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Repainting my 30yr Old ITALIAN YACHT!

In today's episode we're repainting the B IS FOR BOAT!
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  1. B is for Build

    B is for Build

    6 dagen geleden

    just wanted to let you know ive seen you're comments about painting the anodes, and we will fix that up next time we are out at the boat. We were following what was done before and apparently that was the wrong way. I thought all they needed was a clean connection between the metal they were protecting but after doing research its clear they'll do better without paint on them, easy fix!

    • Darin Wolbersen

      Darin Wolbersen

      2 dagen geleden

      Don't let the negativity bother you. Happy you caught it. Part of the thing I love about this channel is if something doesn't work out you guys always go back and try again.

    • AR17


      3 dagen geleden


    • chase weeks

      chase weeks

      4 dagen geleden

      @Rory he knows...

    • chase weeks

      chase weeks

      4 dagen geleden

      At least you're learning something new every day, though. Unfortunately it is in front of 287,000+ people (based on current view count for the video).

    • N M.

      N M.

      5 dagen geleden

      @sledbc right! This guy is ignoring everyone who knows boats. He painted the props 🤦‍♂️ he's going to have to tune and balance those props for the new engines anyway. Plus... You don't paint props

  2. Sailingadventure


    48 minuten geleden

    You should have the props checked out by a prop shop. The starboard prop has damage and may cause a vibration when you install the new engines.

  3. Kim Couper

    Kim Couper

    2 uur geleden

    I think it's funny that people tune in to watch the progress of the project, and then pick apart his approach. I don't see anyone else who is doing a large cruiser project. NW boaters rock!

  4. Brett 1

    Brett 1

    8 uur geleden

    How long is the boat?



    9 uur geleden

    Delete if not allowed, trying all I can to make sure my best friend is sent off the right way. I'm doing a reach out for support and/or prayers for my best friend, he is currently dying from cancer, and I am trying to help raise the money needed for burial cost. His condition has gotten worse today, and they are moving him into Hospice on Friday, the cancer is causing multiple organ failure and only machines are keeping him alive at the moment. If you cannot or do not want to donate, that's cool, just a prayer for his family and for him would work. Money raised will be used for casket, plot and headstone, around $3500 is needed.

  6. P Miller

    P Miller

    12 uur geleden

    You should have had ChrisFix soundbites.. "The before... and the after! Isn't that amazing!" Lol. I watch ChrisFix all the time if you can't tell. :)

  7. Egil


    12 uur geleden

    You didn't paint over the zink.

  8. Ontarionorther Boys

    Ontarionorther Boys

    14 uur geleden

    Instead of B IS FOR BUILD it so be B IS FOR BUTCHER

  9. SeaSafe


    14 uur geleden

    Shot you an email over last night, lets make that Riva a smart boat!

  10. J.C. Kohle

    J.C. Kohle

    15 uur geleden

    rebuilt VTA903 $8500 each. brand new never run VTA903 $11,500 each. ADELMANS Canton, OH 1-800-643-2001 or 330-456-0206

  11. michael caraway

    michael caraway

    16 uur geleden

    Replace those cutlass bearings while you have that boat out of the water.

  12. Chris Haberland

    Chris Haberland

    16 uur geleden

    to all the comments on painting the zinks will cause a loss in their effectiveness...not true at all...2 or 3 days in the water they will be bare zink again...just wanted to comment on the red that was on your rudder that you mentioned "could it be rust" actually is the same type of black paint you put on the hull, its called Red Iron oxide Primer, typical bottom paint...your comment section is ridiculous, everyone should chill out and might acually learn something...

  13. Pip Grace

    Pip Grace

    17 uur geleden

    really enjoyed the video - did you paint the inner hydraulic cylinders?

  14. feisty


    18 uur geleden

    D is for Disaster

  15. Tony Alexander

    Tony Alexander

    Dag geleden

    Those Tabs are Stainless Steel... those set screws hold your cutlass bearing in place and no they get tighter because of angle and weight, replace them ! oh and if you didn’t know you only have 30 days to put that paint in water or it dies... That aluminum paint just turned all that bronze into a battery... Dude put the tools down and get someone from the marine industry help you !

