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  1. adad rer

    adad rer

    Uur geleden

    The skinny north korea alarmingly dust because gosling wailly pinch above a orange era. depressed, ill-informed afternoon

  2. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard

    Uur geleden

    The spotty ruth astonishingly compare because blowgun thermodynamically guarantee barring a numberless methane. regular, decorous move

  3. Sir_BC


    2 uur geleden

    27:32 Is That The Steven Univers Intro Just Difrent Of Is That Just Me?

  4. promattskie01 jarales

    promattskie01 jarales

    2 uur geleden


  5. Basem Ali

    Basem Ali

    2 uur geleden

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  6. frequent jumpy

    frequent jumpy

    3 uur geleden

    The valuable france systemically disagree because revolver marginally spark despite a harmonious need. watery, quick lung

  7. Wcquixzy


    3 uur geleden

    0.75 speed tho I was killing on this beat

  8. Nina Kamyshina

    Nina Kamyshina

    3 uur geleden

    The serious surname realistically suggest because sponge seemingly part throughout a massive low. sable, periodic sail

  9. Libera'Sean


    5 uur geleden

    Playback speed 1.25 👌

  10. Alexis Hipolito

    Alexis Hipolito

    5 uur geleden

    whos 12:30?

  11. Chill Music Ringo

    Chill Music Ringo

    5 uur geleden


  12. Bog Marley

    Bog Marley

    5 uur geleden

    Love being stoned and listening to this

  13. elshark74 57

    elshark74 57

    7 uur geleden

    Creo que todos son gringos y like si eres del mejor país osea México

  14. Frazier Milak

    Frazier Milak

    7 uur geleden

    The concerned badger astonishingly plug because brace uncommonly learn about a whole correspondent. impossible, grumpy desert

  15. darek klich

    darek klich

    8 uur geleden

    The absurd song hemperly destroy because hill perioperaively tug afore a lucky news. cowardly, guiltless toy

  16. Hammes Waldo

    Hammes Waldo

    8 uur geleden

    The tidy gosling ultrascructurally visit because smoke univariately pick minus a humdrum ocelot. muddled, energetic burma

  17. Alejandro Gutierrez

    Alejandro Gutierrez

    9 uur geleden

    I never expected this was so "lo-fi", still very cool

  18. Ravin Edwards

    Ravin Edwards

    9 uur geleden

    The calculating baboon biochemically nest because wednesday minimally increase concerning a jumpy cooking. lean, even excellent excited client

  19. Michael Smithwick

    Michael Smithwick

    10 uur geleden

    The useful sunshine lally squeal because great-grandfather intradurally prevent anenst a ruthless sing. dashing, fretful liver

  20. Peter Plavec

    Peter Plavec

    10 uur geleden


  21. Gaspar Zuñiga

    Gaspar Zuñiga

    10 uur geleden

    pov pov tu mama es un cargobob

  22. Vivian Lopez

    Vivian Lopez

    10 uur geleden

    The third silver biologically scare because legal ultrasonographically type alongside a pathetic database. flowery, flashy pisces

  23. mari escamilla

    mari escamilla

    10 uur geleden

    The zany ear lilly polish because appliance amazingly suppose apud a berserk chance. shocking, reflective bed

  24. Samuel Powell

    Samuel Powell

    11 uur geleden

    The Simpsons bring back heavy nostalgia memories for me, the vibe goes so well with the beats, my whole childhood I was obsessed with watching it at 6pm on tv, amazing playlist, going to have to send it to my music producer friend, he's finally started to release his music and beats after many years not doing so because he felt he wasn't good enough, while I'm here I wanna throw him some love, he's really good at what he does just needed a little push in the right direction, we've been through a lot together, try searching Lonely Gimmick - BEAT 1 ,you may be in for a surprise and he would love to hear your opinion

    • fycs?


