Desperate Man Calls Police Because He's Out Of Toilet Paper

Reacting to TLC Outrageous 911 where we have 3 stories. Man calling the police because he's out of toilet paper, a woman taking a dump in a mans yard then washing off in the pool, and a bear mascot in the street attacking cars!
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Man Calls The Police From The Toilet Because He's Out Of Toilet Paper | Outrageous 911
This man was in a shop's bathroom when he noticed that it was out of toilet paper. Instead of calling the manager, he calls the police to help him solve the issue.
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  1. CinnamonToastKen


    3 dagen geleden

    Thanks for the support guys! Back on the road to 10,000,000 subs!

    • Claudine Sabila

      Claudine Sabila

      Dag geleden

      Yay congrats granpa max, love your content💞

    • Vivi Burger

      Vivi Burger

      Dag geleden

      Great, loved it and yes I do want more. Thanks for this video Ken

    • Jose Padilla

      Jose Padilla

      Dag geleden

      Buff be puffing lol

    • Aaron Waits

      Aaron Waits

      2 dagen geleden

      Hey ken, what arc of one piece are you on??



      2 dagen geleden

      FYI that’s not a fursuit is a mask cot costume

  2. Taylor S

    Taylor S

    7 minuten geleden

    Gotta support them MSU bears by dancing in the street 😂

  3. Nicky Vakarian

    Nicky Vakarian

    Uur geleden

    I'm sorry to anyone who watched this video while eating

  4. KimJongUn


    Uur geleden

    I immediately was asking why didn’t he call the store instead of 911? It’ll be embarrassing but hey, it’s their fault for not filling the toilet paper lol

  5. Linamimton !

    Linamimton !

    Uur geleden

    I’ve had to use card board before, shits scary af 😭😭

  6. Carrie Carrie

    Carrie Carrie

    2 uur geleden

    How do you get a recording of someone sitting on the toilet in the public bathroom?

  7. Unknown


    5 uur geleden


  8. Angela Bohot

    Angela Bohot

    5 uur geleden

    I was working at a hospital and I went to clean the women's bathroom. There was a pair of underwear in the trashcan covered in shit. Nasty. There was tp in the stalls too

  9. Amy Settle

    Amy Settle

    6 uur geleden

    Or worse case why don't you just call the grocery store and when they answer you tell them

  10. Sarah Ammons

    Sarah Ammons

    7 uur geleden

    love this

  11. GrampyPa


    8 uur geleden

    I would call the store and ask them to bring me more

  12. Smileholicfox


    10 uur geleden

    In Finland theres bidee showers almost everywhere. That would save you :)

  13. The Maelström

    The Maelström

    13 uur geleden

    *Here in NYC that dude would find his ‘muddy buddy’ a$$ in jail if he called the cops for lack of TP. Twerking bear gets a pass though.*

  14. Maggie Hayes

    Maggie Hayes

    13 uur geleden

    why does it not cross anyone's mind to uh.... call the store you're at????

  15. West Meets East Indonesia

    West Meets East Indonesia

    14 uur geleden

    I think this is funny. In many countries people use water and your hand to clean up. Just wash your hands after. 🤷

  16. Lyman Wartupua

    Lyman Wartupua

    14 uur geleden

    Yes pls do more of this 😁😁😁

  17. November Lima

    November Lima

    15 uur geleden

    I’m in Boy Scouts and on one long backpacking trip, there was actually an entire poem written by somebody in on of the outhouse stalls about using their sock to wipe because they forgot to bring their toilet paper to the stall (no water or provided tp in the stall, only a seat with a hole) and it is one of my favorite memories of the trip.

  18. Mordecai R

    Mordecai R

    15 uur geleden

    Couch Gang merch?? 🤔

  19. TheChainTV


    16 uur geleden

    If im out of TP just use Water thats what a Bidet is or just use Paper Towels or a face towel then clean it after

  20. Kaber Landscaping

    Kaber Landscaping

    17 uur geleden

    I've been in a messy no toilet paper sit before. Used my underwear and chucked them. Job done

  21. Kay Silva

    Kay Silva

    17 uur geleden

    That guy on the first call sounded so defeated lmao

  22. Kayla S

    Kayla S

    18 uur geleden

    honestly I would just use my underwear and then throw them out, but I wear thongs so that wouldn’t work 😂😂

  23. Ridge Walker

    Ridge Walker

    18 uur geleden

    When we were kids we made up a song to the tune of Branded( a TV show back then). It went .... Stranded on the bathroom bowl, what do you do when your stranded and need another roll? You prove your a man and wipe it with your hand, stranded on the bathroom bowl.

