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The Real Story of Paris Hilton | This Is Paris Official Documentary

We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on NLcameras or sign up for NLcameras Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: Check out NLcameras Premium at: nlcameras.infoorigi... See if Premium is available in your country at:
0:00 Intro
5:20 Paris’ Early Years
12:00 Nicky Weighs In
16:37 A Crazy Lifestyle
31:25 Nightmares
44:28 The Teenage Years
51:08 Bad Relationships
1:09:53 Stories of Abuse
1:20:50 Survivors Reunion
1:30:02 Breaking the Silence
1:37:45 Telling Mom The Truth
1:42:02 Credits


  1. Green Orchid

    Green Orchid

    8 minuten geleden

    How many people worked on this production🤔

  2. Laurene Morgan Savino

    Laurene Morgan Savino

    22 minuten geleden

    Had no idea it would be this powerful

  3. Maria E. Brennan

    Maria E. Brennan

    43 minuten geleden

    So strong but breathe Paris ❤️

  4. OA


    47 minuten geleden

    Imagine how the girls that bullied Paris must be feeling now

  5. Laurene Morgan Savino

    Laurene Morgan Savino

    Uur geleden

    Her boyfriend had too much to drink, he’s just being a doof, you can tell she’s had trauma th way she responds. Always loved her, now more so

  6. Tru Keesey

    Tru Keesey

    Uur geleden

    I just awoke realizin what this is. It is a false religion.

  7. Elli Turkovic

    Elli Turkovic

    Uur geleden

    I have always liked here, because she is soo kind

  8. Amazing April

    Amazing April

    Uur geleden

    I have always thought that she was beautiful now I can see.

  9. peryy 11

    peryy 11

    Uur geleden

    Paris we are soooo proud of you and u should never divorce from the brand cause this just made it even bigger and stronger just like u at this point of ur life and we hope this would make a positive change in ur life🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. shyamala Reciuga

    shyamala Reciuga

    Uur geleden

    very interesting, I changed my mind about her being a dumb blonde completely, I appreciate her lucid mindset, glad I got to watch this video

  11. Tru Keesey

    Tru Keesey

    Uur geleden

    22:09 Encouragin others to violate the First Commandment "no other gods in my face".

  12. Fon Chatchanok

    Fon Chatchanok

    2 uur geleden

    This documentary isn't like what I thought it would be before I watch it at all. Very nice toward the end to see that experiences in life could effect the person so much in the way you can't imagine. Thank you Paris for opening up the story. Great production too.

  13. Green Orchid

    Green Orchid

    2 uur geleden

    Every three 3 months, take a week off the grid, they/, it/, them/ ALL will wait for you Paris!🕯🤔⛱😷

  14. Gábor Vág

    Gábor Vág

    2 uur geleden

    "You can't take these things, cause these are mine! These are mine!" - The first time we see her mother, and that tone tells you everything about her. I feel for Paris, her family doesn't deserve her.

  15. Lingua Labia

    Lingua Labia

    2 uur geleden

    Imagine this going the same way as the life of Sophie

  16. Tru Keesey

    Tru Keesey

    2 uur geleden

    Anyone who has surrendered to the rothschilds is a failure in life.

  17. francesca medici

    francesca medici

    2 uur geleden

    Simply amazing. Thank you to everyone that took part of this project. This is the side of celebrities this world needs. I hope this schools get destroyed and wish the best to Paris and everyone that had to suffer because of those schools.

  18. Melissa Collins

    Melissa Collins

    3 uur geleden

    Wow!! So moving and heartbreaking! People say money solves everything... well this is a clear example tht it doesn't stop pain. Paris, you need counseling for trauma for sure! You're mom did say she was sorry.. so this moma will. Im so sorry you went through tht and felt as if you couldn't tell. I'm so sorry they did those horrific things to you and anyone else and I didn't save you!! You are special and you deserve to have happiness free from abuse.. from the men too!! I'd rather be alone than have someone put there hands on me. And I've been there.. I have acite ptsd and really bad anxiety. I take meds and I also have a grief / whatever I need to talk about counselor for 1 hr every week. You don't feel it or see it , but you are strong!! All of you are... and you have a huge platform!! Use it girlfriend!! Ily and chin up buttercup!!

  19. Itzy Talk

    Itzy Talk

    3 uur geleden

    The ex boyfriend was being disgusting at the festival

  20. Kapustka


    4 uur geleden


  21. Martasfakeaccount


    4 uur geleden

    im sorry that happened.

  22. PryaS90


    4 uur geleden

    The mom is not even crying about it. Feel like Kris Jenner shows waaaayyyy more real emotions than Kathy just had done

  23. Regina Bieber

    Regina Bieber

    5 uur geleden

    Nicky Hilton ROTHSCHILD???

