The Most Gruesome Parasites - Neglected Tropical Diseases - NTDs

There are a group of parasites extremely disgusting and mean. Humanity declared war on them.
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    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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      It finally happened, I clicked like and the count moved up, 306k

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      Bro ducks ya

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      This video did not turn out the way i expected

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      2:35 im now rewatching this and laughing

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      @7 Fuck you

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    Jeronimo mod

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    🤔 so they didn't get some sort of funding? The money just came out of thin air?

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    Did anyone noticed the "Stay Home" trend? They knew four years before the covid

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    I looooooove your channel, thank u for amusing info♥️

  6. KirisakiJake


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    *in the far future of Universal Century* We've made a worse version of NTD specifically to combat a race of people

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    أخى الصغير__My little Brother

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    They are came from the mythology

  10. AryaN


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    0:56 Chicken version Kurzgesagt: What are these monsters straight out of an alien world, seeking to eat us, steal our eggs and wreck our lives.

  11. James Hughes

    James Hughes

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    Aha ha millions of doses of medicine wouldn’t that be a CRAZY situation... 18 billion dollars of drugs wow that’s great....

  12. Myles Wolfe

    Myles Wolfe

    4 dagen geleden

    Have they killed them all now?

  13. M L

    M L

    4 dagen geleden

    [[ BEWARE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS PARASITE IN THE UNITED STATES]] You ever hear of this parasite? It's called the "Money Parasite". These nasty parasites have been around for a long time, but now infect the internet, scaring people, and getting them to buy miracle drugs and magical ingredients The source of this infection is a handful of companies that sell these miracle ingredients. If you really believe you have a health issue you should seek a doctor, but don't get your medical advise from people online. Many of them suffer from symptoms of Money Parasite infection.

  14. JW - 04PN 835257 Burnhamthorpe PS

    JW - 04PN 835257 Burnhamthorpe PS

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    2:47: Yes, we got rid of roughly 3, 500, 000 cases. Along with millions of people. We got rid of millions of people. Are you proud yet?

  15. Kirby J

    Kirby J

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    People are amazing

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    4:58 it says stay at home Me: *lockdown flashbacks......*

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    did we win yet?

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    big dick energy manifestation

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    any1 knows how things are going so far?

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    Mr05 Plays

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    Killing most of them by 2020 Ly Corona virus in 2020 😎

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    You literally made me afraid to drink water

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    Me watching this in 2021

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    Literally the .001% of germs that hand sanitizer doesn't kill

  27. 碩碩


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    Parasite: I can infect anyone in the world Bubonic Plague: are you kidding me Neutrophile: I'll kick you all "Bubonic Parasite Phile Dance"

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    stacy swiss

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    Stop giving China ideas!!!

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    Ryan Lamb

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    Wow 2020 sounds like it's gonna be a great year

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    3:35 this guy has two right hands

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    Miles Thorn

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    ha! In 2020, the world got sent into a burning hellscape! I guess the torch animation was more accurate than I expected!

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    DarkValkyrie 709

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    oh in a nutshell of 2020 CORONA VIRUS

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    Iron Sovereign

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    Oh sweet, human genocidal habits used for something good for one

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    I was born in 2013

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    4:55 "Stay at home" Hmm

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    je ne comprends pas le délire ,titre et prez en Français pour un contenus anglais ???? c'est quoi cette merde ?

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    Tolga Çokaygil

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    After that video my anxiety is raising over %99

  39. Ivan Morris

    Ivan Morris

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    "Welcome to Kurzgesagt, where today the existential crisis we will be discussing is how you will die again for the 4,000,000,000th time,"

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    Itz Valid

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    Ntds scare me

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  44. - 𝗣𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗦𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘁 -

    - 𝗣𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗦𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘁 -

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    2:34 *laughs in 2021*

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    Sponsored by Bill Gates 😬

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    the story at the beginning did not make sense at all to the rest of video

    • Toastbrottitan _

      Toastbrottitan _

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      It would, if you were smarter.

