I Watched Deadpool 2 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found

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Today's Edition of I Watched in 0.25x Speed: Deadpool 2 (33 New Details).
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  1. SpencerXIII


    Uur geleden

    Very fun video, thank you!

  2. Lex Metallic

    Lex Metallic

    2 uur geleden

    I stabbed myself in the hand with a brick by mistake once.

  3. False purple

    False purple

    5 uur geleden

    A lot of these are really obvious



    7 uur geleden

    #29 7:35 that part where he swings his swords around is the same part in wolverine the origin

  5. Kizza 764

    Kizza 764

    11 uur geleden

    What about during the fight with juggernaught Deadpool says “ Hey Big guy the sun is getting real low” This is a reference from when Black Widow would say that to the hulk

  6. GCam


    12 uur geleden

    7:43 this is also the move wade did to the soldiers attacking to him in XMEN Origins:Wolverine

  7. Guadalupe Vicente Calderon

    Guadalupe Vicente Calderon

    14 uur geleden

    In the colossus vs juggernaut scene deadpool admits that it's a CGI fight

  8. BK Ben

    BK Ben

    17 uur geleden

    @6:40 the tattoo on ryan s chest is same as the rocks, that has to be 1 of the ref

  9. Wes Chace

    Wes Chace

    17 uur geleden

    I watched this video in .25x speed and here’s what I found........ Made you look 👀

  10. three norns

    three norns

    18 uur geleden

    I think 11 is a Celine Dion reference

  11. Kaid312


    18 uur geleden

    when jaugernaut was thrown at the bus the bus looks like the battle bus from fortnite so i think it was because the secret character of season 1 chapter 2 battle pass. 😂

  12. James O'Blivion

    James O'Blivion

    19 uur geleden

    Juggernaut line confirms it...Deadpool's comic book adventures are the recurring dreams of movie Deadpool.

  13. VoidLess


    19 uur geleden


  14. Riley Garcia

    Riley Garcia

    19 uur geleden

    I watched this in 0.5 speed. Haha I wasted your time scrolling down here.

  15. Skyler Wuchina

    Skyler Wuchina

    21 uur geleden

    7:08 hehe, funny not so funny story, I watched Deadpool 2 for the first time, and saw that, so I was like "imma post this on my Instagram", took a picture of it, and posted it... Stan lee died the next day... I feel like I was the last person to post something about him before his death... Sometimes, I feel like he's watching me from above.................

  16. Matt Wesney

    Matt Wesney

    23 uur geleden

    Wtf am i here for...why is this trash in my suggestions? With all the data google has on us can they STILL not formulate a legit suggestion list?

  17. Mark John Devota

    Mark John Devota

    23 uur geleden

    Xmen’s bakugo firefist

  18. Nashville Toy Photographer

    Nashville Toy Photographer

    23 uur geleden

    Actually you are wrong about the tokens in the background that was there because that pool fell in love with Vanessa at an arcade

  19. salamiarmi 409

    salamiarmi 409

    23 uur geleden

    There was Kodak black

  20. Jae Page

    Jae Page

    Dag geleden

    I watched “I Watched Deadpool 2 In 0.25x Speed And Here’s What I Found.” In 0.25x Speed And Here’s What I Found.

  21. lil marco

    lil marco

    Dag geleden

    Some of these if not all of them are so stupid and useless plus you have one of them voices like at any min you're gonna try and get me to use you're creator code on the item shop

  22. dirtleg chaser

    dirtleg chaser

    Dag geleden

    squarespace sucks

  23. Jae R.

    Jae R.

    Dag geleden

    I guess I don't understand how watching this in a faster speed somehow reveals these little tidbits?

  24. photosmithy


    Dag geleden

    Since this appeared on my feed i will comment. "You have way way too much time on your hands".

  25. Dylan


    Dag geleden

    how did pennywise end up in the mcu

  26. Shane Hunt

    Shane Hunt

    Dag geleden

    The coins are a reference to the game he and Vanessa played in the first movie

  27. Robert Rodgers

    Robert Rodgers

    Dag geleden

    Outstanding Analysis! Thank You!



    Dag geleden

    Making this video must've been tourture

  29. rikesh magar

    rikesh magar

    Dag geleden

    7:34 the same guy with same name wade Wilson..with same stunt..stopping bullet with his sword and last cut the bullet in half ..on the another movie named x-men first class ..fight sence on the elevator..

  30. Asher Prem

    Asher Prem

    Dag geleden

    What if u say, I saw his slow motion video in 0.25 * in NLcameras 😍 😍

  31. Matthew Fennell

    Matthew Fennell

    Dag geleden

    "Don't worry, it's PG, watch it with your family." *PERSON RIPPED IN HALF* *HEAD-SHOT* *BLOOD SPLATTER* Good night kids, good thing that video was PG.

  32. Soul


    Dag geleden

    So how long is Deadpool 2 at 0.25X speed?

