The ULTIMATE back scabbard / shabbard

Because my functional back scabbard design worked so well it's high time we see if we can improve it, and make it look as awesome as it's fundamental design!
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  1. MonteMind


    11 dagen geleden

    "Look, there be adventurers." "But how do you know they're adventurers?" "They're wearing their weapons on their back son, with all the running, climbing, jumping and crawling they have to do. It's far more convenient."

    • gamerdude535


      7 dagen geleden

      @Sergio Leonardo Cornejo I like how the legend of Zelda cartoon did it. Magic pouches that shrink the items. Or maybe the items themselves are enchanted to be able to shrink and fit into normal pouches. Idk lol

    • Nightfall89 z

      Nightfall89 z

      8 dagen geleden

      @Glimmlampe1982 according to my internet search, several results said sheath simply is a term meant for a covering. And that scabbards were made of hardened, rigid materials, commonly wood or leather. So I concede that point to you as, apparently both are legitimate scabbards. The cloak thing probably does depend on the materials used in its construction as you stated.

    • Glimmlampe1982


      8 dagen geleden

      @Nightfall89 z this one, yes. Which makes it a sheath, if I'm not wrong here. But historical scabbards were made with a wooden core. Depends on the cloak. I did some light sparring in my rectangular cloak, not wet though. Did work ok. But in case of a battle quick access isn't really necessary. That's more a ambush situation and depending on the cloak it might take to long to take it off.

    • Nightfall89 z

      Nightfall89 z

      8 dagen geleden

      @Glimmlampe1982 scabbard are made of hardened leather, not wood. As for the cloak, if you must fight in the rain you would remove your cloak anyway, a wet cloak would restrict your movement far too much in battle, the cloak is best used as a shield or accessory in battle. Shad did a video on that as well.

    • Will Parry

      Will Parry

      8 dagen geleden

      @Glimmlampe1982 Shad actually did a video on the kind of cloak an adventurer would likely use and it wasn't as restrictive as you seem to think. I'm not saying weather would make them call off a campaign, you brought that up, lol, but unless the plan specifically calls for doing so, an army would probably not choose to *fight* in the rain, they would hunker down and, ya know, camp, a thing they often did? And camping or otherwise sheltering was a thing they did, like, a *lot*

  2. Louis Brown

    Louis Brown

    37 minuten geleden

    might help to have a magnet built into it to hold things in.

  3. Rabbit Hodge

    Rabbit Hodge

    Uur geleden

    Sir the best way (in my opinion) of having a sword on your back is not a long one. I have a custom sword from my wrist to my armpit that i wear on my back (the handle keeps going) with the small sword ive also picked up on using a smaller forearm shield. Completely my opinion but maybe give it a try with a sword from your wrist to your armpit. You can draw it and put it back quite easily without that protrusion from your back scabbard.

    • Rabbit Hodge

      Rabbit Hodge

      Uur geleden

      Then again im small so i kinda use the smaller weaponry to my advantage

  4. Noah Stevens

    Noah Stevens

    7 uur geleden

    How does your pauldrons effect drawing the sword ? I noticed you didn't have them this time around. Because wouldn't that have to be taken into account ?

  5. Jo Da

    Jo Da

    9 uur geleden

    I can see that being able to run, climb and stuff is beneficial to an adventurer, but for weather protection what can you actually do to keep the sword sharp and rust-free? I mean, at night you can take it off of course, but as an adventurer, you need to access the sword at all waking times, so it's stuck in the "shabbard" the whole day long. Any advice?

  6. TheRougeDestroyer


    9 uur geleden

    Could this work with curved swords?

  7. Mateo Suvelza

    Mateo Suvelza

    10 uur geleden

    I always imagine that in the past soilders carried this big swords with a sling in the back like a rifle, then un sling and use them

  8. sergent popoy

    sergent popoy

    11 uur geleden

    When will we raid the vatican city?

