Neutron Stars - The Most Extreme Things that are not Black Holes

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Neutron stars are one of the most extreme and violent things in the universe. Giant atomic nuclei, only a few kilometers in diameter but as massive as stars. And they owe their existence to the death of something majestic.

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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Jaar geleden

    Get your 12,020 SPACE Calendar here: WORLDWIDE SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE! This year’s calendar focuses on the future of humanity and how we will explore space in the next 10,000 years. We want to get you the best shipping fees. So If you’re located in the EU, please order from our EU-warehouse. If you’re located anywhere else in the world, please go to our World Wide Shop. (The link is the same you will be asked to choose your location once you are there.) Thanks to everyone for the support!

    • Asadefa


      Dag geleden

      @Declan Sheridan Absolutely not If you were on the surface of a neutron star, with or without a spacesuit it doesn't even matter, you'd be very, very dead, from being crushed down by the gravity, vaporized by the heat, the reasons you'd be dead are so many they're hard to list all of them

    • Declan Sheridan

      Declan Sheridan

      2 dagen geleden

      Can u live on a neutron star?

    • Asadefa


      11 dagen geleden

      Is NLcameras going to bug out or will I be able to add this reply?

    • Mad Man

      Mad Man

      14 dagen geleden

      I....I thought White holes were the most extreme things in the universe that are not black holes....

    • Parker Beck

      Parker Beck

      18 dagen geleden

      If anyone is watching in 2020, they got some assumptions wrong

  2. You


    2 uur geleden

    Original Quarks Pronunciation: (Pronounced: C-W-A-R-K-S) Upgraded version of Quarks Pronunciation: (Pronounced: Quacks)

  3. Orion belt Inc

    Orion belt Inc

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    Star cheez

  4. Vconn


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    it'd be much better if it were edible

  5. Cayetano Torres

    Cayetano Torres

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  6. Cayetano Torres

    Cayetano Torres

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    EEeEe E EEe

  7. Parker Beck

    Parker Beck

    Dag geleden

    “Nuclear Pasta is the strongest material in the universe” Do Italians have teeth

  8. Shoto Aizawa

    Shoto Aizawa

    Dag geleden

    Ever heard of a singularity?

  9. Groovy


    2 dagen geleden

    0:34 *_C H E E S E_*

  10. Isaac Robinson

    Isaac Robinson

    2 dagen geleden

    I saw the biggest star episode now time going through a mental implosion

  11. PercyKqv


    2 dagen geleden

    Add space and neutron stars to my list of stuff I'm deathly afraid of.

  12. Kevin Kong

    Kevin Kong

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    That pug killing that plushy tho:😢💔

  13. Minh Đào Quốc

    Minh Đào Quốc

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    đố bạn dịch được dòng này

  14. Hasioc


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    That's low-key the best channel you can find on NLcameras

  15. Lilith Anastasia Patterson

    Lilith Anastasia Patterson

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    Nice sailor moon cameo. I approve.

  16. Bopples


    4 dagen geleden

    Sailor Moon is a Neutron Star :O!

  17. Ixions


    4 dagen geleden

    An interesting related topic is: primordial black holes These are theorized stellar sized black holes which could only have formed in the earliest moment of the universe. Essentially, the very early moments of the universe is theorized to have been a quark-gluon plasma and very minute differences in density would have caused the formation of stellar sized black holes. These have not yet been observed. The cores of neutron stars are also theorized to be quark-gluon plasma. Which is interesting if you consider that you would expect to see evidence of neutron stars randomly collapsing into a black hole due to the same principle of minute density variations. I wonder which will be proven out? Primordial black holes existing or nailing down the physical existence of quark-gluon plasma in the core of neutron stars? The theories at least, seem mutually exclusive...

  18. Faustin Gashakamba

    Faustin Gashakamba

    5 dagen geleden

    _"Iron is the nuclear ash."_ The more you know...

  19. Prashant Prakhar

    Prashant Prakhar

    5 dagen geleden

    Everyone is so busy in watching this awesome video that they forget to notice the awesome animation

  20. Floyd Hernandez

    Floyd Hernandez

    5 dagen geleden

    I just like to take a moment to appreciate how incredibly skilled the drawings you guys make are. So cartoony and still extremely realistic! And still so informative, if my physics teacher would try to explain this it would probably take him like 8h. And you do it so fast and informative! Anyways I would love to see a game made by you (with the same art style) to explore the universe and set up bases, starting from earth then say, go to mars and you discover new stuff. I think every viewer would love that! Keep up the incredibly amazing ultra good work!

  21. Balance the Balanced

    Balance the Balanced

    5 dagen geleden

    What would happen if a person were to get hit by one of these radio wave beams coming off its poles?

  22. Grant Milburn

    Grant Milburn

    5 dagen geleden

    6:38 Six stones in different bright colors. Ha-ha, I get it.

