Watch Dogs: Legion Review

Watch Dogs: Legion reviewed on PC by Dan Stapleton. Also available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Stadia.
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  1. Cansu Karagoz

    Cansu Karagoz

    9 uur geleden

    V for vendetta

  2. EasyRider912


    18 uur geleden

    Not a bad game but very repetitive...

  3. Yaqin


    Dag geleden

    This game is boring, ngl. It's so bland, it's so.....Ubisoft.

  4. Aaron Miller

    Aaron Miller

    Dag geleden

    Too bad Moist Jesus killed the franchise eat that IGN

  5. Adam


    Dag geleden

    People still watch this channel?

  6. Wamuu Atzec God

    Wamuu Atzec God

    Dag geleden

    Shame that Charlie ruined this franchise forever...

    • Wamuu Atzec God

      Wamuu Atzec God

      Dag geleden

      @Brad-_-Lee :'(

    • Brad-_-Lee


      Dag geleden

      Yeah what a shame it looks boring

  7. CD AMVS


    Dag geleden

    Whose here after Charlie single handedly ruined the entire franchise?

  8. Austin Amend

    Austin Amend

    Dag geleden

    Why did I come here and expect a real review....

    • Blob


      8 uur geleden


  9. CJ


    Dag geleden

    IGN always give an 8/10, it’s written in the bible

  10. supa hot fire!

    supa hot fire!

    Dag geleden


  11. Vipex -SanAndreas

    Vipex -SanAndreas

    2 dagen geleden

    This game should be 10.00

  12. Barbatei Lucian Alex

    Barbatei Lucian Alex

    2 dagen geleden

    Watch angryjoe review for this game because this game doesn't deserve even the half price at the state that it is.

  13. Raphael Granger

    Raphael Granger

    2 dagen geleden

    You can't get an objective review from ign or gamespot anymore for big studio titles. 8/10 is very generous for such monotonous and boring gameplay. Hard pass

  14. J Arc

    J Arc

    3 dagen geleden

    Get the ubisoft connect membership for $15, download WD Legion ( comes deluxe as standard membership ), finish it within a month and cancel your membership. Boom, done for $15 cause the game ain’t worth more than it.

  15. Sho Nuff

    Sho Nuff

    3 dagen geleden

    I bought it. For 45€/$ on Black Friday. It is the latest game i buy this generation, so why not one like WD3? It is probably a showcase for what is technically possible at the end of a consolegeneration. Especially one with cars like GTA and set in Londen. But apart from being a game to say the previous generation of consoles farewell with, with a new coat of paint, it's also a new begin for the next generation to start with. Cyberpunk 2077 has to wait, even though it gets it next gen-update as well... I want to experience that game in next gen and next gen only. But in the meantime, hope this game doesnt dissapoint me.

  16. Commissar HF

    Commissar HF

    3 dagen geleden

    Does anyone know the name of the music played at the beginning of the video. Because i want to listen it for myself

  17. sardonic sisyphus

    sardonic sisyphus

    4 dagen geleden

    messiah...not a new concept ..that game is over 20 years old

  18. Narcoleptic AFK

    Narcoleptic AFK

    5 dagen geleden

    Nobody: IGN: “The Dark Souls of GTA genre - 8/10”

  19. Galactic StarScout

    Galactic StarScout

    5 dagen geleden

    I really enjoy this game, but It won't save my progress. I play on xbox series x and when I tried to quit to title the game crashed, forcing me to quit through the home screen which has happened twice now. I've lost around 4 hours of progress and was wondering if there was a fix for this?

  20. Keenen E.

    Keenen E.

    5 dagen geleden

    Watch dogs 1 will always be the best

  21. gmfitzg


    6 dagen geleden

    had no idea this was even released up until i saw it on sale for Black Friday lol

  22. Justins Music and fitness

    Justins Music and fitness

    6 dagen geleden

    So is it worth 30 dollars

    • Knox Cup Series

      Knox Cup Series

      6 dagen geleden

      Imo 30 yes but 60 no. I just got it on sale

  23. Hector Ramos

    Hector Ramos

    7 dagen geleden

    Can I play as snake?

    • Prince Of Persia

      Prince Of Persia

      6 dagen geleden

      You can also play as a double standard hypocrite

  24. Anthony A

    Anthony A

    7 dagen geleden

    It’s on sale for ps5 for $30 lol. I’m gonna give this a try

    • Theo Trevino

      Theo Trevino

      6 dagen geleden

      Same just bought it yesterday. I loved the the watchdogs games

  25. Richard bunt

    Richard bunt

    8 dagen geleden

    Game is better than GTA .MUTCH BETTER

  26. David Ilaoa

    David Ilaoa

    8 dagen geleden

    The way this dude talks makes me think he's right at home in a dungeons and dragons filled basement.

