3rd Life: Episode 2 - WELCOME TO SANDLAND

3rd Life: Episode 2 - WELCOME TO SANDLAND grian is back on the server building a base and having to watch helplessly as scar does his thing.


  1. JTAG Crew

    JTAG Crew

    27 minuten geleden


  2. Adam Colyer

    Adam Colyer

    Uur geleden

    This is hilarious Grian is lawful neutral and Scar is Chaotic neutral

  3. Aurelia Martin

    Aurelia Martin

    Uur geleden

    Make idk cannons and traps and actually defend the desert

  4. Maddie


    2 uur geleden

    Instead of a Bumbo it's a Brian!

  5. Andrew Booker

    Andrew Booker

    2 uur geleden

    Has Grian not created the Sand Castle?

  6. Evan


    3 uur geleden

    scar saying " i will murder them" is the best thing ever

  7. Landon Foster

    Landon Foster

    3 uur geleden


  8. Juwon Park

    Juwon Park

    4 uur geleden

    i also built that dessert tower in creative. it was kinda hard

  9. Skywalker8510


    8 uur geleden

    That blast prot really came in cluch

  10. Skywalker8510


    8 uur geleden

    The desert sandcastle

  11. Lawson the Palm tree

    Lawson the Palm tree

    10 uur geleden


  12. Ralph JAJA

    Ralph JAJA

    10 uur geleden

    i love how big b gives scar a diamond and in the next clip he gets "fishy business"

  13. h p

    h p

    11 uur geleden

    Scar is the type of person to sell cacti in a desert 🏜

  14. Kingglassrat


    12 uur geleden

    burn all the forests and go through peoples bases for wood so that way you can have ALL the wood. Npot just dark oak but ALL of it

  15. Zangetsu Gaming

    Zangetsu Gaming

    14 uur geleden

    At starting scar was like Luffy from one piece and grain was like zoro from one piece

  16. Crazy Penguin1030

    Crazy Penguin1030

    15 uur geleden

    Does this remind anyone of a certain drug monopoly or is it just me?

  17. Landon Kass

    Landon Kass

    15 uur geleden

    Impulse has scars dark oak lama

  18. 80% Logan

    80% Logan

    15 uur geleden

    You kbow a creepers coming when they cut to a random spot where they're completely silent

  19. DarkExcel


    16 uur geleden

    Pizza... Sand = yellow = cheese

  20. DarkExcel


    16 uur geleden

    Grian: how did i... Skims past BLAST PROT 2 GOLD CHESTPLATE FROM THE START

  21. Ernests09 - Fortnite

    Ernests09 - Fortnite

    18 uur geleden


  22. DaniMator


    21 uur geleden

    You should monopoly totems of undying

  23. riduan aqil

    riduan aqil

    Dag geleden

    I really like it when Grian does side series.. im really enjoying this

  24. Woomy 1572

    Woomy 1572

    Dag geleden

    11:30 I don’t think I’ve ever heard you laugh that hard before! 😆

  25. Elisha Nobles

    Elisha Nobles

    Dag geleden

    Tower of the sand

  26. Eddie Petrow

    Eddie Petrow

    Dag geleden

    Here's a tip use r for f5 so it's easier to acssess

  27. Illuminati Guy

    Illuminati Guy

    Dag geleden

    This time lapse music is the same as neilogical's intro

  28. Johnathan Mrquiver

    Johnathan Mrquiver

    Dag geleden

    Pineapple is the code works for the kindergarten cop sequel

  29. HexaHFX


    Dag geleden

    15:58 scar slowly approaching bigb whilst advertising is the most menacing thing i've seen today

  30. Evan Smith

    Evan Smith

    Dag geleden

    This is like breaking bad tell me that I'm wrong

  31. Lil King John

    Lil King John

    Dag geleden

    Ngl I like this series a lot better than hermitcraft

  32. Jayden Davis

    Jayden Davis

    Dag geleden

    Congratulations you are the sandymen.

  33. AgentMiner


    Dag geleden

    Looking at scar's characters smiley face and hearing him say "I will murder them" followed by grian's massive laugh as he moved away from the mic is gold

  34. Elephants Are us

    Elephants Are us

    Dag geleden

    Honestly, Why haven’t most of you subscribed to Grian?

