i got an italian greyhound tattoo

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  1. K


    3 maanden geleden

    Why is the reveal in the title though? Could have a video full of suspense, but nahh. 😂

  2. Angel


    8 maanden geleden

    Did they actually show them throwing the darts? I can't find that bit.

  3. Shane Cosplayz

    Shane Cosplayz

    10 maanden geleden

    This is such a well done tattoo, why is no one talking about that line art?! Such a solid well done tattoo, props to the artist 👏

  4. Hey Diddle Diddle Gal

    Hey Diddle Diddle Gal

    Jaar geleden

    It looks like Bunny!!!

  5. Anna A

    Anna A

    Jaar geleden

    Julien always has the best music in his vlogs!

  6. megan marinelli

    megan marinelli

    Jaar geleden

    It looks like bunny!! Anyone else think it looks more like bunny than peachy? (Because if the long and skinny nose)

  7. Molly G

    Molly G

    Jaar geleden

    Louie is one of the most genuine people I've met in the tattoo industry.

  8. C Tizzle

    C Tizzle

    Jaar geleden

    Colin is fine!! I like his voice, too.

  9. NivedLaxsea


    Jaar geleden

    6:31 why was that handshake so damn smooth

  10. Emp4th


    Jaar geleden

    Idk it’s because I’m not wearing my glasses or if it’s because I just woke up buttttt I straight up thought it was Bam Margera driving

  11. Crystal Monique

    Crystal Monique

    Jaar geleden


  12. Alyssa Gibson

    Alyssa Gibson

    Jaar geleden

    I have an aries constellation tattoo :)

  13. Desiree Smith

    Desiree Smith

    Jaar geleden

    As a fellow Virgo, I understand the worry and nervousness of getting a tattoo. We are an indecisive species. I want so many tattoos but I'll probably never end up getting them. RIP the virgo life

  14. Dal Cloud

    Dal Cloud

    Jaar geleden

    BYODinkdink dinkdiiink dinkdinkdink.



    Jaar geleden

    when did you guys actually throw the darts? like am I missing something? lol

  16. So apparently, you can change your name on Youtube

    So apparently, you can change your name on Youtube

    Jaar geleden

    3:34 lmaooooo

  17. name irrelevant

    name irrelevant

    Jaar geleden

    Why would he get a greyhound if they own whippets, the 2 breeds are pretty similar. Who knows? Does he really not know Mr. Cermit is a whippet..

  18. lily stevo

    lily stevo

    Jaar geleden

    why did u act so straight in this vid

  19. Eva Taylor

    Eva Taylor

    Jaar geleden

    Julien is channeling Grindelwald in his profile pic

  20. Katie Heim

    Katie Heim

    Jaar geleden

    Love you Julieeeeeeen BUT just some CC: I didn't feel like I saw enough of the dart throw for the tattoos and the tattoos after they were done weren't really showcased enough, as well as any kind of meaning behind them...which made the video seem kind of all over the place.

  21. Steven L.

    Steven L.

    Jaar geleden

    Lmao I'm planning on getting the aries constellation tattooed too.

  22. Katelyn Woods

    Katelyn Woods

    Jaar geleden

    i honestly just want some pop corn right now

  23. Brittany Shatwell

    Brittany Shatwell

    Jaar geleden

    I wanted to see Jenna’s reaction :(

  24. Daniel


    Jaar geleden

    I’m gonna copyright the idea of getting a tattoo real quick

  25. Loxish


    Jaar geleden

    That’s one *NASTY* tattoo

  26. My BoyZ

    My BoyZ

    Jaar geleden

    I love your fannypack Julien. 😊

  27. Stiles Kuchiki

    Stiles Kuchiki

    Jaar geleden

    0:42 that was the perfect imitation of that. It was *100% cringey*

  28. Neesh Pines

    Neesh Pines

    Jaar geleden

  29. Simba Perkins

    Simba Perkins

    Jaar geleden

    Oh wow I got a dumb tattoo yeah seen it before nothing new

  30. G Howard

    G Howard

    Jaar geleden

    Some people didn’t get the attention they needed from their parents. Hope this works for them. Everyone deserves to be happy!

  31. ren renz

    ren renz

    Jaar geleden

    the surfboard- thing looks like a vagina

  32. Robert Toth

    Robert Toth

    Jaar geleden

    All i know is, killin it with the Raiders merch. 👍😎

  33. hannah ramage

    hannah ramage

    Jaar geleden

    oh my god!!! Inked Magazine 😱

  34. Nataly


    Jaar geleden

    Would LOVE a Mr. Marbles portrait tattoo!!

