I am not a "Cyclist" (and most Dutch people aren't either)

I am not a "cyclist", but I do ride a bicycle almost every day ... along with hundreds of other people who are also not "cyclists".
One thing I really appreciate about the Netherlands is that there is no stigma or group dynamics to riding a bicycle. There's no "bicycle culture" in the Netherlands, just like there's no "shoe culture" for people who walk where you live. It's just another option that you can use if it's more convenient (and it often is, due to properly designed road infrastructure).
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Red-light runner in Toronto
HighVis_T.O._Cyclist (Twitter)
Speeding truck cuts dangerously close to vehicle and pedestrians
Toronto Drivers Exposed
HiMY SYeD - Car Crashes into RBC Royal Bank Branch Dundas St at University Ave Toronto March 14 2012 (CC/BY)
HiMYSYeD (NLcameras)

Pedestrian struck and killed after driver mounts sidewalk in Scarborough
Man dead after car mounts sidewalk in Toronto's Garden District
Woman, 75, struck and killed by City of Toronto truck that lost control, mounted curb in Scarborough
Driver who killed Erica Stark on Toronto sidewalk fined $1,000
No charges after driver mounts sidewalk, killing woman
Toronto teacher killed in cycling accident
School teacher killed in morning hit-and-run
Cycling safety: Tom Samson’s widow wants probe into teacher’s death reopened
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Why do the media bang on about cyclists breaking the law?
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Naturalistic Bicycling Behavior Pilot Study
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Scofflaw bicycling: Illegal but rational
Journal of Transport and Land Use
Are Cyclists Reckless Lawbreakers?
Brake - the road safety charity
UK road casualties
Right Tobikeit (NLcameras)
KP17 LOD Punishment Pass and brake check - 27.09.18
Tom the Cyclist (NLcameras)
Ollie Cycles (Twitter)
Jack Fifield (Twitter)
Warren Huska
Rolling Coal (Wikipedia)
Glenn Gunter (NLcameras)
0:00 Intro
0:05 I am not a cyclist
0:38 My transportation life story
2:39 Becoming a cyclist
5:46 Bad policing
6:52 The cyclist / non-cyclist divide
8:21 Judging & punishing cyclists
10:37 Where we go from here
11:38 Conclusions
12:04 Patreon shout-out
12:17 Outro


  1. Not Just Bikes

    Not Just Bikes

    20 dagen geleden

    Thank you to the people who provided me with clips for this video: Right toBikeIt: nlcameras.info/plus/z-X_OUAMG21cFY-IDB7H9Q.html Tom the Cyclist: nlcameras.info Ollie Cycles: twitter.com/Ollie_Cycles Jack Fifield: twitter.com/jackfifield Warren Huska: facebook.com/warren.huska Glen Gunter: nlcameras.info/wiki/nZCwmamWuHa60Io/video So many of these videos were provided from all over the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland. My heart was racing after watching them, and I wasn't even there in person. It's absolutely shocking that this is considered acceptable behaviour by so many people.

    • Lockon Stratos

      Lockon Stratos

      2 dagen geleden

      USA wins

    • RogerWilco


      8 dagen geleden

      The quality of your videos is really high. Thank you. You must spend a lot of time gathering the right footage, and sound. Your attention to sound is really nice. The intro is brilliant in that regard.

    • Tarkilldude Gaming

      Tarkilldude Gaming

      8 dagen geleden

      Hey, on you're next video talk about motorcycles, I think that'll be interesting as motorbikes can have up to 150mpg, are faster than cars, cheaper, more enjoyable and take less energy to produce in the first place.

    • Mathieu Grindlay

      Mathieu Grindlay

      12 dagen geleden

      As an immigrant Torontonian I love this video

    • Сергей Дедов

      Сергей Дедов

      15 dagen geleden

      Kiev is a wrong name. It's called Kyiv

  2. Jj Flash

    Jj Flash

    4 uur geleden

    Since I began “open carrying “ while cycling, I have had far fewer bullys in cars, to cycle safely where I live a 45 is great investment

  3. Edgar Joshua

    Edgar Joshua

    6 uur geleden

    Honestly in my city there is no bike lane of even a sidewalk because of how motor vehicle centric it is (cars and motorcycle being the most common method of transportation) I personally love cycling as a hobby and a sport, cycling is a very common thing in this city and motorist are very chill around people that ride bicycle, this situation where people who ride bikes and people who ride cars or motorcycles respect both need of space and differences, so I never truly experience this stereotypes, It is common for cyclist in this city to just cycle on the road and even for me I consider that is normal but in reality is a big risk.

