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  1. ah yes

    ah yes

    23 uur geleden

    uh oh,,, here it comes the “charli_edits” and “stan charli” accounts-.

  2. Lilly The Amazing

    Lilly The Amazing

    Dag geleden

    Honestly not a big fan of anyone in this family

  3. _Amerjoi.17_ V

    _Amerjoi.17_ V

    2 dagen geleden

    This is just one example how being "poor", in such way, is a blessing. We learn to be grateful of small or few things that we have and not ask for something that we dont have, especially if our parents can't give it to us. Kids in rich countries are most likely given the power to choose and are extremely prioritized. Often times when I notice this kind pf situatipn, can't help but be thankful I'm raised in Philippines

  4. Martin Mizfit Cruz

    Martin Mizfit Cruz

    3 dagen geleden

    And girl as a straight man!! I love your shit!! Love how you have a great perspective and don't choose sides! I hope your channel keeps growing!! You deserve 100 million not those pre-plastic surgery kylie and kendall 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  5. Martin Mizfit Cruz

    Martin Mizfit Cruz

    3 dagen geleden

    These famous loser are getting ridiculous!! I wouldn't be proud of spending money on having someone else cook for me... "Oh Look How Incompetent I Am. And Ignorant, Ungrateful but I can't cook for my damn self!!" Gfoh... I'd be embarrassed to show everyday life of how unserviceable I am... what a shame

  6. Cutie Lala

    Cutie Lala

    3 dagen geleden

    Why y’all make stuck up 💩people famous is beyond my understanding 🤣😂 I’m still surprised their parents stayed quiet.

  7. lulbaby_16


    3 dagen geleden

    wheres the vid?

  8. Ndumi Muthige

    Ndumi Muthige

    3 dagen geleden

    I don’t know why everyone is excusing Dixie’s behaviour because she’s a “child” when she’s is literally 19. She’s not a child. She is fully grown and should know that sort of behaviour is wrong and disrespectful.

  9. Sarah Tovey

    Sarah Tovey

    5 dagen geleden

    Did trisha lie tho....??

  10. Sarah Tovey

    Sarah Tovey

    5 dagen geleden

    Why r people now acting like it literally NEVER happened??????

  11. Hailey Anne

    Hailey Anne

    5 dagen geleden

    I feel bad for the chef 🥺. It is a privilege to have a chef and they can be picky BUT they shouldn’t be disrespectful..he put his time and effort into that!!

  12. Cayla Brown

    Cayla Brown

    5 dagen geleden

    Is their personal chef gustavo from big time rush??

  13. addii


    5 dagen geleden

    they were both disrespectful but you guys are honestly being disgusting, like you're really telling them to kill themselves? wow..

  14. Isabella Oliver

    Isabella Oliver

    5 dagen geleden

    It’s not just the food... the mother was talking about at the beginning of the video how she was scared it’d be someone big and famous and James was like,”mmm got it” (this isn’t a hate comment I promise 🥺🥺🥺)

  15. Shafeek Abdool

    Shafeek Abdool

    5 dagen geleden

    Their faces is full of guilt it is so obvious its not even funny

  16. Shafeek Abdool

    Shafeek Abdool

    5 dagen geleden

    They are the worst family ever first they cheated in Mr.Beast friendly trivia tournament and now this I never thought people like this existed well its 2020 probably the worst year in history so this falls perfectly under

  17. TheCanadianAlien


    6 dagen geleden

    I’m a VERY picky eater and I would never act like that. It’s so disrespectful

  18. Ummmypronounsare TheyThem

    Ummmypronounsare TheyThem

    6 dagen geleden

    I knew some shit like this was going to happen eventually. Never liked her from the start

  19. --


    6 dagen geleden

    Not me literally getting a sea food restaurant ad before watching this video

  20. Magic Ocean

    Magic Ocean

    6 dagen geleden

    not y’all ignoring the fact that the Chef himself said everything was a joke💀 y’all are so damn sensitive

    • Jadah Marie

      Jadah Marie

      3 dagen geleden

      Its called being respectful

  21. jordan greyling

    jordan greyling

    6 dagen geleden

    Anyone who thinks this is bad enough to make a drama about is acting just as childish and they were

  22. Shan D

    Shan D

    6 dagen geleden

    Why do people lip-syncing on TikTok even have a platform? These are some of the brattiest, most entitled kids ive ever seen. Disgusting.

