How Facebook is Stealing Billions of Views

Facebook just announced 8 billion video views per day. This number is made out of lies, cheating and worst of all: theft. All of this is wildly known but the media giant Facebook is pretending everything is fine, while damaging independent creators in the process. How does this work?
Hank Greens Article:
Video by Smartereveryday:
Video about NLcameras content ID by YMS:

media. 2015/08/27/an-update-on-video-management-on-facebook/

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    I don't like facebook

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    DONT STEAL THIS!!! >:(

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    facebook shud do somethin about dis

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    bruhh, that's not nice

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    What if you just post the video on Facebook yourself and get the views with the link to the channel?

    • InfernoGaming_YT


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      @Cheks_76 oh I thought they stole the post from another social media site. Ty for explaining

    • Cheks_76


      3 uur geleden

      They did, yet their own video still gets stolen. They even show an example at 1:21 to 1:31

  7. Pixel Punk

    Pixel Punk

    2 dagen geleden

    I wonder if this got better or worse over the past 6 years.

  8. Simon Johnston

    Simon Johnston

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    I’m glad this has come back around on the algorithm! Facebook needs the boot

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    love your vid so much you some of the best in the word

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    And again I'm glad that I don't have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or TikTok

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    Hey has anyone seen a video on Facebook that's called: My NLcameras Video Intro

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      Because its from my youtube channel

  14. soham tripathi

    soham tripathi

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    Imagine like someone on Facebook posts this as why Facebook sucks and never use Facebook again

  15. Vitamin D

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    It happens here two. Daily dose is a prime example. Bruh

  16. Mohammad Seraj Uddin

    Mohammad Seraj Uddin

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    1:33 FACE REAVEAL!!!

  17. Reiner Braun

    Reiner Braun

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    I only use Facebook for my messenger, other than that I don't browse or even scroll. Facebook is a really greedy and unethical company.

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    Hate those

  19. Ananth Swaminathan

    Ananth Swaminathan

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    Well the only way to stop Facebook is to bankrupt it, and no billion dollar company is going to stop. If you had stolen an automatic money printer, and no one could take it from you, but they don’t want you to use it, would you give up on it?

  20. Zortrax the Protogen

    Zortrax the Protogen

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    solution: steal your own content

  21. Cam Chau Nguyen

    Cam Chau Nguyen

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    The more we reach the end of the video, the faster the voice actor speaks and madder he sounds

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    Behold Mr Facebook man 🦎

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    fuck facebook and suckervergas

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    This is why I hate Facebook

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    this is why I pretty much only watch videos on youtube unless its specifically from the creator's page on fb

  27. RosiYY


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    3k dislikes from Facebook investors lmao

  28. Cristian Cojocaru

    Cristian Cojocaru

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    cant we just cancel facebook?

  29. Mark Alexander Svara

    Mark Alexander Svara

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    This is my favourite channel on NLcameras ♥️

  30. John Smith

    John Smith

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    Did you know, your Data is WORTH more than $5648

  31. straighterrecord


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    I left facebook as it always blocks my comments reply to the extremist . They don't delete their comments. That's the reason , I left Facebook. F you facebook



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    2.8K dislikes from the employees of Facebook 😂

  33. Grant Yamamoto

    Grant Yamamoto

    9 dagen geleden

    YOU SUCK FACEBOOK you dirty video thieves. If anyone find out they are stealing THESE videos, just either post a link to the original video (already said in this video) or if your a youtuber, make lame videos that no one would want to use. Then every once in a while, make a great video again. Because the more lame videos there are here, the less and less Facebook would want to copy on their web sight. If they do, they would be seen as lame, unless, and unreliable (overtime).

  34. GeT_ RiGhT

    GeT_ RiGhT

    9 dagen geleden

    No one: Facebook low life mfs: "What's the of the movie please?"

  35. GeT_ RiGhT

    GeT_ RiGhT

    9 dagen geleden

    Nowadays, not only facebook steal vids from yt but also the most popular movies of 2019-2021 like the Avengers:Endgame, Dr Strange and etc. These mfs would take one part of the movie then they would edit it to counter the Copyright Law, what they usually put is the Else-Paris song as a background music and a phrase which is "What's the name of the Movie please?"

