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  1. I like trees

    I like trees

    6 maanden geleden

    there's a new kid and his name is A-73 don't know where his from he's really weird *elon musk enters the chat* X Æ A-12.

  2. Uncle Lucky

    Uncle Lucky

    8 maanden geleden

    does anyone know what the song at the end is? o:

  3. Brums1224


    9 maanden geleden

    I really thought Jenna was gonna offer Julien a firm handshake in exchange. You know, bc they’re just friends 🙃

  4. BassetLuv4Life


    Jaar geleden

    6:43 Planet Earth what!!? Those are some awesome shots! 💚

  5. Solan


    Jaar geleden

    2:50 peach winking??? R u kidding me

  6. Ghost


    Jaar geleden

    I’m just a 20 something with a camera, and watching julien’s vlogs, esp his shots, inspire me

  7. Austin Morris

    Austin Morris

    Jaar geleden

    Goodbye Spider-Man

  8. Emmy Peterson

    Emmy Peterson

    Jaar geleden

    I can't remember if you mentioned this in another video or not, but is Peach from the same breeder as Kermit? I love her personality so much, but kermy (while adorable) is a lil too much for me. I'm thinking of getting an iggy as a sibling for my cocker spaniel but I dont know what the "norm" is for their personality 🤔

  9. Lauren La Monte

    Lauren La Monte

    Jaar geleden

    Peach at 4:03 is like "excuse my sir? Have you hear about our lord and savior cermet?"

  10. RockismyAir


    Jaar geleden

    Peachy giiiirl is so cute

  11. Kat Rita Dimitriadis

    Kat Rita Dimitriadis

    Jaar geleden


  12. The Grey Wade

    The Grey Wade

    Jaar geleden

    you're one of my favorite humans

  13. Crystal Monique

    Crystal Monique

    Jaar geleden

    OMG the shot of the preying mantis gave me chills... not sure why

  14. ILuvGlue


    Jaar geleden

    Some says baby, he says puppy

  15. Amanda Tisdale

    Amanda Tisdale

    Jaar geleden

    Julien! What lenses do you use/recommend? I have a sonya7ii

  16. Karley Martin

    Karley Martin

    Jaar geleden

    anybody else cry laughing at 4:03

  17. Karley Martin

    Karley Martin

    Jaar geleden

    anybody else cry laughing at 4:03

  18. roadkill rabbit

    roadkill rabbit

    Jaar geleden

    I've been super anxious lately and have needed really story heavy content to keep me distracted, and your vlogs fell by the wayside. Just now i was mid anxiety attack and thought I would watch a vlog and i immidiately felt more grounded. Thank you Julien for capturing your day, you really help a lot of people.

  19. Josie Newell

    Josie Newell

    Jaar geleden

    Amazing quality

  20. jbeanery


    Jaar geleden

    pause the video at 4:03 you're welcome

  21. Lea Nafus

    Lea Nafus

    Jaar geleden

    owwwwwww breaking in docs during such a weekend must have sucked absolute ass. wow i feel for you duder pouring one out for ya next time the opportunity arises ❣️

  22. singingfan


    Jaar geleden

    What a gorgeous cam

  23. Madison Nicole

    Madison Nicole

    Jaar geleden

    me @ the clip of the praying mantis: "who you fightin?!?!?!??!"

  24. Georgia Griffiths

    Georgia Griffiths

    Jaar geleden

    Peachys little arms reaching out for attention had me sobbing

  25. Patrick Hodson

    Patrick Hodson

    2 jaar geleden

    For that whip at the end, at first I thought you were gonna dramatically jump onto the bean bag chair, then it looked like you were gonna miss horribly and I got scared, then I realized you were finna hit dat mad whip and I was just like _oh of fucking course_ he did.

  26. Patrick Hodson

    Patrick Hodson

    2 jaar geleden

    That laundry dispute with the jump cut at the end was both comedy gold and “Jenna x Julien” shippitty ship shit that your viewers fawn over 👌 seriously, quality content.

  27. Stephanie Kleman

    Stephanie Kleman

    2 jaar geleden

    That needs to be the outro for all of your videos

  28. Anne Hasling

    Anne Hasling

    2 jaar geleden

    is Julien aware that what his blue shirt says (stikker) means "snitch" in Danish? Julien u a snith beeech??

  29. Lazy Lavender

    Lazy Lavender

    2 jaar geleden silly cerment you

  30. gryffin20


    2 jaar geleden

    peaches paw floating into the screen from outa nowhere, lol! 4:02

  31. Pooh


    2 jaar geleden

    First of all, PEACH🍑💜 Second of all, THAT ENDING THOUGH🙌🏻

  32. rtmss vrynxs

    rtmss vrynxs

    2 jaar geleden

    When da fuk r u gonna propose to jennnnnna?

