The Last Light Before Eternal Darkness - White Dwarfs & Black Dwarfs

Everything will end. Even the universe. But in a future so far away that it defies description, there will still be light and therefore a chance for life. It will be around White Dwarfs, the corpses of stars. But even they will fade one day..
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The Last Light Before Eternal Darkness - White Dwarfs & Black Dwarfs


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    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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    • DeathMark recording channel

      DeathMark recording channel

      Maand geleden

      Universe: WIll eventually dies with matter evaporates Humans and aliens which were a TYPE OMEGA CIVILISATION at that time: Oh no! Anyways.

    • Furqan Ahmed

      Furqan Ahmed

      Maand geleden

      How about the gas thing that make suns?

    • JbA JbA2009

      JbA JbA2009

      2 maanden geleden

      Can you have a video with a red giant

    • ziggy stardust the cat

      ziggy stardust the cat

      3 maanden geleden

      you're wrong about sun like stars after the red giant stage it will become a red clump then a agb star then a thermally pulsating agb star then white dwarf

    • Player Is here

      Player Is here

      4 maanden geleden

      I like the bit u said iron sphere beacause it’s sound satisfying

  2. Mert Erdor

    Mert Erdor

    11 uur geleden

    Space will Rebuild itself

  3. Aditya kumar

    Aditya kumar

    Dag geleden

    You know guyz we we not existint

  4. Francis Ros

    Francis Ros

    Dag geleden

    everyone should stop worrying about a dead universe god makes it live forever

  5. Darcy Lobbly

    Darcy Lobbly

    Dag geleden

    This was the most sad,terrifying thing i have ever heard. So lonely:(

  6. dan quazar

    dan quazar

    2 dagen geleden

    wait so could it be possible for all the iron at the end to come together in a mass thats so massive (litterally all the iron in the universe at the end of the universe so everything is iron) that causes a big bang event?

  7. Asher Carneiro

    Asher Carneiro

    2 dagen geleden

    4:21 PennyWise

  8. GV Singh

    GV Singh

    2 dagen geleden

    Its easier to just wait 10E+92 years to see for yourself what happens after black holes have evaporated from the universe.

  9. Red Mini Crewmate

    Red Mini Crewmate

    3 dagen geleden

    Heat death will come true after 1 trillon years. Kinda short

  10. Chaitalee Bhat

    Chaitalee Bhat

    3 dagen geleden

    But wait if in 8 billion years the sun will collapse and 5 billion have passed then 8 billion + 5 billion years=13 billion years

  11. Moonyfie Pie

    Moonyfie Pie

    4 dagen geleden

    “We live in a wonderful time!” Every poor country: are you sure about that

  12. KaZ


    6 dagen geleden

    Ughhh... In future as some civilzation becomes Type 4 can't they just uhhh... Make artifical star? Like, they will be so advanced. Like.. get a blackhole, build something that would produce light, and have an energy source for trillions of years, and as they become gods make some artifical energy source, that would produce protons and stuff, if that's understandable..

  13. AyushDaGamer


    8 dagen geleden


  14. Mira Sharp

    Mira Sharp

    8 dagen geleden

    I think our universe was in 100,000,000 years ago and the big bang started and the universe redo over again

  15. Vivi Chen

    Vivi Chen

    8 dagen geleden

    black dwarf; hey wheres my face

  16. Betzii


    9 dagen geleden

    I think humans will survive the dark universe without any stars due to current technology we can produce alot of light warm clothes aswell climate etc. everything might freeze up but humans will find a way..

  17. ღ {The_Half_Water_Fire_FallenFighters} ღ

    ღ {The_Half_Water_Fire_FallenFighters} ღ

    9 dagen geleden


  18. Jordy 229

    Jordy 229

    10 dagen geleden

    We could just use whatever the dead stars are made of as fuel to burn. In trillions of years, we’ll be so advanced, (or extinct) that we’ll survive in nothingness.

  19. XD Offical

    XD Offical

    11 dagen geleden

    Heat death won’t happen in the far future the only reason stars exist is because of gravity heat is created by gravity and supernova can always eternally make new stars so stop spreading lies

  20. Light


    11 dagen geleden

    Its very sad im not loved.😥

  21. Sunny Gold

    Sunny Gold

    11 dagen geleden

    So after an unbelievable time the universe finally dies and nothing is left. Before the big bang there has also been nothing. So what if the universe is just making a Routine.