  36. Ankur Kumar

    Ankur Kumar

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    Hello everyone this is YoUr dAiLy DoSe oF InTeRNeT

  37. Purvi Mehta

    Purvi Mehta

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    Man I love this!

  38. Jennifer Taylor

    Jennifer Taylor

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    Fun fact, you can class action lawsuit them for copyright infringement since they made money off of your work. And since it is your work you are entitled to every last penny they made. Now, due this and Facebook will work with you or face losing it all.

  39. SneakyBlueBallz


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    5 years later. Has anything changed?

  40. MemeVerse Origin

    MemeVerse Origin

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    Me: * who has never used Facebook* Also me: Intresting...

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    great informative video as always !

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    It's been written as 275 and is called as 725😂😂

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    Imagine that ,You are watching this same video in facebook.

  44. How are you Today

    How are you Today

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    I’m glad I don’t use Facebook. They steal your information and they’ve been hacked multiple times so now others might have your information as well. Luckily Twitter is more popular than Facebook now but Twitter isn’t too good either. More people are naturally toxic there and art is stolen very easily since it’s as simple as saving the image someone posted and making a whole new post without giving a source to the creator but luckily we also live in a time where faking an artist is very difficult because usually fans of the original will get recommended the fake and new fans that only saw the fake will most likely see a bunch of comments calling out the fake also many artist sign their and some do it well that it’s far too much effort to simply block.

  45. meme man

    meme man

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    Truly disgusting

  46. Ahmad Abazaid

    Ahmad Abazaid

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    Facebook is based on stealing ..... what would you expect rather than this?

  47. How About No

    How About No

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    I can't take this video seriously, I'm too distracted by the ridiculously catchy and upbeat background music! I love it.

  48. Spoof Nox

    Spoof Nox

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    YMS is so thorough with his research even kursgesat links him as a source

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  50. MiJi's Stuff

    MiJi's Stuff

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    Don't you ever be an Animator on NLcameras without the Watermark, or else your views were stolen by Reposters

  51. Itz Valid

    Itz Valid

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    Me whatcing this in 2020

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    Now do tiktok

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    Imagine if this video get stolen with the tag please share to stop people from stealing

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    Facebook in general is just kinda evil.

  60. new song

    new song

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    bro facebook dum

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    This is why I ain’t never gettin Facebook cuz it sucks

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    How Facebook is stealing information. * recommended by Mark Zuzu 😀😀

  63. Nino Corleone

    Nino Corleone

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    Everyone should post this all over Facebook so everyone can se what’s going on, honestly I don’t think most people know about this or even thinks about this, I didn’t until I saw this video. So if any video should be shared all over Facebook it should be this one:)

  64. Nom Rana

    Nom Rana

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    now its annoying AF... the 'forced ads'.. especially when its 30secs!... it then becomes a double nightmare when it says "1 of 2 add" lmao

  65. Barry Piper

    Barry Piper

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    I see this is from 2015 but I don't think much has changed, and Facebooks video player and other web apps are absolute garbage, often locking up and crashing Chrome.

  66. Frozenking 24

    Frozenking 24

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    If one vid on yt said this : "if this get's stolen to FB, I'm gonna raid the FB company" FB would stop stealing views.

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    Facebook watching this: wait how did you know?- I mean...

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  70. DJ Mahogany And The Riches

    DJ Mahogany And The Riches

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    I hate how Facebook let this. Money isn't the most important thing.

  71. Lost Melody

    Lost Melody

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    kill facebook that's what we do

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    The dislikes are from facebook employees and facebook bots

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    Facebook=communism NLcameras=democracy..ish

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    I love your video's by the way my name is Ajax Slattery my mom's name is Lindsay Niles

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    Uhh... a copyright report is one thing... but what about a lawsuit against the guy who stole the video? Who the f'ck uses facebook anyway

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    I've been studying finance & business for over 5 years. Since a Master's degree is worthless and won't help you get a job, I just started audiovisual studies in Pro Tools and Adobe software so I can just make videos for social media - I've been coming up for video ideas for a decade now lol >Fuck normal jobs.

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    Facebook has just dank memes i watch

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    Ye, but its free commercial for the original video.

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    Facebook once stole on of my videos literal minutes after I uploaded it

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    Imajine finding this video in Facebook

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    This video is salty on a next level

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      Woah that’s a bit too political

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