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The Colossal MP3 Player.

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  1. Axer


    46 seconden geleden

    I'd love to be on the meeting when they agreed to make it

  2. it's rick.hentai on Instagram

    it's rick.hentai on Instagram

    55 minuten geleden

    got so much Bezel call it Jeff

  3. Jack Swearingen

    Jack Swearingen

    3 uur geleden

    If anyone else did this genre of NLcameras I wouldn’t watch, you CARRY the videos and make them sooo funny

  4. Wylee Tube

    Wylee Tube

    5 uur geleden

    I find it funny that the iPod nano screen is bigger than the super nugg screen minus the bezel that is

  5. Gerald vlogs

    Gerald vlogs

    5 uur geleden

    I'm thinking about getting a 6th gen nano anything I should know so I don't get ripped off I been looking at them for ever

  6. Bryan


    6 uur geleden

    I honestly enjoy how much you enjoy doing what you do in you videos. Your laughter is infectious, my friend. Love this channel. Love your humour.

  7. Thats a yikes Chief.

    Thats a yikes Chief.

    6 uur geleden

    Nugget can fit 4 hard drives and my soul

  8. Bread Scout

    Bread Scout

    7 uur geleden

    you should get the guy who made the Bluetooth ipod to make the mega nugget not terrible

  9. The Rogue Adventurers.

    The Rogue Adventurers.

    8 uur geleden

    I wish he would swap some good hardware into this mega nugget case

  10. Bruhify Ssj

    Bruhify Ssj

    13 uur geleden

    Funfact :gran'ma dola is a studio ghibli song Pls watch studio ghibli 🙏 Or Google it

  11. namcicle


    13 uur geleden

    *BEZEL* *AAA* *pkcell* *Nugget*

  12. Bad_Script


    14 uur geleden

    Man I really want to see this in Shaq's monster hands.

  13. Ackitam


    22 uur geleden


  14. Xayshalope


    23 uur geleden


  15. Kirbo


    Dag geleden

    Man that thing is like 90% bezel 10% screen

  16. Karsten Playz and entertainment

    Karsten Playz and entertainment

    Dag geleden

    i would actually buy that big MP3 player and change everything it has (even it's display) if i had the materials lol

  17. Leo Scalzo

    Leo Scalzo

    Dag geleden

    Tech reviews can't complain about thick bezels anymore.

  18. Eric Smith

    Eric Smith

    Dag geleden

    The nano could cover the speaker

  19. Sosasees


    Dag geleden

    I get the feeling that this Colossal MP3 Player was made as a joke to break a funny-sounding world record.

  20. sqwoodle


    Dag geleden

    the buttons. the speaker. the packaging. s o c r u n c h y

  21. Pee pee poo poo

    Pee pee poo poo

    Dag geleden

    **B E Z E L**

  22. PleasentDddd


    Dag geleden

    Nugget Pod Macro

  23. Lmctheman


    2 dagen geleden

    Ok but WHY does this have a hold switch

  24. Itz_Noobii


    2 dagen geleden


  25. James Giffin

    James Giffin

    2 dagen geleden

    Oof. The death of that earphone was great. My poor ears can confirm.

  26. Aiden


    2 dagen geleden

    He said "Bezels", so I thought it was the red border around the black. The black was also the bezel.

  27. Sexy Speaker

    Sexy Speaker

    2 dagen geleden

    Bluetooth Mode

    • Brubru


      Dag geleden


  28. Kevin Hanes

    Kevin Hanes

    2 dagen geleden

    Need to change the guys out with a first gen ipod

  29. juicy boy

    juicy boy

    2 dagen geleden

    Whys the screen so small I mean spect

  30. Slash0mega


    2 dagen geleden

    this thing exists for the same reason you are keeping it around, its fun!

  31. Gavin Colbourne

    Gavin Colbourne

    2 dagen geleden

    Don't forget Apple's 'gum stick' shuffle with 512mb/1gb lol

  32. Dipie


    2 dagen geleden

    Oi mate you should make an extra big chungus, like making the case even bigger and heavier

  33. MoMo


    3 dagen geleden

    It took me nearly 4 minutes to realise that "The Bezel" was so large, I thought he was taking the piss and the black was part of the screen.