  33. grace_daydreams


    2 jaar geleden

    4:02 peaches lil leg 😂

  34. dirty laundry

    dirty laundry

    2 jaar geleden

    Jnj to peach: pretty!!beautiful!!perfect!!baby!!! Jnj to kerm: nasty boy... smelly basturd man...

  35. Alana Corrente

    Alana Corrente

    2 jaar geleden

    do a grocery haul!!!!!!

  36. Ashley Young

    Ashley Young

    2 jaar geleden

    That last scene in those vlog I could hear Jenna yelling “JULIEN!!!!” Hahahah

  37. bcgrote


    2 jaar geleden

    Random leg of Peach was nice. That camera is a dream!

  38. Jo Caswell

    Jo Caswell

    2 jaar geleden

    I like how on Julie’s channel, he’s the normal one and on Jenna’s channel, she’s the normal one

  39. HotdogWithSauce


    2 jaar geleden

    lmao Peach throwing her arm into the shot every two seconds was giving me life. XD

  40. Elp Smith

    Elp Smith

    2 jaar geleden

    This one was sweet, I really loved this vlog

  41. Callum G

    Callum G

    2 jaar geleden

    Please send every vlog like this!!!👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  42. Maddie Um

    Maddie Um

    2 jaar geleden

    peachys arm oh my god me

  43. Hallie Goetz

    Hallie Goetz

    2 jaar geleden

    Literally the most righteous ending imaginable

  44. Stefan0man


    2 jaar geleden

    Yes um, I would like to order a peach, the AT3 Camera and the 2080 GTX graphics card please. Oh and how much is a Jenna??

  45. Jamie Masterson

    Jamie Masterson

    2 jaar geleden


  46. Georgia Vidal

    Georgia Vidal

    2 jaar geleden

    *w h i p*

  47. Kaylee Clever

    Kaylee Clever

    2 jaar geleden

    Peach is THE CUTEST

  48. SnapshotOfASoul


    2 jaar geleden

    Sadly that new graphics card is not really the best upgrade over a 1080, it's not a huge performance boost over just getting a second 1080 and doubling it up.

  49. Mack


    2 jaar geleden

    man that 2080 Ti I'm so jealous *-*

  50. cetkat


    2 jaar geleden

    You should check your power supply for another graphics connector.. either a wire tied behind the motherboard or in your PSU (power supply unit) box if it's modular. Your build looks nice enough to have a PSU capable of supporting a dual graphics system.. so another 8+6 wire. Your system will work, but your graphics card isn't getting the wattage it requires to run full out. The software should be able to see that and make the right adjustments - so long as you don't try any overclocking. (..That would be a bad idea.) Also, you should touch some bare metal on the case to discharge any static electricity before touching anything important.

  51. Elsa Chang

    Elsa Chang

    2 jaar geleden

    That snail face mask might not be vegan just FYI, a lot of beauty products using snail slime in the ingredients now.

  52. Hailey DeNys

    Hailey DeNys

    2 jaar geleden

    Bro y’all cute as fuck laughing back and forth at each other 4:30

  53. Kaleigh


    2 jaar geleden

    Please end every vlog like that from now on and do 2 during Aries season

  54. Sarah M

    Sarah M

    2 jaar geleden

    That power whip at the end 👏

  55. Emily Britton

    Emily Britton

    2 jaar geleden

    4:02 peach is the best 😂😂😂😂

  56. Placeholder In Spaceholder

    Placeholder In Spaceholder

    2 jaar geleden

    Next thing you know, Jenna's gonna post a video with the title "I cut my permed lashes out because I need my strip lashes"

  57. CharlieBeerlingPhoto


    2 jaar geleden

    Why does Jenna sound like Coach Steve from Big Mouth at 5:00? hahaha

  58. Fr. Jim Waters, Franciscan Priest, Retired US Army

    Fr. Jim Waters, Franciscan Priest, Retired US Army

    2 jaar geleden

    Lazy ass bastard..unsubbed finally... lazy as the bitch you bugger..fuck off

  59. pepper Roberts-Dolan

    pepper Roberts-Dolan

    2 jaar geleden

    Julien, did you cry on the last episode of Johnny Karate? Because I’m watching it right now, and I’m fucking sobbing.

  60. Heather F.

    Heather F.

    2 jaar geleden

    That ending was amazing hahaha

  61. RosesofWillows


    2 jaar geleden

    3:26 Okay, my heart melted a little bit. She just wants to hold hands!

  62. Beth H

    Beth H

    2 jaar geleden

    very glad i stayed to the end haha

  63. kylie d

    kylie d

    2 jaar geleden

    could you do another google deep dive?

