Finishing My $10,000 PC Build [GONE HORRIBLY WRONG]

xQcOW and Nick finish building xQc's gaming PC from this video
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xQc (Félix Lengyel) is a French-Canadian Twitch streamer and content creator. He is 25 years old and lives in Texas with his roommate Adept. He enjoys streaming. He also enjoys playing and uploading a variety of games, such as Overwatch, Chess, Minecraft, Fortnite, Warzone, and all the hot new game releases. He is also very well known for his entertaining reactions. His favorites include Unusual Memes, Daily Dose of Internet, Jubilee, Comparisons, memes made by viewers on his reddit, and trending.
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  1. Nicholas Busuttil

    Nicholas Busuttil

    18 uur geleden

    And now he must install drivers

  2. Lorenzo De Monti

    Lorenzo De Monti

    Dag geleden

    the cable management is sooooooooo BAD

    • dowein


      19 uur geleden

      what do you expect from xqc when building a pc

  3. YYONN


    2 dagen geleden

    A literal expert is willing to help him but he's like "Nah, I'm gonna wing it"

  4. RdZ17


    3 dagen geleden

    What case is that?

    • Tiiiger


      Dag geleden

      asus rog helios

  5. Dakota Lewis

    Dakota Lewis

    3 dagen geleden

    lmao qxc frustration is alot like mine lol.. why didn't you call linus tech tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kanospukios


    4 dagen geleden

    you seriously don´t drserve this pc, i mean look at the cable managment

    • Name Name

      Name Name

      3 dagen geleden

      Just because he doesn’t rlly know how to build a pc, means he doesn’t deserve it? That’s stupid logic

  7. Bulyeosi


    4 dagen geleden

    Again...? Pog

  8. micah


    4 dagen geleden

    Wow covid has changed Linus...

  9. PapiChan


    4 dagen geleden

    What is that cable management LMAO

  10. Zachary


    5 dagen geleden

    It woulda been great for content to call Linus Edit: it would've also been great for the computer

  11. notes


    5 dagen geleden

    lmao he can never talk shit about RGB again dude has RGB everything lol

  12. Lewis Kwok

    Lewis Kwok

    5 dagen geleden

    $10,000 pc but can't ever get a better camera than this shitty blurry Logitech webcam.

  13. nolanpitt


    5 dagen geleden

    bro the gpu thingie isnt just for dust, it holds the card in more to prevent gpu sag

  14. Asthenx


    6 dagen geleden

    X losing his mind over stickers is the funniest thing to me

  15. GenuiNe


    6 dagen geleden

    This is a certified hood classic PagMan

  16. Smoothkc


    6 dagen geleden

    Linus king of motherboards god of pc also the one stop shop if you want things done to perfection. 🤣👍🏼

  17. Whatever this is

    Whatever this is

    6 dagen geleden

    Now he has a maxxed out the wazoo, cutting edge processing powerhouse, he finally has the processing power to play a kids block game and react to youtube videos.

  18. Harry Fieldson

    Harry Fieldson

    6 dagen geleden

    xQc malding - "YOU FUCK ASS" nick - instantly does shit x has been malding over chat - "the verge pogU the verge pogU"

  19. AdikMusic OfficialTM

    AdikMusic OfficialTM

    6 dagen geleden

    Be careful, the Verge might copystrike this video

  20. TheShaqii


    6 dagen geleden

    that pc is worth almost 3 months of my salary after tax.

    • zanku


      6 dagen geleden


  21. Cvld


    6 dagen geleden

    Dude really needs to move the gpu to the top slot...

  22. Mark McMillan

    Mark McMillan

    7 dagen geleden

    He tries turning on the PC and 15 minutes are still left. OH NONONONO PepeLaugh

  23. Dan Skyder

    Dan Skyder

    7 dagen geleden

    Linus, we await your reaction

  24. Wyatt Mullins

    Wyatt Mullins

    7 dagen geleden

    what is the specs to his pc

  25. Tuxedo Cat

    Tuxedo Cat

    7 dagen geleden

    This was stressful, WHY were they panicking with the cpu's not a speedrun dude!

    • zeminem35


      4 dagen geleden

      Man their whole interaction was so cringed xD Every part of this build I was like WTF guys, are you serious ... Even that technician was so out of touch with reallity, i was feeling uncomfortable watching them interact with each other xD

  26. Blizzy


    7 dagen geleden

    it would literally take 10 minutes to cable manage this shit. this nick character has no idea what he's talking about.