  22. Yashashwini J

    Yashashwini J

    11 dagen geleden


  23. fish_ cake

    fish_ cake

    11 dagen geleden

    i heard the sun would explode and every planet would evaporate to nothing! am i wrong? 0-0 yes, yes i am

  24. Privacy Lover

    Privacy Lover

    12 dagen geleden

    "Really massive stars burn hot and fast, dying violently in supernova a few million years after birth. But they're the exception. 97% of stars will end their existence as white dwarfs." Some stars burn out and die, other stars burn out and die with *passion*

  25. Gamer_Baby


    12 dagen geleden

    *sees coronavirus at end of video* THEY PREDICTED THE FUTURE!!!!!

  26. Oscar Yamada

    Oscar Yamada

    12 dagen geleden

    our culture: listen to music, then watch the video

  27. Reacher kiefer

    Reacher kiefer

    12 dagen geleden

    welp. im eternally scared

  28. Adrian HL

    Adrian HL

    13 dagen geleden

    This vídeo was very sad for me i cry

  29. jeff m

    jeff m

    14 dagen geleden

    We'll be OK in the long dark epoch if we discover cold fusion

  30. Chris Cheng

    Chris Cheng

    14 dagen geleden

    What if the iorn balls join together in large enough numbers? Could they form a star?

  31. Oceania's Realm

    Oceania's Realm

    14 dagen geleden

    "Right Now We Happen To Exist at An Excellent Time" *Laughs in 2020* Wat chu talkin bout eh?

  32. mashop data

    mashop data

    15 dagen geleden

    Why slow

  33. Guido Haverkort

    Guido Haverkort

    15 dagen geleden

    Would the planet even stay in orbit if the sun sheds half of its mass? Or would they just fly off at some point

  34. Никита Загвоздкин

    Никита Загвоздкин

    15 dagen geleden

    The animation is just marvelous! I wand to give white dwarf a hug so that it does not feel alone!

  35. paraponzi


    16 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt: Come for the ducks, stay trapped in the dread.

  36. Demonic Corpse

    Demonic Corpse

    16 dagen geleden

    The teletubbies were right

  37. Jirayu Armart

    Jirayu Armart

    16 dagen geleden

    White dwarf is hotter

  38. Usman Hanif

    Usman Hanif

    17 dagen geleden

    “They could be humanities last home” Laughs in black hole bomb

  39. siriusly _r

    siriusly _r

    17 dagen geleden

    Kursgezagt: if you're alive today, you don't need to worry about this. me: y u even telling us tho-

  40. Stacey Sullivan

    Stacey Sullivan

    17 dagen geleden


  41. Jason Ash

    Jason Ash

    18 dagen geleden

    Remember, in the end, there will be nothing but iron balls floating through space - lol.

  42. Blaze King

    Blaze King

    18 dagen geleden

    How lonely an end for those stars

  43. F7 FD

    F7 FD

    19 dagen geleden

    that's.. lonely..🥺🥺

  44. Tasmai Tamboli

    Tasmai Tamboli

    19 dagen geleden

    Actually the weighing machine is not worthy to lift thor's hammer( mjolnir) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  45. Will Johnson

    Will Johnson

    19 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt is just: Crazy science Why it's depressing Why that's okay and you shouldn't worry

  46. Melonangel 45

    Melonangel 45

    19 dagen geleden

    Can we live next to a neutron star?

  47. l eta

    l eta

    19 dagen geleden

    I feel bad for the little iron spheres :'(

  48. trodorwater


    20 dagen geleden

    this stuff is scary but so interesting

  49. NdoNosCi


    20 dagen geleden

    While humans will likely die out before mastering space travel, and effective space travel will probably not occur without unlocking the mysteries of gravitational force, in the unlikely event that humanity can unlock those mysteries, it may be possible to prevent the heat death of the universe. What may seem wildly impossible now, the terraforming (for lack of a better word) of entire galaxies may be a way to keep the initial heat death of the universe at bay, and prolong the lifespan of energy forces with enough planning and execution. While this is all incredibly unlikely, given the amount of time we would have to work with if humanity ever does master space travel and gravitational force, it isn't entirely impossible.