  64. Asia O

    Asia O

    2 jaar geleden

    Camera quality is unreal

  65. Maira Linhaus

    Maira Linhaus

    2 jaar geleden

    this vlog is so pure

  66. H Benny

    H Benny

    2 jaar geleden

    that ending was way too aggressive

  67. Jordan


    2 jaar geleden

    Please do more detailed videos about your equipment!! This digital media student needs SCHOOLED

  68. Dani Marie

    Dani Marie

    2 jaar geleden

    I need this camera. Though $2k is a lot. 😅

  69. Sierra Ladnier

    Sierra Ladnier

    2 jaar geleden

    Why are y'all sO CUUUUUUUUUUU -TE.

  70. Fitt Britt

    Fitt Britt

    2 jaar geleden

    the ending makes me quake ././././././.././.

  71. Becca


    2 jaar geleden

    Oh wow. Hardcore Julie outro. Love it 😂😁

  72. Shania Warren

    Shania Warren

    2 jaar geleden

    Tell Jenna she can relax her lashes by reapplying the perm stuff WITHOUT the rod and comb them to be straight, that's what i did and it worked 🙂

  73. Alex MSB

    Alex MSB

    2 jaar geleden

    I keep missing your streams, what time do you stream? Idk how else to ask you, other than through NLcameras comments.

  74. iamimmortallyinsane


    2 jaar geleden

    Glad to see the return of the paper curtains😂🤦‍♀️

  75. Theresa Pittman

    Theresa Pittman

    2 jaar geleden

    *Spends **12:35** reading comments about Peach's dainty-paw on **12:31** minute video.* Priorities!

  76. SINternet Entertainment

    SINternet Entertainment

    2 jaar geleden

    I need a new camera. That one looks amazing.

  77. Walt Prado

    Walt Prado

    2 jaar geleden

    Can you end all of your vlogs with a super extra whip from now on pls

  78. Kayla Michelle

    Kayla Michelle

    2 jaar geleden

    Jenna’s toothbrush costume just chillin

  79. Desert Bloom Bettas

    Desert Bloom Bettas

    2 jaar geleden

    lmao I love that peach was just like.. "this is me time now. put the camera down" haha. so cute.

  80. Mollie Creagan

    Mollie Creagan

    2 jaar geleden


  81. Chelsea Hunter

    Chelsea Hunter

    2 jaar geleden


  82. elisha X

    elisha X

    2 jaar geleden

    LMAO the ending

  83. Haley Deal

    Haley Deal

    2 jaar geleden

    when the fuck did peach become a skinny LEGEND

  84. No U

    No U

    2 jaar geleden

    Why did I just get a notification saying it was now uploaded when comments are from 3 days ago

  85. BicyclesAndTea


    2 jaar geleden

    find yourself a boo that will trade laundry for pancakes

  86. Lillian Risse

    Lillian Risse

    2 jaar geleden


  87. Celise Winter

    Celise Winter

    2 jaar geleden

    I love my A7 III. I don't use it on my channel but for my videography business it's an amazing camera.

  88. Sean Wan

    Sean Wan

    2 jaar geleden

    Yeah bro that thing is badass.

  89. Helen Yates

    Helen Yates

    2 jaar geleden

    8:53 are those condoms? omg they have secks.

  90. Rachel Cudi

    Rachel Cudi

    2 jaar geleden

    when julien hit that whip... i felt that

  91. Ayzha Burwell

    Ayzha Burwell

    2 jaar geleden

    That whip at the end was what I needed to continue on with the rest of my day.

  92. Mill Kim

    Mill Kim

    2 jaar geleden

    Today has been my ultimate slow day I get nothing done and then I just made grocery list to make Pad chai coz it looks easy and you are so passionate about it and its quick and I love spicy food. So thanks to get my mood up and lazy ass to do plans

  93. Pierre A

    Pierre A

    2 jaar geleden

    Lmao! The toothbrush!!

  94. K Rose Illustration

    K Rose Illustration

    2 jaar geleden

    why does that praying mantis look exactly like peach

  95. Samantha W.

    Samantha W.

    2 jaar geleden


  96. emilyo231


    2 jaar geleden

    The ending tho 😂😂😂😂

  97. Stef C

    Stef C

    2 jaar geleden

    you should put a blood trigger warning

  98. Hunter Jay

    Hunter Jay

    2 jaar geleden

    Peach 😪 such a daddy’s girl i just watched the video of when they got her and 🖤😪

  99. Auberrystrawberry


    2 jaar geleden

    Me at the Praying Mantis: OOHH SHIT WHO YOU FIGHTING??!

  100. Kelsey


    2 jaar geleden

    Ah, I cut muhself