  27. Blizzy


    7 dagen geleden

    nick knows less than felix

  28. Lesbians love men

    Lesbians love men

    7 dagen geleden

    Please tell me he has a modular supply.

  29. Marc


    7 dagen geleden

    One of the biggest cases and u manage to hide no cables, perfection

  30. Rheenoe _

    Rheenoe _

    7 dagen geleden

    xqc going "sheesh its bussing respectfully" has been the highlight of my day

  31. Melle


    7 dagen geleden


  32. Ekman


    7 dagen geleden

    Time stamps??

    • Ekman


      6 dagen geleden

      @KrisVr thank you, skipped to the end

    • KrisVr


      6 dagen geleden

      00:00 Start 58:09 The end

  33. Matt H

    Matt H

    7 dagen geleden

    Gonna just wait for the Linus reaction.

  34. Luckyluckyluc


    7 dagen geleden

    THE VERGE 2.0

  35. Wolfieee


    7 dagen geleden

    This cable job is killing me :/

  36. chris alonzo

    chris alonzo

    7 dagen geleden

    Still stuck with old pc sadge

  37. Marvin PanVan

    Marvin PanVan

    7 dagen geleden

    Hello Linus

  38. Tristan Larson

    Tristan Larson

    7 dagen geleden

    Rog strix helios case I think I got the same one mine came out real nice

  39. Foenix 80

    Foenix 80

    7 dagen geleden

    Good thing he got a water cooled mobo...

  40. Risk


    7 dagen geleden

    56:12 POV, someone tryna sell u a dodgy prebuild

  41. Zonia


    7 dagen geleden

    I swear this dude has a new 10k pc every month

  42. Sabjective


    8 dagen geleden

    I want Linus to react, but I also don't want him to die.

  43. Saint Jimmy

    Saint Jimmy

    8 dagen geleden

    I'm cryinggg

  44. Darren Kelly

    Darren Kelly

    8 dagen geleden

    Linus would beat X's ass for all of those case badges XD

  45. Lee


    8 dagen geleden

    This thing is just a fucking mess lmao

  46. 3p1ks


    8 dagen geleden

    38:17 guy in chat: "dad helps adopted autistic son"

  47. Lighthoz


    8 dagen geleden

    57:20 ?

  48. Aravind Iyengar

    Aravind Iyengar

    8 dagen geleden

    Linus needs to react to this...

  49. SparkleDreams


    8 dagen geleden

    No one: Chat: SHEEEEEEEEEESH

  50. tempest


    8 dagen geleden

    now this is six consoles

  51. Swamp Fox

    Swamp Fox

    8 dagen geleden

    RIP 16x

  52. Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Johnson

    8 dagen geleden

    Contact the Verge guy. He's an expert.

  53. ziggie16


    8 dagen geleden

    jeezzz cringe.

  54. Jim Bob

    Jim Bob

    8 dagen geleden

    New or old pieramid cable?? HMM.

  55. Brandon Porter

    Brandon Porter

    8 dagen geleden

    Wait, how did this PC cost $10,000?

  56. Tuga


    8 dagen geleden

    Back to overwatch on the new pc?

  57. Sharky


    8 dagen geleden

    Now buy the new 3k asus monitor 4k 144hz

  58. nothingbutclean


    8 dagen geleden

    I've never been so frustrated in my life

  59. Pickle Rick

    Pickle Rick

    8 dagen geleden


  60. raisu_


    8 dagen geleden

    nobody is going to point out that asus's own graphics card does not fit on their own motherboard?

  61. Ziggy R

    Ziggy R

    8 dagen geleden

    Why get all the premium price parts with top priority to look good and not bother with cable management nor even psu cover? Just blows my mind how irresponsible he is, almost like a kid and he's probably around my age, wtf.