  35. Gabriela Chavez

    Gabriela Chavez

    Jaar geleden


  36. Lauren St. Pierre

    Lauren St. Pierre

    Jaar geleden


  37. April B

    April B

    Jaar geleden

    Funny how the artist dissed tattoos that have means whilst Julien has tattoos chalk full of meaning and he didn't speak up for himself

  38. VelvetReede


    Jaar geleden

    Everyone be talking about cermert but I’m just here like What a nice way to remember peachie when you’re away :’)

  39. Jessica V

    Jessica V

    Jaar geleden

    I plan on getting an Aries constellation someday

  40. Tanas World

    Tanas World

    Jaar geleden

    HEY LOOK! I'm here to bless you guys with a legit perfect reggae mix of 2019 YOUR WELCOME🏆💯

  41. Deanna Day

    Deanna Day

    Jaar geleden

    Can we please have your Pad Thai recipe!! I'm vegan and I also have celiac disease and LOVE Pad Thai and I can't find a recipe to make at home that tastes right.

  42. M Nguyen

    M Nguyen

    Jaar geleden

    Beetch, I wanted to give you money from watching an ad... Then they gave me a 25 minute one. Had to come back to get an ad of reasonable length and watched it. I am sorry I didn't watch the first one, Julien

  43. Tiffany Traynor

    Tiffany Traynor

    Jaar geleden

    I need Jenna’s reactions immediately

  44. Brenna_Boop


    Jaar geleden

    Wait they never actually showed them throwing the darts

  45. cassie5250


    Jaar geleden

    Julien what was Jenna’s reaction to the tattoo???? I feel like she would really like it

  46. Payton Kammerer

    Payton Kammerer

    Jaar geleden

    Jenna should get a chihuahua so marbles doesn’t feel like they don’t love him as much as the iggies :(

  47. oliver addison

    oliver addison

    Jaar geleden

    jennnaaas reaction she probably loved it

  48. sara


    Jaar geleden


  49. Brett Debney

    Brett Debney

    Jaar geleden

    Wait, what happened to throwing the darts?? This video felt so incomplete to me!

  50. Tessa Heggart

    Tessa Heggart

    Jaar geleden

    I have that Aries constellation tattooed on my forearm. Aries always gotta let everyone know hahaha.

  51. meeprific


    Jaar geleden

    Colin has a child??

  52. Roz Golshani

    Roz Golshani

    Jaar geleden

    Julien your lens today was BOMB

  53. Ariel Godin

    Ariel Godin

    Jaar geleden


  54. Candace


    Jaar geleden

    I’m petitioning for you to put nasty boi underneath it

  55. Brooke Reed

    Brooke Reed

    Jaar geleden

    i love your vids

  56. Em


    Jaar geleden

    love it. I love the idea of getting something you like tattoed on your body even if it doesn't have a crazy deep meaning or whatever. just something you like at the moment. I am possibly getting a cinema reel and an outline of a cat as my first tattoos. wish me luck :)

  57. Gina


    Jaar geleden


  58. Casey Sloan

    Casey Sloan

    Jaar geleden


  59. Elyse Shires

    Elyse Shires

    Jaar geleden

    I have a Pisces constellation and a horse tattoo!!! So very similar to your sheet lol

  60. DizzyDuckChick


    Jaar geleden

    ‘Those days have sailed’ - Colin XD

  61. TigerwithDiesel


    Jaar geleden

    ...I'm mad that you didn't make the joke "if you like last minute trips...get ready!! Fooor last minute tattoos!! We are getting tattooed haha" like seriously it was right there

  62. mushymush


    Jaar geleden

    I'm slightly sad that I didn't get to see Jenna's reaction to the tattoo

  63. Gavino Bernal

    Gavino Bernal

    Jaar geleden

    Excellent video today Julian. I hope you have a fantastic day, night, & evening. Stay cool, stay awesome, stay swag, stay unstoppable, stay incredible, stay popular, stay great, keep having fun, keep being the best NLcamerasr, & stay strong Julian. Keep up the good work. Enjoy your Thursday.👑☺️👍🙏🏆

  64. joyce mars

    joyce mars

    Jaar geleden

    So dope love you guys

  65. Chase Beard

    Chase Beard

    Jaar geleden

    When the video from INKED's channel showed up in the sub box i thought it was from the Waffsicle channel at first

  66. Phoebe Ambrose

    Phoebe Ambrose

    Jaar geleden

    Julien bring back Moq

  67. Brandy LaFollette

    Brandy LaFollette

    Jaar geleden

    I only saw the first part of the title and thought you adopted another one lol

  68. Elliott_M


    Jaar geleden

    “Thanks man haha ya ya natives have to stick together, ya man it’s cool man, sick man thanks so much haha” just bros being bros

  69. Rani Black

    Rani Black

    Jaar geleden

    that tat is so cute omg lil iggy

  70. Izzymm


    Jaar geleden

    Tell Jenna to do “cutting and coloring my hair part 3” nowwww beech 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  71. G.S.