  33. Mercenary Ghost

    Mercenary Ghost

    Dag geleden

    This movie has more inside references than the game, “Whack Your Boss With Super Powers”

  34. THE LIFE


    2 dagen geleden

    I watched this video in 0.25× speed and i could find nothing. 😂😂😂

  35. kasogie ketiga

    kasogie ketiga

    2 dagen geleden

    8:02 "hiya Georgie!! You Wanna Float?? " (Pennywise)

  36. UND3R 5C0R3

    UND3R 5C0R3

    2 dagen geleden

    Fun fact in once upon a deadpool the stab lee paint has R.I.P added to it

  37. Doctor Stonk

    Doctor Stonk

    2 dagen geleden


  38. Ismael Diaz

    Ismael Diaz

    2 dagen geleden

    I'd recommend Ringworld, by Larry Niven. He explores the importance of luck as a hereditary trait of the character Teela Brown, who successfully thrives in a new world by sheer luck, as if she had a superpower.

  39. Lukeyboi238


    2 dagen geleden

    Just saw at 2:12 there is a bang! Flag on one of the guns which I think has something to do with the Joker

  40. Mario Rodriguez

    Mario Rodriguez

    2 dagen geleden

    You just made one of my favorite movies a whole lot cooler. (Rock)*( On! )

  41. Matt O'CALLAGHAN


    2 dagen geleden

    The guy who was the joker died by drugs when he finished his movie batman

  42. Yousef Noori

    Yousef Noori

    2 dagen geleden

    Bra bet ya this guy hasent watched a single movie in 0.25 speed cause you can see anything but blurrs

  43. TerminalCarrion


    3 dagen geleden

    I wonder how his power would look if he threw a fireball while shirtless. Maybe the glow starts in the middle of his torso before going to his limbs

  44. Natural Noise

    Natural Noise

    3 dagen geleden

    And a one eyed Willy is also another term for a penis. Your welcome.

  45. PandaGamingYt minecraft?!

    PandaGamingYt minecraft?!

    3 dagen geleden

    "Directed by one of the guys who killed the dog in John wick" got me good LOL

  46. PyroSharkOriginal


    3 dagen geleden

    Also, there is one reference to X-Man origins, when Deadpool cut the bullets that cabel shoots, same as he did in x-man origins.

  47. Fman


    3 dagen geleden

    Nooooo fucking way!! So many easter eggs i didnt even know!!! Love it

  48. CGNDC


    3 dagen geleden

    "Both John Candy and Ryan Reynolds are Canadians as well." So as these channel The Canadian Lad hahaha

  49. Jovani Barnes

    Jovani Barnes

    3 dagen geleden

    Just watch the movie when was it ever necessary to know all this.

  50. Radar


    3 dagen geleden

    The token was a reference to the lucky skee ball token Deadpool kept after his first date with Vanessa

  51. Paul McCullough

    Paul McCullough

    3 dagen geleden

    How did he even get the 116 reference. Too much time

  52. The Reels

    The Reels

    3 dagen geleden

    Awesome. We're looking forward to Deadpool 3!

  53. jo 99

    jo 99

    4 dagen geleden

    Lad I know his suit Is repaired with duck tape

  54. Goosecraf


    4 dagen geleden

    I don't know why I can't stop watching your videos arghhhhh Love it tho

  55. Valdo Cheats

    Valdo Cheats

    4 dagen geleden

    I watched this with 0.25 speed

  56. gris186


    4 dagen geleden

    The Canadian Lad.. You sound more like you're calling from Microsoft to help me correct the errors my pc is sending



    4 dagen geleden

    Luck is more powerful than any thing

  58. Josh Kaid

    Josh Kaid

    4 dagen geleden

    Matt Damon's cameo is one of the most meta things I've ever seen.

  59. sector9films


    4 dagen geleden

    I love this video breakdown, reveals the length of wit and creativeness that filmmakers can produce.

  60. killgore375


    4 dagen geleden

    you missed juggernaut climbing out of the pool at the end of the movie just before the credits roll

  61. Rolando Mota

    Rolando Mota

    4 dagen geleden

    I'm going to feel like the biggest dirtbag for laughing if i ever hear about someone getting stabbed with a brick.



    4 dagen geleden

    This 9 minute video felt like it took close to 30 minutes

  63. El ultimo

    El ultimo

    4 dagen geleden

    I watched your video at 0.25 and. 😴 I fell asleep

  64. Zach Reid

    Zach Reid

    4 dagen geleden

    Some of these scenes I didn’t see in the movie at all

  65. Rising Lemon

    Rising Lemon

    4 dagen geleden

    6:22 did he just giggle?

  66. Chrono 262

    Chrono 262

    5 dagen geleden

    I learned nothing new in this video...but still enjoyed it so, thanks?

  67. carlos diaz

    carlos diaz

    5 dagen geleden

    Wait can you hear the background music at quarter speed?