  16. Z06ified


    Dag geleden

    Besides the zincs, should also not paint the hydraulic pistons on the trim tabs. That shiny stainless steel piston should have been masked off before painting. With paint on it, when you retract the tabs all the way, the paint may damage the cylinder seals and cause a hydraulic leak.

  17. Daniel Paulson

    Daniel Paulson

    Dag geleden

    Can't watch this guy any more... not with this poor boat anyway

  18. terry marinopoulos

    terry marinopoulos

    Dag geleden

    sorry bro boats are bowring

  19. Tuxedomakdarien


    Dag geleden

    I highly suggest repairing or replacing your starboard prop. All those bends and nicks will introduce cavitation, let alone unbalance your prop.

  20. Edward Bull

    Edward Bull

    Dag geleden

    So if you remove a lot of weight from the boat it won’t sit at the design height in the water. This will cause a number of issues including it not handling very well. Might be worth considering. Love your work.

  21. jroar123


    Dag geleden

    Very interesting video, thanks!

  22. Zukes Rubicon

    Zukes Rubicon

    Dag geleden

    Please...Just call it anti-fouling paint, bottom paint or bottom coat like the rest of us! Ablative paint sounds too technical and snobbish.



    Dag geleden

    Oscar is very hard working 👏👏👏👏

  24. Life Inside The Box

    Life Inside The Box

    2 dagen geleden

    What happened to the single seater apocalypse build??? Been 3 months since content.

  25. Jester123ish


    2 dagen geleden

    I've been reading the comments, and I'm starting to think you shouldn't paint the zincs!

  26. Grady Harper

    Grady Harper

    2 dagen geleden

    Also maybe consider painting the white topdeck with Spectralon the whitest known white this means it reflects light far better than anything currently known on our planet

  27. Lee Tingler

    Lee Tingler

    2 dagen geleden

    Not to be to hinky but the rear of the boat is called the Stern, front is called the Bow, right side is Starboard, left side is Port. Bathroom is the Head, kitchen is the Galley beds are Births. Etc. As a kid l had to know these things as my father built boats. Anyway great project you have! 😎

  28. DundaBluebone


    2 dagen geleden

    for a good time, take a shot every time he says ablative paint.

  29. gavin f

    gavin f

    2 dagen geleden

    you are gonna need new pitched props if you are going for a repower

  30. porschecoyote


    2 dagen geleden

    Now would be a really good time to address any issues with the cutlass bearings and shaft seals. Also make sure that your props are good and ready to be removed as you will be doing it a lot in the near future in an attempt to make them work with an LS

  31. Rob Motuzas

    Rob Motuzas

    2 dagen geleden

    electrolysis is the reason for the anodes

  32. MultiLuc28


    2 dagen geleden

    20:55 HI MOM

  33. p1R4tm1k3


    2 dagen geleden

    Those are zinc's at the center of the props also, FYI.

  34. belledetector


    2 dagen geleden

    Hey Chris. I love this project, and I love this Riva. I have been looking at this model for years. You are all about creating content and taking risk. You learn in the process. Good for you. This is a big undertaking and will be the source of a lot of great, educational content - for you as well as your followers. In the process you will gather new subs from the boating world. The more the merrier. Just follow through on this project. Do your LS swap, but do it properly. There is more to it than just swapping the engines. You have a lot of fiberglass and gelcoat work ahead of you. Maybe source some assistance from a boatyard and run the weight saving numbers by a naval architect. I´m super excited to see where this is going, as I have never seen an LS swap on a classic boat like this, except some purpose build wooden runabouts. Consider this: New engines => new gas tank => new props => new shaft bearings and seals => new cutlass bearings => new wiring => new electronics => new radar => new cockpit gelcoat = new upholstery => new bimini - and in the end you will have a fast and modern classic. It will not be cheap, but it will be fun!

