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Apple Silicon M1 Mac Mini Honest Initial Impressions! IT'S FOR REAL!

I've been using the brand new M1 Mac Mini for the past few days and I've gotta say, Apple wasn't fibbing when it comes to the power on their new processor.
This computer costs less than the cost of an iPad but it does so much more!
What can it do?
Lets find out!
M1 Mac Mini
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  1. Seth Harcrow

    Seth Harcrow

    16 uur geleden

    great video, but i ordered mine and I have to wait till dec. 30th.

  2. Pete R

    Pete R

    Dag geleden

    I’m torn. I have a 2019 MacBook Pro that I bought for Uni but now with classes all moving to online from home, I’m tempted to trade it in and get one of these with a big screen.

  3. Svend Olsen

    Svend Olsen

    Dag geleden

    Just ordered a base model. 8 GB ram, 256 GB SSD. Im looking to hook up my seagate 5 TB external SSD for storage. The Mac Mini costs 6000DKK or about 1000USD in Denmark. This will be a nice upgrade from my 2012 Macboo Pro.

  4. tim d

    tim d

    4 dagen geleden

    Thank you for the video. I want to start creating “movie like” (loosely speaking) videos from videos I record and photos I take of my family etc. I am a complete novice (a couple iMovies). Do you think the Mac Mini would be a better buy than the mid grade 27” iMac? thanks for your help and experience. I want to create really nice video with effects.

  5. longroad


    4 dagen geleden

    Now that the honeymoon's assumably over, i'd like to know if you faced any bluetooth connectivity issue with M1 Mac Mini. Most of the users started to report such it seems...

  6. Paul Busby

    Paul Busby

    5 dagen geleden

    I've had my 512GB/8GB Mac Mini of over a week now & I do have a serious issue with it; the colour! It's a bit like building the iPhone 12 into a tobacco tin then Apple saying you definitely know it's an iphone 12 rather than a previous model! Why do i care about it not being space grey? Because it replaces my 2014 model (also silver) with a HDD which is part of my stereo system that is black! I'm not exactly stressing it playing Music & Audirvana into a DAC whist browsing on my TV. It boots in 10" rather than 100"! If i was i Intel (or AMD), i'd be worried. Not so good if you also want to also run Windows straight out of the box though.

  7. Lord Zero

    Lord Zero

    5 dagen geleden

    I have the New Mac Mine, My Man, its Awesome!! i love it!!!!!

  8. Alfred Knödler

    Alfred Knödler

    7 dagen geleden

    Hey Daddy, you always safe my day! Which Samsung monitor you use? Which 34" you recommend?

  9. Robert Woeger

    Robert Woeger

    7 dagen geleden

    Since the new M1 Mac enabled Blackmagic Disk Speed Test just came out today, it reveals much higher disk speed benchmarks on M1 Macs than the previous Disk Speed Test running under Rosetta 2. My M1 Mac Mini with 1TB SSD drive and 16GB RAM now has a write speed of 3200 MB/sec, whereas my stock M1 Mac Mini with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD drive only gets a much lower write speed of 2100 MB/sec. Both the 1TB and 256GB drives get an average read speed of about 2800 MB/sec. I had seen many reviewers saying the SSD size did not change the SSD disk speed, but now that we have the latest updated M1 Mac native Disk Speed Test, that turns out to be false. The larger the SSD disk size the faster the write speed on the M1 Mac Mini (not sure if this is the case on the new M1 Macbook Air or Macbook Pro as I do not have these).

  10. Saintraft


    7 dagen geleden

    now I'm thinking what if apple decided to also research and develop it's own screens back in the day...

  11. Charlieboy Gaming

    Charlieboy Gaming

    9 dagen geleden

    I'm regretting getting a pc and Samsung device ever apple is just making me want to switch

  12. Rickysreviews


    10 dagen geleden

    Anybody trying to help a tech NLcamerasr just starting out 🥺

  13. علم


    10 dagen geleden

    I waited this for a long time thx😔❤️

  14. Greg Doerr

    Greg Doerr

    11 dagen geleden

    The Mac Mini has been my main computer since 2005. I am so excited about getting a new one. Unbelievable, how fast its grown up and what they've done to it!!