  35. Aidan Fallon

    Aidan Fallon

    Dag geleden

    No offense Grain but with this new server and the way it is you're either going to have to be 100% with scar and evil I guess you could say or you could keep being the kind Grain that we all know from Hermitcraft. And if your option two I can bet your not going to die by some silly mistake but by some tribe / faction either taking advantage or tricking you and then murdering you. You've got to activate your inner Scar. Just some things to think about 😉

  36. Kale Guy

    Kale Guy

    Dag geleden

    Scar is out for blood

  37. ThatBassBeast :

    ThatBassBeast :

    Dag geleden

    Mount doom and gloom would be a good name for it

  38. sunny_skye


    Dag geleden


  39. Cosmo Marrs

    Cosmo Marrs

    Dag geleden

    that scared the living daylights out of me

  40. amorgos


    Dag geleden

    scar could probably sell water to a fish

  41. Pineapple


    Dag geleden

    23:08 did that say Jacket Potato?

    • Jaspa Webster

      Jaspa Webster

      Dag geleden

      Because thats what they are called

  42. angel vermillion

    angel vermillion

    Dag geleden

    I think Grian and Scar have some personality swap for 3rd life. Look how Grian's trying so hard to helping everyone not to get scammed and there's Scar goofing around for people's clothes🤣

  43. Varun Joshi

    Varun Joshi

    Dag geleden

    Scar:- "apples are tasty but they're not nutritious...." Well there goes the proverb. Wonder how parents will convince kids to eat apples now

  44. CaatLord


    Dag geleden


  45. Niklas Neighbor

    Niklas Neighbor

    Dag geleden

    you really should plant landmines.

  46. squiddy


    Dag geleden

    I wish all servers were like hermitcraft

  47. The bacon Master

    The bacon Master

    Dag geleden


  48. matt blint

    matt blint

    Dag geleden

    you can get dark oak saplings from wandering traders

  49. Waiting for the Moon

    Waiting for the Moon

    Dag geleden

    My favorite part 11:29

  50. RedRhinoProductions


    Dag geleden

    21:58 Why does it say Jacket potato?

    • Jaspa Webster

      Jaspa Webster

      Dag geleden

      Because thats what its called?

  51. Tymotysh


    Dag geleden

    who do this camera then you builg house?

    • Luke Peschke

      Luke Peschke

      Dag geleden

      It's a mod no one is filming

  52. Davian Gamez

    Davian Gamez

    Dag geleden

    Grain you are so inspiring

  53. Gréta Kassai

    Gréta Kassai

    Dag geleden

    tree powers activate!

  54. Crazy Bird

    Crazy Bird

    Dag geleden

    I got a name for the deset sand-fransisko

  55. Jason Snow

    Jason Snow

    2 dagen geleden

    Scar out here starting a Ponzi scheme

  56. Evan Fennern

    Evan Fennern

    2 dagen geleden

    you held out an apple and u thought u had a shield -_-

  57. Callum Rosychuk

    Callum Rosychuk

    2 dagen geleden

    That was really funny great job

  58. Julian Juarez

    Julian Juarez

    2 dagen geleden

    Why don’t you mine that

  59. Woodland Exzile

    Woodland Exzile

    2 dagen geleden

    The self portate is how I would imagine what you look like when your Minecraft charter face plants into sand,

  60. Link_Is_Here22


    2 dagen geleden

    Nobody: Scar: but what if we had a Monopoly on Cobblestone...

  61. HRH


    2 dagen geleden

    Scar: I can give you reputation points Everyone on the server: What do you want? Scar: You soul!

  62. Alanah hi

    Alanah hi

    2 dagen geleden


  63. HexiGone


    2 dagen geleden

    Scar is greatest scammer

  64. PHAT Ben

    PHAT Ben

    2 dagen geleden


  65. Kali Guglielmo

    Kali Guglielmo

    2 dagen geleden

    "apples are delicious, but they're not nutritious" -Scar

  66. Gabriel Gibby

    Gabriel Gibby

    2 dagen geleden

    Scar has literally been scamming the pants of of all the players on the server.

