Why YOU Need to Buy a V8 Motorcycle: BOSS HOSS

The owner of Boss Hoss dropped off 4 insane big block hyper cruisers! The largest of the 4 bikes pushes out 600hp! We already tested a 1992 Boss Hoss, but what differences do the brand new Boss Hoss motorcycles have? We go in depth to see what today's Boss Hoss bikes have to offer!
What is a 1992 Boss Hoss like?
Is a 2WD motorcycle with a sidecar offroad worthy?
What is the ugliest motorcycle you can buy?
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  1. Gregulate


    Uur geleden

    14:08 the van’s wheel is just gliding on the road

  2. Mr. N Money

    Mr. N Money

    6 uur geleden

    there was a black and gold boss hoss trike that drove around houston tx when i was 21 years old. that was the sweetest bike i ever seen in person. the owner was a hard biker. he lived in lake tahoe and rode all the way to Daytona Florida every year. Always stopped and spent a month or 2 in houston visiting his brother. till this day i still want one probably the only trike i would ever buy.

  3. 20000plus Rpm

    20000plus Rpm

    13 uur geleden

    To be honest, as fascinating i find these car-V8 bikes, i think their styling is stuck in the late 90‘s/ early 2000‘s. I really think they need a bit of a redesign because they are starting to actually look old as new bikes.

  4. Hans Knutson

    Hans Knutson

    13 uur geleden

    I would like to see people's gas station / parking lot reactions to the Boss Hoss

  5. Fatty Ballaty & Slug Juice

    Fatty Ballaty & Slug Juice

    14 uur geleden

    easy. throw the phone away and never go back home

  6. J Bo

    J Bo

    17 uur geleden

    Prefer the trike, you can probably give it more, more safely too 👍

  7. Caleb Brown

    Caleb Brown

    19 uur geleden

    Holy cow. I watched the gauge

  8. cliff long

    cliff long

    21 uur geleden

    After test driving a Tesla model three, the Tesla motorcycles are going to be insane! Internal combustion can’t compare! That’s coming from an old guy🧐🤣

  9. electric 20 gaming

    electric 20 gaming

    22 uur geleden


  10. Mosq Ski

    Mosq Ski

    Dag geleden

    Bigger is better eh

  11. Buckeye Nation

    Buckeye Nation

    Dag geleden

    You should get a twin turbocharged one with a 300 shot of nitrous

  12. Dominic Dubois

    Dominic Dubois

    Dag geleden

    Completely insane !!! Would love to try it :)

  13. Chris Villapas

    Chris Villapas

    Dag geleden

    People talking bout the Hayabusa, I’m getting a supercharged Boss Hoss as my first Bike. Ps; I have previous riding experience on my bicycle.

  14. Ric Powers

    Ric Powers

    Dag geleden

    Every Boss owner has a below average penis length. Its been proven in the labratory, and been peered reviewed. Dont kill the messenger.

  15. Pack Money

    Pack Money

    Dag geleden

    When your motorcycle has a nicer alternator on it then my big block Chevy it's a sad day

  16. 71donkrider


    Dag geleden

    Single handedly the ugliest motorcycle ever. I’d rather ride a Honda shadow GTFO

  17. John Mauer

    John Mauer

    Dag geleden

    Only 500 hp

  18. Jordan Melton

    Jordan Melton

    Dag geleden

    drink everytime he says Boss Hoss

  19. Maddox McCarley

    Maddox McCarley

    Dag geleden

    i have been on a trike boss hoss it loud

  20. ysgdhio


    Dag geleden

    A guy in my club had the 502. That thing was a beast!

  21. Jethro X

    Jethro X

    Dag geleden

    Bro I get your excited but I'd rather hear the bike excelerate instead of you screaming lol

  22. Something Intheway

    Something Intheway

    Dag geleden

    Put Superbike Racer on that 600hp one to get a proper 0-60

  23. GioniPoni


    Dag geleden

    On this world, there are swiss farming machines by the Brand: "Motrac" with a Chevy Engine from the 40s or a little later, manye 50s

  24. Greg Duarte

    Greg Duarte

    Dag geleden


  25. Steve


    Dag geleden

    You'll notice how the seat slopes downward towards the tank for the rider. They actually do that to accommodate the oversized nutsack of the rider willing to ride this thing full time.