  15. Pedro Alves

    Pedro Alves

    11 dagen geleden

    My Mac mini 2012 .. still works fine for my needs !

  16. Jesse Waldack

    Jesse Waldack

    11 dagen geleden

    Not a fan of not being able to upgrade components at the prices available vs. the price Apple charges for this, but I'll likely still be getting one early next year. I'm needing more than 250 GB of storage so will be paying for that upgrade and will be living with the 8 GB RAM.

  17. VALENTINEproductions


    11 dagen geleden

    I need some tips. I seriously still edit video on a MacBook Pro 2006. I know. Spec stuff gives me anxiety. I want to get something new but don’t know what to look for. Suggestions please?!?! The Mac mini sounds so good but I’d still have to buy a monitor and keyboard etc.

  18. Martin Steimann

    Martin Steimann

    11 dagen geleden

    Thanks for the video. You've mentioned GH5 footage. Can you please confirm 10bit 4:2:2 H264 .mov files (not the H265 10 bit 4:2:0 ones) play back smoothly on the M1 Mini? On my 16" MacBook Pro playback starts stuttering as soon as I add filters (i.e. Mojo 2 from Red Giant Software or even minor color corrections like adding LUTs etc).

    • Yogendra Singh

      Yogendra Singh

      5 dagen geleden

      Superb Audio Quality 👍

  19. Danny Mao

    Danny Mao

    12 dagen geleden

    I like ur voice daddy

  20. Jeong-hun Sin

    Jeong-hun Sin

    12 dagen geleden

    I pledge allegiance to Mac Mini. One machine, unrepairable, under God, FOR REAL!

  21. Mahesh Kariya

    Mahesh Kariya

    12 dagen geleden


  22. Jason Lessard

    Jason Lessard

    12 dagen geleden

    We have used iMac for many years as a home computer. However we fine the need for a desktop being less and less as we use our iPads. However once in a while it is nice to sit down to a real keyboard and large screen when real work needs to be done. I had planned to buy a MacBook, so I can put it away when not in use. But, what are your thoughts on a Mac Mini run through the TV, with wireless keyboard and mouse? My motivation is to get rid of the bulky desk that’s sole purpose it to hold the iMac that get used for half hour every other month or so.

  23. Lamar MK - Tech Videos and More

    Lamar MK - Tech Videos and More

    12 dagen geleden

    The performance of the M1 Mac Mini is Amazing! I went with the base model and replaced my iMac setup. 👍

    • Lamar MK - Tech Videos and More

      Lamar MK - Tech Videos and More

      15 uur geleden

      @Brad Whitehead Yeah it’s a great machine. I’ve posted a video that seems to fix the Bluetooth and WiFi Issues and others have also confirmed it working. 👍

    • Brad Whitehead

      Brad Whitehead

      16 uur geleden

      @Lamar MK - Tech Videos and More that’s my reason as well, just waiting on my MacBook trade in money to come and getting the mini. Hope problems are fixed

    • Lamar MK - Tech Videos and More

      Lamar MK - Tech Videos and More

      18 uur geleden

      @Brad Whitehead I didn't want a laptop, and I've never owned a Mac Mini before.

    • Brad Whitehead

      Brad Whitehead

      22 uur geleden

      What made you choose the mini vs the new air?

  24. Peter Emery

    Peter Emery

    13 dagen geleden

    The M1 SoC cannot manage more than 16 GB of unified memory and two Thunderbolt ports. It is an entry-level machine.

  25. 69carsnguitars


    13 dagen geleden

    Great video!!! A little off subject but what is that keyboard you are using?

  26. RE4PER


    13 dagen geleden

    16GB of ram and 256gb of storage or 8GB of ram and 512gb of storage?

  27. Raoul Emmanuel Xavier Resurreccion

    Raoul Emmanuel Xavier Resurreccion

    13 dagen geleden

    Great Video as always. Can you make a video comparison between the M1 Mac Mini & the 2020 27 inch iMac. Thanks.

