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Miley is back for good! Breaking in the new motor, taking the brz home, did you even know I had a brz?! Todays video is a long one!
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  1. Break Wave

    Break Wave

    4 uur geleden

    Tj roasting that table, and I literally had that exact IKEA table as my dining room table for 3 years lmao

  2. Julian Pineda

    Julian Pineda

    21 uur geleden

    Only real car guy will understand that kind of PTSD.

  3. Tim André Knutsen

    Tim André Knutsen

    Dag geleden

    Well she shouldnt say good boy😅 she should lift/carry/get him outside as soon as possible when you see he needs to pee. If you do this more often, he will scream to go outside to pee

  4. nick songkham

    nick songkham

    2 dagen geleden

    Tbh I havnt seen the video and I sub. Thumb nail🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. Brandon Giron

    Brandon Giron

    2 dagen geleden

    Inv I can literally gap all your cars with 4k in the car and engine 🤦‍♂️

  6. Eli Williamson

    Eli Williamson

    2 dagen geleden

    Sabrina finally nailed a prank on TJ😂

  7. Trev0or


    2 dagen geleden

    What Soap do you use

  8. Benji Clears

    Benji Clears

    3 dagen geleden

    You should get some pee pads for helo as a fellow puppy owner

  9. Fire Blazen

    Fire Blazen

    3 dagen geleden

    When the brz has more hp than a Supra😳

  10. Tyler Southworth

    Tyler Southworth

    3 dagen geleden

    Finally catching up on TJ’s content after 22 weeks in basic makes life so much better 🙏🏼

  11. Cesar Fuentes

    Cesar Fuentes

    3 dagen geleden

    Put bags. You can lowered whenever you need to get in somewhere. It be the opposite of having a low car lol

  12. Brandon Brown

    Brandon Brown

    3 dagen geleden

    say valet for us one more time lmao

  13. Pharaoh El Capo

    Pharaoh El Capo

    3 dagen geleden

    GTAV lifestyle 💯

  14. Lil Smitty

    Lil Smitty

    3 dagen geleden

    its "valet" not "valet" smh

  15. Aaron


    3 dagen geleden

    I remember you giving a power point in Ms. Heltons photo class talking about your NLcameras channel and how you had like a thousand views

    • Aaron


      3 dagen geleden

      You got me into cars because I overheard you telling DJ Domingos sister about a mod you did to your BMW and I thought it was crazy that people our age could mod their cars

  16. Skylar Hunt

    Skylar Hunt

    4 dagen geleden

    Why do the kombucha king in the background

  17. Robert Belnap

    Robert Belnap

    4 dagen geleden

    If you don’t want that furniture in the office I’ll buy it off you I live in sd 🤣

  18. Thatguywithnopancreas


    4 dagen geleden

    Love that song@!!!

  19. KingCherry


    4 dagen geleden

    Can you do a build on a ctr

  20. Trix_ Spams

    Trix_ Spams

    4 dagen geleden

    Tj I had a quick question... you ever thought of making a hot wheel collection

  21. Uriel Mendoza

    Uriel Mendoza

    4 dagen geleden


  22. thenic123


    4 dagen geleden

    Who thinks Sabrina should start her own NLcameras channel? Give this comment a Thumbs UP if you agree.

  23. Andres Mendoza

    Andres Mendoza

    4 dagen geleden

    The abject house epidemiologically fill because mom ontogenically remove during a majestic frost. blue, quarrelsome hood

  24. Andres Mendoza

    Andres Mendoza

    4 dagen geleden

    The relieved literature phytochemically tame because paul pathogenetically switch on a hard-to-find bamboo. grumpy, unarmed ice

  25. Josh t

    Josh t

    4 dagen geleden

    doesn’t show under bonnet?

  26. John Karika

    John Karika

    5 dagen geleden

    Wait...... the what underground parking?

  27. amer bentouati

    amer bentouati

    5 dagen geleden

    Miley is the most amazing car that u own

  28. Dani mahmood _

    Dani mahmood _

    5 dagen geleden

    Should have put an sti engine in 😕

  29. Twig


    5 dagen geleden

    Get another gtr plz

  30. Devon Estrada

    Devon Estrada

    5 dagen geleden

    I feel like simplicity is def the way to go w certain cars especially that one. But I also feel like a good steering wheel might not hurt

  31. R1 FAL

    R1 FAL

    5 dagen geleden

    This is my favorite car 🤪❤️

  32. Nicholas Biscuiti

    Nicholas Biscuiti

    5 dagen geleden

    been waiting for SOMETHING about streethunter and the 13-21 brz maybe a kit or a trunk and hood or something and mans just shut it down right here in this vide. time to sell it.