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    (gr)eat duck

  49. Deadly Diamond

    Deadly Diamond

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    0:11 "Stop! You've violated the law!" Also, its 2021, I think Covid saved NTDs

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    Pog Diamond

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    I read it 7 times i always thought it said horror parents

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    Shikha Shrivas Bhardwaj

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    2021 is already here

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    This video brought to you by Big Pharma!!

  53. Doapin


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    "We have eradicated 99.9% of NTD's" Coronavirus: _my turn_

    • 碩碩


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      my turn = dead turn

    • 碩碩


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      _ owo _

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      2025: Vacciene of Coronavirus is here Ebola and the Bubonic Plague: Our turns

  54. Benya1997


    17 dagen geleden

    Jesus. Christ. “These diseases cripple people resulting in so much economic loss” um... economists should go to jail period your utilitarianism is showing =_=

    • Toastbrottitan _

      Toastbrottitan _

      8 dagen geleden

      @Someone Else so saying the damage they do is now a bad thing?

    • Someone Else

      Someone Else

      10 dagen geleden

      @Toastbrottitan _ He is right though. This line was even structured like an anecdote: "They do unimaginable damage" *shows person getting beaten up by a parasite* "by crippling people and destroy billions in income" 🤦‍♂️

    • Toastbrottitan _

      Toastbrottitan _

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      Are you stupid?

  55. Dudepilot 747

    Dudepilot 747

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    4:54. "STAY AT HOME" That aged well!

  56. Some Bruh Moments

    Some Bruh Moments

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    4:54 "Stay at home" it's interesting

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    Tank Man

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    Karim Nagy

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    I just wanted to enjoy my gummy worms while watching a vid, I have so many regrets.

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    Sheikh Riyaz

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    HOURS Gameplay

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    COVID-19: hold mah 🍺



    19 dagen geleden

    i have a fear of parasites so this is actually scary to me

  63. How About No

    How About No

    20 dagen geleden

    Parasites aren't that scary, the immune system has several anti-parasite immune functions to protect us

    • How About No

      How About No

      15 dagen geleden

      @Toastbrottitan _ you say that, but if the immune system is as ineffective as you say then humanity would'a died out long before medical help was available. Afterall, I've survived my fair share of deadly illnesses without medical help.

    • Toastbrottitan _

      Toastbrottitan _

      15 dagen geleden

      @How About No not your immunsystem is strong, modern medicine/society is. The drinking water is clean, antibiotica is avaible, most dangerous diseases are (were) at the edge of extingtion, your probaly vaccinated anyways, you don't lack nutrition or water and you aren't living in the nature. Yes the common cold can kill you, but it isn't very likely, execpt if you were /are sick before with something that damaged or destroyed your immunsystem.

    • How About No

      How About No

      15 dagen geleden

      @Toastbrottitan _ well thank goodness my immune system works extremely well then, I've survived my fair share of nasty illnesses

    • Toastbrottitan _

      Toastbrottitan _

      15 dagen geleden

      @How About No yes, the common cold kills people year.

    • How About No

      How About No

      15 dagen geleden

      @Toastbrottitan _ so, it's totally within the realm of possibility that I catch an illness that's survivable, but my immune system gets overwhelmed and so I remain ill for longer and get lifelong issues? For example?

  64. billy


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  65. 12345 67890

    12345 67890

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    2:55 wait a minute, last time I checked worms were invertebrates

  66. T Rex

    T Rex

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    What are the other 9 NTDs?

    • Sparx the time keeper

      Sparx the time keeper

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      ur mom

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  68. Big fat Robot

    Big fat Robot

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    I hope water I drank isn't infected cause idk is it

    • Toastbrottitan _

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      It probaly isn't.

  69. Last breath mints

    Last breath mints

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    That free drugs sign made me laugh so hard

  70. Varelity


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    The fact ive NEVER heard about this... but 1 case of covid becomes headline news

  71. Nev Rami

    Nev Rami

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    Then why is the technology and information available being stifled by the gate keepers inability to get us the info "on time." Lol gotta check out that vid.