  24. Oshen Piller

    Oshen Piller

    18 uur geleden

    I would use the flush and rinse, because you can always wash your hands after.

  25. Poisonedxkisses928


    18 uur geleden

    Call the store and say hey I’m in the bathroom, there’s no toilet paper. Can you please bring some back to the restrooms?

  26. Artemis


    21 uur geleden

    That first story had me rolling 🤣

  27. Aeryn Laflamme

    Aeryn Laflamme

    23 uur geleden

    8:24 Ok but why's he gotta be from my home state though 😭😭😭 Edit: And why didn't he think to call the store for someone to bring some in for him???

  28. Zwei Trinity

    Zwei Trinity

    Dag geleden

    He called me a B**CH and I took that personally.

  29. FiyaTheOneAndOnly


    Dag geleden

    if I ran out of toilet paper in a store I'd just call the store's iine and be like "yo"

  30. Luis Gutierrez

    Luis Gutierrez

    Dag geleden

    10 million club let's goo

  31. Bratt Rox

    Bratt Rox

    Dag geleden

    Dude who thinks to call 911 instead of the store

  32. morhiahable


    Dag geleden

    I’m kind of pissed they arrested bear/man/dude

  33. Priestess Yuki

    Priestess Yuki

    Dag geleden

    I always look before i site down but if im in a hurry and forget to look , I do keep tp in my bag

  34. Ari Charriere

    Ari Charriere

    Dag geleden

    why wouldn't you try calling the supermarket first though 😂 like, i don't think there's a supermarket in existence that doesn't have a customer service desk you can call just finished the video and that's exactly what the 911 operator tells him to do of course, lmao

  35. virgofairy88


    Dag geleden

    Usually people from NH don’t make headlines that often but when they do, it’s usually because someone like this. 😂Glad I left and moved to Maine.

  36. mansa1991


    Dag geleden

    Well, I would at least call the store before calling the police :b

  37. Gippie


    Dag geleden

    I would call the store that I'm in

  38. Mehji 187

    Mehji 187

    Dag geleden

    Just love you guys 🥰😍😘

  39. Sketchy Dave

    Sketchy Dave

    Dag geleden

    When neither of them suggested calling the store before wiping with socks..: oooffff

  40. T- REVOLUTION330


    Dag geleden


  41. anthony kelly

    anthony kelly

    Dag geleden

    I was stuck in the bathroom without tp in high school I missed a full period because of it. Someone finally heard my cries of depression.

  42. Eisley Watson

    Eisley Watson

    Dag geleden

    I can't judge that woman that took a dump in that guy's yard too harshly. I had something happen to me. .that makes me able to sympathize with people that might have to do something like that. My guess is she had an emergency and wasn't able to hold it. But I have to tell you what happened to me. I was working and we had one bathroom that everyone shared. Worst of all it was in the break room area where everybody ate lunch. I was fine most of the day but towards the end of my shift I started getting terrible stomach cramps that were making me double over. I immediately realized I was going to have diarrhea. I wasn't going to blow up the bathroom at my job. So I decided to tell my boss I needed to go home because I wasn't feeling well (which was true). So I get in my car and I can feel it trying to come out. I'm doing everything I can not to let this hot lava fill my pants and ruin the seat of the car. I knew this was going to be bad. I have a fear of public restrooms and I lived about 30 minutes away from my job. I was clenching my cheeks, hunched over in pain and I could just tell whatever was bubbling in my gut needed to come out ASAP. And if I didn't get home in time it was going to come out whether I liked it or not. I finally pulled up into my driveway, turned off the car, and as I ran to the front door I started unbuttoning my pants. I didn't know if I could make it. I get to the bathroom, open the door with my pants and underwear already pulled down and that's when I see mom is taking a crap on the toilet reading a magazine. At this point I couldn't hold it anymore so the only thing I could think to do was to turn around and sit down on the ledge of the tub and just let it go. My mom looked at me and said "what the hell are u doing?!?. I couldn't even respond as I felt this rancid liquid fire spraying out of me. It was a combination of relief. pain and embarrassment. It was sprayed all over the back wall of the bathtub and the tub was full of greenish brown sludge.. mostly liquid but with some chunks and random pieces of food that I had no memory of eating. Cleaning it up was one of the worst experiences of my life. I say all this to say... if it had taken me even a couple minutes longer to get to my house I would have had to either go on the side of the road or find someone's backyard ,