  4. mrbonzzai


    12 uur geleden

    I love how you crap on London. I did my Masters there and oh my Lord the transit system and difficulty doing groceries without a car was incredibly frustrating amd dangerous.

  5. matthew spence

    matthew spence

    13 uur geleden

    Bruh u ride a bike shut up

  6. GraveUypo


    16 uur geleden

    2:26 and those people are probably very unhappy. life's about the journey, not the destination.

  7. Simon Klotz

    Simon Klotz

    16 uur geleden

    i think there are just too many legit reasons that lead to this social problem and most of it comes from people that drive cars on the regular. It's actually a kind of weakness, fueled by fears, insecurity, impatience up to minority complex issues and the majority people have this in some form or another. Driving a car can make feel superiour, make you more responsible and less responsible, all at the same time. You have a huge killing machine under your ass and in your hands, so you actually don't want to endanger others with it - but, at the same time, you expect the same mindset of all the other road users, so other car drivers, bike users, pedestrians etc. That's why, in the relationship between pedestrians and car drivers, things like clearly seperated pieces of tarmac, meaning streets and side walks, and useful other stuff like traffic lights and zebra crossings, don't just serve as mere protection. They give an important sense of security and order, to seperate the weak from the strong, man from machine, life and death. In come the cyclists. By riding on two weels instead of four, they seem to wilfully defy the concept of security right from the start... and to carry this mantra in almost every aspect possible. They are weak like pedestrians but ride on the streets, crossing our beloved red lights while we car people just can't (our shouldn't... ) and ride slaloms through a valley of killing machines in insane speeds. What a bunch of maniacs! How dare these anarchists destroy our romantic dreams of peaceful coexistence between our padded panzers and the soft tissues of human souls? Our nostalgic fantasy of overcoming physical dangers by growing as a species, mankind driven to the horizon by our feets on pedals and hands on wheels? And suddenly, our wonderful dream of peace and freedom gets interrupted by a cyclist blocking our path. Our speed of progression decreases, mankind has come to a delay. Our dreams are fading, our hearts get heavy. There is no progress with restraints. Strap on, i want to see to horizon.

  8. Simon Klotz

    Simon Klotz

    17 uur geleden

    Damn Cyclists.

  9. John Karavitis

    John Karavitis

    17 uur geleden

    Really curious now, is there a lot of bike theft in the Netherlands?

  10. svetlqka


    20 uur geleden

    You are where another favourite youtuber of mine is from. (Adam Buckley from A dose of Buckley)

  11. Frank Welling

    Frank Welling

    23 uur geleden

    Though I agree with everything you say, I will say infrastructure plays a huge role in this. I think the reason people don't complain about bikes in the Netherlands (where I live) is because a bike and a car almost never share a road. I think much of the hostility come from having to slow down for the cyclists. People get real cranky when they have to slow down on there way somewhere (you said it yourself, they just want to get to where they're going as efficiently as possible). You should see the crap tractors get in the Netherlands, or even cyclist that don't use the bicycle paths (they sometimes do this when the wheels of the bikes are to narrow and slip in-between the stones of the bicycle path). We're not angels here in the Netherlands, we are no better or worse than any other people, all we have is an infrastructure that doesn't annoy car users with bicycles.

  12. Stroopwafel


    Dag geleden

    I was also sometimes nearly driven off the road, right here in the Netherlands. But I think that's because the driver made a calculation error and thought they could overtake me while there was an oncoming car. Suffice to say they couldn't and I got pushed to the side

  13. Greg O'Keefe

    Greg O'Keefe

    Dag geleden

    4:45 Hey you figured out how white people feel about slavery

  14. Kitty Cat

    Kitty Cat

    Dag geleden

    Whenever I see someone riding a bike I always thought “wow they’re so brave” lol my biggest fear in life is to hit a pediatrician, cyclist, or someone on a motorcycle that I legit drive on the other lane when I get near one. Smh I thought that was common practice.

