what kind of dog is this (cat)

runner up titles for this vlog:
vicious wild #cat tries to break into our air bnb *live footage*
3 minutes of my brain trying to figure out what kind of #dog this is
3 minutes of quiet uninterrupted interaction with a dog (ASMR)
*emotional* i saved a cat's life by touching it literally once
collin almost died *CAT ATTACK*
we're not friends anymore AND THIS DOG IS TO BLAME
J&J FINALLY GETS CAT?? WATCH TO FIND OUT (dog) *trigger warning for dogs* (don't let your dog watch this)
what type of dog are you *QUIZ*
dog DOES CATNIP outside (WILD) *feral*
we threw a dart at a dog and went to that dog


  1. Kylie Rosers

    Kylie Rosers

    Maand geleden

    I hate your friend for not letting that cat in......

  2. katlynn robinson

    katlynn robinson

    2 maanden geleden

    Such a sweet dog ❤🤗😖💖😫🐶🐱

  3. DC Whaaat

    DC Whaaat

    3 maanden geleden

    I don’t like this Colin....

  4. Jae Lilly

    Jae Lilly

    3 maanden geleden

    The dink fam in the airport“dink dink dink dink” 😂

  5. Gigi Hide

    Gigi Hide

    4 maanden geleden

    That’s so funny how there is just a group of dinks waiting at the airport.

  6. Lanie


    4 maanden geleden

    FUCK Collin, even 'allergic' it wouldn't kill him to let the cat in to get some love. Just a selective animal hater --- red flag there, people, what a dick

  7. Lucy T

    Lucy T

    5 maanden geleden

    Adorable cat.

  8. Savannah Stahoviak

    Savannah Stahoviak

    7 maanden geleden

    Dood garfeild is so CAUTE Owo

  9. Cole World

    Cole World

    8 maanden geleden

    How much does your heart explode when you hear people yelling “dink dink dinkdink”? Y’all are awesome people...

  10. Ray Conner

    Ray Conner

    10 maanden geleden

    Whoever didn’t let the cat in is a whole bitch.

  11. msmallywelch


    11 maanden geleden

    Ohhhh I'm so pissed! I was in the Denver airport 9 days later!

  12. Jackie Jones

    Jackie Jones

    Jaar geleden

    What I love the most about your interactions with the cat is that you respect the cat. You let him rub against you, you let him make decisions to be near you and rub his scent on you. Too many dog owners that I know treat cats like dogs-they pet them like dogs, they play with them like dogs, and then they wonder why cats don’t like them. But you were so sweet and gentle, and you let Garfield sniff you but didn’t push to pet him (you totally could’ve, he was so content and happy in your presence). I hope you and Jenna get a cat one day, because that cat will have the best life in your family.

  13. Austin Morris

    Austin Morris

    Jaar geleden

    Goodbye Spider-Man

  14. Veronica Viljoen

    Veronica Viljoen

    Jaar geleden

    so cute

  15. Jillian Ness

    Jillian Ness

    Jaar geleden

    Awe his purrs are so loud. You guys need a cat. Bunny and the babies would love a kitty bro or sis! Am I right ?

  16. thelizlords


    Jaar geleden

    Im sad the poor cat is outside in the first place, people shouldn't own cats if theyre going to expose them to disease and predators and cars, and expose the environment to the cat which will eat birds, small mammals, and reptiles. Not to mention spreading toxoplasmosis and being a vector for rabies... this cat is so sweet I wish it had a better owner

  17. Claire Biermann

    Claire Biermann

    Jaar geleden

    Oh she is so cute 😭❤️

  18. Gavin Wurm

    Gavin Wurm

    Jaar geleden

    Why can see julien punting the cat.

  19. Buddha Baby

    Buddha Baby

    Jaar geleden

    Dude FUCK Colin.

  20. Buddha Baby

    Buddha Baby

    Jaar geleden

    I have a cog, myself. Also known as a dat.