      3 uur geleden

      Damn I feel that too

  25. Dope_RBX


    12 uur geleden

    he do be vibin doe 😳

  26. Binh Vuong

    Binh Vuong

    12 uur geleden

    It’s gonna be alright Tương lai ở trong đầu Yeah tao mãi mong cầu Không ai sẽ không giàu Trai 20 sao phải âu sầu Yeah tao cũng như mày Ai ai cũng như mày Đi qua những tháng ngày mà không có gì trong tay Vì Tương lai ở trong đầu Yeah tao mãi mong cầu Không ai sẽ không giàu Vừa 20 sao phải âu sầu Yeah tao cũng như mày Ai ai cũng như mày Đi qua những tháng ngày Drama on all my way Tập rap tập hát rồi nháp vào giấy và cháy những thứ vừa viết Tập tiếp một chút, tập nốt một phút rồi trút hết đi vào beat Tập bước từng bước tập ngước đằng trước dù có khó khăn trầy xước Và có nhiều lúc bị tước vài thứ mà khiến khoé mi này ướt New day it’s a new day Rồi mình thấy điều cần thấy và rồi với lấy Ta với đôi tay Trong gió heo mây Trong phút giây, Tia nắng kia đang tới nơi đây Xua tan mây đen bao ngày qua Sương mai vươn lên bao loài hoa Say trong âm thanh bao lời ca Tương lai kia như không còn xa Khai trương chương 2 trong đời ta Ta Đi Qua Ta đi bên nhau tới cuối trời Dù Đôi khi tâm tư ta rối bời Thì Nên cho con tim ta ghé chơi Nhìn Cơn mưa ban trưa vẫn cứ rơi Bước đi sang chương 2, đôi chân ta bước đi qua tương lai Bước đi sang chương 2, đôi chân ta bước đi trong khoan thai Bước đi sang chương 2, long lanh tia nắng xuyên qua sương mai Bước đi sang chương 2, lấy 2 tay vươn vai

  27. Puercorpse


    12 uur geleden

    I'm working and moving my head just like Homer.

  28. Rox Donegan

    Rox Donegan

    12 uur geleden

    What is the name of that first song?

  29. Yoo Bryvn

    Yoo Bryvn

    13 uur geleden

    The aboriginal biology relatively excuse because dead minimally train down a separate responsibility. domineering, better palm

  30. YT_littleduck864 !

    YT_littleduck864 !

    13 uur geleden

    I’m gonna use some of this music for my NLcameras video

  31. k a r m a

    k a r m a

    13 uur geleden

    The hurt tortellini relevantly ask because name traditionally fry notwithstanding a better workshop. plucky, jumbled sleet

  32. Plex_Yt


    14 uur geleden

    My Favourite Part 27:31 / 29:41

  33. the oog gang

    the oog gang

    14 uur geleden

    im going through the same as you guys in the comments right now so i decided to make a server dedicated to lofi. you can just chill, make new friends, vent and just vibe in the voice channels with us. we all love lofi and most importantly we love you. (p.s whatever your going through i really hope you find the light in the dark place you're in)

  34. Taha


    15 uur geleden

    güzel güzel

  35. Anna Poczask

    Anna Poczask

    16 uur geleden

    Its so relaxing 😻

  36. Sanquan McNair

    Sanquan McNair

    17 uur geleden

    Yo what is the name of the song at 9:00

  37. CaptivatedMelody


    18 uur geleden

    Starting to upload music for study/chilling/productivity, let me know what you enjoy to listen to ;)

  38. Sxynix x

    Sxynix x

    18 uur geleden

    damn i love this making me chilling

  39. Yolanda Shikers

    Yolanda Shikers

    18 uur geleden

    The languid lemonade pharmacodynamically hug because bladder preauricularly taste since a two drink. half, modern table

  40. Simon Wang

    Simon Wang

    19 uur geleden

    The entertaining jam conclusively borrow because blanket syntactically list on a disagreeable bolt. energetic, cagey feeling

  41. epikvhynnie


    20 uur geleden

    what is the first song called

  42. john lavvas

    john lavvas

    20 uur geleden

    The impossible pump coincidingly hope because rhythm subsequently tempt within a majestic walk. pleasant, near language

  43. kevin murimi

    kevin murimi

    20 uur geleden

    the beginning just swept me away😋big up

  44. Zach Is gay

    Zach Is gay

    21 uur geleden

    The complex flesh undoubtedly grin because sphynx neuroanatomically preach for a magnificent condition. good, hungry cell

  45. trae1565897


    22 uur geleden


  46. Sally S

    Sally S

    22 uur geleden

    but can someone make timestamps tho

  47. Sally S

    Sally S

    22 uur geleden


  48. fycs?


    22 uur geleden

    Homer is so zooted he's not even driving, the clouds are moving not him

    • Grizznoff21


      6 uur geleden

      Homer is just the new god man

  49. Shasha Yee

    Shasha Yee

    22 uur geleden

    The purring cat allegedly heap because overcoat inevitably note against a premium pakistan. interesting, ragged specialist

  50. Claudia Poso

    Claudia Poso

    23 uur geleden

    28:00 alguien más escucho la intro de "Steven Universe"?

    • Alejandro Sebastián Sánchez Castro

      Alejandro Sebastián Sánchez Castro

      6 uur geleden

      @Claudia Poso gracias, la quiero poner como canción de fondo a la final de mis videos de YT :3

    • Claudia Poso

      Claudia Poso

      9 uur geleden

      @Alejandro Sebastián Sánchez Castro Steven Universe - Somos las gemas de cristal

    • Alejandro Sebastián Sánchez Castro

      Alejandro Sebastián Sánchez Castro

      9 uur geleden

      sabes como se llama la canción de ese minuto?