  15. K X

    K X

    Dag geleden

    God, there should be punishments for these bad behaviours agaist cyclists. Those people are probably antisocial anyway and will take rage out when there is no consequence

  16. K X

    K X

    Dag geleden

    Press is just bad these days

  17. Orlando s

    Orlando s

    Dag geleden

    "every ride was dangerous and stressful",,,, well, that's because you were riding the streets in canada. You could be rolling down the road in a tank and they'll still try running your ass over. Canadian drivers are worse than any other drivers out there with being self centered jerkoffs who don't care if they hit or kill someone, even worse when those canadian plates get into the USA. I've left more than one car with canadian plates needing a paint job after they refused to slow down for my accident scenes, road flares are a wonderful way to get them slowed down when you splash some phosphorous onto their hood or hold the burning tip out to catch the side of their vehicle.

  18. Devadatta


    Dag geleden

    nlcameras.info/wiki/j2nTfaapnorP1H4/video Unfortunately, we do know this guy.

  19. Jasper G

    Jasper G

    Dag geleden

    Try riding a bike in rural Germany. People will push you off the road and shout profanity out their car windows. Had a truck tailgate my bicycle at 1meter distance while rolling down a hill, so I didn't dare use my brakes to well over 9km after a turn I wanted to take if he hadn't been behind me (route 500 Baden-Baden to Freudenstadt). I hated it. Then again, I too lived in Holland and loved their infrastructure. I just wanted to go through Germany the same way cause I have no driver's license and can't get one because of epilepsy.

  20. Ted Walker

    Ted Walker

    Dag geleden

    This says something about our society. I think it says I am the most important. What I want is more important than your life and you better not get in my way. Shameful behavior. It is a strange time.

  21. Daniel Bayer

    Daniel Bayer

    Dag geleden

    Not only english speaking countries act like this... Portuguese speaking countries are exactly the same, word by word.

  22. fuzzer


    Dag geleden

    I hope its not too harsh to say this, but people who roll coal should be shot

  23. Kalzifer 85

    Kalzifer 85

    Dag geleden

    "(...) who are just trying to get to where they're going without dying(...)" Man - you are a Cyclist :-)

  24. Attila TITI

    Attila TITI

    Dag geleden

    “Yes I have smoked crack coke” crack smoking mayor

  25. LazyNate31


    Dag geleden

    Which is why i will never live in America lol

  26. Y0Da77


    Dag geleden

    #CLM #CyclistsLivesMatter 😉

  27. berbudy


    Dag geleden

    8:30 damn I never thought about this behavior from cyclist perspective

  28. Maciej Gliński

    Maciej Gliński

    2 dagen geleden

    I think that saying "im not a cyclist, those other people are" may be very harmful. I agree, that you may not be super into bikes, but if we, as a group, are being attacked by people in metal cages, focusing on how we don't really exist, or are actually super cycling fans, not normal people riding bikes... meh. I would much prefer to embrace the cyclilst label, make it more friendly and make us protect each other. Protests in england were super effective, and didn't focus on "problems with cyclist as a label", but on that cyclists are being killed.

  29. Jorgen Caceres

    Jorgen Caceres

    2 dagen geleden

    At 10.15 - seriously, that is NOT weather to be cycling in, if you value your life... :/

  30. Steven Asselman

    Steven Asselman

    2 dagen geleden

    @9:41.. Well, I haven't lost all hope for the North-Americans, British and Irish. But especially in the US and UK the Us vs Them needs to stop. I know it's a popular Floyd tune, but it tells a story that often isn't there. Stop it, already!

  31. Andrei R

    Andrei R

    2 dagen geleden

    This whole channel is just a huge rant, every video having the same exact idea: "Here's why Amsterdam, and the Netherlands in general, are better than everyone"..... I love it

  32. World Builder

    World Builder

    2 dagen geleden

    How can I move here

  33. Kim Hoogeboom

    Kim Hoogeboom

    2 dagen geleden

    I'm from the Netherlands and I really had no idea people really disliked people using bikes in other countries. It's kinda strange for me to hear even. Since I'm just used to the whole cycling culture here.

  34. Felix the Mammoth

    Felix the Mammoth

    2 dagen geleden

    I once had a similar experience. I am German and Portuguese, and grew up in Lisbon (Portugal). Some of my coworkers were cyclists, it was the sport of their choice, and one day some of them saw me riding my bike with normal clothing instead of "cycling clothing" I had to explain that in Germany and the way I used my bike wasn't necessarily for sport but as a way of transportation. I remember them having a hard time grasping it.

  35. Steven W

    Steven W

    2 dagen geleden

    I'm in London ontario right now, I dont live here but yeah, I'm here currently.