  23. Laíssa Alexsandra Silva

    Laíssa Alexsandra Silva

    5 dagen geleden

    That's pretty cool

  24. Dragongamer543


    6 dagen geleden

    What im getting from this video is Im a neutron star B)

  25. Aria X

    Aria X

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    *Me watching knowing I’ll forget it seconds later*

  26. Cactus Town

    Cactus Town

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    Happy interstellar year 12020 Coronavirus: *ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE MYSELF*

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    aushik singh

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    For us they are so weird... But for reality...its normal for it... For reality is just what it is.....

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    Abbgfd Hkkhfvn

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    Guess they couldnt handle the neutron style

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    Sam Quimson

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    Salah Hussein

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    2:31 this looks so good

  31. Draggo Long

    Draggo Long

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    "A happy stellar year, 12,020." HA!

    • Yuric


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    HSP . VØX YT

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  33. Murshida P

    Murshida P

    8 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt: "mass of millions" Me:😐 "of billions" 😮 "of trillions" 😵 "of tons" 🤯

  34. Glass Of Milk Studios

    Glass Of Milk Studios

    8 dagen geleden

    do they have the diffrential rotation

  35. Utsav Dewan

    Utsav Dewan

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    The coolest NLcameras channel ever

  36. ryan john hernandez

    ryan john hernandez

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    Me: *yawns in **6:09*

  37. ryan john hernandez

    ryan john hernandez

    8 dagen geleden

    5:58 Is why you need a friend *just dont murder each other like **6:09*

  38. Ricky


    8 dagen geleden

    Out of all the videos you've made this has the best soundtrack.

  39. Seth Kunert

    Seth Kunert

    9 dagen geleden

    So what youre telling me is that thors hammer is actualy made of a star and just in?

  40. A Random Birb With Internet

    A Random Birb With Internet

    9 dagen geleden

    0:54 It's a candy corn!

  41. KichiroRC


    9 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt: Explaining 0:34 My mind: "mmmm cheese"

  42. Viytligh Malaya

    Viytligh Malaya

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  43. rebjorn79


    9 dagen geleden

    The mass of the entire population of earth in a sugar cube .. Extreme indeed

  44. Twin Falls Astronomer

    Twin Falls Astronomer

    9 dagen geleden

    Dang... I still remember the day this video came out. I happened to have heard about this insane virus called COVID-19 that same day too. Man it has been a wild year since this video has come out, let's hope the next one isn't that bad!

  45. Andrew Trinh

    Andrew Trinh

    9 dagen geleden

    Neutron Star

  46. Fall'en


    10 dagen geleden

    "I guess they couldn't handle the neutron style".

    • godzilla2845


      9 dagen geleden

      this explains how Nick's skateboard actually broke

  47. 2D HeathBar

    2D HeathBar

    10 dagen geleden

    I thought magnetars were more dangerous than neutron stars? Shows how much I know about astrophysics.

  48. Mr. Bugsy Bug

    Mr. Bugsy Bug

    11 dagen geleden

    I hope that the poster from the site comes :) I like planet stuff Mr Kurzgesagt, I am in Portugal, how much time you think it migth take to come?

  49. Asadefa


    11 dagen geleden

    90 percent of comments: Nuclear pasta, Italy, whatever

  50. Target


    11 dagen geleden

    "Neutron stars are one of the most extreme and violent things in the universe." English Teachers: *You dare oppose me, mortal?*

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    Gaming With SANaM

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    Must watch

  52. Shark Bites Back

    Shark Bites Back

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  53. Yuna Farhan

    Yuna Farhan

    11 dagen geleden

    Imagine if you can't die so you go in the neutron star just to eat nuclear pasta

  54. Adam Siemiątkowski

    Adam Siemiątkowski

    11 dagen geleden

    I hope Neutron Stars make lotsa spaghetti

  55. Paul Iglesias

    Paul Iglesias

    12 dagen geleden

    Cool video buy why the prostitution for advertisers within the video? My understanding is that you get money already from views and subscriptions. Is it just plain old greed?

    • Yuric


      6 dagen geleden

      Watch videos about money you get out of youtube videos in this category of videos, then watch the rythm of the videos, probably multiple persons working on it, or maybe only one. but in any case, doing some advertisement is ok, i am simply asking you : why are you calling this prostitution you bitch?

  56. Saffen Shamrock

    Saffen Shamrock

    13 dagen geleden

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  57. Axyl Thomason

    Axyl Thomason

    13 dagen geleden

    So the average human weighs 130kg/285lbs?

    • Yuric


      6 dagen geleden


  58. Taze King

    Taze King

    13 dagen geleden

    This says Carbon (6 Protons) turns into Neon (10 Protons), than Oxygen (8 Protons). How does that work? Aren't the elements suppose to become heavier at the nucleus, not lighter?