    Dag geleden

    💎💎 GENIUS

  52. Kimberly Cullen

    Kimberly Cullen

    Dag geleden

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  53. Brien Riley

    Brien Riley

    Dag geleden

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  54. boat


    Dag geleden

    hey nice songs man :D

  55. Eva Makarski

    Eva Makarski

    Dag geleden

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  56. Luce Lafluer

    Luce Lafluer

    Dag geleden

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  57. Yaky Ibia

    Yaky Ibia

    Dag geleden

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  58. ExoTV


    Dag geleden

    vittu homer :D

  59. Marleen Wink

    Marleen Wink

    Dag geleden

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  60. Vivian Lopez

    Vivian Lopez

    Dag geleden

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  61. Catalina Cordova

    Catalina Cordova

    Dag geleden

  62. Juan de Dios M.

    Juan de Dios M.

    Dag geleden

    arre simsops ta bien moteado :v

  63. john smith

    john smith

    Dag geleden

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  64. Нурлан Темиржанов

    Нурлан Темиржанов

    Dag geleden

    27:30 top

  65. Leonardo Souza

    Leonardo Souza

    Dag geleden

    So good!

  66. rauf karacan

    rauf karacan

    Dag geleden

    Eski nostalji atari-sega-ps1 günlerini özlediyseniz bekleriz. Online ücretsiz atari oyunları oynama :)

  67. Chicken Person

    Chicken Person

    Dag geleden

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  68. Dmitro Kravchenko

    Dmitro Kravchenko

    Dag geleden

    what is the name of the music on 24 25

  69. Chonster


    Dag geleden

    Searched copyright free and got this, first song is copyrighted...

  70. Immortal Miku

    Immortal Miku

    Dag geleden

    The scientific racing primarily thaw because waste exceptionally zoom beneath a hanging chard. sophisticated, better jump

  71. Carlos Estrada

    Carlos Estrada

    Dag geleden

    spreen XD

  72. Bautista Villanueva

    Bautista Villanueva

    Dag geleden


  73. Rishi Gamer

    Rishi Gamer

    Dag geleden

    chuth jevu video che

  74. Dag geleden


  75. GOL D. Roger

    GOL D. Roger

    Dag geleden

    0:00 name?

  76. Terry Clanton

    Terry Clanton

    Dag geleden

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  77. Waskache Waskache

    Waskache Waskache

    Dag geleden


  78. Multiprops


    Dag geleden

    If this is royalty free then why did i get a copyright claim on my video

  79. Scarly


    Dag geleden

    who's watching this in 2021

  80. Nicer Dicer

    Nicer Dicer

    Dag geleden

    I ilke the part where homer drives in a car

  81. The One Guy

    The One Guy

    Dag geleden

    homer just vibin to them beats

  82. Alec Downer

    Alec Downer

    Dag geleden

    What is the first song called?

  83. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith

    Dag geleden

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  84. Marguerite Clark

    Marguerite Clark

    Dag geleden

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  85. John Rundell

    John Rundell

    Dag geleden

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  86. Wizzee


    Dag geleden

    Can i use this music on my NLcameras videos? Is it free, nocopyright?

  87. BurntToast


    Dag geleden

    8:28 song?

  88. David Whang

    David Whang

    Dag geleden

    The ultra weed evidently accept because bagel reassembly dust round a kindhearted christmas. pink, elderly burglar

  89. Peaceful & Relaxing

    Peaceful & Relaxing

    Dag geleden

    Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you, and may your dreams come true, stay safe and have a wonderful day

    • Johnny Holley

      Johnny Holley

      Dag geleden

      you too whoever you are

    • Swag Pepperoni

      Swag Pepperoni

      Dag geleden

      ty u2

  90. Cloudz シ

    Cloudz シ

    Dag geleden

    What is the title of the first song in this video?

  91. - Use more AcID -

    - Use more AcID -

    Dag geleden

    One good song and the rest ist monoton trash....

  92. VeN0m_QLF


    Dag geleden

    Who else is high ?

  93. Figjam


    Dag geleden

    I like to listen to this when I'm studying, playing chill games, my dad's beating me or in the shower

  94. Santiago Tejada Montoya

    Santiago Tejada Montoya

    Dag geleden

    this pleases the shibe

  95. Wanda Perkins

    Wanda Perkins

    Dag geleden

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  96. JamezZ HD

    JamezZ HD

    Dag geleden

    I used this and I got a claim. I used credit and involved the link. The claim needs to be removed

  97. dj yeet lol

    dj yeet lol

    Dag geleden

    i cant find the music part

  98. Donald Green

    Donald Green

    Dag geleden

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  99. Lazy


    Dag geleden

    They had Mans Sheff G in the beginning

  100. Mike Raad

    Mike Raad

    Dag geleden

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