  36. offPlanet


    3 dagen geleden

    "because as a straight, white cisgender man" Ugh, shut up.

  37. farhad aa

    farhad aa

    3 dagen geleden

    idiot drivers always complaining while having such convenience

  38. The Gaytheist

    The Gaytheist

    3 dagen geleden

    This is why climate change cannot be fixed. A good portion of people think it's a hoax, and if you try to be eco friendly, everyone hates you.

  39. Taika Tohveli rewamped

    Taika Tohveli rewamped

    3 dagen geleden

    9.14 but there's literally a bike lane or a walking lane whatever you call it right next to this guy! Why the heck was was he on the road anyway!?

  40. Kalder


    3 dagen geleden

    8:15 Haha does he actually admit he smoked crack cocaine? Now that's honesty right there, other people would get tested positive and still deny they ever smoked anything.

  41. E. B. C.

    E. B. C.

    3 dagen geleden

    I worked in Saudi Arabia in an oil refinery. I did not have a car. I took an employee bus to work. I cycled to get around town. I would return to London and meet people with cars who would say, ''Oh my God, you work in an oil refinery.'' Then the lecture on pollution would follow.

  42. Ozzy


    3 dagen geleden

    "you think your life is hard? imagine being called a cyclist"

  43. SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit

    SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit

    3 dagen geleden

    Most Dutch people are cyclists -- just not in the bad way you understand "cyclists"!

  44. Lockon Stratos

    Lockon Stratos

    3 dagen geleden

    USA 🇺🇸 wins, Netherlands 🇳🇱 second to us

  45. Chula S.

    Chula S.

    3 dagen geleden

    In Singapore, the hard-line motorist often demands bicycle riders to have insurance and pay for road tax :D

  46. rick gage

    rick gage

    3 dagen geleden

    as a dutch citizin it infuriates me how people who just cycle to do day to day stuff get besieged as portrayed in the many clips in this video if only they made infrastructure so cyclist and motor traffic collides as little as possible change a few laws it would be such a win win for everyone its safer to bike the planet would benefit alot from less greenhouse gasses taxes would go down significantly man it must be hard to live in those countries where people get treated like this

  47. AidenCosco


    3 dagen geleden

    it's like racism, but for vehicles

  48. João V M L Silva

    João V M L Silva

    3 dagen geleden

    First world problems: you discover the problem that existed forever just because you experienced that. What I mean, people don't put themselves at other's perspectives and only discover by experiencing it.

  49. Salad Fingers

    Salad Fingers

    3 dagen geleden

    The problem is putting the bicycles and cars together on roads made for cars. The Netherlands have proper infrastructure for it.

  50. ExtremUnknownAl


    3 dagen geleden

    but if you are riding a bike, you are a cyclist, no matter how good or bad you are, right?

    • ExtremUnknownAl


      3 dagen geleden

      @Preben Nikolai Hansen it's like saying you have to be a marathon runner to be a pedestrian or do car racing to be a motorists

    • ExtremUnknownAl


      3 dagen geleden

      @Preben Nikolai Hansen sure, but i imagine it's the same in quite a few other places, sure is here in Denmark.

    • Preben Nikolai Hansen

      Preben Nikolai Hansen

      3 dagen geleden

      That was not the point. Being a "cyclist" in this matter meant being a part of a group, but in the Netherlands you are just a person trying to get somewhere when you cycle.

  51. Michaël Metzemakers

    Michaël Metzemakers

    3 dagen geleden

    Woah! As a normal Dutch citizen I am totally flabbergasted. I know ofc. we are a bicycle nation but I never thought something as extreme as Rolling Coal would exist. When I'm in another country I hardly ever bike so I didn't know of this -imo- strange behaviour against "cyclists". So you now live in Amsterdam? Well good for you buddy!

  52. Taylor Iserman

    Taylor Iserman

    3 dagen geleden

    I lived in a mid-sized city in Virginia and a truck driver ran me off the road multiple times while I was just trying to get to work. Thankfully, I was able to get off the road somewhat safely each time. It could have been a lot worse.

  53. zeus lim

    zeus lim

    3 dagen geleden

    Over here anyone on a bike is a cyclist. Even the old people on rusty bikes who are using bikes because it's easier than walking. I do it because it really is faster than public transport. Especially because I use a mountain bike and take short cuts you can't do on most other bikes. The best part is that sometimes drivers will even stand up for cyclists , there was once a video some guy took because a cyclist wasn't in the left most lane , the guy who took the video was then insulted repeatedly when he posted in on Facebook because the cyclist needed to change lanes to go where he wanted to go and by taking the video with one hand , he wasn't driving safely.