  24. A Tribe Called Love

    A Tribe Called Love

    5 uur geleden

    Devastating. I’m so sorry Paris.

  25. Faina R

    Faina R

    5 uur geleden

    Crying like a baby because I had that kinda experience. Be strong Girl! Be strong!

  26. Emma Robb

    Emma Robb

    5 uur geleden

    Her sisters so rude!

  27. zmo regalado

    zmo regalado

    6 uur geleden

    I hope all your nightmares ended. Sweet dreams Doll.😙💋😴

  28. Am


    7 uur geleden

    Paris, your sister is your biggest enemy. It's very evident

  29. Victoria Delgado

    Victoria Delgado

    7 uur geleden


  30. Debra Mosser

    Debra Mosser

    7 uur geleden

    Thankyou for speaking out

  31. Pink Chanhee Supremacy

    Pink Chanhee Supremacy

    7 uur geleden

    I do not trust her sister or her mother.

  32. Stevan K

    Stevan K

    8 uur geleden

    Didn't you say all black people had aids?

  33. Debra Mosser

    Debra Mosser

    8 uur geleden

    You chose this industry Paris at this point do what makes you Happy you don't have time for anything but a career

  34. Debra Mosser

    Debra Mosser

    8 uur geleden

    So sorry you went through all of these things you have a stressful life money does not save people from trauma

  35. Fiza Fiza

    Fiza Fiza

    8 uur geleden

    Wow so sad what Paris went through at provo they should close the school and and send all the staff to prison for been do horrible to the child that went there so sad how they treated these kids

  36. Mandy Renee

    Mandy Renee

    9 uur geleden

    A millionaire with a poverty mindset. No matter the amount it’s never enough.

  37. Patrisia Lozano

    Patrisia Lozano

    9 uur geleden

    I look at her different now.

  38. Rachel Briggs

    Rachel Briggs

    9 uur geleden

    So incredibly proud of Paris Hilton for being so brave and strong enough to take back her power. I always knew she was brilliant, and there was more to her than the image we all saw. What a remarkable woman. Definitely someone worthy of finding her happiness, whatever it may be.♥️

  39. Asyura Ishak

    Asyura Ishak

    9 uur geleden

    This is gossip girl in one person story!

  40. Flor De Luna

    Flor De Luna

    10 uur geleden

    I think that she doesn’t like to be controlled because of her parents and her schools. This is her way of copping.

  41. Giuliano Quirino

    Giuliano Quirino

    10 uur geleden

    love you Paris 💝

  42. Britney


    10 uur geleden

    What’s in that bag

  43. Government Hooker

    Government Hooker

    10 uur geleden

    París fue todo lo que yo quería ser de niño te amooooo queen❤️❤️💕

  44. Kindy Kindz

    Kindy Kindz

    10 uur geleden

    Wow, I cant hold back the tears. Just when you think you know someone they surprise you in the most impactful ways. I actually LOVE Paris after watching this and I never in my life thought I would ever say that. Girl you are a true inspiration and the real deal, the original OG. Thank you for being brave enough to share this with us and I feel happy to have witnessed the real you, keep her coming, because she's the one that will go the distance. With this documentary for me, you have just solidified your place in the hall of legends. Your spirit shines brighter than we ever knew because the whole time behind the persona was a true angel. UK LOVES PARIS. Lets go!

  45. Brittany Reese

    Brittany Reese

    11 uur geleden

    I respect her so much more after watching this! She’s done so well for herself after dealing with all that pain and suffering! What you chose to do with those life experiences is what molds you into the person you’ve become!! Congratulations Paris! Your amazing!

  46. Orion


    11 uur geleden

    Paris, throughout the video I was searching for the real Paris. Paris with her real voice and a real personality. Don't you think so it's your responsibility to find the real happiness for your own self but you're just switching from one character to another...? Do you think people should arrange that 1 billion dollars to make you happy and secure? I would say go and try to find your self and stop being parody of your own self.

  47. Daniela Peredo Salcedo

    Daniela Peredo Salcedo

    11 uur geleden

    Love it !!!

  48. Sam Wilson

    Sam Wilson

    11 uur geleden

    they get away with it b/c no one tells on them, it should be illegal to do. Parents are dumb for doing this and never send your kids away.

  49. laura del

    laura del

    11 uur geleden

    Wow. What a great documentary

  50. Tru Keesey

    Tru Keesey

    11 uur geleden

    Was the mole on Hilton Valentine's face camouflage, or did Rick have it to be removed?