  27. Dan Pellegrino

    Dan Pellegrino

    8 dagen geleden

    So whats the point? You collect people or something? This looks terrible.

  28. Boots on the Ground UK

    Boots on the Ground UK

    8 dagen geleden

    4k res reviews or go home.

  29. Tom


    8 dagen geleden

    Bought on release for PC and played like 3 times. It's not an 8, more like a 6 at best. Back to Doom Eternal!

  30. Nemesis encounter

    Nemesis encounter

    8 dagen geleden

    The best ubisoft game in years

  31. sergio urtuzuastegui

    sergio urtuzuastegui

    8 dagen geleden

    first watch dogs was boring

  32. Dado Doda

    Dado Doda

    9 dagen geleden

    Scuse my language; but the f.... is this? Uncreative gameplay and storyline 😩 Only first watch dogs had somewhat interesting story

  33. UrbansFTW


    9 dagen geleden

    8/10??? Lol.. Joke review

  34. Mr. Charreu

    Mr. Charreu

    9 dagen geleden

    A 8??? This is a 7 Max

  35. Mr fishy Boi

    Mr fishy Boi

    9 dagen geleden

    just put this on steam

  36. lit_skittles


    9 dagen geleden

    People who had watchdogs and watchdogs 2 ➡️

  37. Youtube - censor yourself

    Youtube - censor yourself

    10 dagen geleden

    Looks bland and generic. I somehow feel like I've already played it

  38. Honest Abe

    Honest Abe

    10 dagen geleden

    Bull 💩🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. TheSpeakerIII


    10 dagen geleden

    Fking brilliant game just finished now, while it is missing a main protagonist, the dialogue fits so well with whatever character you are using. Also it's more closer to WD1 than 2 in that this game takes itself much more seriously and I think that's what makes this game so interesting.

  40. LittleJur


    10 dagen geleden

    Why don't they mention this game is actually a horror game? These surprised aren't nice when you're recording a video! I hate horror

  41. Siobhan Garvey

    Siobhan Garvey

    10 dagen geleden

    I generally hate games that have you play multiple characters, so it will take some convincing to get me to want to play this. Even GTA V is a pain swapping from one character and story arc to another. Maybe I'm just getting old and set in my ways. :/

  42. billy smith

    billy smith

    11 dagen geleden

    One of my biggest complaints about the game is how most of the people speak. I’m British and a lot of it feels like an American trying to speak British. I would’ve liked to see a more variety of voices, accents (London itself has a lot of different accents) and how they speak. But it’s such a fun game I can overlook it

  43. esmokez95


    11 dagen geleden

    I just bought this for 30 dollars Black Friday sale

  44. Just Another Animator

    Just Another Animator

    11 dagen geleden

    I dont like watching gameplay of this game because it completely kills immersion, you get used to a voice and name then all the sudden you hear that voice in a letsplay and everything else is wrong

  45. The Real Poody

    The Real Poody

    11 dagen geleden

    A review they got right, I don't understand why everyone hates it.

  46. shaolinskunks88


    11 dagen geleden

    The price has already dropped. Must be rubbish. See it in Asda £35

  47. M T

    M T

    11 dagen geleden

    I bought the game for the PS4 and the graphics make the game nearly unplayable. If the PS4 isn't capable of running the game, then Ubisoft should not have released it for that system. I am huge WD fan but this effort is how you kill a franchise. Do not buy this game for the PS4 until Ubisoft fixes/patches it. Seriously. It's a total waste of $ .

  48. General Grievous

    General Grievous

    12 dagen geleden

    Didnt even mention the bugs

  49. ChrisOwen96


    12 dagen geleden

    This game is bad, the stealth is terrible, couldn't have made it any more difficult

  50. goldefied 07

    goldefied 07

    12 dagen geleden

    Im not buying fifa this year so does anyone recommend this ? It looks really cool but I'm quite skeptical

    • Bandid Did

      Bandid Did

      11 dagen geleden

      buy its for the PS5 or atleast PS4 Pro if you have a PS4 Pro

  51. throw away

    throw away

    12 dagen geleden

    Imagine posting a review of a game when your talking has less emotion than a news reporter. Like anyone wants the opinion on a game from a emotionless robot, lol.