  28. johnm2012


    13 dagen geleden

    My only complaint is the ridiculously overpriced SSD.

  29. Lincon Yudi

    Lincon Yudi

    13 dagen geleden

    It took a couple of videos for me to subscribe to your channel, but man you deserve it! Ty for these contents made with so much care! 👍 Keep up the good work, and I'll keep the thumbs up 😄

  30. krosser2123


    13 dagen geleden

    It's like with budget phones these days - no need to buy expensive ones...

  31. Jeremy Jo

    Jeremy Jo

    13 dagen geleden

    “And there’s more!” If you call in the next 10 minutes, we’ll take off one payment of $49.95.

  32. Dylan Williams

    Dylan Williams

    13 dagen geleden

    Coming from a late 2016 MBP that was maxed out (and almost 3k) and overheating and just straight up crashing, I was worried about still only having 16GB of memory. But seeing your review and praise for the base model makes me really excited. Mine isn't coming until end of next month, but by then I think most bugs will be dealt with. It will be insane when they figure out how to add more memory (I wonder if they'll just run multiple M1s in parallel for pro models) and a silent cooling solution that allows them to really overclock (it would be cool to see someone miniaturize a liquid cooling system for mobile applications, but we're probably still a long way off from that). All conjecture on my part of course

  33. Lexpenna S

    Lexpenna S

    13 dagen geleden

    I am impressed with your video. congratulations. But it takes a doubt: the difference in price from 16gb to 8gb is worth it?

  34. David John

    David John

    14 dagen geleden

    Wasn’t even aware of this before seeing this video. Certainly giving me info for consideration for my next upgrade from my laptop. With a potable monitor could be my best option for travel convenience, & complimentary to my iPad Pro 12.9 & iPhone XR ...for next few couple years. Put it on my bucket list for next purchase in early 2021. 👍🏽

  35. andrás lippai

    andrás lippai

    14 dagen geleden

    and its spy on you!



    14 dagen geleden

    also can it work for after effects?



    14 dagen geleden

    Hi can it display color wheels while color grading since it doesnt have gpu

  38. Sandhya Singh

    Sandhya Singh

    14 dagen geleden

    click.. click.. click.. click.. click.. click.. click. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

  39. Ashy Flores

    Ashy Flores

    14 dagen geleden

    Your joy and excitement is so contiagious. Can't wait to have mine.

  40. Jason Teh

    Jason Teh

    14 dagen geleden

    Would like to see comparisons between the 8GB and 16GB RAM models with video editing to determine if worth paying for the RAM upgrade

  41. Dam Son

    Dam Son

    14 dagen geleden

    It's for real consumers. consume, replace. consume, replace. consume, replace. Pure corporate shilling. You get that machine for free or you expecting a cheque in the mail from cupertino? When you buy an M1 machine you're not actually buying it, you're paying Apple to loan it, the moment they don't want to support it anymore they'll brick it "accidentally" like they just did to people's 2013 and 2014 macbook pros with the big sur firmware update.

  42. Kenzwa


    14 dagen geleden

    The question is... to get 8gb or 16gb ram, comments down below.

  43. Cornholio the Third

    Cornholio the Third

    14 dagen geleden

    Can someone tell me please if I can plug standard windows mouse/keyboard? I've got 144Hz display...would it run at 144Hz (FullHD)

  44. AmantaSoltare


    14 dagen geleden

    Would you recommend the M1 for just using PS?? At its 8GB. Thats all I mainly use (pscs5 specifically) on my 2013 dell. And I've been wanting a new system.

  45. Justin's Cinema

    Justin's Cinema

    14 dagen geleden


  46. Justin's Cinema

    Justin's Cinema

    14 dagen geleden

  47. j s

    j s

    14 dagen geleden

    If this was $699 with memory expansion slots, I would 100% buy one. Unfortunately you have to spec the machine out for 16GB from the store/factory.. And a 16GB "limit" lacks future proof capability IMO. I wouldn't mind the soldered ram if you could buy 32/64GB from apple itself, but the M1 is currently limited to 16GB max.. and a $200 upgrade at that for a mere 8GB more ram. I have an older dual core late 2012 mac mini (came with 4GB) that gets used as a media machine for my family currently and chrome hammers the 16GB upgrade I made 5-6 years back. (Machine allocates 1.5gb ram to Video, technically 14.5GB) I know the M1 is more optimized and likely uses ram more efficiently, but I just cant trust it for any productivity. I currently run a 12 core Ryzen with 32GB of ram as my main machine.