  33. M.TeddyBear


    5 dagen geleden

    Ok so you’re not gona show us the engine?💀

  34. zer0__gravitea


    5 dagen geleden

    700 + lightweight = Super Miley

  35. Silly Daniel5

    Silly Daniel5

    5 dagen geleden

    What year is the brz I’m new

  36. Grady Clay

    Grady Clay

    5 dagen geleden

    I NEED EVERYONE ON THIS!!!!!!!! CAN WE SEE THAT CAR ON THE RIGHT TIRES TO SEE WHAT THAT CAR CAN DO....... I wanted to see what that car can do at 400 horsepower now I want to definitely see what it can do at 700 besides the pools we do I want to see something real from that

  37. cOSMiC jAY

    cOSMiC jAY

    5 dagen geleden

    Bruh i love the afterhours scenes with you all haha with you all hangin

  38. Shane Rhabb

    Shane Rhabb

    5 dagen geleden

    How much torque?

  39. James Schug

    James Schug

    5 dagen geleden


  40. Josue Facio

    Josue Facio

    5 dagen geleden

    Damn tj was capping on sabrina 😂

  41. Johnny Haller

    Johnny Haller

    6 dagen geleden

    Yeah that’s the only thing you’ll ever have to worry about with the gwagon is coffee drive thrus lol

  42. JayJayEn


    6 dagen geleden

    I love the brz please give us more brz content

  43. Aldo Gomez

    Aldo Gomez

    6 dagen geleden

    I have a 2014 scion frs love this car even working on it is fun never thought id be a car guy either lol

  44. T-Rex


    6 dagen geleden

    Tj needs to get one of those mop Roombas for the new floor lol.

  45. Seventh Gear

    Seventh Gear

    6 dagen geleden


  46. Rookie To Pro

    Rookie To Pro

    6 dagen geleden

    My power goals aren't 650HP for my FRS, but it's good to know that it's possible with the FA20 motor

  47. Special


    6 dagen geleden

    I saw your wife say good boy after he Peed he definitely need to push his face down towards the P and tell him no bad boy to bring him outside and tell him potty or go to the bathroom. Training the dog involves words and hand signals. Deafly love all the videos keep up the good work

  48. Chad Toy

    Chad Toy

    6 dagen geleden

    Post Miley's paint code on your IG 👀👄👀

  49. Marcus Damberg

    Marcus Damberg

    6 dagen geleden

    Why not 2jz swap miley?🤔

  50. Dahntay Drummond

    Dahntay Drummond

    6 dagen geleden

    Put the g wagon on bags, clearance problem solved

  51. Fitment Industries

    Fitment Industries

    6 dagen geleden

    Back and better than ever 👀🔥

    • Norbertthebear


      2 dagen geleden


  52. SayTheGreat


    6 dagen geleden

    Yeah I’d get a brz/frs if I didn’t live in Massachusetts 😂

  53. Kris McCarthy

    Kris McCarthy

    6 dagen geleden


  54. andy


    6 dagen geleden

    Twerk it Miley

  55. Tr Vlogs Car Life

    Tr Vlogs Car Life

    6 dagen geleden

    Momma's back!

  56. Phil McKrakin

    Phil McKrakin

    6 dagen geleden

    Miley came in like a wrecking ball.

  57. brett vicko

    brett vicko

    6 dagen geleden

    Engine specs? 700hp 🙏🏻

  58. Sameah and Stuff

    Sameah and Stuff

    6 dagen geleden

    waiting on the next video to see, hear how she pulls!!! and farts lol

  59. N070RI0U5bigMG


    6 dagen geleden

    The wing is the only reason the boot won't open its the weight in the mechanism, standard wings do it aswell

  60. Adam Fergusson

    Adam Fergusson

    6 dagen geleden

    Dog does pee on floor.....”good boy”

  61. Riley Megeney

    Riley Megeney

    6 dagen geleden

    Stalling in N must be a subie thing. My G3 Impreza almost dies on its ass if I throw it in N if I’m not stopped

  62. David Calderon

    David Calderon

    6 dagen geleden

    Rx7 is just way too beautiful

  63. Davis The God

    Davis The God

    6 dagen geleden

    Under 4500 for 1k miles 💀💀💀

  64. strictlyguns Tv

    strictlyguns Tv

    6 dagen geleden

    have u checked the trunk lock button inside the trunk tj? i thought mine was broken too but the button was pressed accidently lol

  65. The Punisher

    The Punisher

    6 dagen geleden

    Time bomb

  66. Kev 777

    Kev 777

    6 dagen geleden

    Whats the paint code?