  21. Emma Morgan

    Emma Morgan

    Jaar geleden


  22. Mandy Kaszubowski

    Mandy Kaszubowski

    Jaar geleden


  23. Avery Johnson

    Avery Johnson

    Jaar geleden

    Next step: get jenna a cat

  24. Kuhoo Not Kuhu

    Kuhoo Not Kuhu

    Jaar geleden

    Dude your description lol

  25. Breezy Xx

    Breezy Xx

    Jaar geleden

    Monster. How could you not give that cat a home.

  26. Gabe Itch

    Gabe Itch

    Jaar geleden

    That cat was way too friendly to be a stray. I hope he finds his home.

  27. shelly lynn

    shelly lynn

    Jaar geleden

    I met Garfield's cousin in Ohio I named him tigger

  28. Meghan


    Jaar geleden

    Picture Garfield but like fat and you have my cat who is legit the sweetest animal ever 😻

  29. SammyIsRandom


    Jaar geleden

    me too honestly julien

  30. Ling Ling

    Ling Ling

    Jaar geleden

    I wouldn’t allow Collin in my house 🤷🏻‍♀️

  31. Arianna G

    Arianna G

    Jaar geleden

    It looks like a skinny version of my cat. 😂

  32. Jessica Klyn

    Jessica Klyn

    Jaar geleden

    Garfield probably lives there and was like ..... Lemme in my house wtf xD

  33. freddy green

    freddy green

    Jaar geleden

    julie where’s the fín

  34. amber


    Jaar geleden

    some people are so mean to stray cats. it makes me happy to see julien be friendly with him

  35. Kaea Wakabayashi

    Kaea Wakabayashi

    Jaar geleden

    PRETTY KITTY!!!! :DDDD I love it! So pretty and graceful, it’s so adorable!!!!

  36. rickiereese


    Jaar geleden

    His purring is so loud! So cute 💕

  37. Ellie Rickenbaugh

    Ellie Rickenbaugh

    Jaar geleden


  38. Kelcie Bean

    Kelcie Bean

    Jaar geleden

    Julien get a cat! Jenna will love it!

  39. Rugsprø


    Jaar geleden

    Julien always falls in love with blonde animals, it is so cute

  40. Ghost Kat

    Ghost Kat

    Jaar geleden

    The description lmao

  41. usui usui

    usui usui

    Jaar geleden

    let garfield inside colin

  42. g o o s e h o n k

    g o o s e h o n k

    Jaar geleden

    2:37 *Is ThAt A cHiCkEn*

  43. Kawaii Macaron

    Kawaii Macaron

    Jaar geleden

    GET AN CAT!!

  44. Charlotte Bryan

    Charlotte Bryan

    Jaar geleden

    "I'll know for sure when we're in the air" I died

  45. caitlin


    Jaar geleden

    me with every cat i meet

  46. Christina Prendergast

    Christina Prendergast

    2 jaar geleden

    You’re so sweet to spend time with the orange kitty ♥️ btw I was just at the Denver airport yesterday lol

  47. Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

    2 jaar geleden

    Yes get a cat I love mine idc if anyone’s allergic you must cats are so sweet

  48. Megan Levitt-Metz

    Megan Levitt-Metz

    2 jaar geleden

    Omg I love bandito burrito

  49. Megara024


    2 jaar geleden

    get a kitty!!!! 🐱

  50. •briî•


    2 jaar geleden

    GeT jEnNa a CaT

  51. Anjelica Verlin

    Anjelica Verlin

    2 jaar geleden

    KITTY!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH

  52. Sara Burke

    Sara Burke

    2 jaar geleden

    i love how your videos are very raw and impromptu, like real life. very refreshing and a nice counter to Jenna's channel (which is also raw, but in a more planned way). anyway, it's cool that you made a channel :)

  53. Arianna Guerra

    Arianna Guerra

    2 jaar geleden

    That’s Morris

  54. Rhysa's Room

    Rhysa's Room

    2 jaar geleden

    *N a n I??*

  55. Laurella Beth

    Laurella Beth

    2 jaar geleden

    Wheeee I practically lived in DIA through high school and college for various trips and going to college and visiting family, etc. I hope you at least got to explore the creepy conspiracy theories of the airport!!