  26. Jacob Matulko

    Jacob Matulko

    Dag geleden

    I don't get it why would you want a large heavy inefficient engine that is slower than a litre bike

  27. SuperSix Delta

    SuperSix Delta

    Dag geleden

    When you really sit down and think about it, it makes perfectly good sense. A V8 motorcycle ticks all of the boxes. If I could afford it, this would be my first choice. But ummm...dare I say it... Is there a Hemi version? 🙏😀

  28. XxJx3xX


    2 dagen geleden

    im surprised it doesn’t spin at 100 mph 😳

  29. milojohnson888


    2 dagen geleden

    That’s a small hoodie

  30. Robbie Engelhardt

    Robbie Engelhardt

    2 dagen geleden

    Peep the thing falling down in the background at 8:06

  31. Grizzly


    2 dagen geleden

    my favorite part was when he said "AAHHHHHHHHHH"

  32. James Vansyckle

    James Vansyckle

    2 dagen geleden

    You need to see the wizard of oz 1100 hp one

  33. jinu03


    2 dagen geleden

    Love your contents... Best of all... Word of God sharing takes the cake... Thank You... ! Appreciate it !

  34. Marco Polo

    Marco Polo

    2 dagen geleden

    Even if y would like, I don’t have the muscles for handling it.

  35. Bob Button

    Bob Button

    2 dagen geleden

    Um I'll keep my mpg of 48

  36. indytbird


    2 dagen geleden

    Huh, and to think that any Japanese literbike will eat that pile of overpriced junk for lunch.

  37. badopinionsrighthere


    2 dagen geleden

    Dare I ask, how does the goliath compare with the reigning champion, the vulcan S?

  38. dirtshower250


    2 dagen geleden

    There’s a funeral home around here that I’m 90% sure it’s a boss hoss but not entirely sure it does have a LS on it and the damn thing has a gooseneck trailer that’s connected to it that is a hearse. Now given it’s not a big trailer just big enough to fit a casket in.

  39. Chaz Richards

    Chaz Richards

    2 dagen geleden

    How much do them thangs cost

  40. jetlag4free


    2 dagen geleden

    Motolove! Love my own yamaha. Always putting up the good stuff like Delta Parole, Metallica, Alice In Chains and others when I am working on her. Moto is life

  41. The Moto Marine

    The Moto Marine

    2 dagen geleden

    What were you riding on State Rd on Wednesday afternoon?

  42. Pete Thompson

    Pete Thompson

    2 dagen geleden

    Cool man, enjoy your 55mph. Guns... But the shittest speed laws in the world. Bring it to the uk, lets go 90mph

  43. Michael Swärdh

    Michael Swärdh

    2 dagen geleden

    We can't import Boss Hoss anymore to Europe from 2016 and forward, there are no ABS brakes on them, and here in Sweden and Europe all motocycles need to have ABS brakes... Sad :(

  44. Dio Black

    Dio Black

    2 dagen geleden

    Dumbest bike ever. Could smoke this with multiple litre bikes.

  45. Jrdragster 5363

    Jrdragster 5363

    2 dagen geleden

    me *a 5"2" 110 lbs female* " I can ride whatever I want"

  46. john thonig

    john thonig

    2 dagen geleden

    Next up Toyota Tundra with a 900 Z1 engine

  47. name here

    name here

    2 dagen geleden

    Why did they design a bike to ride on the back tire, with that horsepower you want to ride on the front tire.

  48. MuddyBoy06


    2 dagen geleden

    back tire = gone

  49. William Wintemberg

    William Wintemberg

    2 dagen geleden

    I'll continue to enjoy listening and looking at these. Owning one? Well?

  50. Rhavi Marques

    Rhavi Marques

    2 dagen geleden

    I don't get the praise in horsepower, when it does 0-60 in about the same time as any 600cc trail bike.... just about the same as a 650cc cruiser.