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    loc nguyen

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    1:02 E A T D U C K

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    Elias Altman

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    How have I never heard of this?

  74. Juan Gallegos

    Juan Gallegos

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    The only things bill and malinda are eradicating r human rights

    • Toastbrottitan _

      Toastbrottitan _

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      You should have them in the first place.

  75. Mohammad Ali Khan

    Mohammad Ali Khan

    24 dagen geleden

    Make a video about how parasites attack the immune system and how it fights them

  76. Max Mitchell

    Max Mitchell

    25 dagen geleden

    this video: spread more good news What's under this video: what if we were to nuke a city?

  77. Luke Henry

    Luke Henry

    25 dagen geleden

    This one was hard to watch, my lawd

  78. Odesso


    25 dagen geleden

    24 cases of dracunculiasis as of oct 30 2020 (the most up to date numbers i could find) angola, chad, ethiopia, south sudan, and mali all have endemics of this parasite right now.

  79. Wormaster


    25 dagen geleden

    "The largest drug donation the world has ever seen"

  80. Tommy Kendall

    Tommy Kendall

    25 dagen geleden

    her NTDs are found in several countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. NTDs are especially common in tropical areas where people do not have access to clean water or safe ways to dispose of human waste.

  81. Pol Toon

    Pol Toon

    27 dagen geleden

    before travel get a vaccine. you will SURELY GET A PARASITE

  82. ZeoViolet


    27 dagen geleden

    Weirdo anti-vaxxers can put a hole in such schemes anymore....

  83. Bartek Chmura

    Bartek Chmura

    27 dagen geleden

    Why we never talk about this in biology class? Like schools should talk more about NTDs or something.

  84. Dantiel82


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  85. Velno


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    Kurzgesagt scares the shit out of me.

  86. Gabriel Vidal

    Gabriel Vidal

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    This video was too optimistic about 2020

  87. Zak MMR

    Zak MMR

    Maand geleden

    Big Pharma had profits of about $500 Billion in 2020 alone. Just for a little perspective on how big of a contribution to the world they're actually making over decades. Wealthy countries should put way more foreign aid to projects like this rather than giving out military "aid" all over the place.

  88. Mich KBel

    Mich KBel

    Maand geleden

    dracun: die humanity: no u we kill you by 2020 2020: 54 dracun cases left

  89. Jachuu


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    No cap that king was smart af tho

  90. It’s your boy Crocodile Racer

    It’s your boy Crocodile Racer

    Maand geleden

    This guy:the world is coming to closer life without suffering of virus or so COVID:are you sure about that?

  91. c0ldie TheBomber

    c0ldie TheBomber

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    Hah, stay at home, ironic

  92. Thwopsie


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    This video has aged like a fine milk

  93. Arnav Rawat

    Arnav Rawat

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    Kurzgesagt's animation is amazing in these videos. Their later videos have cartoons which are more complex, but just very bad. This animation is simplified, and support the narrative. The later animations are just a footage playing in the background. Kurzgesagt should come back to this style, it's not about making animation complex, instead making them simple

  94. Hacker 001

    Hacker 001

    Maand geleden

    We are humans the most intelligent species on the planet and this video shows us together we can achieve anything

  95. SCDestroyer


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    Thank you for alerting the world and keeping us all safe.

  96. Attack Helicopter

    Attack Helicopter

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    its 2021 rn, where they at

  97. Celestia


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    "By 2020, at least 18 billion dollars worth of these drugs will have been distributed" COVID-19: Are you sure about that

  98. Tv Cat

    Tv Cat

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    4:14 "free drugs" Dont mind if i do.

  99. Kunsh Puranik

    Kunsh Puranik

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    Oh thank God these are almost gone. Thanks to all the people who worked on getting rid of them

  100. thenxtbest potato

    thenxtbest potato

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