  54. Fabian Gort

    Fabian Gort

    3 dagen geleden

    Long story. In Dutch bikes are cool. Move to here

  55. Alehyn666


    3 dagen geleden


  56. MomoTheBellyDancer


    4 dagen geleden

    I am a proud helicopterist.

  57. Wesson Liam

    Wesson Liam

    4 dagen geleden

    Here in South Africa, Cape Town, Grassy Park We have about 3 people per block using the sidewalk. This makes using the sidewalk a pleasure for bikes without pancake thin wheels. Just need to deal with them fucking thorns.

  58. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman

    4 dagen geleden

    funny enough like 3 months ago a car passed me with like 80mph when riding my bike and he literally missed me by inches, i flipped him off and huh guess what lil guy wanted to fight me but was too afraid and took off again i wouldve made mushed potatoes outta his face

  59. KK B

    KK B

    4 dagen geleden

    What's your opinion about electric bikes?

  60. J B

    J B

    4 dagen geleden

    The cyclists in the UK are so dangerous . Jump red lights ride on pavements knock people over and the police do nothing

    • Not Just Bikes

      Not Just Bikes

      4 dagen geleden

      No. That's the myth you're buying into. It's the cars that are dangerous, and most of the "cyclists" in the UK are daredevils - the only ones brave enough to ride on streets that dangerous. I lived in the UK for six years, and I'm very familiar with the car-infested shitshow that is UK roads.

  61. Nick Mazia

    Nick Mazia

    4 dagen geleden

    while I was watching this video I was thinking of a way to lower that risk of being injured by drivers.. I thought to put a sign on your helmet and then it says : Anyone that tries to injure me because of others I will throw an axe at them. Obviously I won't have an axe in my bag so police doesn't suspect that I was going to hit people with a dangerous weapon.

  62. Jake Backus

    Jake Backus

    4 dagen geleden

    I wonder why driving makes some people so angry (and selfish)? Congestion? Driving might be faster if there were more, safe, segregated cycle lanes.

    • Jake Backus

      Jake Backus

      4 dagen geleden

      @Not Just Bikes That would be great. Yes please. Happy also to discuss hosting a webinar run by Cyclox the Oxford (UK) cycle campaign if you like. No.2 UK cycling city after Cambridge, although still a relatively unsafe experience for the young and old.

    • Not Just Bikes

      Not Just Bikes

      4 dagen geleden

      Driving a car psychologically separates you from other people, and the view from the windscreen doesn't feel "real". Driving in traffic is also a highly frustrating activity, and it feels like the world is out to get you. There are some studies on this that I really need to summarize and make into a video. Basically, driving too much turns you into an asshole. 😂

  63. Tom Roes

    Tom Roes

    4 dagen geleden

    Some people would beg to differ, and say that Amsterdammers on a bike are pure evil: www.parool.nl/nieuws/zijn-wij-echt-van-die-onverbeterlijke-fietshufters~b9b5b160/

  64. selvmortsydd


    4 dagen geleden

    In a country where there are special bike lanes, ebikes are sold like hotcakes, and everyone knows how to ride a bike you call us not cyclists?

  65. Alexandru Tănase

    Alexandru Tănase

    4 dagen geleden

    If people judge you for riding a bicycle, they're litterally garbage, it's just a fucking bike, like, what's so much fuss about it? Evem studies show cyclists violate less laws, and they still judge them? Mate, I'm so retarded at sports I can't even ride a bike, yet I still feel anger. Absolutely disgusting.

  66. BrunoDSL


    4 dagen geleden

    I'd just use the term as what it means. 'Cyclist' is someone who rides a bicycle, much like 'motorist' is a person who drives a motorized vehicle. As it's always been, words only offend you if you let them do so. You see similar looks on people's faces when you tell them you walk to places because you can't afford a bus ticket or have no one to give you a ride.

  67. fastd63


    4 dagen geleden

    I get the bikes vs cars in my local reddit all the time. My comment is always the same, do you think that when the spandoushe gets off his bike and gets in his car that he suddenly becomes a person who is concerned about the other people on the road? Its the person not the vehicle that is always the issue.