  62. Markus Olsson

    Markus Olsson

    8 dagen geleden

    audio only is to hot dude

  63. Sir1Pu


    8 dagen geleden

    Can wait for Linus to roast your eyes😂😂😂😂

  64. back grudge hunter

    back grudge hunter

    8 dagen geleden

    For malding chat on amd being hotter Intel is literally Apple of the computer components world

  65. Ev


    8 dagen geleden

    3K graphics card and 2 dollar camera LUL

  66. TheDutch Devon

    TheDutch Devon

    8 dagen geleden

    Hasn’t it been like 2 years since part 1

  67. Daniel Thunberg

    Daniel Thunberg

    8 dagen geleden

    But can it run Crysis?.......... Bye

  68. SkeletauR


    8 dagen geleden

    Rest in peace KEKW guy. We'll remember you forever PepeHands

  69. some body

    some body

    8 dagen geleden

    I shouted "call linus" through this whole thing

  70. ProtoKJ


    8 dagen geleden

    p i e r a m i d

  71. FastRew1ndz


    8 dagen geleden

    Straight buzzin🔥🔥

  72. Dulius6


    8 dagen geleden

    The wires bro THE WIRES

  73. jack black

    jack black

    8 dagen geleden

    by the looks of it lots of motherboard settings are wrong, and you put the video card in the 8X slot not the 16X

  74. ScuffedBrit


    8 dagen geleden

    Prebuilt PC sales go up by 12%, sponsored by XQC.

  75. Marin3r


    8 dagen geleden

    It amazes me what people with money do/cant do with it lol.

  76. GachiFag


    8 dagen geleden

    That BUKKAKKE pasting

  77. Curly boy Kaps

    Curly boy Kaps

    8 dagen geleden

    It is weird hearing Nick not being pogO

  78. Dust Nixie

    Dust Nixie

    9 dagen geleden

    Felix buys RGB sticks, RGB GPU, RGB CPU cooler, RGB motherboard for an insane amount. *Also Felix doesn't want to cable manage and or use the PSU shroud to literally just shove aside the cables.*

  79. Spanktastic


    9 dagen geleden

    Nice cable vomit ;)

  80. Tugsuu Gsg

    Tugsuu Gsg

    9 dagen geleden

    Dude cut your hair. Looks annoying.

  81. Symba_ Lysm

    Symba_ Lysm

    9 dagen geleden

    Fucking hell. So many issues with this build, but hey.

  82. Shadowcat099


    9 dagen geleden

    56:20 lol

  83. marben zephy

    marben zephy

    9 dagen geleden

    1 randomguy in chat "HOMEMADE BOMB"

  84. Zakura ZT

    Zakura ZT

    9 dagen geleden

    10k pc for gta 5 omegalul

  85. Jonathan M. Oller Jr.

    Jonathan M. Oller Jr.

    9 dagen geleden

    This was more honest and appealing to watcg than the Verge's trash build.

  86. the faster the better

    the faster the better

    9 dagen geleden

    "cpu more than my pc" relatable

  87. RetroGamer


    9 dagen geleden

    All this to play -some guy in chat

  88. JsCrypto


    9 dagen geleden

    Dude... change the direction of the top fans... they are all pullin in... i dont understand how nick didnt notice this... all the heat will remain inside

  89. Sibasish Sinha

    Sibasish Sinha

    9 dagen geleden

    $10,000 = Minecraft, Chess, League, Gamba, more gamba, RP, VoLoRaNT, Bloons, The Isle, Battlefield, Horror Games, Totally Accurate Battleground, React Andy. NOICE

  90. Lorenzo Trujillo

    Lorenzo Trujillo

    9 dagen geleden

    Ok Dud

  91. Tintamar5678


    9 dagen geleden

    Not even a minute in and already see a mistake, ALWAYS PUT VIDEO CARD IN TOP SLOT!!!!! Edit... Good catch Nick....

  92. Jo-E


    9 dagen geleden

    Why is the cpu cooler crooked? The number part

  93. Danielle


    9 dagen geleden

    Gone horribly wrong but also the longest he has gone without gambling

  94. Mikhail


    9 dagen geleden


  95. bboy blmri

    bboy blmri

    9 dagen geleden

    I cant wait for Linus to react to this LULW

  96. redfridge


    9 dagen geleden

    still cant run roblox LUL

  97. Jordan


    9 dagen geleden

    Damn 15FPS never looked so good



    9 dagen geleden

    Linus might get confused why XQC went with this case, it is literally garbage that got trashed by all reviewers lol

  99. Josh


    9 dagen geleden

    "debuild" xQc 2021

  100. Paddy


    9 dagen geleden

    Please just call Linus man.