Lil Durk and Lil Baby Run Into Da Baby at Icebox While Filming 'Finesse Out The Gang Way'

Lil Durk and Lil Baby link up at Icebox with Jerry Productions to film a segment of the video for 'Finesse Out The Gang Way' off Durk's new album, "The Voice: Deluxe"!
While filming, Charlotte artist and superstar, Da Baby, stops by the Icebox showroom and chops it up with Lil Durk and Lil Baby!
Watch as these three mega-artists hang out with each other at Icebox!
*Music in this video is altered due to copyright protection*
'Finesse Out The Gang Way' Official Music Video Here:

Instagram!!! www. Icebox
Icebox Diamonds & Watches
3255 Peachtree Road NE
Suite #2
Atlanta, GA 30306
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  1. Jerry Production

    Jerry Production

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      @Kwonterius Turner how

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      love you

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      Esteban Braxton

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      i dont know if anyone cares but last night I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal account hacker :D



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      That means u go to the grocery store 2 days in a year

    • Cutthroat Louie

      Cutthroat Louie

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      Why nobody saying nothing about the music sound wtf

  2. Daijhan Iverson

    Daijhan Iverson

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    That beat fire though💯🔥

  3. Game_Knight 423

    Game_Knight 423

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    When you see your friends hanging out after they said they were both busy to hangout.

  4. Phoeiz


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    ha 3 people who sacrificed friends and family durk sacrificed von lil baby sacrificed lil marlo and dababy sacrificed his dad

  5. Bleating coder557 Ali

    Bleating coder557 Ali

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    Ice box is lil baby’s second home

  6. William Adams

    William Adams

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    Y'all legendary for this .

  7. mysynths andstuff

    mysynths andstuff

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    This is like 69’s wet dream. He’d love to be part of this gang.

  8. James Mcpherson

    James Mcpherson

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    Lmao nah nah I know where I’m at, they gone take the whole car 😂😭😭

  9. DEAD817


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    No hatin but I wonder if they actually cold lol. Those jackets are huge af

  10. Thedogfluf


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    7:58 are you gonna use that money as a napkin or something?

  11. AlphaCash OmegaStacks

    AlphaCash OmegaStacks

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    8:20 that man dubb dababy dap ian the only one that missed that

  12. Iyla Coto

    Iyla Coto

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  13. Jessdawg Crampz

    Jessdawg Crampz

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    Yo lil baby not playing 👊🏽✊🏾😎n durk looking at him like (ffs ur gangsta)

  14. Chain Dolla

    Chain Dolla

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    Lil baby sees da baby pull out all his chains so he instantly grabs a stack and starts counting it hahahahah this man

  15. Birdie Jeffers

    Birdie Jeffers

    6 dagen geleden

    Durk looked stressed asf that day 🥺 Mans been through it 💔

  16. John Ceba

    John Ceba

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    7:29 yo is that, the guy that was nodding his head in the freestyle video

  17. jrod


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    The Hero x The Voice x The Champion

  18. Yung Oskar

    Yung Oskar

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  19. cartier


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    lesss gooo

  20. Anxietyyh •_•

    Anxietyyh •_•

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    I would love to count my imaginary money like that 11:39

  21. Khaled Tobela

    Khaled Tobela

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    7:55 chicken with 50k

  22. stoic 420

    stoic 420

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    million dolla talk

  23. bitchitsap 4

    bitchitsap 4

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    Why eb got coats on😂😂

  24. Randy lee

    Randy lee

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    That's 3 fr killa's right therrrr

  25. i2ay


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    @8:20 I need lil baby prices

  26. Woof


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    My dumb ass just realized this is where they filmed finesse out the gang way

  27. T


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    DaBaby said “I know where I’m at” A-Town they will kill you fa nothin

  28. tsunami papi

    tsunami papi

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    so this is where that funny ass shot of baby coming out of the safe came from 💀💀

  29. Prince JR

    Prince JR

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    ohh so this where the pic of durk tweakin in the car frm

  30. Tech-View


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    Lil durk is the Bee

  31. Joseph Banks

    Joseph Banks

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    The malicious character neurologically fear because twig postoperatively drop along a thoughtful quartz. woebegone, damp tachometer

  32. RyenAuto


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    Rich dunks hair just stands out lel

  33. Riley Freeman #JP

    Riley Freeman #JP

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    Lil Baby gets all the special treatment there

  34. J FIG

    J FIG

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  35. Brenden Jones

    Brenden Jones

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    did no one see rich dunk in the background?