  35. Viking's Mancave

    Viking's Mancave

    3 dagen geleden

    rust bullet was developed by the navy for their ships.. i'd so went with that for most of this..

  36. Ethan Macheras

    Ethan Macheras

    3 dagen geleden

    Paint looks awesome!

  37. PWRstrokesmoke


    3 dagen geleden

    Please stop you have no clue what you are doing. So many mistakes already

  38. Cesar Abreu Burgos

    Cesar Abreu Burgos

    3 dagen geleden

    Reading the comments got me to the conclusion that painting the anodes its a crime and the boat will sink 😱😎

  39. David Caruso

    David Caruso

    3 dagen geleden

    Looking great!

  40. DistractedConstantly


    3 dagen geleden

    I wouldve had to fight the urge not to do WWI dazzle camo.

  41. westcorkman1


    3 dagen geleden

    put the fenders away......

  42. Pete Adams

    Pete Adams

    3 dagen geleden

    The props or wheels need occasional reconditioning.

  43. Charlie Brinson

    Charlie Brinson

    3 dagen geleden

    Those are called cutless bearings.

  44. mark perrins

    mark perrins

    3 dagen geleden

    Hey guys. I can see that starboard prop knocking your shaft and bearings to bits. Needs attention man

  45. Klaver 4

    Klaver 4

    3 dagen geleden

    Great job! You guys are clearly on a learning curve and mistakes are part of that, So far so good! Boat is looking stunning and de videos contain great content 😃 stay positive and keep on going

  46. Klaver 4

    Klaver 4

    3 dagen geleden

    Great job guys, you guys are clearly on a learning curve and mistakes are part of that, So far so good! Boat is looking stunning and de videos are great content 😃 stay positive and keep on going

  47. troykatt05


    3 dagen geleden

    Looks really good so for.

  48. Blake Hudson

    Blake Hudson

    3 dagen geleden

    When are u going to work on the single seater build?

  49. Jord Mosselman

    Jord Mosselman

    3 dagen geleden

    Thanks for lsx vid, the vid shows that you have indeed a head on your shoulders and thought out you options. I did not get that impression in some of the previous boat vids, hence strong comments. Frankly, i wish you the best of luck, i am curious how the weight forward pans out. In a article on straight drives and speed it turns out that it may help at speed to have weight forward. The racers of the day 1950's 60's just before stern drives used to fill ballast in the bow to level the boat at speed. Only test driving the boat will tell the whole story. Best of luck!

  50. Flat FLSTF

    Flat FLSTF

    3 dagen geleden

    .looks great good job 👍

  51. Tristan Holland

    Tristan Holland

    3 dagen geleden

    Hey do you have a discount code for carly? been looking at it for a phew months now but find it's a wee bit pricey but I know it's worth it

  52. Chris Kue

    Chris Kue

    3 dagen geleden

    Qualified captain fenders on the hardstand 😋😋

  53. Chris Kue

    Chris Kue

    3 dagen geleden

    Dont put any paint on your anodes

  54. señor


    3 dagen geleden

    Now you have employees?

  55. Wade Thimbey

    Wade Thimbey

    3 dagen geleden

    I own a boat that has sunk, burned and seized within 5 years. I love boating. ps. Im a engineer officer on merchant ship, so it has to be just bad luck with the boat. :D

  56. demoCRAPS suck

    demoCRAPS suck

    3 dagen geleden

    Not sure what paint you used. If you leave the boat in the water year around. Use a hard paint. Ablative paint is good for a boat that is trailered. It will reactivate. It works. It's just hard paint will last longer. Seahawk paint lasted 6 seasons for me. West marine paint 2 seasons. Interlux 3 seasons. Seahawk paint is the 💩

  57. Jason Alexander

    Jason Alexander

    3 dagen geleden

    You're you are likley to have vibrations due to your starboard prop being out of balance due ot the huge chunck out of it.

  58. Jason Alexander

    Jason Alexander

    3 dagen geleden

    DO NOT PAINT YOUR ZINCS. They won't work if you do.