  68. SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit

    SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit

    4 dagen geleden

    My approach to this problem is a different one: We should try to change the narrative of cyclists, to fight the stereotypes rather than just to say: Okay, if cyclists have a bad standing, so I am not a cyclist. That may be a convenient way to circumvent the problem but it will not solve it. Worse, your distancing will strengthen the perception of cyclist as bad because people will think: Look, if even this intelligent guy distances himself from cyclists, there must be really something bad about cyclists.

  69. Cedric Vaessen

    Cedric Vaessen

    4 dagen geleden

    Thanks for this video, it's been an eye opener. I live in Brussels, it's a city where you can really feel being at the border of two cultures. The culture of the bike-friendly Dutch speaking community (Flemish in Belgium) and the French speaking community that is very car-dominant. During lockdown a Dutch speaking minister of mobility (for Brussels, please don't ask me to explain the Belgian political system) created a lot of new bikelanes. This was met with force criticism and near cries for violence towards bikers from a, mostly older, French speaking community that created all kinds of Facebook groups against bikers and even sued the city of Brussels for creating bikelanes, can you imagine that? I've never found myself to be a bike activist, but just the sheer intolerance that you feel by simply, as you said, getting from a to b while using a random mode of transport is just beyond my comprehension. The images of an American pickup truck gassing bikers on purpose and getting some sick kick out of it just makes me so confused. Traffic has become a society on its own with all kinds of intolerances. I hope as much people as possible get to see this video, mostly car drivers but also people that aren't necessarily bike lovers and just want to give the bike as a mode of transport a try. Let's just hope there'll be enough space for all of us and people respect each other on the road. Thanks again and as a Dutchie I hope you liked the Netherlands!

    • Not Just Bikes

      Not Just Bikes

      4 dagen geleden

      I lived in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, and worked in Louvain-la-neuve for a French-speaking company, so I'm very familiar with the French-speaking community there! Suing the city over bike lanes sounds about right.

  70. LeDore38


    4 dagen geleden

    I'm a cyclist, I've been mountain biking since I'm something like 7, and now that I'm 30 and live in Paris, I go for a road or offroad 2+ hours ride at least 3 times/ week. But I've also being commuting by bike most of my life (started real commutes in high school), sometimes on my own beater bike, sometimes on city bikes. And when I do I'm not really a cyclist, like you said (well I may be a bit faster than the average commuter but that's all). However, I've been so used to almost fight my way through traffic, taking the road regulations more as a guide than strict rules (I'm careful, only had a minor accident in my life, and I wasn't responsible), that the evolution of city cycling, as great as it is, kinda boggles me sometimes. I find myself more at ease in traffic than on the, now busy, slow, new cycleways. When you've been doing that for years cars become predictable, as long as you prepare for the odd right turn, and there is some playful elements to navigating the carpocalypse. Maybe I'm already a dinosaur and I'll have to adapt, I don't know.

  71. HeXeY


    4 dagen geleden

    News will report on things that are unusual. Car accidents with fatalities happen all the time, sadly, so it's "not newsworthy", whereas bike deaths are, even if it's a rarity. Same goes for plane accidents, even if planes are statistically the safest form of travel (motorized at least)

  72. Sten Kissing

    Sten Kissing

    4 dagen geleden

    I actually have a question to you. Since you live and work in The Netherlands, do you understand the language or maybe even speak it? I know a lot of the Dutch population speaks English and can converse in English. But some don’t or just don’t bother to. How do you deal with that? By the way, i’m Dutch and love the vids. This just shows you that there is more than just cheese, bicycles and windmills. Keep up the good work!❤️❤️

    • Not Just Bikes

      Not Just Bikes

      4 dagen geleden

      Yes, I speak Dutch. My accent is still quite poor, and I make a lot of mistakes, but I understand almost everything. I still have a long ways to go before I'm fluent, but Dutch people have stopped switching to English when I speak, so I figure I'm doing pretty well.

  73. Selehadin HABEŞİ

    Selehadin HABEŞİ

    4 dagen geleden

    that is 12 minutes of my life i will never get back

  74. manaquri


    4 dagen geleden

    I'm french and we're pretty neutral about bikes, I get the odd remark for doing 20km, but it's generally positive.

    • nick jendrysek

      nick jendrysek

      4 dagen geleden

      manaquri same in Germany over here.