  9. Robbie Ward

    Robbie Ward

    22 uur geleden

    Well done Sir 👏👏👏👏👏

  10. 427Arbok


    23 uur geleden

    Hmm... I wonder if there's a way to solve the weather protection issue via some kind of quick-release cover. Essentially, something that you could put on perhaps with the scabbard off or with a partner/friend's assistance, but that would be held loosely enough to come off with little effort when the sword was drawn, getting it out of the way. Maybe some kind of flap so it wouldn't just fall to the ground and get lost. Taking the scabbard off or getting help would be inconvenient, but it'd be something you'd only do when travelling and/or in inclement weather, so I don't think it'd defeat the purpose of the back scabbard overall. Though, with period technology, I wonder how you'd do something like that without the risk of it getting stuck...

  11. Aaron Paul

    Aaron Paul

    Dag geleden

    The only problem that this would bring is if you got into a rain .. you really have to go deep into the scabbad to get it dry again. Of course it is not a complete issue because you can do that but that might be a disadvantage

  12. -Avalon -

    -Avalon -

    Dag geleden

    If I make a anime, this will be in it!

  13. Whimsical Wibbs

    Whimsical Wibbs

    Dag geleden

    Didn't realise until now that shadiversity was Australian. The bird calls in the background are rainbow lorikeets which are an australian native. (edit: The call at 6:32 is that of a gang-gang which means he most likely lives in sydney)

  14. Dakota Cline

    Dakota Cline

    2 dagen geleden

    love all the dark souls references lately shad haha

  15. Noobmaster69


    2 dagen geleden

    18:58 Heeah,heeah,here,and heeah.

  16. dig_ dug

    dig_ dug

    2 dagen geleden

    You should see if you can sell both at the same time

  17. lol


    2 dagen geleden

    Would carrying ur sword on ur back ever be done in say the 5 century?

  18. PhoenixKnight74


    2 dagen geleden

    That is just genuinely super awesome

  19. Barry Retmanski

    Barry Retmanski

    2 dagen geleden

    Why not stick some magnets in to keep it from falling out when you bend over? Don't have to be particularly strong ones.

  20. A Random Lifestyle

    A Random Lifestyle

    2 dagen geleden

    Im waiting for skallagrim's response hit like if you are tooooooooooo!

  21. Kevin R

    Kevin R

    2 dagen geleden

    That's so cool

  22. napolien 1

    napolien 1

    2 dagen geleden

    15:05 Oof that was clean

  23. Ray3D


    2 dagen geleden

    During the intro my GF walked in and gave me a weird look wondering what the hell I was watching cuz of the sounds you made LOL. Awesome video and very inspirational as always. Great Stuff.

  24. wilowhisp


    2 dagen geleden

    Really cool solution! This is a great contribution to sword history. I'd love to get a "Shabbard" for my Albion Sheriff arming sword and practice some sword and buckler draws.

  25. Tom Forrest

    Tom Forrest

    2 dagen geleden

    I'm wondering if a brass chape and throat might not be improvements. The Throat piece could be a split design along the side to allow the blade to pass through which would give the throat of the scabbard a bit more rigidity for sheathing the sword. As for the tabs, my idea for improvement would be to move the D-rings closer to the front of the baldric towards the chest so that removal is less awkward. potentially using 2 D-rings per strap to keep said strap from moving around. It would also give you more points of contact which would increase the load bearing capability of the snaps while using the wide baldric to distribute the weight. The brass throat would also help with structure, and I really liked the idea of using the metal bands to add structure. I'm wondering if boiled leather might help add even more structure, if it's not already made of boiled leather. Boiled leather seems to be a bit stiffer and harder. Just some ideas that my limited knowledge of swords and scabbards, but plentiful knowledge of load bearing equipment came up with. Hope it helps for ver 2.1.

  26. Sir_Djack


    2 dagen geleden

    For those who only want the new look: 8:26

  27. Haksaw


    3 dagen geleden

    What always bothered me with swords on the back is the fact that you don't see your weapon at all. What if someone just yanks it out and run away or better yet just run you through with your own sword? Walking like that in urban areas (where using swords makes the most sense) will be pretty scary.