  23. Holly Driver

    Holly Driver

    6 dagen geleden

    Oh I finally know what’s going on haha. I’ve seen Trisha being attacked but she’s deleted her duet so I couldn’t work out why. Charli is 16.... she’s a kid.... I’m sure the chef recovered from a picky teenager being rude. The parents are the ones that hired and pay him so.

  24. barbies Biaotch

    barbies Biaotch

    6 dagen geleden

    Sometimes it’s okay for them to be picky, but to gag in front of the chef when he MADE them a beautiful meal in his OWN time, they’re manners are just disgusting. Imagine how hurt that chef feels, if someone vomited my food out I would be sad, and the fact that James was telling them to have manners and they’re parents weren’t was just gross.

  25. Emerie Gonzalez

    Emerie Gonzalez

    6 dagen geleden

    James Charles I ain't even surprised... bc you are always so nice

  26. Elizabeth diaz

    Elizabeth diaz

    7 dagen geleden

    MY LITTLE NEPHEWS KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE. 🙄 I am not even an adult yet and know how to behave if am in the spotlight. Plus if you are a picky eater then don't eat it. They have a personal chef right? That means they can pick their own choices of food. The parents 🙄...Silent mode. I still question how they got famous 👀 I- wait isn't Dixi older than the other and acts more like a baby BRUH the other is one year older than me 👁👄👁. This world has some dumb people

  27. Gera McClanahan

    Gera McClanahan

    7 dagen geleden

    He is definitely more comfortable in these settings. Making a video longer than 60 secs is hard😅

  28. Soccer Boy

    Soccer Boy

    7 dagen geleden

    Im a VERY picky eater and i also cant eat some foods but even i would pretend to like the food or nicely say no the food i dont like. Like how hard is it to act nice to the chef fo one video

  29. Ky Misson

    Ky Misson

    7 dagen geleden

    I dont see anything wrong with Charlie wanting a 100mill subs by the end of 2020. Goals are okay to have, and she just wordded it wrong. I do think they should've been more polite to the person that cooked for them, but I'd probably ask for an alternative meal to snails as well.

  30. Bre Grieco

    Bre Grieco

    7 dagen geleden

    it honestly amazes me how the parents are just okay with this.. like my parents would make me sit at the table and eat dinner or go to bed and starve.. like I get everyone is brought up different but cmon.. I'm glad my parents did that bc I was picky, and being 20 now, I'm no longer picky and willing to try new foods everyday

  31. Aswathy.S.R Achu

    Aswathy.S.R Achu

    7 dagen geleden

    James looks beautiful

  32. asia thomas

    asia thomas

    7 dagen geleden

    I would neeeever have been that way, even as a small kid. If I didn’t like the food, I ate it and didn’t fuckin complain because it was food. Like tf is wrong with some people. They should have the decency to show some basic respect, cooking food for people is an act of love, even if the person is hired to do so. Genuinely fuuuq these entitled people.

  33. Joseph Goldenhawk

    Joseph Goldenhawk

    7 dagen geleden

    Respect to James cause those two are spoiled brats now....actually the whole family is.

  34. MadeOfCoolness


    7 dagen geleden

    I think this is people finding any excuse to complain about anything, I don't think it was that's serious.

  35. Key Sacha

    Key Sacha

    7 dagen geleden

    This girls! JESUS

  36. Sarah Willehams

    Sarah Willehams

    7 dagen geleden

    I am a very picky eater like very plain jane but I could not be so rude like i would try it and even if i didn't like it i could not say to the chef i would be too grateful that they made it 😂

  37. Deborah Edohwokui

    Deborah Edohwokui

    7 dagen geleden

    Everyone that's complaining about the charli and dixie don't know what they are talking about. You guys don't know their relationship with James off camera so you don't know if he's that close to them to be talking to them like that. And the chef's literally explained that they only did this to see dixie reaction and that they love them. If all you guys really didn't like charli or dixie you wouldn't be on them twenty four seven. Like we get it, but if you don't understand the situation then stay off their channel, tiktok, Insta...etc.

  38. GG Ryan

    GG Ryan

    7 dagen geleden

    People have to stop treating them like kids. They're 19 & 16. Anyone should know by that age to be respectful & grateful to people who are providing a service to you. I get that maybe they didn't like the food because it probably didn't match their tastes or they're used to a certain style of cooking, but how do you think the chef feels when you behave like that RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM? It doesn't matter whether they're a family friend when you basically humiliated him online to your whole audience. If they're parents really expect James to teach them these types of things (which is they're responsibility to begin with), he should stop defending them & actually teach them the cold-hard consequences of their actions and maybe teach them the term "Constructive Feedback". This whole situation could have been avoided if they just told the chef nicely that the food just wasn't to their tastes and how they would prefer it. I'm sure the chef would have understood & would definitely take their words into consideration the next time he makes food for them.