  56. xxIluvyouguysxx


    2 jaar geleden

    Did you do crack before writing the description?

  57. Hannah Roraff

    Hannah Roraff

    2 jaar geleden

    Julien you probably won't read this but statistically i've been told orange striped tom cats are the most affectionate (hence why garfield loves your attention!!)

  58. That one girl

    That one girl

    2 jaar geleden

    Jenna just needs to get a cat and name it Dog that way when Julien complains and said "you got a cat?" she can say "No...I got Dog"

  59. GotitoGaara8


    2 jaar geleden

    Uh oh, seems like Jenna's getting a cat.

  60. Emily Cross

    Emily Cross

    2 jaar geleden

    Omg Jenna you could have had your dream of having a cat!!!

  61. Lara Almazan

    Lara Almazan

    2 jaar geleden

    julien not helping/unloading bc he playing w/ a cat is a fucking *mood* 😂

  62. Kiri Aki

    Kiri Aki

    2 jaar geleden

    Someone please help me find where his hoodie is from

  63. kimikittiekat


    2 jaar geleden

    i love how you can hear the kitty purring for julien

  64. Woogs


    2 jaar geleden

    title has me dead

  65. Alex MSB

    Alex MSB

    2 jaar geleden

    What time do you guys stream on mondays I live in central Illinois and I missed it. I was looking forward to it all weekend :(

  66. Alyna Waters

    Alyna Waters

    2 jaar geleden

    Next time you guys are in Denver you should hit me up for yummy vegan food.

  67. Amber Jade

    Amber Jade

    2 jaar geleden


  68. drew d

    drew d

    2 jaar geleden

    oh my gosh im at college but that cat looks EXACTLY like my cat back home and this somehow made me a little less homesick cause ive been missing him like crazy recently

  69. M o o n l i g h t

    M o o n l i g h t

    2 jaar geleden

    Del Nort lmfao

  70. Samantha Bonnie Elizabeth

    Samantha Bonnie Elizabeth

    2 jaar geleden

    Would be great if you could enable captions on your videos for the viewers who are deaf 👌🏼 just a thought

  71. Lily Welch

    Lily Welch

    2 jaar geleden

    julien you NEED A CAT THATS JUST HOW THEY ACT ARENT THEYGREAT simply having the presence of a cat or dog boosts one's mood IMMENSLEY

  72. nicole leos

    nicole leos

    2 jaar geleden

    I wish I could of met you!!! So freaking sad.

  73. Amanda Gilhooly

    Amanda Gilhooly

    2 jaar geleden

    I am heartbroken of my lack of fìn

  74. Sophia T

    Sophia T

    2 jaar geleden

    Jenna’s plan to still get a cat is a go

  75. thenormalstate


    2 jaar geleden

    I thought the comments would be full of people saying this but they aren’t?? You don’t touch an unfamiliar animal that you find outside, ever. You don’t know where that cat has been. You don’t know if it has ever had shots, let alone if it is up to date. Even if it seems friendly or you think it’s not feral, an animal can quickly decide to lash out for a number of reasons. Also, letting an outdoor cat indoors is asking for problems. You could get fleas or ticks and accidentally pass them to Marbles when you go home. The cat could hide under a bed, and at that point, good luck getting it to move. Tl,dr: Collin is not mean or an animal hater. Collin made a smart decision. Cats are wonderful, but it’s better to be cautious around outdoor cats and put your safety first.

  76. 3d Pen Creations

    3d Pen Creations

    2 jaar geleden

    Denver airport

  77. PrinceOfLillies


    2 jaar geleden

    The potential titles omg I’m dead!