  51. Jordan Motuk

    Jordan Motuk

    3 dagen geleden

    I would not have the self control to have one of those I would be full throttle all the time

  52. Jason Cunningham

    Jason Cunningham

    3 dagen geleden

    What they NEEDED to do was to mount the motor SIDEWAYS, machine a "compensating sprocket" where the flywheel would bolt on, and THEN connect it to a drag clutch with a six speed transmission!!! THAT would be one BAD M.F.ER!! FOR REAL!

  53. ATV riding experience

    ATV riding experience

    3 dagen geleden

    That was a practical to have passengers on?

  54. ATV riding experience

    ATV riding experience

    3 dagen geleden

    Go to eight minutes exactly and watch for 10 seconds and you’ll see a pool stick fall down in the background

  55. nellaRissa


    3 dagen geleden

    it's perfect when your "bro" is very small

  56. Jonny Bankston

    Jonny Bankston

    3 dagen geleden

    Only 500 Horses

  57. Jeff Stone

    Jeff Stone

    3 dagen geleden

    Love the Boss Hoss! If you don't mind me asking what brand motorcycle jacket are you wearing with the quilted shoulders and such? It looks sorta like what I've been looking at online but not sure....

  58. Jrom T

    Jrom T

    3 dagen geleden

    That thing idles at 60 haha

  59. Chad McIntyre

    Chad McIntyre

    3 dagen geleden

    Realy wish he showed the speed.

  60. Dick Johnson

    Dick Johnson

    3 dagen geleden

    Pure novelty type item, great in a straight line but pure rubbish in the turns.

  61. Andrew Catignani

    Andrew Catignani

    3 dagen geleden

    I would think that the trike would wheelie a lot because of the amount of power to the rear wheels

  62. TheJeanasmith


    3 dagen geleden

    Have you ever seen an NSU seasonal Max?

  63. Jomar Vasquez

    Jomar Vasquez

    3 dagen geleden

    Now it just needs a supercharger

  64. Slowguy 66

    Slowguy 66

    3 dagen geleden

    That big block sounds good



    3 dagen geleden

    What’s the retail on those? It must have traction control



    3 dagen geleden

    Awesome video

  67. Motorcycle is Life

    Motorcycle is Life

    3 dagen geleden

    Smoke sportbikes on the highway? Dude that thing looked slow af

  68. Stacey Campbell

    Stacey Campbell

    3 dagen geleden

    They were not 600 hp bikes!!!!!!

  69. Fearless Master

    Fearless Master

    3 dagen geleden


  70. Scrum Thebum2

    Scrum Thebum2

    3 dagen geleden

    Can you get the boss hoss with a manual transmission & clutch?

  71. Trente Ellis

    Trente Ellis

    3 dagen geleden

    I was laying in bed watching this video then I realized I was wearing the same sweater

  72. Jim Becker

    Jim Becker

    3 dagen geleden

    Strictly for bragging rights with excess unusable HP.

  73. Reccallo TimTom

    Reccallo TimTom

    3 dagen geleden

    So, while this is just an awesomely crazy line of bikes, and the niche of having a V8 powered motorcycle is cool, but power wise, how does the power and acceleration of the Boss Hoss compare to a GSX 1300R Huyabusa? I don't have a motorcycle license, I have a CDL-A, but I've ridden many bikes over the years and the fastest bike I've ever ridden was a Ducati 1200RR. I've been 180+ once on a crotch rocket and it scared the absolute shit out of me. I've also ridden a Ninja 900, a Honda CBR 1000, and I even owned a 2001 Harley Sportster with a fully built 1200 engine that made 118 wheel horsepower and it would lift the front tire in 2nd and sometimes in 3rd.