  59. Aurelien Du Pasquier

    Aurelien Du Pasquier

    3 dagen geleden

    Paint came out great!

  60. William Larsson

    William Larsson

    3 dagen geleden

    please stop calling your boat a yacht

  61. Geoff Infield

    Geoff Infield

    3 dagen geleden

    Hope you're going to move the stands and paint where they used to be before it goes made in the water - unless you already did and I missed it worry. Also, make sure your engines are expertly aligned and shimmed - you would anyone I'm sure. Between that and having my props blueprinted, all my vibrations vanished :)

  62. Filip Persberg

    Filip Persberg

    4 dagen geleden

    Dont paint the anodes!!!!

  63. Freddy 4ever

    Freddy 4ever

    4 dagen geleden

    B is for boring .. 😝

  64. Stephen Mcferran

    Stephen Mcferran

    4 dagen geleden

    Shafts look like they been pushed back, when you've removed the engined.

    • Stephen Mcferran

      Stephen Mcferran

      4 dagen geleden

      The Shiny bit would be running inside the cutlass bearing.

  65. silva69ers


    4 dagen geleden

    Check the prop seals whilst the boat is out of the water. They may not have been changed in years and the rubber may deteriorate whilst it's out of the water. Also could be the reason for the prop not spinning

  66. Jacob B

    Jacob B

    4 dagen geleden

    two minute and 45 second ad???? jfc

  67. J Summers

    J Summers

    4 dagen geleden

    I was expecting plasti-dip to go with the LS’s haha jk...kinda haha

  68. Corrie Mclean

    Corrie Mclean

    4 dagen geleden

    And you talking too much

  69. Corrie Mclean

    Corrie Mclean

    4 dagen geleden

    Stupesssssss hate your sponsorship

  70. CivicChina


    4 dagen geleden

    Chris, leave the propellers alone because you will need a set with a totally different design for gas engines

  71. jamo9008


    4 dagen geleden

    Before and After of the Fore and Aft. Ithankyou

  72. On ix

    On ix

    4 dagen geleden

    Do those dudes work for you?

  73. On ix

    On ix

    4 dagen geleden

    Carly is the only ad I am glad I watched....

  74. Haytham Alnazer

    Haytham Alnazer

    4 dagen geleden

    Lover from Yemen 😍

  75. the real jesus christ

    the real jesus christ

    4 dagen geleden

    i hope that stuff they are using to paint the bottom of the boat every year is biodegradable and ok for the envoirnment....

  76. Jeff Thurber

    Jeff Thurber

    4 dagen geleden

    One in a zillion they would tighten those set screws, as you would have to have less than no knowledge of a prop shaft...

  77. Gobble De Gook

    Gobble De Gook

    4 dagen geleden

    Are You Replacing The Cummins Turbo Diesels with BIG Block Gas / Petrol Engines ? Most People Would Go in the Other Direction, Gas to Turbo Diesel. 1) Your Fuel Costs Will Multiply By MANY Times. for Every 1 Gallon of Diesel Use, You Wil Use 2, 3, or 4 Gallons of Gas + Severe CUT in You Travel Range. + I Believe 1 US Gal' of Boat Gas Costs More Than 1 US Gal' of Boat Diesel in USA. 2) Safety = In-Board Petrol / Gas Engines + BIG Fuel Tanks a VERY Small Leak of Petrol / Gas = a LOT of Fuel Vapour + Air = BIG Potential for Explosion & Fire

  78. Ben Suggs

    Ben Suggs

    4 dagen geleden


  79. Bud D

    Bud D

    4 dagen geleden

    Oh, be sure to put a second coat of paint on all the sacrificial zinc. No sense in having them get ruined.

  80. Kaleb Barber

    Kaleb Barber

    4 dagen geleden

    While the boat is out the water you should fix the drivers side prop the bend on the blade will cause vibrations.

  81. Mr Steve

    Mr Steve

    4 dagen geleden

    What about a Duramax ???