  67. Donovan Bell

    Donovan Bell

    6 dagen geleden

    Btw tj going into neutral & car decides to stall is super common. Stock motor 2014 brz and it has done that for me consistently for a year. Read somewhere it has something to do with fueling and even that dealerships were re-flashing to fix it on newer models. Super interesting quirk but will always love my car.

  68. Luis Leon

    Luis Leon

    6 dagen geleden

    Miley is back happy to see it.

  69. KCars


    6 dagen geleden

    Good to have her back

  70. Greenbeansftw


    6 dagen geleden

    13:24 soooo does that mean he’s gonna get the new brz?😳

  71. d4rkv


    6 dagen geleden

    Subaru's always had a trunk release issue, at least both my 2005/ 2006 WRX wagon had that issue. Oh wait, for me it was rust. ;-)

  72. T Crics

    T Crics

    6 dagen geleden

    Your trans in the brz is gonna commit $uicide

  73. robo3541


    6 dagen geleden

    Missed pressure wash opportunity

  74. Antonio Henriquez

    Antonio Henriquez

    6 dagen geleden

    ""Maybe it's the chips and salsa🤔" 🤣🤣🤣

  75. ASTRO 1

    ASTRO 1

    6 dagen geleden

    TJ when are you gonna get a skyline 🤔

  76. FUL * FLEDGE


    6 dagen geleden

    For people who doesn't know what the FTB on the sticker means is For The Boys

  77. Erik Gillund

    Erik Gillund

    6 dagen geleden

    you should get the roller jacks that you pump up with your foot that go under the tires

  78. Tylor Neace

    Tylor Neace

    7 dagen geleden

    Would be cool if there were white lines on the garage floor like it was a parking lot. Would help with parking.

  79. Noah Lackey

    Noah Lackey

    7 dagen geleden

    scion interior already elite interior

  80. Oh Dell

    Oh Dell

    7 dagen geleden

    Been here since the taillight tint and the Nvidia exhaust install, crazy to see how far things have come

  81. Keanu Micheal Alex

    Keanu Micheal Alex

    7 dagen geleden

    Good to see Miley back being that Miley was the reason i originally followed

  82. GregzRealmOfCars


    7 dagen geleden

    Lol tj your right jk table 🤣😂

  83. Blag Ni Juswa

    Blag Ni Juswa

    7 dagen geleden

    RX-7, Supra, Brz😍 its my dream car garage😁😍. GTR also but its not on TJ's garage but its okay ill add it on my garage soon Lol😂 Viewers from Philippines😉🇵🇭💖

  84. Scooter McDoogall

    Scooter McDoogall

    7 dagen geleden

    I heard Calvin left ur oil cap off??? Too soon???

  85. Robert Staff

    Robert Staff

    7 dagen geleden

    Black floors are worse than white for showing dirt. Tell your floor cuz they dont know.

  86. Michael Hamel

    Michael Hamel

    7 dagen geleden

    Didn’t know your nick name was kosher TJ, because your salty AF.

  87. Nutella.


    7 dagen geleden

    is that a supraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  88. Bryan Durco

    Bryan Durco

    7 dagen geleden

    I had that same door and trunk issues on my 2013. All it needed was a new battery in the fob. Well, battery and clean out the fob compartment. Lint and crap had gotten in there somehow.

  89. Miguel Mendez

    Miguel Mendez

    7 dagen geleden

    What bodykit are you using 🤔?

  90. victor thais n.o. læbel

    victor thais n.o. læbel

    7 dagen geleden

    Remember TJ being so nervous installing the spoiler and drilling in the carbon trunk😂

  91. Anthony Garcia

    Anthony Garcia

    7 dagen geleden

    Why you seem so upset with life rn

  92. Raw Sessions

    Raw Sessions

    7 dagen geleden

    Literally the best car on the channel right now

  93. DJRuben GamingTV

    DJRuben GamingTV

    7 dagen geleden

    Get A Rubber Car Matts so the cars can stand / Drive on them and Upgrade your Garage Storage / displays for your cleaning products

  94. Ricky Sanchez

    Ricky Sanchez

    7 dagen geleden

    These cars don’t exist under 10k anymore

  95. Jayy_z33


    7 dagen geleden

    TJ: "Is SOAP an option 👀???" 😂😂😂

  96. Franco Franco

    Franco Franco

    7 dagen geleden

    “Under 10k” if anyone has it for that lmk sheet

  97. ImNotTheOne


    7 dagen geleden

    Finally one of sabrinas pranks work 😂

  98. Angel Rico

    Angel Rico

    7 dagen geleden

    Jelly beans sound good now

  99. Gabe R

    Gabe R

    7 dagen geleden

    Where’s danny speed3 🙏🏽

  100. Mihai Palaz

    Mihai Palaz

    7 dagen geleden