  52. Jeremy M

    Jeremy M

    12 dagen geleden

    Is this game worth getting it’s on sale and I’m thinking about getting it

  53. HM Free mind

    HM Free mind

    12 dagen geleden

    What a crap review

  54. Alex Legal Research

    Alex Legal Research

    12 dagen geleden

    Really interested in this, I am more a fan of the classic PS2 era of games but I was interested in a new crime free roam game for the ps4 set in London and it is on sale so I am not sure.

  55. Kirk Snelson

    Kirk Snelson

    13 dagen geleden

    I need to start over and use perma death. Also I have nothing but women recruited lol.

  56. Who_Else_ But_Dee

    Who_Else_ But_Dee

    13 dagen geleden

    The gold edition is on sale for like $60 bucks would you say it's worth it ? Or should I just wait it out until cyber punk

  57. Epic Plush Show

    Epic Plush Show

    13 dagen geleden

    Am I the only person who sometimes felt like they were playing Saints row 3?

    • mcdeeboy21


      12 dagen geleden

      Saints row never crashed so much.

  58. LoneGaming


    13 dagen geleden

    Here's a cool detail: some people hold there gun differently like some charaters hold there Gun sideways not straight. Characters can have family behind the scenes and you can recruit those family members so if you have a thing of having you charater his or her lover in the team you can do that but suffer sadness if they die. Tells you in detail profile and could experience break ups and more. Your charaters also have a life behind the scenes depending were you found them. Your protester could be seen doing his or her job as one when not played as really shows that they have a life outside of dedsec

  59. KiriyamaRei


    13 dagen geleden

    This game is already on sale after 3 weeks

  60. Samar Koozak

    Samar Koozak

    14 dagen geleden

    2:57 the most mismatched voice of 2020

  61. Lambro


    15 dagen geleden

    An 8?? 2 spots away from being one of the best games ever made? Yea ok IGN

  62. bob Lee

    bob Lee

    15 dagen geleden

    It looks so awesome

  63. Salad bruh

    Salad bruh

    15 dagen geleden

    4:30 stalin approves

  64. Salad bruh

    Salad bruh

    15 dagen geleden

    2:01 wtf is going on there tho?

  65. Uncensored Wiz

    Uncensored Wiz

    15 dagen geleden

    Watch dogs legion - Future London Assassin's creed syndicate - Past London

  66. beefroast


    15 dagen geleden

    After this review ign I will never come to you again. If you want a real review everyone go to angry joe show on NLcameras

  67. ILLCHAYS 24


    16 dagen geleden

    5:15 how didn’t you die from that hahah

  68. GD Alexxiz34

    GD Alexxiz34

    16 dagen geleden

    All things aside: How do I get my own piggie mask?

    • ILLCHAYS 24

      ILLCHAYS 24

      16 dagen geleden

      Quest or NLcameras pig mask location might be in at location you can pick up.

  69. Jacob Faltin

    Jacob Faltin

    16 dagen geleden

    Street magician pimp will be my new class in my next DnD run

  70. Mikey B

    Mikey B

    17 dagen geleden

    it looks like 2012 game lol



    17 dagen geleden


  72. Dylan


    17 dagen geleden

    On the edge about buying this game. I was a huge fan of watch dogs 1, watch dogs 2 was cool but felt like a step back in a few ways. This game I’m not sure yet probably going to wait for the price to drop a little

  73. Jason


    17 dagen geleden

    Ubisoft gets away with making the same buggy, lazy game year after year and can always count on IGN to give it at least an 8. What a joke. This series is so strange, every game ends with people hoping the next one will fix all the issues of the current game. Stop giving Ubisoft your hard-earned money; there are so many better titles out there. They strive for mediocrity.

    • Hamid Mehrdad

      Hamid Mehrdad

      14 dagen geleden

      I’m having fun with legion though. That’s probably the only game I’m buying from them though.

    • Verdant Mischief

      Verdant Mischief

      17 dagen geleden

      I think they're pretty fun 😄

  74. Thomas Kirby

    Thomas Kirby

    17 dagen geleden

    Honestly this game gets boring after 20 mins, maybe it's because I'm from London

  75. C


    18 dagen geleden

    Stuck with this while waiting for cyberpunk 2077 :(

  76. toshtao1


    18 dagen geleden

    Why are Ubisoft games such low quality and uninspired?

    • Gabe Moler

      Gabe Moler

      9 dagen geleden

      Watch Dogs 2 was awesome, one of the few games I actually got a platinum trophy

    • Plasma


      14 dagen geleden

      They have no similar concept rivals so people will buy either way

    • bootycnsumer 123

      bootycnsumer 123

      15 dagen geleden

      what about assassins creed

  77. Derek Alfone

    Derek Alfone

    18 dagen geleden

    Same score as Valhalla? lololololol

  78. ciaranbrk


    19 dagen geleden

    It’s unplayable on Xbox still I get 10 mins before it freezes on me and crashes. It’s a fun game but it’s been ruined by Ubisoft not actually fixing the bugs they were just in a hurry to beat out cyberpunk and their latest patch is as useless as a knitted condom.