  75. Plasma Glow Music

    Plasma Glow Music

    4 dagen geleden

    I'm not a cyclist, because I don't want to be their 'Spokes' person 11:02 sorry XD

  76. Plasma Glow Music

    Plasma Glow Music

    4 dagen geleden

    Anyone who drives close to a cyclist like that, is a piece of shit. You aren't doing anyone any service, and you're making a fool of yourself. Karma......

  77. * Lotusblume *

    * Lotusblume *

    4 dagen geleden

    Lol, I know how you feel! Just try telling someone you’re vegan or have 3 cats!! 🙄🙄🙄 I just keep it on the DL.

  78. Jup


    4 dagen geleden

    Oh but there is a "cyclist" type in the Netherlands. It's the "wielrenners" aka those who drive on a racebike. I am one of them, just look at dumpert.nl, the youtube of the netherlands, and search for wielrenners. Enough video's raging against them. We're not so innocent. Then again there is also hatred here against pickup drivers, because they take up so much space.

  79. Michael S

    Michael S

    4 dagen geleden

    This video very much makes me appreciate what we have here in the Netherlands. The videos you show of cyclist abuse are sickening and completely foreign to my experience. In the Netherlands, cycling is the absolute norm, and due to their vulnerable position on the road, people on bicycles are more or less protected both in automotive culture and even law. Even when there's no dedicated infrastructure, all Dutch car drivers are pretty much trained to expect the worst from people on bikes, and usually give them some leeway. What I do recognize from your video, is the concept of "wielrenners". Those are "sporty cyclists", usually in groups, that even in the Netherlands, are often shamed for reckless and idiotic behavior. If you search well enough, there's plenty of dashcam videos and comment sections on websites like dumpert, where these groups of cyclists are called out for behaving in a false sense of group protection and can flat out ignore very, very important safety rules. The problems is that they don't just endanger themselves, but just imagine living with the guilt of causing serious harm when being in an accident. But for every day commuting and school traffic, cycling is amazing. When going to the supermarket, I actually prefer to just leave the car at home and take the bike. It helps my weight and keeps me from over-buying things, because I know exactly how much fits on my bike!

  80. Yasir Punathil

    Yasir Punathil

    5 dagen geleden

    This is just scary, as an Indian I didn't have any idea about this devide and I thought Europe and North America would be very bike friendly. When the people of so called developed nation shows this kind of devide and intolerance, it just scares me. It looks like if there was no religious and caste devide, there will be some other divisions like this. Btw here in India, cycling is still seen as "kids" thing in most of the regions, other than big cities. We are slowly developing a change in that culture, and there is no "cyclist" and "anti-cyclist" devide yet.

  81. Jobert


    5 dagen geleden

    I am from the Netherlands and i really did not know bikes were so hated in other countries. i think it also has to do since it doesn't matter every audi or lamborghini driver in the netherlands there is a 95% change when they where kids they cycled to school and pretty likely also to the university or the train station that got them there. but that doesnt mean there isnt any asocial bikers. those are the "wielrenners" wich still means cyclist but its really just people that cycle for hobby or sport and not to just get somewhere and have more expensive bikes were special suits were helmets etc. the reason we don't like them is becuase it happens very often they bike on the middle of the road when there is a special road for bikes next to it. (no one knows why lol) people that cycle to just get somehwere they don't really get a name cuz its just so usual

  82. Sem Schreuder

    Sem Schreuder

    5 dagen geleden

    now try stop eating meat

  83. Chrizzie 78

    Chrizzie 78

    5 dagen geleden

    I'm pretty sure cyclists in The Netherlands break traffic laws more often then car drivers.

  84. Illuminati Corgi

    Illuminati Corgi

    5 dagen geleden

    I *brokedown* and bought a bicycle 😂

  85. Cr3ePiO


    5 dagen geleden

    Honestly, it's not about the vehicle you use. Most people are self centered and not aware of their surroundings. They don't even know how to walk properly, which only only gets worse with speed.

  86. Sylvain Michaud

    Sylvain Michaud

    5 dagen geleden

    Two important sentences that I also identify with @11:59 "I'm just another guy riding a bicycle" and @9:38 "I have lost all hope for humanity"

  87. Sam Canine

    Sam Canine

    5 dagen geleden

    Yess London

  88. Conrad Vancouver

    Conrad Vancouver

    5 dagen geleden

    Being a motorist sucks. It sucks your energy and cash. It’s the most unpleasant thing I do. Motorists are miserable, and take out their frustration on people on bicycles. I am honked at (a cowardly bully behaviour) occasionally, even when I’m 100% in the right, crossing a street, but they feel I’ve soiled their opportunity to put the pedal to the metal. There’s no way that a cyclist is a threat to a motorist. Motorists kill and maim. Cyclists do not. Motorists behave illegally all the time. That’s why in Quebec, they’re not allowed to turn right on red. Speeding; sushi rolls through stop signs; having dinner - while driving - normal. If a motorhole honks at a cyclist, they’re automatically a bully. This summer, when one did that to me, I caught up to him and palm-slapped his roof. I am so effing fed up with these petulant anointed ones.