  48. Ratchet Steam

    Ratchet Steam

    14 dagen geleden

    The Max RAM and Storage upgrade cost alone almost the same price to buy another basic M1 Mac mini.

  49. Nick Kingdom

    Nick Kingdom

    14 dagen geleden

    I've got alate 2014 Mac mini, It's great little machine. Welcome to the party!

  50. K P

    K P

    14 dagen geleden

    Preorders went up for this on the 14th day I'd had my Intel Mac Mini. I've never wiped a computer and driven to an Apple store (to return it) so fast in my life.

  51. Matt


    15 dagen geleden

    You know what feels good? Buying a Mac mini last year, and feeling the heat radiate off of it under the desk.

  52. Afthab Mohammed

    Afthab Mohammed

    15 dagen geleden

    Who thinks this product is so cheap...comment down bellow...... well, for me, the product is super cheap and I wouldn’t even bother if it costed more than $ 2.5K..... but am surprised to see they are making the product more affordable........ I haven’t bought anything from Apple for a long time coz my parents think the Apple products are to expensive even though when they had bought me a the MacBook Pro 13 for school work coz at that time I didn’t had anything for school work except my iPhone 8 and Samsung tab S5e.......

  53. Karga


    15 dagen geleden

    the best surveillance computer for sure. Welcome to the dystopia we were promised.

  54. ThaDoeMaHar_Gaming


    15 dagen geleden

    You just make sure of my decision to buy this small BEAST....

  55. teecee90


    15 dagen geleden

    No mention of the fact that it can’t run Windows boot camp? I’d say that’s a pretty major flaw and a total deal breaker for me.

    • French.


      11 dagen geleden

      Not a db for me

  56. Radoslav Liptak

    Radoslav Liptak

    15 dagen geleden

    If somebody is happy about buying dongle I am our of here. This is not a review it is just bs.

  57. real4everh


    15 dagen geleden

    my Noob question is Can i run windows apps on this machine

    • Dam Son

      Dam Son

      14 dagen geleden


  58. paulbeckmann


    15 dagen geleden

    Great review!

  59. Chari Wilder

    Chari Wilder

    15 dagen geleden

    So, Bear with me. Do you just plug in a screen and your good to go? I'm switching over from a home built PC. Haven't used a Mac since 1998.

    • ZYCIE W USA TV by Gosia

      ZYCIE W USA TV by Gosia

      15 dagen geleden

      or even tv thru hdmi or you can get adapter and connect with old type lcd screen

  60. Faith 8bit

    Faith 8bit

    15 dagen geleden

    So Excited getting soon

  61. konkakonkadudu


    15 dagen geleden

    I wonder if the M2 will offer 10 gigabit Ethernet. That is a feature sorely missed on M1.

  62. Bob Witimer

    Bob Witimer

    15 dagen geleden

    What samsung monitor is that?

  63. Grayish Man

    Grayish Man

    15 dagen geleden

    Sadly, it is killer hardware let down by terrible software. Mine just went back on an RMA today for a refund. Fatal flaw in Migration Assistant if you go from a non-Big Sur compatible Intel Mac to an M1. Never can login after and if you try to factory reset it bricks. 6 hours and three levels of support later it is a known issue with no fix. If you are getting one as a new system then you'll be fine, most likely, but if you must migrate you're likely screwed. Arrived the night of the 17th, went back tonight, the 19th. I'll re-evaluate in 6 months or so when early adopters have shaken out the bugs.

  64. DeltaDooby D

    DeltaDooby D

    15 dagen geleden

    People who run tons of VM: Dang, only 8 cores that behave like 6 cores? Also, 16GB RAM?

  65. eric s

    eric s

    15 dagen geleden

    Hi, how many screens can the mac mini support?