  68. Pranav Patil

    Pranav Patil

    5 dagen geleden

    Mind size ;mega😼

  69. Banana Man

    Banana Man

    5 dagen geleden

    Very pg

  70. N_Austin


    5 dagen geleden

    how long did the movie take you to finish watch ???

  71. JellyZondo


    5 dagen geleden

    buddy I cant hate but professor x has met wolverene way before he ever calls him wheels

    • Don Van Meter

      Don Van Meter

      3 dagen geleden

      He was referring to the original X-Men movie

  72. Jay Daddy

    Jay Daddy

    5 dagen geleden

    Ok u found nothing

  73. The Goofy Brothers

    The Goofy Brothers

    6 dagen geleden

    When Deadpool was trying to stab someone with a brick I couldn’t stop laughing

  74. Adhvik PJ

    Adhvik PJ

    6 dagen geleden

    Ran Reynold litterally wrote his name [signature] in the school fight scene

  75. aibandidos


    6 dagen geleden

    He was not trying to kill himself by drinking bleach, he was attempting to cure COVID

    • Nathan and Leann Hines

      Nathan and Leann Hines

      Dag geleden

      probably true

  76. Erick


    6 dagen geleden

    Yo, your commercials has a video in it

  77. Invisible_splix_


    6 dagen geleden

    You missed one

  78. Jaymielle Figueroa

    Jaymielle Figueroa

    6 dagen geleden

    In his intro its a detail "your personal nerd"

  79. Blue Crewmate

    Blue Crewmate

    6 dagen geleden

    This dude actually takes time from his life to watch movies in a slowed down version to give us info on these movies what a freaking unit

  80. Captain doorag

    Captain doorag

    6 dagen geleden

    I don't appreciate your voice

  81. mark beasley

    mark beasley

    6 dagen geleden

    Did anyone notice that the juggernaut getting out of the water in the background towards the end of the film

  82. David Wilkins

    David Wilkins

    7 dagen geleden


  83. Fortnite Slayer

    Fortnite Slayer

    7 dagen geleden

    I subbed

  84. CinemaSans


    7 dagen geleden

    You missed two details: - When Russel is chasing the headmaster, we can see a duck shaped swing resembling Howard the Duck. - When Colossus jokes about Juggernaut, nobody laughs and that makes Colossus sad.

  85. Anonymous User

    Anonymous User

    7 dagen geleden

    Yeah that joke about feet was way too specific a dig to not be true.

  86. Brigham Westerlund

    Brigham Westerlund

    7 dagen geleden

    if you look at the one eyed willy scene Adam Reynolds is using the same sword movement when he was in X:men origins Wolverine



    7 dagen geleden

    Ive seen this movie an EASY 15xs and dont rem Cable breaking in the store! 🤔 maybe I just smoke too much! Lol

  88. Wolfs Edg3

    Wolfs Edg3

    7 dagen geleden

    6:50... That is why I love Deadpool movies they take shit from other movies and just fuck with it in Deadpool.

  89. MrPhen2006


    7 dagen geleden

    He didn't mention it I like the "sun getting low" part.

  90. Leonith Oneil

    Leonith Oneil

    7 dagen geleden

    Ducktape 😂

  91. Frog god 1

    Frog god 1

    7 dagen geleden

    Never knew dead pool was dead

  92. Thranay


    7 dagen geleden

    i thought making movies was easy until i saw this ......... ahh MY WHOLE LIFE IS TURNING OUT TO BE A LIE.....

  93. Crimson Light

    Crimson Light

    7 dagen geleden

    Lmao he’s not trying to stab someone with a brick, I’m pretty sure he’s just beating his back with it.

  94. Lucah London

    Lucah London

    7 dagen geleden

    I think I have discover a new hobby. Employer: so what are your hobbies. Me: well I rewatvh movies in slow mo and look for Easter eggs. I know sounds complicated. Because it is.

  95. GodOfThunder


    7 dagen geleden

    Ryan is in Hobbs and Shaw? One reason to watch it

  96. Hafiz Azlan

    Hafiz Azlan

    7 dagen geleden

    Wth these guys, views almost 2.5 mil Others 1,967,942 not yet subscribed this channel Please support the youtube content creator! They put hardwork to make a content for viewer like us

  97. Couch Potatoe

    Couch Potatoe

    7 dagen geleden


  98. Rino Gang

    Rino Gang

    7 dagen geleden

    Website 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣

  99. Frosch666


    7 dagen geleden

    Not sure about the amplifier, could also be a reference to back to the future and the big amplifier at the very beginning - before playing the guitar Marty is turning up the volume on the guitar that just looks the same

  100. loonyt22


    7 dagen geleden

    Luck maybe the greatest superpower to have, but only in a solo superhero. In a team attacks aimed a Domino would often take out her team-mates instead. Deadpool is one of the only superheroes who could survive being on a team with her. Collateral damage follows Domino.