathleen L

    5 maanden geleden

    Sushi 🍣 is my favorite food 🥘💟💟💟

  25. D R

    D R

    5 maanden geleden

    Julien's somehow scared of his Aries energy when he's alone. He's a Scaries. "NEXT WEEK... Sorry that was aggressive"

  26. JayTheKid14 Boii

    JayTheKid14 Boii

    5 maanden geleden

    12:07 If you look at the edge of the table you will see a Kirmit shark.

  27. Mad Cuber

    Mad Cuber

    5 maanden geleden

    the joke at 12:29 was kind of funny actually, just be more enthusiastic about it

  28. Fred Bannister

    Fred Bannister

    5 maanden geleden

    I just made this; it was so delicious and it only took me an hour. Make this!

  29. Kay Burt

    Kay Burt

    5 maanden geleden

    Lol Peach is chillen on the fucking counter omg best I've ever seen

  30. Blair McGuirt

    Blair McGuirt

    6 maanden geleden

    3:09 “maybe another time we can get crazy with what we put in our sushi” 10 months later: cheeseburger

  31. なな


    7 maanden geleden

    I’m japanese. I haven’t heard that Japanese put tofu into sushi. And what is spicymayo?!

  32. Brenda Brugger

    Brenda Brugger

    7 maanden geleden

    Amazing video and I've never had sushi

  33. Shea Levine

    Shea Levine

    7 maanden geleden

    Julien: you could make sushi every day of you want Me: puts pop tart in toaster

  34. Kristie


    7 maanden geleden

    15:35 lmfao photobomb

  35. Ash Mac

    Ash Mac

    7 maanden geleden

    Omg you could put ANYTHING in there

  36. Amb Castner

    Amb Castner

    7 maanden geleden

    I was literally just think about sushi when i opened youtube and this was the first video the show up lol

  37. Abbey Ayala

    Abbey Ayala

    7 maanden geleden

    Another filling I like to use for my filling when I make sushi is avocado, cucumber, green onion, salt, and pepper. It’s a nice vegan filling that is super easy!

  38. LeeLa H

    LeeLa H

    7 maanden geleden

    Paesh as a sous chef was never going to be a good idea. Marbles would be better

  39. Kristin


    7 maanden geleden

    You should make sushi with your "fish" from the fish n chips episode. Edit:spelling

  40. Jasmine


    7 maanden geleden

    When he blamed the joke on peach I felt serious dad vibes. Like a dad just farted or something and he blamed it on his kids. Those are the dad vines I get from julien

  41. Sarah Garcia

    Sarah Garcia

    7 maanden geleden

    *DANCES* *breathing* *DANCES*

  42. Alex


    7 maanden geleden

    15:33 The way she jumps into view lmao

  43. Q I N

    Q I N

    7 maanden geleden

    julien please make vegan mala hot pot!!!!!!!!!!

  44. May Barnett

    May Barnett

    7 maanden geleden

    "Welcome to the kitchen me Thank me I'm welcome" -julien solomita

  45. Savannah Stahoviak

    Savannah Stahoviak

    7 maanden geleden


  46. Rae H

    Rae H

    7 maanden geleden

    Julien! Pls tell me where you got your knife from! My husband has been dying for one of these!

  47. Beebs Art

    Beebs Art

    7 maanden geleden


  48. emilieloveskiwi


    7 maanden geleden

    The bamboo mat is supposed to be used to help you roll the sushi roll...

  49. Belicia Brown

    Belicia Brown

    8 maanden geleden

    Julien: You can stay, just don't make so much noise. Me: *slowly eating my chips* sorry (´・ - ・`)

  50. Eloise D

    Eloise D

    8 maanden geleden

    calling oil and mayo "not vegetable" makes me physically uncomfortable

  51. Miss Lizz

    Miss Lizz

    8 maanden geleden

    17:49 My heart just exploded from the cute

  52. gabbi1215


    8 maanden geleden

    Julien: Something weird happened in this kitchen......I feel that it had to do with corn🤔 Me:having flash back from the ĆØŘŃ BŐÑÉ HÖŤ ĐÖĢ😨😰🤢🤢🤮🤮😭😭😭😭 PPL who didn't watch that video:🤔🙃😕

  53. HarrietRose


    8 maanden geleden

    Don't you dare place that dog licked spoon back on the rice without washing it!

  54. HeidiSue60


    8 maanden geleden

    Peaches! You bad dog!

  55. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe

    8 maanden geleden

    8 months later Bunny is actually a pisces, surprise!

  56. Meagan Henley

    Meagan Henley

    8 maanden geleden

    what's the pink stuff he puts on top? looks like salmon but can't be obvs.xx

  57. Bekah E

    Bekah E

    8 maanden geleden

    When Peach jumps up to see what Julien's eating that she can't have. 😂

  58. Dorian Bailey

    Dorian Bailey

    8 maanden geleden

    "these wet stones are my favourite thing and heres why": *cuts himself* I mean, he proved his point ...

  59. Lauren Baxter

    Lauren Baxter

    8 maanden geleden

    peach food jumps give me life

  60. Superdaniellerenee1


    8 maanden geleden

    Looks delicious! 1 tip o learned if you dip your knife on warm water before you cut the sushi it helps. But definitely do a video with your mom! I love how peach’s little head was in & out of frame toward the end with her jumping 🤣.