    14 dagen geleden

    1:12 Souz nerushimiy, respublic svobodnih

  60. Game Time

    Game Time

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  61. 92andrelis


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    Kai To

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  64. Quaster X

    Quaster X

    14 dagen geleden

    3:33 | The core of the sun is hotter than a neutron stars. He's about 200'000°C hotter. 6'000°C is only the surface 🗿😶

    • 2D HeathBar

      2D HeathBar

      10 dagen geleden

      Don't forget that the sun's upper atmosphere is hotter than its own core.

  65. R.Adithya Hariharan

    R.Adithya Hariharan

    14 dagen geleden

    Nuclear pasta is like vibranium of real universe

  66. Coding made Easy

    Coding made Easy

    14 dagen geleden

    Neutron stars are not the most dangerous. Magnetars are formed in the same way but by bigger stars and they are event more dense and have more gravitational pull.

  67. Ssj9k Ssj9k

    Ssj9k Ssj9k

    14 dagen geleden

    Lord frezia should have a New Technique called kilova He would put two supernova together 🔮 👆 it should look like that

  68. gyastly


    14 dagen geleden

    pah stuh

  69. Dubby


    14 dagen geleden

    So the sun is made of candy corn... cool.

  70. john bailey

    john bailey

    14 dagen geleden

    "Nuclear pasta is practically indestructible" So *that's* what nokias are made of...

    • gucci mexican

      gucci mexican

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    • Ramin


      14 dagen geleden

      Sth tells me this comment is gonna get a lot of likes

  71. Mr. Foster 1

    Mr. Foster 1

    15 dagen geleden

    4:53 i loved it when he literally talked fancy



    15 dagen geleden

    The best explanation i ever got as for why the stars collapse :)

  73. Vishesh Jain

    Vishesh Jain

    15 dagen geleden

    How do you know so much?

    • 100 Ton

      100 Ton

      5 dagen geleden

      They read a lot about the topic of the video, talk to experts and scientists to make sure their videos are honest and true

  74. Cathryn Ekeberg

    Cathryn Ekeberg

    15 dagen geleden

    Every video with the words "Neutron Stars" is so extreme that it fuses Iron.

  75. Pikachu UwU

    Pikachu UwU

    15 dagen geleden

    I love this channel

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    Chloe de Mesa

    15 dagen geleden

    This too much smart for me...

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    Tofiu Games

    15 dagen geleden

    Can you make a video about Warp Drive

  78. thomas aquinas

    thomas aquinas

    15 dagen geleden

    Quasars are the most extreme things there are. Neutron stars are just collapsed stars...

    • 2D HeathBar

      2D HeathBar

      10 dagen geleden

      No. Magnetars are the most dangerous stars. The videos on them are nuts.

  79. Ellis Harris

    Ellis Harris

    15 dagen geleden

    Now we just need Jimmy stars

    • Ellis Harris

      Ellis Harris

      15 dagen geleden

      you cant handle the neutron style

  80. VolTer


    15 dagen geleden

    Just a rest from all the memes to say just how phenomenal this video is. "Not only do stars have to die to create elements, they have to die twice"

  81. Gerald Ford

    Gerald Ford

    15 dagen geleden

    Most extreme thing? You haven't lived with my wife after I win an argument

  82. Werner Gurr

    Werner Gurr

    16 dagen geleden

    If the surface temp. of a neutron star is a million Kelvin what generates this heat? There is no fusion going on in such a "star", so where does the heat come from? Is it from the kinetic energy released during the collapse? Or what? Does a neutron star ever cool down? If not, where's the energy coming from to keep it hot, assuming there is no falling matter colliding with the star? Does this energy come from the inside of the star? If so this energy must provide a counter force to gravitation and a cooling neutron star would compact even more. Could it by this mechanism turn into a black hole?

    • 2D HeathBar

      2D HeathBar

      10 dagen geleden

      The same reason the sun's atmosphere is hotter than its own core.

  83. Rafael Montoani

    Rafael Montoani

    16 dagen geleden

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    Carmen martinez

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    Afloat Gamer

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    Orce Shutinoski

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    Lilith Pitts

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    T A

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    I'm amazed at how cool neutron stars are☺

  94. Matt SK

    Matt SK

    21 dag geleden

    I like Nuclear Pasta 'al fckin dente'.

  95. Asadefa


    21 dag geleden

    6:40 They don't have to become a black hole if their combined mass is less than the upper mass limit of neutron stars, in which case they'll just combine to form a more massive neutron star

  96. Slayinaiden123


    21 dag geleden

    0:55 Looks like a candy corn

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    RC entrep

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    Hammer Nail

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    A simple thought experiment should tell you the core is just light. Past light is the other side. Yes thats right...the other side and thats where it escapes.

  99. Anuk Lokubalasuriya

    Anuk Lokubalasuriya

    22 dagen geleden

    Black holes have stonger gravity and more mass than neutron stars.

    • Ugnius


      11 dagen geleden

      It said that neutron stars are the most extreme thing besides black holes

  100. Alfonso Quilana

    Alfonso Quilana

    22 dagen geleden

    What more satisfying? The animation, or the narration