    Jaar geleden

    Babe, you're getting addicted to tattoos. Put a stop, now!

  72. Agnes Römmert

    Agnes Römmert

    Jaar geleden

    I absolutely LOVE your vlogs!☺️

  73. Hope Assen

    Hope Assen

    Jaar geleden

    "I'm an Aries in case you didn't know..." "I KNOW!!!"

  74. Britt E

    Britt E

    Jaar geleden

    What video editing software do you use or recommend?

  75. poopsack


    Jaar geleden

    last minute tattoos

  76. BellyJae


    Jaar geleden

    Omg I was so hoping to see Jenna’s reaction!

  77. Newbmom


    Jaar geleden

    “I’m an Aries in case you didn’t know” Understatement of the century lol

  78. Brandyn McClary

    Brandyn McClary

    Jaar geleden

    What happened? The editing seemed weird. I thought you’d show the dart throw or something. The video was kinda like picking up then suddenly over. Still like the iggy tat though.

  79. Royce


    Jaar geleden

    3:54 -- 🎥 20 seconds of out-of-focus shots, STILL awesome looking.... it's all about composition, people! 👈

  80. Susie HomeWrecker

    Susie HomeWrecker

    Jaar geleden

    As a fellow aries with several tattoos i approve of this video.

  81. The Wildcat News

    The Wildcat News

    Jaar geleden

    That’s a NASTY tattoo

  82. em nah

    em nah

    Jaar geleden

    collin and romes star signs?

  83. Kat Z

    Kat Z

    Jaar geleden

    Collin looks like Theo Von's little brother.

  84. Monica Ilaria

    Monica Ilaria

    Jaar geleden

    Wait was your tattoo artist Fred Armisen or nah

  85. Deanna Chaill

    Deanna Chaill

    Jaar geleden

    This is dope. I think you should also still get the aries. It's so fitting for you. How did Jenna like it?

  86. Huge Potterhead

    Huge Potterhead

    Jaar geleden

    NASTY boi’s on you forever

  87. Alexandra Yeung

    Alexandra Yeung

    Jaar geleden

    i just got a LMT dart tattoo yesterday and I can't wait to show you, as soon as the redness goes away!

  88. Dana hamster

    Dana hamster

    Jaar geleden

    I just found out that he is 26 6 years younger than Jenna.

  89. Abby Millard

    Abby Millard

    Jaar geleden

    wanTED JENNa’s rxn :/

  90. Manon Bollermann

    Manon Bollermann

    Jaar geleden


  91. KRōck


    Jaar geleden

    Julien I love you but you're holding out on us, give us WHAT WE WANT!! PROPOSE TO JENNA!!!!

  92. Rose Petal

    Rose Petal

    Jaar geleden

    i saw the mulholland drive sign and i started singing LA Devotee in my head

  93. yaraf3ggt


    Jaar geleden

    Wish youd filmed Jenna's before and after I needed to see the virgo in this situation😂

  94. Kayci Carr

    Kayci Carr

    Jaar geleden

    But I love the idea.

  95. Kayci Carr

    Kayci Carr

    Jaar geleden

    Very plain. U can easily cover I guess....... it's a simple outline. Kinda weird

  96. heyheatherlynn


    Jaar geleden

    So cool guys. My second tattoo I got on Friday the 13th and spun the "Wheel of Bad Decisions" for it. So I get what he's saying. Meaning is great but sometimes the experience behind getting the cool looking tattoo is enough.

  97. Joy Rose

    Joy Rose

    Jaar geleden

    do you get vegan tatt ink?

  98. posaule


    Jaar geleden

    Julien our hair match now ;D

  99. Cara P

    Cara P

    Jaar geleden

    Hell yeah dude bro

  100. john dillinger

    john dillinger

    Jaar geleden

    i watched a few videos on this channel. There must be a lot of bored lonely people out there,because this channel is kind of lame.