  78. Emilea Aitken

    Emilea Aitken

    2 jaar geleden

    This is the content i signed up for

  79. sillyoz


    2 jaar geleden

    Omg no the crying baby at the end I feel so bad for y'all

  80. PunkPlumbell


    2 jaar geleden

    This happens to me on every flight out of denver airport do not julien its not just you guys

  81. Joanna Kresse

    Joanna Kresse

    2 jaar geleden

    I ammmmmm so obsessed with that catttt

  82. Emily Rupnik

    Emily Rupnik

    2 jaar geleden

    Julien, you and Jenna need a kittyyyyyyyy

  83. Emily Rupnik

    Emily Rupnik

    2 jaar geleden

    hahahaha "I can't help it!! He has to come inside!!" totally me my entire life

  84. Andy Dromeda

    Andy Dromeda

    2 jaar geleden

    Garfield looks like my baby Peach ! She wants to live in the house too but she’s too dirty

  85. silverjetplane


    2 jaar geleden

    I live in northern Colorado and it's so crazy to see you vlog from the Denver airport!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

  86. Scout Zemplinski

    Scout Zemplinski

    2 jaar geleden

    Cats are the best. I’ve been a dog person my whole life (still am), all I’ve ever had were dogs. Oddly enough in pairs of 3 like you and Jenna. But a couple months ago we adopted two beautiful kitten siblings and I am shocked with how much I love them. I think you guys would be as well if you ever decided to adopt a cat



    2 jaar geleden

    If only he gave Jenna this much attention

  88. Jen Strickland

    Jen Strickland

    2 jaar geleden

    You laugh, but was that cat homeless? Was it a stray? Live there when "customers" weren't there? I'd hate to think that you had a chance to save an animal and you didnt!

  89. Thxnder99


    2 jaar geleden

    Hes me when I see any cat 😂

  90. Jenna Hunt

    Jenna Hunt

    2 jaar geleden

    Love that you came to Colorado and visited one of our tiny towns. Please tell people that we’re not just about weed.

  91. Doc


    2 jaar geleden

    Looks like Jenna is getting a cat

  92. Haten Google

    Haten Google

    2 jaar geleden

    This is the trip that never ends lol. Thought you finally got a cat, it’s ok I’m only mildly disappointed 😔

  93. Anna Carolina de Carvalho

    Anna Carolina de Carvalho

    2 jaar geleden

    A blog i think you'll enjoy

  94. queen bee

    queen bee

    2 jaar geleden

    Julien's best video

  95. shandiin king

    shandiin king

    2 jaar geleden


  96. Chloe Alexandra

    Chloe Alexandra

    2 jaar geleden

    I don't like Collin anymore because he didn't even give the cat a chance. :(

  97. Pamela Ashwood

    Pamela Ashwood

    2 jaar geleden

    it took me awhile to notice the description. wow julien wow.

  98. Sophia Aguilar

    Sophia Aguilar

    2 jaar geleden

    Dear Jenna and Julien. When I was a sophomore in high school I bought a popsocket. It was a limited edition popsocket from your collaboration with the company. I had bought the "Kermit school picture" one. That popsocket has been with me through so much. From first high school dances to winning rivalry games. We've been through a lot together. (Its also been a great conversation starter between me and all the cute boys I've sat next to in science class.) Unfortunately, a few days into senior year, it broke :( Since then I've had to support my phone by tucking my pinky finger underneath it as a peasant would. I refuse to purchase any popsocket which does not feature Kermit's charming face, as it would feel unnatural. This is why I'm' begging you to bring them back. High school won't be the same without my personal Kermit and its SENIOR YEAR :( please consider it. Sincerely, heartbroken

  99. Sidney Wedge

    Sidney Wedge

    2 jaar geleden

    I thought Jenna finally got her cat from the thumbnail.. disappointed is an understatement 😞 lol

  100. Brii Alvarez

    Brii Alvarez

    2 jaar geleden

    I love how no one talking about the description