  43. Ruxin34


    Dag geleden

    You guys are hilarious

  44. Jeremiah Wilson

    Jeremiah Wilson

    Dag geleden

    I think the guy who called 911 at the end watched this video and thought The police was his only option for help instead of helping himself

  45. HauntedZombie22


    Dag geleden

    as someone who has cleaned bathrooms at a retail store before I have seen where people had an accident and they just threw their undies away more than once. I have also seen where instead of using the toilet someone decided to take a dump on the floor next to the toilet. I almost threw up every time. I have so much respect for janitors.

  46. Wolffiee1998


    Dag geleden

    That second one 🤣 of course it was in Springfield Missouri...dang Missourians and their college football. As soon as I saw the bear suit and Buff mentioned Springfield I was like "bet he was at a bears game" 🤣🤣

  47. Chris James

    Chris James

    Dag geleden

    Damn I'd put 5 months of acid an chlorine before I drained that pool 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. Lisa K

    Lisa K

    Dag geleden

    What if ur ina public bathroom in Florida and u dont wear socks or underwear cuz its too hot, lol???

  49. grim joker

    grim joker

    Dag geleden

    Can you please do a react couch to she turn off his video game so he turned on her best friend jerry springer please

  50. Khiry Denson

    Khiry Denson

    Dag geleden

    Ay nice shirt! 🥺

  51. Anne Stahlman

    Anne Stahlman

    Dag geleden

    I'm so happy to see you back in the recommended!

  52. kyara . H

    kyara . H

    Dag geleden

    Subscribe to buffpro everyone!!❤️

  53. laloela


    Dag geleden

    Second story first thought: markiplier on the loose again lmao

  54. 鬼Retrowave


    Dag geleden

    poo poo

  55. Lady of Darkness

    Lady of Darkness

    Dag geleden

    "Now she's sitting on my chair but at least she washed herself" yeeeah, I'd rather she didn't, at least he'd only have to throw away the chair instead of cleaning out the entire pool lol

  56. Santeria *

    Santeria *

    Dag geleden

    Guys I'm trying to eat breakfast here. Probably my bad.

  57. lllXanderlll


    Dag geleden

    Could just call the store and get them to bring you some tp. Oh damn they said it as I'm typing it lmao

  58. motleyminded85


    Dag geleden

    How have you NOT done the Sexy Vegan episode of Dr. Phil? It's one of the most insane iconic episodes. XD

  59. Vivi Burger

    Vivi Burger

    Dag geleden

    Thanks for this, amazing

  60. God


    Dag geleden

    This was hilarious, id love to see more of these

  61. Marsastiq


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  62. Ben Hodson

    Ben Hodson

    Dag geleden

    I can't believe I was busy on my birthday so I didn't watch their video on time. Ken coulda finally wished me a happy birthday. Opportunity missed

  63. Draugr Dragon

    Draugr Dragon

    Dag geleden

    I love to see the like ratio 10k to 47

  64. Janeen Landry

    Janeen Landry

    Dag geleden

    The muddy buddy women needs to be a gta clip in the houses on the hills 🤪 just pool hopping and leaving turds 💩

  65. Sanjay Bharathi

    Sanjay Bharathi

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    If today's your Birthday, Happy Birthday! Stay Toasty Ken!!

  66. Janeen Landry

    Janeen Landry

    Dag geleden

    There is a women who called the cops on the cops ! If you haven’t seen it it is pure gold bros

  67. Maddi Strine

    Maddi Strine

    Dag geleden

    I can’t tell if they can tell that this is recorded post? They’re acting like the videos are the real people?

  68. Khalil Benadada

    Khalil Benadada

    Dag geleden

    I dont shit in public bathrooms. I knew there had to be a reason.

  69. Noelle M

    Noelle M

    Dag geleden

    When we were kids we would have to scream out I need toilet paper. One day my sister screamed so loud the neighbor walking the dog heard. She came back 2 minutes late with a roll😂

  70. Shawn Stube

    Shawn Stube

    Dag geleden

    He had a phone, why didn't he call the store's service desk???