  34. Aidan Chappelle

    Aidan Chappelle

    3 dagen geleden

    I saw a calculator version of this

  35. Michael18751


    3 dagen geleden

    Shaming popular brands now, lol

  36. Madeej555


    3 dagen geleden

    Change it into ipod

  37. Zhaahir Ahmed

    Zhaahir Ahmed

    3 dagen geleden

    A massive black screen in real life its tiny

  38. Bastian also known as a goddamn mess

    Bastian also known as a goddamn mess

    3 dagen geleden

    Someone probably made a giant phone as a joke and accidentally created the tablet

  39. ItsTheHamster07


    3 dagen geleden


    • XxDerickaasaurusRexX


      2 dagen geleden


  40. Richards Gothardsons

    Richards Gothardsons

    3 dagen geleden

    Please do car stuff

    • XxDerickaasaurusRexX


      2 dagen geleden


  41. Argenteoque Carpento

    Argenteoque Carpento

    3 dagen geleden

    i would eat thet nugget

  42. Amato Gaming

    Amato Gaming

    3 dagen geleden


    • XxDerickaasaurusRexX


      2 dagen geleden

      Big chung

  43. Joshua Cabaya

    Joshua Cabaya

    3 dagen geleden

    Need 4 AAA'S hmmm sounds wrong

  44. anonymous Crabz

    anonymous Crabz

    4 dagen geleden

    That sounds like suck

  45. Why troliax

    Why troliax

    4 dagen geleden

    8:41 Historical Mojo Momment

  46. Aimee Crawford

    Aimee Crawford

    4 dagen geleden

    I shouldn’t find an Australian man screaming at shitty MP3 players and shitty earbuds so funny and yet here I am, finding this funny 😂

  47. Mullok Akkarin

    Mullok Akkarin

    4 dagen geleden

    Ey DankPods - i have and idea of creating nugget - if i create a nugget do you want a nugget if I ever create one? (idea is-> basically RPi 0W in wooden case with eventually reskinned wooden head-po-hones)?

  48. Kevin J. Massey

    Kevin J. Massey

    4 dagen geleden

    Is that Quincy from the Simpsons (2:04)

  49. Lukas Brown

    Lukas Brown

    4 dagen geleden

    I laughed so hard it’s like I almost cried LOLOLOLOLOL

  50. basar works

    basar works

    4 dagen geleden

    Musıc Settıng ¢ *

  51. Arav Ambaram

    Arav Ambaram

    4 dagen geleden

    Why don’t we blow out the sexy speaker WITH THE MOJO

  52. da boi

    da boi

    4 dagen geleden

    It's even red and white just like the colossal titan from aot

  53. Balwinder Kaur

    Balwinder Kaur

    4 dagen geleden

    Legend has it that it was born and lived in a separate world and without the fear of the LEGENDARY 1 GRIT it grew to enormous sizes

  54. Balwinder Kaur

    Balwinder Kaur

    4 dagen geleden

    At this point it’s not a nugget It’s an INGOT

  55. Le Déchaîné

    Le Déchaîné

    4 dagen geleden

    So... do you have plans to upgrade it with multiple.. MULTIPLE terabytes of data? Because, you know, there's a lot of space...

  56. SirBat 24

    SirBat 24

    4 dagen geleden

    Me: i ordered a nugget not chicken nugget whats your name waiter Waiter:d- Me:dank pods

  57. Benson Lin

    Benson Lin

    5 dagen geleden

    Whoever made that must be a big fan of Studio Ghibli to have music from Castle in the Sky preloaded.

  58. W. A. Stokins

    W. A. Stokins

    5 dagen geleden


  59. Union Films

    Union Films

    5 dagen geleden


  60. aLustful


    5 dagen geleden

    I punished my son with the wrath of *puk-sell*

  61. nephacks


    5 dagen geleden

    this was renamed nooop

  62. Brandon Chan

    Brandon Chan

    5 dagen geleden

    I am so happy NLcameras recommended me this video

  63. the man behind the slaughter

    the man behind the slaughter

    6 dagen geleden

    By chance, can you help me? I have an iphone 6, destroyed screen that only lights up (maybe the backlight), and the top half is gone, but it takes a charge and... kinda turns on. I know its worked for quite a while, mind maybe looking around and seeing if theres a way i can jury rig a separate screen to it so itll work for the time being?

  64. DJPhantomBeatz


    6 dagen geleden

    My ears have been raped by the built-in speaker only to remind me of the hit-clips

  65. Munted Churro

    Munted Churro

    6 dagen geleden

    aww my pkcell

  66. Scott Riley Adrueno

    Scott Riley Adrueno

    6 dagen geleden

    That's gotta be the sexiest bluetooth speaker voice I've ever heard.