  39. ilichuu


    7 dagen geleden

    wait i thought they were twins (not identical) but born the same day and year

  40. Running River

    Running River

    7 dagen geleden

    How is it that long fake nails are okay during Covid 19?

  41. Rebecca Best

    Rebecca Best

    7 dagen geleden

    literally there are people that are dying and they out here acting like brats

  42. Eleni Love

    Eleni Love

    8 dagen geleden

    I’m a picky eater and a year younger than Charli, but I would have NEVER even thought of acting like that. If the food was that bad, they could’ve excused themselves to the bathroom and then throw up

  43. Dookie Howser

    Dookie Howser

    8 dagen geleden

    Dixie eats her boogers on camera.

  44. asia lamar

    asia lamar

    8 dagen geleden

    Not spilly liking that 30 yr old woman’s tiktok:/

  45. Zhaffira Cania Winni

    Zhaffira Cania Winni

    8 dagen geleden

    Remember when almost all of the internet jumped on the ‘cancel James Charles’ bandwagon? Me neither.

  46. me lll

    me lll

    8 dagen geleden

    tbh can relate to the d'amelio's everyone makes mistakes

  47. 1D My_History

    1D My_History

    8 dagen geleden

    Sooo this why everyone trying to cancel Charlie and dixie wtf

  48. Princess Uni

    Princess Uni

    8 dagen geleden

    I hate them lol James is fine but the sisters got famous for what? Doing the same dance in repeated Tiktok videos? Lol

  49. Unmerciful Read

    Unmerciful Read

    8 dagen geleden

    What happens when you prop up untalented, ungrateful people and expect something different from untalented, ungrateful people.

  50. ali


    8 dagen geleden

    Many people are picky as adults for various reasons, I have ARFID which makes me extremely picky, but I never have and would never act like that. Seems like they did it to try and be funny but it’s not



    8 dagen geleden

    the chef isn’t sad about it it was set up to make the girls have that reaction. if he’s not sad about it why are you?

  52. Fatushe Halili

    Fatushe Halili

    8 dagen geleden

    Disgusting that dixie vomited

  53. artaestic.


    8 dagen geleden

    y’all are dramatic

  54. Its Friday

    Its Friday

    8 dagen geleden

    Okay , but they really don’t deserve the fame they have. literally stole a black girls dance and got famous off of it because they’re white lmao. WHY ARE THEY FAMOUS WHAT DO THEY DO ! Please this is why our kids now a days have no type of motivation because we have people like this famous.

  55. Skybot Skyler

    Skybot Skyler

    8 dagen geleden

    Why have a personal chef if you aren’t going to eat their food?

  56. Hamon 2x

    Hamon 2x

    8 dagen geleden

    I’m just wondering y nobody told me Charlie was 16😂💀

  57. Mika Lee

    Mika Lee

    8 dagen geleden

    I don’t think she was disgusted about the food I think it was the snail that was added in the dish. How many people enjoy eating snails for dinner? Exactly. I do understand that it was very rude the way she acted. However i would be scared to eat a snail I don’t know about y’all.

  58. mia


    8 dagen geleden

    ok but dixie- ☠️

  59. Kimber Ortega

    Kimber Ortega

    8 dagen geleden

    They are friends with the chef and he was not insulted, stop getting offended for other people. Also pretty sure professional chefs are used to and totally okay with people not liking their food. It is so obvious these people were just kinda joking around. So many take things so seriously, there was nothing wrong with this. Don’t act like you don’t act like this with your fam lol!! You would be mad if they was being ‘fake’.

  60. sydney k

    sydney k

    8 dagen geleden

    The chef was interviewed and was in on it. They all were

  61. Mothy Nightmares

    Mothy Nightmares

    8 dagen geleden

    Ok but- *Why?* She's 16, didn't want to eat snails (I wouldn't either) and acted up for the camera. Charli asked for something different because she DIDN'T LIKE THE FOOD. Grow the fuck up man, stop bullying these literal CHILDREN for not liking something.