  61. Ell Grace

    Ell Grace

    8 maanden geleden

    Julien do you know that your “hotdog slice” technique is actually called the ‘Julienne’ technique? A missed opportunity here 🥴

  62. Oliver Prichard

    Oliver Prichard

    8 maanden geleden

    "You're gonna need a half quarter inch of oil"

  63. Robbie is Tired

    Robbie is Tired

    8 maanden geleden

    Julien: Dog birthday month, this is their month Me watching from the future: I regret to inform you Bunny wanted to be different

  64. Streamingmadman


    8 maanden geleden

    "half-quarter-inch-layer." If this dude made a tape measure, you would be dying every time you had to do a reno.

  65. Emily O

    Emily O

    8 maanden geleden

    Fun fact: I’m typing this with a bagel at 1am.

  66. Jrenee


    8 maanden geleden

    I want you and Jena to read hate comments .. because there shouldn’t be any

  67. Jrenee


    8 maanden geleden

    I love how you and Jenna talk to peach like she a thug .. I love it

  68. Jrenee


    8 maanden geleden

    Can you come out with your own knife set ?

  69. Jrenee


    8 maanden geleden

    Aww peach loves her daddy

  70. Ro Vanlife

    Ro Vanlife

    8 maanden geleden

    Lets the dog lick the spoon, puts the spoon on the rice.

  71. Miranda


    8 maanden geleden

    three Geminis and a Pisces who wouldve guessed

  72. fellow kid

    fellow kid

    9 maanden geleden

    julian you're supposed to use the bamboo roll while rolling the sushi. it makes it easier to tuck it together and roll it tightly.

  73. Seasonofthewitch


    9 maanden geleden

    I'm a Gemini Too! Your children and I have the same sign! Eh bepepepepepepep 👏👏👏👏

  74. Claire Madigan

    Claire Madigan

    9 maanden geleden

    I love when he turns the camera around and peach is just chilling on their counter in bed... so cute... so wholesome...

  75. Kttn Spt

    Kttn Spt

    9 maanden geleden

    Which cook top is he using?

  76. lizzy little

    lizzy little

    9 maanden geleden

    Corn on the cob but instead of the corn bone it’s a hot dog

  77. gabby rodriguez

    gabby rodriguez

    9 maanden geleden

    why do i do this to myself? i always watch this at like three in the morning and am STARVING

  78. LillianaDodson


    9 maanden geleden

    It’s not an episode of Aries kitchen if Julian doesn’t spill something

  79. Villarrai M

    Villarrai M

    9 maanden geleden

    *See's Gordon Ramsay's master class ad* *Julien pops up staring off into space* "something weird happened in this kitchen recently" *Me* : Ha!

  80. smellslikesouls


    9 maanden geleden

    this title makes my friend who traveled to japan and attempted sushi SHAKE

  81. Shelby O'Neill

    Shelby O'Neill

    9 maanden geleden

    julien is so pure he could've made so many blunt rolling jokes

  82. Olivia J

    Olivia J

    9 maanden geleden

    Avocado woulda been bomb with that

  83. Rosey Thomas

    Rosey Thomas

    9 maanden geleden

    I just now got his TikTok reference



    9 maanden geleden

    Man stfu and get on with it. I'm out.

  85. grumbybee


    9 maanden geleden

    Referring back to this to make sushi casserole with my mom :)

  86. Emily


    9 maanden geleden

    me: an eighth julien, an intellectual: half a quarter

  87. Teh Jabble

    Teh Jabble

    9 maanden geleden

    i don’t understand why he used tofu just use fish bruv it’s vegan

  88. Joanne Sabourin

    Joanne Sabourin

    9 maanden geleden

    Please make more recipes with tofu; I tried and love the 3 ways you made and I'd love more :)

  89. Megan Lee

    Megan Lee

    9 maanden geleden

    Did anyone else see that black thing go flying across back to the stove on the left side of him at 10:47 it's too big to be a bug? It's a ghost😁😄 but no serious what is it ?

  90. Rochelle Heremaia

    Rochelle Heremaia

    9 maanden geleden

    Dude My brother and I are both Aries born on the same day just one year apart and shit is crazy with both of us around 😂😂😂😂 it’s even crazier with my sisters boyfriend who is literally 2 days after us 😂😂😂😂

  91. thatjerykagirl


    9 maanden geleden

    Thanks just so much thanks ! You’ve saved my life And given me my fiancé, you made me not settle and also not quit you are both SO GOOD 💜

  92. Miss Naomi

    Miss Naomi

    9 maanden geleden


  93. Sammie J Shaw

    Sammie J Shaw

    9 maanden geleden

    Make dog biscuits!

  94. chunkee


    9 maanden geleden

    Now what spices are in the mayo? 😳

  95. Tabitha Normandy

    Tabitha Normandy

    9 maanden geleden

    Wet your knife when cutting the rolls cuts better!

  96. CelticBarbarian


    9 maanden geleden

    Jenna's happy squeal when eating the sushi, is so wholesome. Her and Julien's relationship is just so good.

  97. pixelzpupz


    9 maanden geleden

    the sushi mat... waaaaaaaaaaah that is all. :) yummo.

  98. Mo Augello

    Mo Augello

    9 maanden geleden

    I once had some sushi that was tempura sweet potato cream cheese and ginger and it was the best thing *~ever~* if you do a part 2 of this vid you should try it 🥺

  99. Duchesse de Berne

    Duchesse de Berne

    9 maanden geleden

    Nice video

  100. aadlihtam


    9 maanden geleden

    I need to know what's in the cupboard left of the stove! Looks like it's freaking filled with flour, or any other white floury substance, hahah.