  51. SaschaB!


    11 uur geleden

    Her first, treats her so decent...until her biggest day in Belgium 😒

  52. Tracy McGrath

    Tracy McGrath

    12 uur geleden

    I'm sooo sooo happy you dumped that child, Aleks! like wtf????

  53. theresa happy

    theresa happy

    12 uur geleden

    Paris contact a college department of Sociology ask for a professor to contact you. Explain those "schools" your friends ask for explaining and you want to stop all the abuse. Can they help legal action to change the way those schools are run.

  54. Jesslo Music

    Jesslo Music

    12 uur geleden

    Trauma and success intertwined to make her who she is. A powerful and courageous woman. Maybe that's why her sister kept on trying to throw shade and had bad vibes. We are around people like that everyday, evil, manipulative and insensitive foes disguised as friends. I feel like she will still reach greater heights, especially once she walks away from the the toxic relationships in her personal life.

  55. Butterfly Xoxo

    Butterfly Xoxo

    13 uur geleden

    You can't judge someone by her/his actions

  56. Black Pixie

    Black Pixie

    13 uur geleden

    i would have so much resentment towards my parents if they did something like that to me

  57. China Willson

    China Willson

    13 uur geleden

    Love you Paris. You're hot 🔥🔥 girl❤️❤️❤️

  58. Ralitza


    13 uur geleden

    These programming centers are literally how you become famous. Look up MKUltra. That's why she is not willing to totally let go of the multiple personalities she suffers from.

  59. Flex Tox

    Flex Tox

    14 uur geleden

    So can you become a decent human being now?

  60. S B

    S B

    14 uur geleden

    Her DUI'S and time in jail wouldn't have happened without Provo either. Alot of people who have been through trauma turn to alcohol for solace. Surely her time in jail reminded her of Provo but there was no mention of it...???

  61. Kelly Nowak

    Kelly Nowak

    15 uur geleden

    Wow what an awsome show.. Paris is such a beautiful person...

  62. Tru Keesey

    Tru Keesey

    15 uur geleden

    Nancy Reagan: "What Does Joan Say?" -- Ronald was anti-stalinist because his friends were all trotskyites.

  63. Tru Keesey

    Tru Keesey

    15 uur geleden

    Best thing you could probably do would be to expose the rothschild pope; but I wouldn't want you to do that unless you could do it safely; hence the need to contact Lord Runningclam or better still his master Prem Rawat.

  64. Tru Keesey

    Tru Keesey

    15 uur geleden

    You never splained me why your family has eight-foot ceilins when you can afford twelve-foot ceilins? Also you didn't care about gettin dirt in the milk's bottles.

  65. Jofz Joseph

    Jofz Joseph

    15 uur geleden

    💔💔💔💔💔but you are so strong thank u for sharing this one Paris.

  66. Vi Jo

    Vi Jo

    15 uur geleden

    If she thinks any amount of money will make her happy... im sorry honey no. You will always be chasing that dream.

  67. Vi Jo

    Vi Jo

    15 uur geleden

    I am genuinely curious if she got spanked severely or something and called it "beating" and so they animated it as fists because of the word (in the camp scene)

  68. Angela Orozco

    Angela Orozco

    16 uur geleden

    she pays them they should have removed the drunk bf if she was asking that's disrespectful asf of him and the other guys

  69. alejandromellin


    16 uur geleden

    Siempre he pensado que eres una de las mujeres más inspiradoras de este mundo. Todo mi respeto.

  70. Valentina K

    Valentina K

    16 uur geleden

  71. bangtanluv.


    16 uur geleden

    i just want to give her a hug, she really seems like a genuine bubbly soul who wants to be freed of the hurt and trauma

  72. nought tree niner

    nought tree niner

    16 uur geleden

    od on crack please

  73. Naomi Alvarez' creations

    Naomi Alvarez' creations

    17 uur geleden

    Friendship is a true treasure! :) thank you for this Paris you're Golden for it.

  74. StarringAnna


    17 uur geleden

    I never really liked Paris - or what I thought was her. This really changed my perspective. I actually admire her strenght. And I´m honestly horrified a "school" like this is even somewhat legal in the US. I´m pretty sure an organisation like this would be closed down by the police in most European countries. I looked it up and there´s countless more, and even much worse descriptions of what is happening at these facilities. I hope they all get closed down in the wake of this documentary. And I hope Paris finds her peace and happiness. Cause she really deserves it.

  75. Dr Manhattan

    Dr Manhattan

    17 uur geleden

    Poor Paris she’s beautifully broken...