  67. Nafeesa abdalgyom

    Nafeesa abdalgyom

    2 dagen geleden

    The direction this series take is like an anime scenario where the leader seem stupid and the followers think he is dumb but the leader actually wise and smart But in this series the leader is actually stupid enough to monopoly SAND

  68. Supor Speed

    Supor Speed

    2 dagen geleden

    12:20 timestamp for ME and ME ONLY WHY'D YOU EVEN LOOK AT IT? HMM?

  69. tendo satori

    tendo satori

    2 dagen geleden

    Grian see's mineshaft: I dont have to work for scar anymore

  70. Kyntak


    2 dagen geleden

    5:30 onwards is incredibly funny from Joel’s perspective 😂

  71. Darth Makroth

    Darth Makroth

    2 dagen geleden

    Scar does cool stuff why do you have to betray him

  72. nhorieleen talledo

    nhorieleen talledo

    2 dagen geleden

    You should name it Sandy's land

  73. Linus LaFond

    Linus LaFond

    2 dagen geleden

    you didn't use your sheld in the cav

  74. Mauro Vandersmissen

    Mauro Vandersmissen

    2 dagen geleden

    Iskall would be proud of that build.

  75. Maya Burt

    Maya Burt

    2 dagen geleden

    0:25 everything the light touches. Technically that is every thing because of the sun.....

  76. Gee Enn Lee

    Gee Enn Lee

    2 dagen geleden

    alternate title: how to be a scam artist

  77. Wolfogon


    2 dagen geleden

    noone: absolutely noone: not even a single soul: 19th and 20th century: 1:53

  78. Hong Kiat Beh

    Hong Kiat Beh

    2 dagen geleden

    5:38 “Grian get the bucket”. A new form of torture

  79. Mr Retroboiiis1458

    Mr Retroboiiis1458

    2 dagen geleden


  80. Mr Retroboiiis1458

    Mr Retroboiiis1458

    2 dagen geleden

    Grian can you tell your viewers to sub to my channel becuase I am a beginner, and my name is Mr Retroboiiis1458

  81. The only Robbzter

    The only Robbzter

    2 dagen geleden

    Best name for the former known as monopoly mountain... ScamLand!

  82. Rakasian


    2 dagen geleden

    That blast protection chestplate was a gift from minecraft jesus

  83. Sam


    2 dagen geleden


  84. Rachel Johnson

    Rachel Johnson

    2 dagen geleden

    I’m stuck on a mountain with a MAD MAN! -Grian 2021💕❤️💕

  85. Emil Csala

    Emil Csala

    2 dagen geleden

    Make a monopoly on mushrooms as it is renewable and a source of food and decoration

  86. Claire Stuart

    Claire Stuart

    2 dagen geleden

    "HE WANTS YOURVSHOES" "b e q u i e t"

  87. Claire Stuart

    Claire Stuart

    2 dagen geleden

    grian trying to stop etho from getting scammed like

  88. cool dude

    cool dude

    2 dagen geleden

    puts on women clothes

  89. Pool_Guy


    2 dagen geleden


  90. Lachlan Jenzen

    Lachlan Jenzen

    2 dagen geleden

    It's Bumbo Grioni!!

  91. Sarthak Sapkota

    Sarthak Sapkota

    2 dagen geleden

    you should add one more person to your army who can do Redstone

  92. Tiger Venom

    Tiger Venom

    2 dagen geleden

    Even without resources Grian nails building but me even in creative can't build a villager house

  93. Saanjjhan Sugumaran

    Saanjjhan Sugumaran

    3 dagen geleden

    Pineapple 🍍🍍🍍

  94. Two much MINECRAFT

    Two much MINECRAFT

    3 dagen geleden

    atacama desert will be good

  95. GAMER PRO 5


    3 dagen geleden

    Scar is just a walking scam bot lol

  96. Eren Yaeger

    Eren Yaeger

    3 dagen geleden

    Scar is the kind of person who Wakes up people to say when are you gonna sleep

  97. NerdyHippy


    3 dagen geleden

    Scar is playing Minecraft: Griftlands. XD

  98. Rithul Poojary

    Rithul Poojary

    3 dagen geleden

    "i will murder them" HAHAHAHAHHA

  99. Bleu Ches

    Bleu Ches

    3 dagen geleden

    Grian is a snitch

  100. Ashton Voss

    Ashton Voss

    3 dagen geleden

    Steal everyone’s dark oak saplings