  66. Mikes Tech Rescue

    Mikes Tech Rescue

    15 dagen geleden

    I really want one of these and will grab one after xmas. Then I'll sell my Macbook Pro. My only real issue is the lack of a SD card but like you said, I can get a 'dongle'. I only use my mabcook pro for FCPX. and it's hooked up to a 27" screen with a external 4TB hard drive too.

  67. M4H33


    15 dagen geleden

    Got a question-Do you have to use the specific Apple keyboard & mouse or can you use other keyboards/mouses?

  68. Peacemaker Prime

    Peacemaker Prime

    15 dagen geleden

    Loving your Apple reviews, keep up the great work.

  69. Ak Ton

    Ak Ton

    15 dagen geleden

    Make a video Mac mini monitors from budget to premium

  70. Will Malibu

    Will Malibu

    15 dagen geleden


  71. Ben Hobbs

    Ben Hobbs

    15 dagen geleden

    Great video. Wow I hate that fcp new icon

  72. The Daily Paddle

    The Daily Paddle

    15 dagen geleden

    I'm a massive fan of the mini. Got a 2015 unit that's just been incredible, and has been my go to device for years. M1 upgrade coming soon and couldn't be more excited :)

  73. Tom Mendenhall

    Tom Mendenhall

    15 dagen geleden

    Thanks to Microsoft and Intel we have been stuck with X86 for almost 5 decades. I'm glad RISC is making a comeback. The future looks good for ARM. The chip foundries say they can go down to 2 nm in the near future so I'm expecting A(RM)PPLE SOC with 64 GB memory, increased GPU and NE cores. Intel stuck at 10 nm killed them. AMD and NVIDIA have a chance if they go full ARM SOC and Microsoft Windows/Linux ARM is optimized. There is no reason that a HDTV can not have a full blown internal MacOS or Windows.

  74. Isaiah Haveman

    Isaiah Haveman

    15 dagen geleden

    They will really start making money if they can get the gpu performance on par with other pcs at the same price

  75. Chris Nash

    Chris Nash

    15 dagen geleden

    Thank you

  76. Ronald Paek

    Ronald Paek

    15 dagen geleden

    Does anyone know if m1’s stays quiet during zoom calls??

    • ZYCIE W USA TV by Gosia

      ZYCIE W USA TV by Gosia

      15 dagen geleden

      @beans daniel and will it get how many frame rates in the stream ?

    • beans daniel

      beans daniel

      15 dagen geleden

      dead quiet, the sound is only from fans so the macbook air will be completely silent, and both the macbook pro and the mac mini do very well at hiding noise even when under full load

  77. knightone57


    15 dagen geleden

    So if I want to use outside apps like Thunderbird,Handbrake,Makemkv,or Plex Server I would need to use the Windows version or the Mac version?

  78. jbarres80


    15 dagen geleden

    Now I’m set I was going between iPad Pro and air M1 But now I can grab mini and iPad Pro 11 and be around same price good job Apple

  79. J H

    J H

    15 dagen geleden

    Hi. Great review. Thanks for putting it out there. I'm tempted to get just the 512 base model now. The only thing I'm wondering about is how does editing off an external SSD disk work? This would be the normal workflow for me (and most other editors). Does performance take a hit? I'm mainly working in 4K, 6K and 8K. (Note: I'm not an editor, but a DoP and I would love a cheap solution to check my material before handing it off). Best Regards Joachim

  80. Martin Sotirov

    Martin Sotirov

    16 dagen geleden

    9:50 it's all about thermal performance AND fan noise, especially if you're into music production. That's the single reason I'm disappointed with my 16" MBP, the fans are way too loud when connected to an external monitor.

  81. Manuel Mütze

    Manuel Mütze

    16 dagen geleden

    are 16gb ram needed??? im doing a lot of rendering and processing of code. im sitting here since days and cant decide

  82. Lil sweetie

    Lil sweetie

    16 dagen geleden

    How is this for music productions

  83. John Kang

    John Kang

    16 dagen geleden

    OMG I admin I hate Apple product before because underpower Mac computer but damn this time Apple really nailed it this time for their Mac.