  74. Billy Highfill

    Billy Highfill

    3 dagen geleden

    I love how you consistently reference Jesus and always find a way to bring him into your videos. Your an inspiration and a great creator!👌💪💪

  75. FinCash 8

    FinCash 8

    3 dagen geleden

    is it bad i was more interested in the mt10 in the background

  76. Abc123


    3 dagen geleden

    9:30 mt 10 is faster😋

  77. Glay Winters

    Glay Winters

    3 dagen geleden

    h2 be like i dont think sooo

  78. Abc123


    3 dagen geleden

    6:45 same as my duke 390😂

  79. Arianna Smith

    Arianna Smith

    3 dagen geleden

    at 8:06 there is something falling try to find it.

  80. Brian Bowling

    Brian Bowling

    3 dagen geleden

    This dude is such a liar!! Isn’t this the guy that quotes bible verses??

  81. Crimson Idol

    Crimson Idol

    3 dagen geleden

    The trike actually seemed to be fast. The bikes seemed slow af. Maybe he just didnt hit it out of fear. Cool video!

  82. Kansas Fishing Outdoors

    Kansas Fishing Outdoors

    3 dagen geleden

    thats insane lol great video

  83. overbuilt automotive

    overbuilt automotive

    3 dagen geleden

    Jesus is king ,,,Bikes are nice A+++

  84. Salvatore Vaci

    Salvatore Vaci

    3 dagen geleden

    Is it an automatic?

  85. Paul Montagner

    Paul Montagner

    3 dagen geleden

    Im in Australia i brought a 2013 6.2 LS3 love the bike had it 5 years sold it due to moved into bush going to build a V8 trike

  86. donavan ott

    donavan ott

    3 dagen geleden

    Would love to have

  87. Alberto Sbrolla

    Alberto Sbrolla

    3 dagen geleden


  88. Ray Brensike

    Ray Brensike

    3 dagen geleden

    Why is it that when we accelerate like that (0 to 60) and let off the throttle, that we look down and see the speed still increasing? Is it all flywheel effect or are the speedometers slow to read actual speed?

  89. Kaizer Seloterio

    Kaizer Seloterio

    3 dagen geleden

    deym if I could just own 1 bike from your Garage id take it Cruise around my Country ! nc Video as always! keep it up

  90. Peter Grundy

    Peter Grundy

    3 dagen geleden


  91. ‘ol Codger

    ‘ol Codger

    4 dagen geleden

    I wouldn’t want to ride at Boss Hoss speeds... it would get me from point A to point B way too soon, extremely decreasing my ride time... I would feel robbed.

  92. Tooling About

    Tooling About

    4 dagen geleden

    “I just did leg day.. last week..”

  93. Braun Reinhold

    Braun Reinhold

    4 dagen geleden

    I'm an old guy number 1 and 2 where I currently live there would be no place to safely enjoy the power. So I doubt I will ever own one, even if I could afford it (which I can't LOL)

  94. Cool5380


    4 dagen geleden

    This bike is sadly just a giant brick and if it should fall on its side omg bring your 4 biggest frinds and maybe you get it up, petrolguzzler and that is the best things about that brick I hope you got well payed for this video.

  95. bitchface malone lll

    bitchface malone lll

    4 dagen geleden

    Since i started following this channel i always wondered when this would happen

  96. David Owsnett

    David Owsnett

    4 dagen geleden

    Awesome machines!!! I would love to have a ride on one and maybe even own one someday

  97. need metal

    need metal

    4 dagen geleden

    Those things have come a long way

  98. gas gas guy

    gas gas guy

    4 dagen geleden

    Love this channel nearly completed all your videos, looking forward to your latest. from the UK

  99. Ian Scott

    Ian Scott

    4 dagen geleden

    fookin FANTASTIC

  100. Ian Watson

    Ian Watson

    4 dagen geleden

    Here in the UK, its long been a fan thing to put Reliant three wheeler engines into bikes with the best I have seen an old 60's BSA cafe racer build. People would scoff but in car form the 850cc light 4 cyl could push a three wheeler into the 90's mph and hooking it into a direct shaft driven back end with some tweakerypokery on the final drive would produce some pretty insane power on two wheels. The fly in the ointment is unless you are utterly gifted in metal fabrication then suicide shifter is best you could hope for on them lol Very difficult to translate H+1 car gearstick into a foot control for bike.