  28. BloodandLatex FX

    BloodandLatex FX

    3 dagen geleden

    I want one

  29. Skeletor


    3 dagen geleden

    20:56 ‘shad, you’re a good man...thank you!’

  30. Bun Helsing

    Bun Helsing

    3 dagen geleden

    I'm impressed that it looks like you can still sit on a stool or armless chair without taking it off :)

  31. Das BrettImKopp

    Das BrettImKopp

    3 dagen geleden

    Looks beautiful. I would love to have this as a mod for Skyrim. Would fit my Executioner Character very well.

  32. Globert Seigle

    Globert Seigle

    3 dagen geleden

    If Shad was born in the medieval ages he would've made back scabbards historically accurate

  33. Human Isomer

    Human Isomer

    3 dagen geleden

    nice piece, I like it. I just would add a simple buckle over the shoulder-sided part of the hand guard to keep it from slipping.

  34. Alan Hughes

    Alan Hughes

    3 dagen geleden

    Dude, you should have trademarked that design. It's pretty solid. Pretty sure there's improvements that can be made but there is definite money to be made selling them ,for sure man. Regardless, nice work to you Shad and of coarse Blades and Blazers also. Impressive that they pulled off such an awesome design that well without even having the sword to test it with. Major kudo's. Also, loving how giddy you are while demonstrating its functionality. Like a kid at a candy store. lol

  35. Max Loew

    Max Loew

    3 dagen geleden

    I am hoping to make a fantasy video game with semi-realism and your videos have really helped

  36. Jordan Allen

    Jordan Allen

    3 dagen geleden

    This has been in Monster Hunter for ages

  37. jared batt

    jared batt

    3 dagen geleden

    That intro was pure gold!!

  38. Sorcerersupreme007


    3 dagen geleden

    No words. Just nerdiness. Love it!

  39. Vikingknight2012


    3 dagen geleden

    Are we all overlooking perhaps its greatest benefit, drawing while seated. And of course if its on your back you now have room for more swords, and who doesn't want more swords!

  40. jack rak

    jack rak

    4 dagen geleden

    It has a potential fantasy designs to go with, especially to Wing that can act a sort of flag to a kingdom. But but personally I'm do what was done in bloodborne without the wing

  41. ljlk


    4 dagen geleden

    Ever try putting a Shabbard on your hip so that you can draw larger swords more easily? Just a thought.

  42. Honest Citizen

    Honest Citizen

    4 dagen geleden

    Brother your happy-go-lucky. Good to see.

  43. Kevin Gray

    Kevin Gray

    4 dagen geleden

    Curious. I thought you didn't like nunchaku, but you're wearing 2 sheaths for expandable nunchaku on your belt.

  44. SirSilco


    4 dagen geleden

    I want to see how it would work if you were to wear plate armour.

  45. Ha Thim

    Ha Thim

    4 dagen geleden

    Do you can wear the sword with the handle on your hip and your blade rising in the air? The draw point is low and if you want to draw your sword you let the sword fall down and draw it.

  46. M North

    M North

    4 dagen geleden

    I love the fact that this is a legitimate technological advancement on a weapon that stopped being popularly used at least 300 years ago.

  47. Kevin Bihari

    Kevin Bihari

    4 dagen geleden

    @15:05 That looked awesome. Like It looked so confident I wouldn't even want to attack you, and the sword is really big. Most blades on the back are shorter than your arm If you want to draw them from there (wakizashi for instance) This looked epic

  48. Gustav Trads

    Gustav Trads

    4 dagen geleden

    It looks really cool. I want that 😎👍

  49. ChrisLustarian


    4 dagen geleden

    I LOVE how excited you got over this XD its moments like this where you truly see peoples passion for the things they are into. keep up the good work!

  50. raptor10118


    4 dagen geleden

    Just like the monster hunter long sword scabbard

  51. 1701EarlGrey


    4 dagen geleden

    Can you ride a horse with this scabbard ?