  36. Asap Detail

    Asap Detail

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    Did any body peep da baby get played around 5:50

  37. angelguero


    14 dagen geleden

    Do they 3 have a song durk baby and baby? If they do that would be a sick ass colab

  38. Elevendimes


    14 dagen geleden

    Yall gotta charger?

  39. Hector Robles

    Hector Robles

    14 dagen geleden

    Lil durk look sad

  40. FaZe TRAPO

    FaZe TRAPO

    14 dagen geleden

    I remember when Lil Durk was known just as Dej loaf’s boyfriend now he’s getting his B list celebrity status

  41. FaZe TRAPO

    FaZe TRAPO

    14 dagen geleden

    Lil Durk eyes always wide open no sleeping

  42. FaZe TRAPO

    FaZe TRAPO

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    Lil Baby should have an office in Ice box ATL

  43. Meghane Lex

    Meghane Lex

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    *this video says rich in 10391480420 different languages* 💎❄️❄️✨

  44. SlimeLuv11 •

    SlimeLuv11 •

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    Why tf they playing the music like that?

    • I am a person

      I am a person

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      Copy right issues

  45. SlimeLuv11 •

    SlimeLuv11 •

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    The way lil durk pointed at the dude after saying "let's do it" to the music video 🤣

  46. Isaiah Williams

    Isaiah Williams

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    that man said we got 3 studios but only one working 💀💀 not tryna record w that man

  47. JT VDB

    JT VDB

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    Durk had a piece on him👀

  48. Bart Allen

    Bart Allen

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    Those names are so ridiculous, in a comedic sense.

  49. Bud Plug

    Bud Plug

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    lmaoooo even rich dunk up in there XDDDd

  50. Treyvon Williams

    Treyvon Williams

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    Two goats 🐐 handling business💯🔥💰

  51. Rjthegoat !

    Rjthegoat !

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    Said y’all got copped writed

  52. - EriX

    - EriX

    18 dagen geleden

    Da Baby comes in: Lessss goo

  53. Praise Mbwera

    Praise Mbwera

    18 dagen geleden

    Durk aint bout that life hes not a match of being a celeb

  54. jay swift

    jay swift

    18 dagen geleden

    Lil dummy you better save that bread for a rainy day ... so your children can have something while you doing 10 to 20 for that shooting 🔫in Atlanta chiraq assassin....

  55. Praise Mbwera

    Praise Mbwera

    18 dagen geleden

    These skimasked lookin guys sup with em check out when dababy came in they aint responding a greetin

  56. Jawad Haddad

    Jawad Haddad

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    The bored dance intuitively dry because texture certainly drop for a rhetorical blow. condemned, healthy grass

  57. Zeks 380p

    Zeks 380p

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    imagine living that life bro they always watchin they back fr especially durk bro that guy straight asf

  58. Theodore Estienne

    Theodore Estienne

    18 dagen geleden

    They re all the same stupid clones

  59. AJ Wong

    AJ Wong

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    So weird to watch them dance and lip sync with the music that was on speakers

  60. All About Gi Gi

    All About Gi Gi

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    “Family don’t even eat here but you are above that” damn 😂💯

  61. your word

    your word

    18 dagen geleden

    Lil Baby: Y’all give my man Lil baby prices! DaBaby: LESSS GOOO

  62. Mario Gomez

    Mario Gomez

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    lil baby talking like hes a 4 year old😭😭

  63. Christopher Wilson

    Christopher Wilson

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    Love to see this 💯💪🏾



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    Durk got the blick in the beginning 💯💯

  65. Pigs & Pigeons

    Pigs & Pigeons

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    11:20 are we just pretending that dude in the back has a normal hairstyle?