  79. Bangaly


    19 dagen geleden

    The only way to honestly play this is with perma death

  80. Bangaly


    19 dagen geleden

    Watch dogs 2 was better

  81. RoxNotKiddo


    19 dagen geleden

    Awesome review! Thanks for sharing!

  82. SomeAustrianGuy


    19 dagen geleden

    I'll wait for a discount and till ma boy Aiden's released. As of right now? Imma go play OG Watchdogs till this is on discount.

    • Benji Mancha

      Benji Mancha

      13 dagen geleden

      It’s 40 bucks in psn now. Thinking about getting it

    • Señor Frijoles

      Señor Frijoles

      16 dagen geleden


    • Donaya Ashoka

      Donaya Ashoka

      19 dagen geleden

      Its $25 at best buy when you log in

  83. procc


    19 dagen geleden

    Feels like this game was made for 15year old children...

  84. Laura Stan

    Laura Stan

    19 dagen geleden

    london without subway trains , extremely disapointing , wait for the next one

  85. bella the beautiful

    bella the beautiful

    20 dagen geleden


  86. Ellie Joel

    Ellie Joel

    20 dagen geleden

    8 points?!! Is that a joke(!) It don’t deserve 8 points!

    • Dan Warner

      Dan Warner

      18 dagen geleden

      Tbf I had fun playing it's becuz open world is not everyone fan favourite anymore they prefer same mechanics in first shooters like call of duty I like this it's different I think ign reviewed it well I bet if it was called GTA 6 everyone will jump on it 😂

    • YRH#002B


      18 dagen geleden

      Played it and it's more a 5/10 , 6/10 at best.

  87. Asylum Rain

    Asylum Rain

    20 dagen geleden

    The fact that their isn’t a main character makes it seem not worth getting to me.

  88. xingmen neigong

    xingmen neigong

    20 dagen geleden

    im too lazy to play video games

  89. Dan Hammonds

    Dan Hammonds

    20 dagen geleden

    I don't get it. Everything about this game was awful to me. It was overly complicated and felt more like work than play and seemed determined to make the experience as boring as possible. But what surprised me most was how poor the graphics are for a newer gen title. I had it on ultra settings and it still looked dated and unpolished. Character models look like they were designed in Poser with some of the worst facial hair textures I've seen since the 90s. Maybe I'm spoilt by GTA, Mafia (and RDRD2) but there seemed like a lack of gravity and impact too.

  90. Lander C

    Lander C

    20 dagen geleden

    got bored after 2.5 hours of gameplay, London is pretty nice, but the graphics are outdated and the world feels void of interesting content. not worth the money in my opinion.

  91. CrashCarDave


    20 dagen geleden

    if i get loads of likes, i will buy this game ;-D

  92. Juanita Peters

    Juanita Peters

    21 dag geleden

    What would of made the game better is: -More stores you can enter -Characters having their own lives in some way i.e you cant activate your bartender because their on a shift or your grandma because she broke her hip with the option to make them leave work with consequences -weapons store

  93. Joss Ackland's Spunky Backpack

    Joss Ackland's Spunky Backpack

    21 dag geleden

    The voice acting and dialogue is appallingly shite

  94. TheUltimate 420

    TheUltimate 420

    21 dag geleden

    The idea of playing as just about anybody matches with watch dogs.

  95. Nick Urban

    Nick Urban

    22 dagen geleden

    fascist state? privatised Police? something ain't adding up..

  96. SAM


    22 dagen geleden

    would love to play this game if it wasnt a bunch of bri ish "people" :/

    • David Marshall

      David Marshall

      22 dagen geleden

      Why'd you put the word "people" in quotation marks? We are actually people, y'know. lol

  97. Oriente Kimassa

    Oriente Kimassa

    22 dagen geleden

    hahahahahahahhahahahaha IGN is a complete joke

  98. Matt Wolf

    Matt Wolf

    22 dagen geleden

    I have played this for well over 24 hours on PS4 and had zero crashes (I've had several non game breaking glitches though) it must crash really easy on PC.

  99. Nimal


    23 dagen geleden

    should have given a 0/10

  100. World of Travis

    World of Travis

    23 dagen geleden

    "Only a few crashes" smh