  50. mashop data

    mashop data

    21 dag geleden

    1: pizza🍕

  51. Stafford Dmonte

    Stafford Dmonte

    21 dag geleden

    This gives me depreso

  52. Ash Patel

    Ash Patel

    21 dag geleden

    it is white dwarf black dwarf iron dwarf

  53. Skylarity


    22 dagen geleden

    Watching this makes me wanna cry for some reason. It makes me feel actually happy (and sad cause of 2020) that we're living in this time. It makes me scared that this will happen even tho those who have commented will definatly not be alive at that time.

  54. Jurre Huizinga

    Jurre Huizinga

    23 dagen geleden

    0:53 why does kurgsgezagt have Mjolnir?

  55. Chamlin Yambem

    Chamlin Yambem

    23 dagen geleden

    Look some people still wanna live😂

  56. Christiaan De Klerk

    Christiaan De Klerk

    23 dagen geleden

    + I'll de dead by then

  57. Bobby Siecker

    Bobby Siecker

    23 dagen geleden

    Living under late stage capitalism is not what I would call "an excellent time".

  58. Cube Central

    Cube Central

    23 dagen geleden

    4:25 As he says "All hope for life is now gone." The bird is smiling.

  59. Ethan Frey

    Ethan Frey

    23 dagen geleden

    but if the universe is infinite how can it die? think about that for 2 seconds and it hurts your head.

  60. Blue Bat

    Blue Bat

    24 dagen geleden

    Is that Jack Sparrow as a bird!?

  61. 20 20

    20 20

    24 dagen geleden

    Fun fact: you would be able to visit every star in the universe, driving by car, going at normal speeds hundreds of thousands of times before the last atoms in the universe decayed

  62. Future Forwarding

    Future Forwarding

    26 dagen geleden


  63. Yo Uno

    Yo Uno

    27 dagen geleden

    "It's too bad the univers won't live. But then again who does"

  64. panduka kannangara

    panduka kannangara

    28 dagen geleden

    It would be a spectaculer seen to see a white dwafe

  65. sana zaman

    sana zaman

    28 dagen geleden

    I have sooooooooooooooo much merch and I subscribed👍



    28 dagen geleden


  67. Azhan TE

    Azhan TE

    28 dagen geleden

    i a muslim so if you not muslim dont trust my comment. there are only one god controling the whole universe. Stars is one of the god creation. just like us the humans. every single thing has the end. like humans cause humans will meet the death. Stars because it will gone one day. plants because its will die too. planets , animals, and the whole universe. can you imagine if god are many the world will not stabile. thats why god are one. humans live on earth at the universe to be test by the god and satans will make humans follow them to the hell....the most low place ever at the afterlife. satans will cant be see but they can told you to do something bad and evil so humans has a lots of sins and go to the hell. if humans can fight what satans told them to do somethings bads they will not get sins. everythings has the end. somthing that alive or even not. do a lots of somethings goods and you will get the prices....the heaven where you can live easily

  68. RAHAJAH Alford Canty

    RAHAJAH Alford Canty

    Maand geleden

    glad i came back to watching this now i can be scared of the universe again

  69. Rocky


    Maand geleden

    :) :/

  70. Wyatt Szakacs

    Wyatt Szakacs

    Maand geleden

    Only a tiny part of the universes history will be bright, most of it will be completely dark, the black hole era.

  71. raf san

    raf san

    Maand geleden

    The sun will die.Yes. But in a billion of years.Can you imagine that? That still feels like foreever. If mankind continue to survuve that long, they will invent a techniqe so advanced that can tear down blackholes and creat hundreads of new stars and planets again. So, dont make nukes and continue to prosper.

  72. ayaan asharaf

    ayaan asharaf

    Maand geleden

    Ok u am not blaming kurzezgagt. But why does everyone think we die when our sun or the universe dies. We're gonna have technology to move to another system or make the universe immortal.

  73. Bipbip21


    Maand geleden

    Just retransform energy into matter bro

  74. berend nap

    berend nap

    Maand geleden

    3.34 you made it a but to easy to make a your mom joke here

  75. Chanakya Reddy Ankireddy

    Chanakya Reddy Ankireddy

    Maand geleden

    Hot stars are blue, not red blue stars=AS HOT AS S**T red stars=AS HOT AS BOILING WATER

  76. Alveera Khalid

    Alveera Khalid

    Maand geleden

    Sun will change into Red Giant,not in white dwarf.