  52. Kyler Moore

    Kyler Moore

    4 dagen geleden

    That sword looks about the same length as geralt's sword from the Witcher three because when it is in the scabbard it goes down to the pit of his knee just like yours

  53. Kyler Moore

    Kyler Moore

    4 dagen geleden


  54. Golden Boy

    Golden Boy

    4 dagen geleden

    could you do the same with like a Kriegsmesser or would that be difficult ?

  55. Scott Phillips

    Scott Phillips

    4 dagen geleden

    Have you considered using horse hair on the side to somewhat protect the blade without affecting drawing it or sheathing it?

  56. danshyu


    4 dagen geleden

    Works great when it's not raining. But otherwise it's gonna gather water.

  57. Dick Gozinya

    Dick Gozinya

    4 dagen geleden

    I said, "That's what she said..." about 87 times while watching this video.

  58. Myke Ensminger

    Myke Ensminger

    4 dagen geleden

    I’d like to see you use it on the hip. Seems like it could work well there too. Obviously there are more advantages to it being on the back. However it would make sheathing and drawing easier regardless of placement on the body. In my opinion I think you invented a wearable long sword scabbard

  59. Alanolex


    4 dagen geleden


  60. Stephen Tomsky

    Stephen Tomsky

    4 dagen geleden

    Does anyone know a Skyrim modder who could make this a thing in Skyrim?

  61. nyuki187


    4 dagen geleden

    8:43 - the Red baron from the witcher 3

  62. Vinny V8

    Vinny V8

    4 dagen geleden

    What in the name of the queen is that ? It's a Shabbard sir And therefor a Shabbard it shall be

  63. MandyEqualsMurderOFFICIAL


    4 dagen geleden

    Make series improving the design.

  64. Michael R.

    Michael R.

    4 dagen geleden

    Wing scabbard?

  65. Black Dynamite

    Black Dynamite

    5 dagen geleden

    You did it, you crazy bastard you did it

  66. Dismythed & JWA

    Dismythed & JWA

    5 dagen geleden

    How about sending that third sword to Blades and Blazers?

  67. Owen Greenberg

    Owen Greenberg

    5 dagen geleden

    Ok now do the ridiculous anime cross-back double-scabbard

  68. Another Duck

    Another Duck

    5 dagen geleden

    There was this one video where one had a supposedly Scottish version that had a fur lining, presumably to help with keeping water out a little better.

  69. LinkDemonwing


    5 dagen geleden

    I love the shabbard but you could make it more aesthetically by replacing the long wing for sheathing with a few metal pieces of metall that have the same function but are way smaller.

  70. ShadowLucario97


    5 dagen geleden

    As someone who has a sword with a back scabbard, I'd like to know how to get a Shabbard. drawing is annoying, sheathing is impossible.

  71. Jacob Bulloch

    Jacob Bulloch

    5 dagen geleden

    You know what makes your channel so great? Your obvious enthusiasm for the topics you cover. That can't be faked. Live your dream Shad, live your dream!

  72. INeosIRex


    5 dagen geleden

    I do suggest an improvement. The flat bit of leather used to guide the sword into the shabbard, make it able to bend over. this way one could do that to secure the sword even more espacially if they take the shabbard off and carry it by hand.

  73. Josejuan Cota Castillo

    Josejuan Cota Castillo

    5 dagen geleden

    Can you do a video on kid gohan 🗡️ from dragon ball z

  74. Carlton Watkins

    Carlton Watkins

    5 dagen geleden

    If you replace those snaps and D rings with leather straps and buckles you would not have any issues with them "popping off" and it would be be both adjustable and removable for you. I have seen and done these applications. Strongest secure hold in leather

  75. INeosIRex


    5 dagen geleden

    I'd call it a "2 and a half sword".

  76. Corr Guineacht

    Corr Guineacht

    5 dagen geleden

    "Is it in yet?" - That's what she said.

  77. Isaac Glad

    Isaac Glad

    5 dagen geleden

    20:43 The name's a bit...Shabby? Eehhhhh? XD Love it, man

  78. bjrn2010


    5 dagen geleden

    But what about dragons? When are we getting a video about dragons?