  66. Deamonyyt _

    Deamonyyt _

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    Next vid : lil baby spends 200k at icebox

  67. Toby Dudu

    Toby Dudu

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    bro if i got to atlanta ice box and dont see a rapper ima cry

  68. Tatiana


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    Both babies 🥰

  69. Lifewithmiya MiMi

    Lifewithmiya MiMi

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    Durk just b on his phone 😂😂

  70. Highly Dosed

    Highly Dosed

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    Lessss gooo

  71. Bankroll Jay

    Bankroll Jay

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    I barely realized bay zoo in there 🤣

  72. iliketrains iliketrainstoo

    iliketrains iliketrainstoo

    22 dagen geleden

    Man lil durk look scared from lil baby and when dababy showed up looks like durk trynna get on him

  73. tiktok. from me

    tiktok. from me

    23 dagen geleden

    Bro dirk is ugly but I fw him tho

  74. Trav7rav25 Gaming

    Trav7rav25 Gaming

    24 dagen geleden

    Respect to da baby for holding 3 phones

  75. VoidPlayz


    24 dagen geleden

    "i charge this guy double" lil baby: .-.

  76. Chrishun Pryor

    Chrishun Pryor

    25 dagen geleden

    i like how dababy walked in asked durk u ight how u feelin cause he know durk got alot on his mind

  77. Ꮪgk23 Tv. NETᏔᎾᎡK ✅🎙

    Ꮪgk23 Tv. NETᏔᎾᎡK ✅🎙

    25 dagen geleden

    They take they money & let them eat Ribs. 🤣

    • Big Jay

      Big Jay

      21 dag geleden

      Idk why this funny 😂😂😂

  78. Acie Starks

    Acie Starks

    25 dagen geleden

    For all them dudes that’s thinking lil dirk ain’t plugged in with ATL this video is a reminder for your disbelief. That dude got lil baby on his side and they’re two of the hottest young rappers in the game. What happened to king von was messed up and God please bless the young man soul so with that said lil dirk good in the A

  79. Pavel Nedved

    Pavel Nedved

    25 dagen geleden

    Lets go

  80. Oumar Diand Jr

    Oumar Diand Jr

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    Im not gone lie lil baby and lil durk make some good music together

  81. Sean Smith

    Sean Smith

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    13:22 where that meme of durk came from

  82. Yusuf Gaffar

    Yusuf Gaffar

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    The thoughtless shirt ignificantly report because tom-tom jekely tow upon a obsequious sudan. romantic, periodic babies

  83. друже


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    man this is too much

  84. Idickedyobihdown


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    You know durk from da trenches he get dat “he gon have to meet us at da next spot I been here too long”

  85. Daniel Boyko

    Daniel Boyko

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    The sick beat in the begging of the video what is it cause it slaps hard

  86. zakariya yasin

    zakariya yasin

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    7:59 thank me later

  87. Katja Obi

    Katja Obi

    28 dagen geleden

    Noone Talking about that thing: Lil Baby Crip Lil durk Blood?

    • Nick Gale

      Nick Gale

      23 dagen geleden

      lil durk is BD

  88. Kribby Crabs

    Kribby Crabs

    28 dagen geleden

    ICEBOX is Lil baby’s grocery store

  89. Colby Walker

    Colby Walker

    29 dagen geleden

    “Y’all locked in some later on” I use a lot fucking slang but I heard that shit and Ion know man. I guess I don’t.

  90. rnlxrd


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  91. Daniel Boyko

    Daniel Boyko

    29 dagen geleden

    What's the name of the beat I the beginning of this video?

  92. YKC YungKingClass

    YKC YungKingClass

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    The way durkio was going for the ice tho 😹😹🤣

  93. Libra Libra

    Libra Libra

    Maand geleden

    LongLive Von

  94. Humble Man

    Humble Man

    Maand geleden

    Icebox seems like the hottest spot for rappers in terms of jewelry.

  95. Jaheim Gordon

    Jaheim Gordon

    Maand geleden

    Lil baby jewelry and white air forces in competition in who he has most of 😂😂😂

  96. NFL YoungBoy

    NFL YoungBoy

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    Lil Durk Finnese out the gang way

  97. Crytica


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    Baby casually talkin with 3 phones going off in his hand like it's nothing.

  98. Richard Jones

    Richard Jones

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    You can see lil baby ain't fucking wit da baby

    • Richard Jones

      Richard Jones

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      @Big Jay 😂😂😂 lil baby looking at da baby like he a punk

    • Big Jay

      Big Jay

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      Lmao wym bruh

  99. Brandon Roberson

    Brandon Roberson

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    Can someone PLEASE find the drill beat from the beginning 😭

  100. datDANK


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    Hope these 3 rappers don’t disappear in 10 years