  82. Molten Cheese Bear

    Molten Cheese Bear

    4 dagen geleden

    Painting a boat - that sounds exciting, like... like watching paint dry. ;-)

  83. Jerrythecoo


    4 dagen geleden

    Well done!.......... that’s a “ Chick” magnet!!.........👀😏😎👌👍👋✌️🍻🌟🇨🇦 Safe travels!................🤞🌟

  84. Navymech62


    4 dagen geleden

    Was it incredibly satisfying to anyone else to watch all of that old paint and corrosion disappear off of all of that metal?

  85. beto marcano

    beto marcano

    4 dagen geleden

    great boat work but anodes can't be painted it wont do their job Wright

  86. Ed Bowden

    Ed Bowden

    4 dagen geleden

    Please put chains on the poppets!

  87. William Argabrite

    William Argabrite

    4 dagen geleden

    soooo painting the shafts of the cylinders? seems like a bad idea?

  88. William Argabrite

    William Argabrite

    4 dagen geleden

    Thank you for making these videos and giving me confidence to try something like this soon!

  89. Jarne Vdb25

    Jarne Vdb25

    4 dagen geleden

    Where is the one seater?😢😢

  90. DeadEyeForMe


    4 dagen geleden

    Not sure why this came across my feed, the shoddy, crappy work this guy does is ridiculous.

  91. bigdawg420


    4 dagen geleden

    this is my fav series ever

  92. Chris Pellatt

    Chris Pellatt

    4 dagen geleden

    I just watch these videos for the "face palm" moments. Anodes are sacrificial and yet you painted right over them?? Then to top it off you've painted the cylinder shafts. Good bye seals. Mate you really need to do some proper research before you touch things ie the set screws that are holding your bearings to stop them from spinning with the shaft. 3 "face palms" from 1 video, about average I'd say.

    • N M.

      N M.

      4 dagen geleden

      What about the props too! I've never seen props painted. That paint is just going to flake right off. Also with new engines they might have to be tuned

  93. So Core

    So Core

    4 dagen geleden

    you should get Prop Speed for your shaft and props. If applied correctly it'll last longer than antifouling, and also stays nice and slippery. Any fouling on the bottom and shafts/props will DRAMATICALLY decrease your speed and efficiency

  94. So Core

    So Core

    4 dagen geleden

    The set screws don't pinch onto the shaft, they hold a thing called a cutless bearing in place. You should go ahread and change them, especially if you're repowering, you're going to have to probably redo the engine bed and you will have to do the alignment (unless you just change the engine and mount it to the original gearbox, then you'll just have to align the engine to the gearbox, well either way you'll have to do something). The prop could be hard to turn because the cutless bearings are old and the shaft looks like it's detached because you have it pulled out a little, so if there's play in between the cutless bearings and shafts, it would kinda pinch on it because of the weight. Either way, they're relatively cheap, and you;'re going to repower and have to perfect the alignment, so you want to eliminate that possible source of vibration while you're out of the water and are doing this. Also if they're 30 years old, there are more modern materials that will insure your shaft's longevity.

  95. 1tobicat


    4 dagen geleden

    It’s almost like you have no idea what you are doing. Or maybe, you have no idea what you are doing. Kinda fun to watch tho. Terminology; shafts, struts, props, rudders, trim tabs, trim tab actuators, cutlass bearings, zincs, boot stripe, gel coat, fiberglass. Good luck.

  96. TopLobster1


    4 dagen geleden

    You dont need to paint the NAB parts ( Props, P-brackets and rudders) lets not talk about the anodes hey!

  97. daszieher


    4 dagen geleden

    We're not going to paint the props. Oscar ignores that, cleans and paints the props.

  98. Stubby631


    4 dagen geleden

    Can you please stow your fenders?

  99. Andrew Cash

    Andrew Cash

    4 dagen geleden

    your money your boat your choice

  100. Notorious Buddhaaz Smallz

    Notorious Buddhaaz Smallz

    4 dagen geleden

    B Is for boats