  62. Cutewalrus101


    8 dagen geleden

    I feel like dixie was deffinitely overdramatic for the camera and the chef knew that, I also think that its different for her to be disgusted with the snauls used in the dish, not the actual dish. What charli said about dino nuggets was out of place and disrespectful to the chef but all in all i think that this will be a good lesson for them

  63. Hidayah :

    Hidayah :

    8 dagen geleden

    I like both of them but that vid is disrespectful with chef and yeah yall know

  64. Sierra Wilson

    Sierra Wilson

    8 dagen geleden

    She’s 16 let her be omg

  65. Cornelia Vejrup

    Cornelia Vejrup

    8 dagen geleden

    I’m a very very picky eater, but I have NEVER been this disrespectful. I’m shocked.

  66. 69Joe Mama69

    69Joe Mama69

    8 dagen geleden

    Maybe the seasoning was to much 🙄🧐 maybe they like there food season-less...just like there “dancing” 😃👍🏻

  67. maria sandu

    maria sandu

    8 dagen geleden

    That was rude but is it so wrong to throw up after eating a snail she just didn t liked it

  68. Bouzsi


    8 dagen geleden

    Do we still say “all that and a bag of chips” in 2020? 🤢🤮

  69. marieee love

    marieee love

    8 dagen geleden

    Do you have the link for the full video of this vlog?

  70. Sofia


    8 dagen geleden

    Just brats that’s has no talent but somehow famous for shaking their assess online.

  71. Edie Sánchez

    Edie Sánchez

    8 dagen geleden

    Not the fan pages defending them and using the " They are just childs" as an excuse💀💀💀i-

  72. Kristin Greenfield

    Kristin Greenfield

    9 dagen geleden

    it’s okay guys, dixie is “great full” of everything

  73. Shortyy 69

    Shortyy 69

    9 dagen geleden

    bruh there just spoiled privlaged white people ,

  74. Josue Campos

    Josue Campos

    9 dagen geleden

    My mom would of whooped my booty for doing that

  75. Chanel Heartz

    Chanel Heartz

    9 dagen geleden

    Also some people keep comparing Charli to James? Tf she's a teen still and has a lot to learn still AND James is an adult like stop acting as if you're doing something ._.

  76. Chanel Heartz

    Chanel Heartz

    9 dagen geleden

    Trisha is obsessed with drama but ig she did ok in calling them out...

  77. Chanel Heartz

    Chanel Heartz

    9 dagen geleden

    Some people were saying that dixie was ungrateful for the food she ate but it's literally a snail- She wasn't ungrateful, she was disrespectful ._.

  78. Isabella Gonzalez

    Isabella Gonzalez

    9 dagen geleden

    I’m sorry but the screenshots of them while she was talking had me dyinnnng 💀

  79. anemia


    9 dagen geleden

    trisha talking about disrespectful,,, oops

  80. Spotboy19


    9 dagen geleden

    Sadly this is the real world, they are going to get hate for something they might have said even in the future so this is a good time to get used to it

  81. Kaela Tucker

    Kaela Tucker

    9 dagen geleden

    IMO opinion acting like this at any age past 10 (and that’s being gracious) is not okay. There’s absolutely no way a parent or chef wouldn’t feel some type of way about that. Can you imagine doing this in public? 🤢

  82. MiscellaneousJellyfish


    9 dagen geleden

    What kills me is that someone had to watch this video and edit it. Meaning that whoever was editing this (whether it be someone from the d’amelio family or a hired editor)had to watch this and be like “ah yes this is acceptable behavior to show at 16 and 19 years old and we should totally post this video that’ll get tons of love”

  83. Jennifer Kelly

    Jennifer Kelly

    9 dagen geleden

    If I was that rich I’d be skinny n would be grossed out by food too.... cause I’d be soooo high on the best cocaine money can buy hahahhahahahah! Jokin...😄✌️👍

  84. Nicole


    9 dagen geleden

    Sometimes I don't wanna be respectful Don't hire a che-ef I‘m just a child so leave me and Let me eat my boogers Do we have dino nuggs? (Uh-uh-uh) Any dino nuggs? (Uh-uh-uh)

  85. Jennifer Kelly

    Jennifer Kelly

    9 dagen geleden

    I’m starting to actually like James

  86. CM


    9 dagen geleden

    ..quick question, was this family like a known celeb family before she hit it big on tiktok? or were they just a family with money?

  87. essence arielle

    essence arielle

    9 dagen geleden

    It seems that they were just being dramatic for the camera. Idk...