  89. merlijn van gils

    merlijn van gils

    5 dagen geleden

    It's funny because most people here hate cyclists or wielrenners as we call them there actually rated the worst road users here

  90. Conrad Vancouver

    Conrad Vancouver

    5 dagen geleden

    Excellent work. I’ve been cycling all my life. Have always had a car. Have never been a transit user. Never will be - unless I’m crippled and need the Handy Dart. Have experienced the “punishment passes”; many right hooks; deliberate dooring attempt; and have been chased by a psycho in a minivan - he wanted to hurt me - real bad. I do not use clip ins with “walkable” bicycle shoes. I wear normal shoes. If a motorist jumps out and tries to assault me, I can run without slipping.

  91. vignesh aravind

    vignesh aravind

    5 dagen geleden

    Toronto guy here, while I agree with the fact that amsterdam and most of european cities are better planned than american ones, do u feel you can get a huge career growth like one might find here in Toronto or in US, tbh I really want to settle down in netherlands or nordic countries... any honest opinions?

  92. Damir


    5 dagen geleden

    Just ride at the same speed as the cars and the problem is solved

  93. Damir


    5 dagen geleden

    ok so you are a commuter who thinks he's a cyclist but don't want to be one because some people have opinions about people riding bikes

  94. ta vh

    ta vh

    5 dagen geleden

    We have 'wielrenners'... assholes who think they're in the Tour de France. Every time I see someone with pictures of a racing bike and lycra shorts on Tinder... I swipe 'em straight into oblivion. Byyyeee.

  95. Justin Meyer

    Justin Meyer

    5 dagen geleden

    Sad fact: Only cyclists will watch this.

    • Geronimo


      5 dagen geleden

      Wow yes now I 've seen him.

  96. archont


    5 dagen geleden

    Requirements to become a driver should be raised to at least the same levels of what is expected of a fighter pilot. If not more - a fighter pilot is expected to kill someone!

  97. Blazer433


    5 dagen geleden

    this is a pretty insightful video

  98. katie_incredible


    5 dagen geleden

    I am a cyclist, and to these people who constantly bitch about cyclists I say "Fuck you, I'm a cyclist, and you need to stop trying to justify killing me." I got scared off my bike for a long time (following the summer of my best health ever I might add!) after a guy literally tried to run me over, and when I escaped to a sidewalk, resorted to just throwing glass Snapple bottles at me from his car. When I called the cops WITH HIS PLATES, the cops said "You have to wait til he does something before you can press charges." If I threw a glass bottle at a cop, I assure you I'd be brought up on assault charges, even if I missed. The problem in my mind is that people disassociate other vehicles as being operated by people. Whether you're the coked out jackass weaving between heavy traffic at 60 MPH on a tight highway in your busted Civic, or the roid raging prick in your BMW tailgating at literal inches from someone's bumper, or the insufferable jerk trying to run someone over for the infraction of taking up a lane because the shoulder is filled with potholes or parked cars waiting to door you, we stop thinking of everyone else as PEOPLE. Moreover, the consequences of what we do to those other people. I was guilty of it for a while too, if maybe not as bad as these people were, and ya know what? I became a vastly safer driver because of it.

  99. Jay Nijmeijer

    Jay Nijmeijer

    6 dagen geleden

    All seriousness aside, check the lad on the bigass unicycle on the left, 7:23

  100. QemeH


    6 dagen geleden

    When I asked a friend from the netherlands how they had so much cyclists, he responded with: "You will find, that in the netherlands almost nobody is a cyclist." Ofcourse I was taken aback by this because of all the evidence to the contrary I could see everywhere in the country, so I pushed him on this. And he said: "Well yeah, there are many people who ride a bike sometimes." And that is exactly the success of their urban planning and public transport culture - nobody _identifies_ (either themselves or others) as a cyclist, so a group to have stereotypes about doesn't even *exist* ...