  76. Adriana Adriela

    Adriana Adriela

    17 uur geleden

    omg ifeel so sad seriously 😢

  77. Herbert Mayer

    Herbert Mayer

    18 uur geleden

    8:34 did she dropped the bunny?!?

  78. Herbert Mayer

    Herbert Mayer

    18 uur geleden

    Is this dog walking normal?!? 3:20

  79. Renata Sings Linda Ronstadt

    Renata Sings Linda Ronstadt

    18 uur geleden

    🇧🇷 without a doubt the first influencer really. I send my hug to you Paris dear, here in Brazil.

  80. Ana karen Perez

    Ana karen Perez

    19 uur geleden

    Y rix?

  81. Quentin Trevino

    Quentin Trevino

    19 uur geleden

    It seemed like her mom could care less about what they did to her. She did not shed a tear nor seemed fazed at the end when Paris told her. She deserved an apology!!!

  82. mariposa


    19 uur geleden

    What an angel

  83. Lisa Donnery

    Lisa Donnery

    20 uur geleden

    I don’t know about other people but if I had just heard my child had been treated like that I would cry, I would be angry at those people, and if I had money like them I would do something. Her mom didn’t show much emotion. Crazy!

  84. illa illa

    illa illa

    20 uur geleden

    Beautiful film . Paris is such a beautiful person inside and out

  85. عبدالرحيم عبدالرحيم

    عبدالرحيم عبدالرحيم

    21 uur geleden

    To Paris Hilton and to everybody: if you want to have the real happiness and comfort, read the translation of the Nobel Quran in the following website:

  86. illa illa

    illa illa

    21 uur geleden

    Her bf is such a narcissist!! And She is so sweet .

  87. Katrina Lng

    Katrina Lng

    21 uur geleden

    Thank you so much for telling the truth! You Are amazing!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  88. Jacqueline Mentink

    Jacqueline Mentink

    21 uur geleden

    Really loved watching this and seeing a Paris I never knew. You never know what someone has gone through in their past and how many parallels/similarities that exist in aspects of their life and your own. I think it's amazing that she's speaking out about this and the hardship she went through in her teenage years while still coming out of it as one of the most successful women on the planet. It gives people hope who have also gone through something like this that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. My parents almost sent me to one of those "wildnerness camps" when I was a teenager and I knew they were bad, just not to this extent. Thank you for sharing your story

  89. Su 19

    Su 19

    21 uur geleden

    Sisters, mothers.... don't get me started with them... Seems it's always the same issued relationship.

  90. A K

    A K

    21 uur geleden

    She has arrested development

  91. Marie Adele Grosso

    Marie Adele Grosso

    21 uur geleden

    All I want to do is hug child version of Paris Hilton, It must be so hard

  92. nna totaro

    nna totaro

    21 uur geleden

    AWESOME! POWERFUL! You sweet Paris, I see a grown woman healing her child within. Gods got cha luv.

  93. Yolanda Vanessa

    Yolanda Vanessa

    22 uur geleden

    She nees to be with DJ Pauly D! Someone who understands her lifestyle.

  94. V Ann

    V Ann

    22 uur geleden

    What ever happeend to Tinkerbell?

  95. Brittney Dinning

    Brittney Dinning

    22 uur geleden

    Nicky is mama’s scapegoat. Did everything to please mommy. Married into more money for mommy. I have so much more respect for Paris and I hope more child stars will come forward with their truths!

  96. Misslilly8


    22 uur geleden

    I just watched the scene with the bf ruining her set and I am so angry like what a narcissist a**hole. He did that on purpose and he deserves to be punched in the face for sabotaging her like that. 😤

  97. karīna Ivanova

    karīna Ivanova

    22 uur geleden

    This was just so real and so sad, I’m sorry that your Simple Life (character) made the first impression for all World, you are strong and wonderful woman, I believe in you. #girlboss #strongparis

  98. Felice Angela

    Felice Angela

    22 uur geleden

    Dear Paris, thank you for sharing this realness. Feel everything and bring it to the light. It will heal, you can do this. ❤️

  99. Vanessa Ziletti

    Vanessa Ziletti

    22 uur geleden

    Paris, you’re so strong and brave and you deserve to be happy! I admire you so much!❤️

  100. jenny Gwinnutt

    jenny Gwinnutt

    23 uur geleden

    it's so sad that she can't switch off. She is incapable of real feelings real emotions towards someone because most of the people around her either want something from her or want to control her. It's so sad. She seriously addicted to social media because it's gives her instant validation and 'love' from her 'fans'. Striving for £1billion doesn't make you whole. It's such an empty goal if its your only goal. I hope one day that she takes a step from all of this and find herself and seeks emotional support.