  88. sam epstein

    sam epstein

    9 dagen geleden

    The fact that what is happening right now is getting more attention than TONY LOPEZ, BRYCE HALL, JAKE PAUL, AND ALL THE OTHER DISGUSTING MEN on tik tok and social media being HOMOPHOBIC, TRANSPHOBIC, RACIST, MISOGYNISTIC, and just disgusting, shows that you don't actually care about holding people "ACCOUNTABLE". You just care about tearing down young girls for doing pretty much nothing at all wrong. If you care more about this than the other stuff these men have done and will continue to do then you need to SERIOUSLY CHECK YOURSELF. YOU HAVE LITERALLY SEXUALIZED THIS POOR GIRL SO MUCH THAT YOU HAVE ALL FORGOTTEN SHE IS JUST A CHILD.

  89. Hyram


    9 dagen geleden

    As a person who works at Dunkin donuts, I can't stress enough to tell parents that the charlie drink is some serious hard caffeine to give 8-15-year-olds. I constantly have to tell parents the caffeine value in the charlie drink so their kids aren't bouncing off the walls. The corporate is smart but trashy to give Charlie's audience a good old cold brew dose of caffeine, knowing the viewers are little kids..

  90. Jime Castro

    Jime Castro

    9 dagen geleden

    all of you are going HARD on charli for not liking a food and telling a cute innofensive joke but are dead quiet when bryce hall literally ass*ulted someone. she's sixteen, yes she made a mistake, but you people acting like the respect police is really concerning. like honestly if they have given 16 year old me HALF of the followers charli has i probably would act the same if not worse, her reality is NOT yours

  91. Berrylove101


    9 dagen geleden

    Lol people defending James but did we not hear the “ewwwww” coking out of him? Lol I don’t know why people make it that deep. The chef didn’t give a f. Why should we? Like y’all have manners! Half the people I meet in a daily basis can’t even say “excuse me!” And they are all ages!! Sit down before you point fingers. Famous or not 🥱

  92. GrimGrenadine


    9 dagen geleden

    I find it insane to believe that D'amelios never stopped and thought, for a moment, if two of them are incredibly picky eaters, that this format would go down without a hitch. Why did they even come up with this concept for a video in the first place? Like, this is a situation they created, and somehow managed to *still* embarrass themselves?? James Charles has definitely had some off moments over the last year or two, but I cannot fault him for always acting professional. It seems that he understands that this is a *job* and requires a level of professionalism.

  93. BlurryJJarred


    9 dagen geleden

    For me if I don’t like what I am eating. I tuff it through and eat it. Specially if someone makes it for you. They put time and effort in making it. Or if Ik I don’t like it,I eat it first. So I can get it done,and eat the food that I enjoy. This situation irritates me. Because it’s simple to just be polite and give respect,to people that they should have. Specially if it’s your personal chef. But I wouldn’t know that. Because I don’t have a personal chef. But anyway,I agree that they both were being hella childish and rude.

  94. vxnessa


    9 dagen geleden

    I'd rather go to a restaurant with shrek than the damelios

  95. Chris Do

    Chris Do

    9 dagen geleden

    Damn a lot of y’all mad 😂😂😂 the hate is in the air😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  96. Stephie Calligraphy

    Stephie Calligraphy

    9 dagen geleden

    Charli isn't my favorite. I never understood why she was a thing. Never liked the fact she was sexualizing herself at such a young age, but the comment about the followers is age appropriate. That's the kind of thing that teenagers say, since they have almost no experience in life. So I don't get why this is what people are all upset about. Shrug.

    • Stephie Calligraphy

      Stephie Calligraphy

      9 dagen geleden

      Also, yeah, eating boogers is nasty, but half the people who are so grossed out about it so it too without realizing it, I'm sure. I know grown adults who do this and don't notice it.. Again, gross, but this is what you get when you make teenagers famous for dancing provocatively on an app. This is what you get.

  97. child of god

    child of god

    9 dagen geleden

    If anyone acted like this in front of my parents they would get their ass beaten Jesus 😺

  98. Freaksmile13


    9 dagen geleden

    Trisha jealousy is soooo bad its turning her into a crazy monster who attacks kids!! DISGUSTING

  99. Ruby Lee

    Ruby Lee

    9 dagen geleden

    My thing is not all of us have a PERSONAL CHEF and some of us have to eat what we have and be grateful for what we have.

    • Ruby Lee

      Ruby Lee

      9 dagen geleden

      However I don't think they should be cancelled for it, but I just think it was it really immature.

  100. ruth


    9 dagen geleden

    And just earlier I was watching Aaron May win Triple G Allstars Thanksgiving. This man is the sweetest, very much shouldn't be treated like that🥺