  84. Oliver White

    Oliver White

    16 dagen geleden

    You kind of sound like a salesman on an infomercial but good video nonetheless.

    • Dam Son

      Dam Son

      14 dagen geleden

      I bet his cheque from cupertino is already in the mail. Either that or they gave him the unit for free, lol.

  85. Razvan Mihaeanu

    Razvan Mihaeanu

    16 dagen geleden

    700 bucks for a 3.2 GHz chip mini-computer with 8/16 GB of RAM and 256/500 GB of SSD?...yep...that's more like it. Finally, Apple brings top-quality to "mini" phones and computers!

  86. Kaung Hein San

    Kaung Hein San

    16 dagen geleden

    This is a efficiency forward chip in terms of Apple. Can’t wait to see the next gen of this chip.

  87. Susan Beauchamp

    Susan Beauchamp

    16 dagen geleden

    What version of the Mini did you personally order?

  88. Star Wars Rumors

    Star Wars Rumors

    16 dagen geleden

    I like the Mac Mini, but I like your shirt even more. Where did you get it from?

  89. Prashant Surti

    Prashant Surti

    16 dagen geleden

    Helllo devs it cannot run android studio wasted a lot ofmy money

  90. Charbax


    16 dagen geleden

    Consider that this box is probably quite empty inside, they can fit something like the M1 into something small like a Chromecast HDMI Stick. The manufacturing price of an M1 chip can be around $30 or less without the memory. Competitors should be bringing out Arm powered Chromeboxes, Arm Linux and Arm Windows 10 at $99 and those could have just as fast video encode/decode productivity acceleration, this is what I've been saying for a decade and a half. Good thing Apple finally realizes 95% of their profits from these past 2 decades comes from their Arm powered devices, not from x86.



    16 dagen geleden

    because i really do need after effects / Cinema 4d (3d program) i can't just the ship yet but i can damn well say that i am super excited for this and maybe the next 16in / imacs.

  92. Juan Carlos Guzman

    Juan Carlos Guzman

    16 dagen geleden

    Great review! Did you test photoshop and LrC performance?

  93. cebuanostud


    16 dagen geleden

    I was gonna built a pc for around 700 bucks 'til I learned Mini's performance- swayed me otherwise. The mac is back lol

  94. fafp44


    16 dagen geleden

    I can’t lie, I hate how you pronounce siliCON...🤣🤣🤣...love the vids though

    • Skip741 x

      Skip741 x

      15 dagen geleden

      everyone say siliKIN makes me laugh

  95. dimitrimoonlight


    16 dagen geleden

    Are you sure that iOS Apps works with no problems?! If it's true how is speed compare to iPad pro?

  96. Joshua Larson

    Joshua Larson

    16 dagen geleden

    The value for the Air & MBP is better than a Ryzen laptop, so yes I agree this is one of the best value devices ever made. But the value is not insanely better, if you compare these with Ryzen instead. It's just that this highlights the extent to which we've all been tricked by Intel for the last 5+ years. 15% or better year-on-year growth should be NORMAL, but somehow we got tricked into thinking a 9th-gen H being actually the SAME performance than its comparable 8th-gen H is ok. And in a couple specific cases (9880H and 9750H in a couple laptops), performance actually got worse! Ryzen was the first to come along and snap us out of it. I'm so glad Apple is there to smack the other sides of our faces. We should be fully sober now.

  97. Ange


    16 dagen geleden

    what config do u recommend? (i want to produnce music)

  98. kanyaugatiejagwo


    16 dagen geleden

    Shameful! The heifers at apple found it prudent to ship a desktop computer with 2 thunderbolt ports and 2 usb ports? because of an M1 chip? Where is the A8X chipset today? In 2026, the M1 chipset will be useless as the A8X chipset is in 2020

  99. Willie Revilla

    Willie Revilla

    16 dagen geleden


  100. Michael Koster

    Michael Koster

    16 dagen geleden

    I need to replace my iMac. If I go with the mini, what displays do you recommend? Does it come with keyboard and mouse?