  67. Andrew Ho

    Andrew Ho

    6 dagen geleden

    Have you seen the HomePod knockoff that the Reject Shop is currently selling?

  68. Peter Marquardt

    Peter Marquardt

    6 dagen geleden

    Which bluetooth speaker is that?

  69. Gabe Moler

    Gabe Moler

    6 dagen geleden

    Where can I buy myself the sexy speaker 😂

  70. OddishKid Gaming

    OddishKid Gaming

    6 dagen geleden

    Bass boosted

  71. Nokia Fan a.k.a Hand World

    Nokia Fan a.k.a Hand World

    6 dagen geleden


  72. not mango

    not mango

    7 dagen geleden

    Whats the song used for the stress test on the earbuds



    7 dagen geleden

    They wanted you to really know you only got 1 setting, not to be confused with the big boys AKA Settings!💯⬅️

  74. Andrew Stewart

    Andrew Stewart

    7 dagen geleden

    Gratz on the Benz, man! And the nice this is yeah it may be thrashed, but those things aren't too hard to un-thrash. And at the end you have A BENZ! Keep plugging away, you'll get it!

  75. Cowol Jar Woff

    Cowol Jar Woff

    7 dagen geleden

    Setting. A single setting.

  76. Jake Uptight

    Jake Uptight

    7 dagen geleden

    does he even use that ipad on his desk or what?

  77. Caleb Whorley

    Caleb Whorley

    7 dagen geleden

    sounds like S U C C

  78. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Obi Wan Kenobi

    7 dagen geleden

    damn, i was hoping you were gonna obliterate the speakers with the mojo as well..

  79. Gamer Genix

    Gamer Genix

    7 dagen geleden

    What’s the music on the big nugget?

  80. Felipe Freitas de Lima

    Felipe Freitas de Lima

    7 dagen geleden

    After basel less we have screen less

  81. T0XY_ 22

    T0XY_ 22

    7 dagen geleden

    The ipod guy became a car guy?

  82. CVT-FNG X


    7 dagen geleden

    You should use the shell to create a high end version of this.

  83. ScruffyRonin


    7 dagen geleden

    It has occurred to me that you could probably fit a full size hardrive in that thing

  84. Imre Kacsandi

    Imre Kacsandi

    7 dagen geleden

    I remember findig this guy a week ago.....best thing during finals

  85. maxime Chopin

    maxime Chopin

    7 dagen geleden

    3:53 Welcome

  86. Kayrayok AKA Master Yoda

    Kayrayok AKA Master Yoda

    7 dagen geleden

    On that day humanity received a grim reminder,

  87. Makoto Yuki

    Makoto Yuki

    7 dagen geleden

    Smol = dingus Big = chungus

  88. KaynStoopid


    7 dagen geleden


  89. Tony Tana

    Tony Tana

    8 dagen geleden

    Bruh, how am I just finding this channel? Lmao. Man 20 secs into the first vid I watched, I though ok, this guy is kind of annoying, but man was I wrong. This guy is fucking hilarious, I mean like I couldn’t breathe half the video, the man has zingers.

  90. Ravalo


    8 dagen geleden

    Mojo's K/D ratio went from 0 to 1.0 real quick

  91. HYPERS


    8 dagen geleden

    FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER

  92. XxChillyxX


    8 dagen geleden


  93. hags2k


    8 dagen geleden

    The Mojo is awesome but can we get this man a higher powered amp for blowing up headphones? the Schiit Magni puts out 3000 mW compared to the 400 mW of the Mojo I think - I really would love to see what it could do to a pair of dirty buds.

  94. Roman


    8 dagen geleden

    m e g a n u g

  95. Jackson Gartner

    Jackson Gartner

    8 dagen geleden

    I disliked

  96. Big No

    Big No

    8 dagen geleden

    Like this to give congrats to the mojo for its first confirmed kill

  97. Sherbert 8

    Sherbert 8

    8 dagen geleden

    funniest guy ever

  98. Ayiden Lightsky

    Ayiden Lightsky

    8 dagen geleden

    Would love to see you mod this and make it better lol

  99. Ff Ednh

    Ff Ednh

    8 dagen geleden

    I have saved "The power these PKCELLs bring... oh mate, the kids will just explode" to my phone to watch when I want something to laugh at, that it bloody brilliant

  100. Notsocreative Productions

    Notsocreative Productions

    8 dagen geleden

    Hey can I have some music? Only one MP3 *pulls out comically large iPod*