  79. Jose Park

    Jose Park

    5 dagen geleden

    Shad, Lauren Shaw (youtuber) said "it is ingenious but doesn't work well if it starts to rain. Spending extra time to sand off the rust spots from the rain is always a pain"

  80. VDE18


    5 dagen geleden


  81. sablephoenix


    5 dagen geleden

    If this were an actual historical item, I feel like this scabbard would have ended up being called a "four-year" to differentiate it from the standard hip or belt scabbard. Similarly to the French words that became beef, poultry and pork, being injected into the English language by the Norman invaders, I'd expect this item would be called either a "winged scabbard" or simply a "back scabbard" by said Normans. The names in French would be "fourreau ailé" or "fourreau arrière" respectively, and either pronunciation would be easily Anglicized into "four year". Which would doubtless, in the modern day, result in endless debates and urban legends about the true origin of the term.

  82. Joe N

    Joe N

    5 dagen geleden

    Are you going to patent it?

  83. Albanfluff Animation

    Albanfluff Animation

    5 dagen geleden

    Hey Shad, what's your opinions on double back scabbards, such as the one Geralt wears in The Witcher?

  84. Ian Rudderow

    Ian Rudderow

    5 dagen geleden

    The amount of enthusiasm and pride Shad has in his content genuinely makes me smile

  85. Oblong Cheese

    Oblong Cheese

    5 dagen geleden

    I’m writing a fantasy novel with cynocephali in it, the dog-headed men. I wish you’d do a video on what kind of armor/equipment you think a race of dog-humanoid barbarians would use

  86. Retro Unicorn

    Retro Unicorn

    5 dagen geleden

    Medieval infomercial

  87. Ozray McGreen - Curious Godless Guru

    Ozray McGreen - Curious Godless Guru

    5 dagen geleden

    finally! it’s beautiful 🤩

  88. ethan ophek

    ethan ophek

    5 dagen geleden

    Could you make a video on a kusarigama

  89. Danger Dash

    Danger Dash

    5 dagen geleden

    Hey Shad, I think someone's trying to call you out on your video on Ma-Rey Sue's combat ability:

  90. Evil Paradigm

    Evil Paradigm

    6 dagen geleden

    Personally I might add a button strap over the guard to keep it secure. I would position the snap so I could flick it with my thumb as I draw it. This way it would give complete freedom of movement. Not saying this needs to be done. Fantastic job.

  91. Lelouch -- King of Anti-Heroes

    Lelouch -- King of Anti-Heroes

    6 dagen geleden

    Shad: "You don't have to call it a shabbard. I admit, the name's a bit . . ." Me: "...shabby?"

  92. juhulemand


    6 dagen geleden

    I aspire to be find something in my life, that will make me as excited as Shad is about the Shabbard.

  93. Johannes Dolch

    Johannes Dolch

    6 dagen geleden

    What makes this even quicker is that basically as soon as it clears the scabbard you are already in the "Vom Dach" Guard Position, whereas drawing from a side scabbard you need to move the sword at least ~180° to reach any guard position.

  94. Johannes Dolch

    Johannes Dolch

    6 dagen geleden

    I love how for the last 20 years Fantasy RPG people where like "back scabbards are cool but unrealistic and clunky". Turns out they are both cool and awesome.

  95. LauncherX


    6 dagen geleden

    This is huge, this is the beginning of something great, and here I am at the genesis of it all. Soon everyone will adopt the Shabbard and this item will be among cultural legends

  96. Касьян


    6 dagen geleden

    *adventurers want to know your location*

  97. Aden Stevenson

    Aden Stevenson

    6 dagen geleden

    I had an idea of a future back scabbard that forms around the sword like Iron mans nano tech suit

  98. matt


    6 dagen geleden

    Shadiversity hopefully you see this Shad, just wanted to say that if you tighten the clip part on the sword then you can get it to hang in the Shabbard much more securely without having to do the hassle of clipping it on both sides of the Shabbard

  99. NinjaAimless


    6 dagen geleden

    SHABBERED LOL 😂 YES Perfect dude!

  100. REDLORDx


    6 dagen geleden

    Loved the intro. Very much appreciated.