  77. sam urai

    sam urai

    Maand geleden

    I love this shit.

  78. ktbk


    Maand geleden

    By the way in a septillion years the observable universe will get destroyed by black holes

    • Youtube Account#:457

      Youtube Account#:457

      Maand geleden

      This. It won’t be possible for us to be at the end of the universe. The last proton decays only a fraction of the time into our universe’s lifespan. And thats way after life becomes impossible on all planets.

  79. robert solimanm

    robert solimanm

    Maand geleden

    Make a video on what humans will do when all the black dwarfs die ... why not make a video on what humans will do after god dies ... make a real video - tell the truth - in the next million years disease will whipe us out like flys ... make a video that talks about this .. talk about humans in a context of reality ...

  80. Rui Maluf Filho

    Rui Maluf Filho

    Maand geleden

    What if Black Dwarfs hit each other wouldn’t that transfer kinetic energy to heat?

  81. Brittany Ramirez

    Brittany Ramirez

    Maand geleden

    Happy Birthday to Emilia Clarke who's 34 today 🎉🎂🥳 Did you like the end of Game of Thrones ?

  82. bar snack

    bar snack

    Maand geleden

    Nazi kurzgesagt

  83. Cindygr8ce


    Maand geleden

    Normally people who say who cares such and such horrible consequence won't affect me personally disgust me but I think in this one instance I would agree that the end of the universe is not something we should worry about. Maybe in a half billion trillion years people could care.

  84. Pooja Choksi

    Pooja Choksi

    Maand geleden

    to sad

  85. EpicSpace


    Maand geleden

    Welllllllll..... think about it. When stars die, they leave particles. When supergiants die, they leave loads of particles, maybe enough to make another large star or red dwarf. When the dwarf does die, it may make another white dwarf. Another thing we may be able to do, in your strange matter video, you mentioned if you pull quarks hard enough, they make more quarks. We may, with the technology of the future, be able to make machines that split quarks. So we can use those machines to make particles, and eventually, stars!

  86. Dhairya Sharma

    Dhairya Sharma

    Maand geleden

    0:09 No u it will never happen because When stars die, their gases are left in the galaxy. Then the clouds become stars due to gravity

  87. Creepzza


    Maand geleden

    I haven't laughed this hard to any comment section ever, I think.

  88. Blue Pearl

    Blue Pearl

    Maand geleden

    “A billion trillion years” Yes, humans. He means that litterally

  89. DeathMark recording channel

    DeathMark recording channel

    Maand geleden

    Universe: WIll eventually dies with matter evaporates Humans and aliens which were a TYPE OMEGA CIVILISATION at that time: Oh no! Anyways.

  90. Club 6

    Club 6

    Maand geleden

    What about the bigger stars? Wouldn’t they continually form nebulas which then form stars again? When a big star dies, it causes new stars to be born which would mean there will always be stars, right?

  91. Ionna Katinas

    Ionna Katinas

    Maand geleden


  92. Ftlbvd78


    Maand geleden

    Ngl, they would just build some kind of new sun or something

  93. muhammad ittfaq

    muhammad ittfaq

    Maand geleden

    we could make a black hole bomb and use its energy

  94. Wes On a Quest

    Wes On a Quest

    Maand geleden

    Hey the universe or not and you know

  95. Mohamed Hussein

    Mohamed Hussein

    Maand geleden


  96. Berna Marga Velasquez

    Berna Marga Velasquez

    Maand geleden

    he said will die 4x if yur wondering wer is the 3you will die watch what: if there was a black hole in your pocket

  97. Pixel Intellect

    Pixel Intellect

    Maand geleden

    Hello I hope to see an upload soon uh we all love you and please continue what you’re doing thanks for the knowledge dude good luck with the channel I’m subbed.

  98. King WatrMelon

    King WatrMelon

    Maand geleden

    “We live in an excellent time.” Did you know it’s 2020?

  99. ꧁Sanithu꧂ !

    ꧁Sanithu꧂ !

    Maand geleden

    We don’t need to worry about any of this do we? “God” can save us!

  100. Jared Garfield

    Jared Garfield

    Maand geleden

    Awww, only on iTunes and Spotify? So I can’t get the amazing music on amazon music? Guess who’s downloading iTunes! Edit: they actually are on amazon music! I guess this just isn’t up to date. But at least I’m listening to epic music, on epic mountain!