  71. Sonja Kovacevic

    Sonja Kovacevic

    Dag geleden

    I love America, cause I’m not living there

  72. MLE


    Dag geleden

    I was on a walk one day and was hit with that "uh-oh" moment. There was a portapotty nearby that I made it to, with no toilet paper... My socks were the sacrifice

  73. WalkenDead1369


    Dag geleden

    I've ran out of TP one in my 45 years, I vowed never again. Even in the beginning of the pandemic, I was well stocked.

  74. WalkenDead1369


    Dag geleden

    In a weird way Florida man going to Missouri on vacation makes perfect sense

  75. Status Disarray

    Status Disarray

    Dag geleden

    I would struggle to look at that pool in the same way.

  76. Rylee Nolan

    Rylee Nolan

    Dag geleden

    Yesss please do more of these !

  77. Levi Blevins

    Levi Blevins

    Dag geleden

    Instead of 3 shells use the cardboard tube

  78. kitchean


    Dag geleden

    2nd story, he shouldn't have been arrested. I believe the constitution gives him a right to bear arms

  79. Lauren Avocado

    Lauren Avocado

    Dag geleden

    The toilet paper issue, I would just call the store and tell them to bring you toilet paper. They should have it stocked so they would be dumb to be mad about it.

  80. runrockwater


    Dag geleden

    PLEASE REACT TO THE 90 DAY FIANCE SPIN OFF!!!!!!!!!!! as for toilet paper dude he cld call out to ask someone to hand him toilet paper, use the hand wipes, pull up pants a little and leave to look into other toilets if nobody answers when asked, there are options lol

  81. Makayla Chaffin

    Makayla Chaffin

    Dag geleden

    As soon as the mustached cop showed up I yelled, “Howie!” Glad I’m not the only one who saw it.

  82. Boned ToTheStone

    Boned ToTheStone

    Dag geleden

    You know what they say, if you’re out of toilet paper use a sock.

  83. secretlady646


    Dag geleden

    this is why dude wipes exsist lol

  84. Tianna Reynolds

    Tianna Reynolds

    Dag geleden

    Hi guys! I love your videos and since I found you guys have been watching everyday, they made my days and I laugh my butt off! My birthday is April 16th if you can give me a shoutout! Best birthday gift would be for Ken to say my name with that Southern accent LOL 😂

  85. Shakeitha Jacobs

    Shakeitha Jacobs

    Dag geleden

    💀💀💀 at least she washed before she sat down 🤣🤣🤣

  86. CrossingTropic


    Dag geleden

    If you run outta toilet paper but you have your phone what not instead calling 911 you call the store After I wrote this the 911 dispatch said the same thing

  87. Aran Kirostok

    Aran Kirostok

    Dag geleden

    this was great! please more!

  88. DaScott Parasram

    DaScott Parasram

    Dag geleden

    Dirty poo water 😹 lol

  89. Robyn McAlear

    Robyn McAlear

    Dag geleden

    Part of the reason I always have tissues with me😅🤣

  90. Matt Van Houten

    Matt Van Houten

    Dag geleden

    11:58, google the phone number of the store you're at and ask an employee for assistance 🤷 Edit 12:42, ...ah...

  91. Rebecca Pechon

    Rebecca Pechon

    Dag geleden

    I’d call a friend before I’d call the cops haha or even call Walmart or whatever and be like "hey so yeah I’m stuck"

  92. Hawkmoth


    Dag geleden

    Dude, just call the STORE you're in for TP paper xD

  93. Elite Gem

    Elite Gem

    Dag geleden

    how are they recording these? thats why im thinking there fake

  94. Angel Cabrera

    Angel Cabrera

    2 dagen geleden

    I think he should've called the swat to get him toilet paper cuz that's a sever emergency

  95. Kimberley GribbenIlove

    Kimberley GribbenIlove

    2 dagen geleden

    Buffpro: I love your laugh, and the way your humor bounces off of CTK . I'm watching during another 28 day lockdown in Ontario, CA, I love watching you, take care and stay safe xoxoxo

  96. Sandra Haugen

    Sandra Haugen

    2 dagen geleden

    Yaaas 😂

  97. iornshoes


    2 dagen geleden

    Do more of these. You guys' reactions were priceless! 👊👍

  98. Frankie


    2 dagen geleden

    What chair does buff have???

  99. Dan Reuter

    Dan Reuter

    2 dagen geleden

    BuffPro should go to Australia with the Cinnamon Toast Ken family! 🇦🇺

  100. Abdallah Halfa

    Abdallah Halfa

    2 dagen geleden

    1:40 yo big ed joined the police?