The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained

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Inside neutron stars we can find the weirdest and most dangerous substance in the universe: Strange matter. What is strange matter, how dangerous is it and what can it tell us about the origin of the universe?

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    New fear unlocked

  5. Aurora Jones

    Aurora Jones

    9 uur geleden

    6:00 WOW But seriously if these things are more common than stars then id assume we would be seeing starts and planetary bodies be consumed/converted by these things and we have never seen this. Soo... im on the fence. Fascinating tho.

  6. tini hamza

    tini hamza

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  7. Amit Abas

    Amit Abas

    14 uur geleden

    what about the other types of quarks? you've talked about 'up', 'down' and 'strange', but what about the others? what are 'charm' quarks for example?

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    Strange Matter: Exist Matter: Simping is my middle name

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    I bet diamonds could resist at strange matter contact, but we'll need some dense, hyper-organized diamonds

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    Why does it convert matter into strange matter though?

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    Wow what a colorful way to lie to people about evolution

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    Strange matter = dark matter??? maybe most of the universe has already been converted into strange matter.... Edit: oh he says this in the video right after I wrote this lol

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    How could strangelets convert everything into strange matter and exist right after the big bang. By that logic everything would have had to have touched it.

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    Well that's another thing to be inexplicably terrified about

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    How do they know this exists? Is it just from applying knowledge of how neutron stars work and our knowledge of physics? How did people even find out about how neutron stars work/are formed and the science behind them? I'm thinking too much... ;(

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    Yousef Khatib

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    If splitting an atom creates a huge explosion, what would happen if you really split a quark

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    "neutron stars are the densest thing that isnt a black hole" me looking at flat earthers: OBJECTION

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      You can find it on the epic mountain music NLcameras channel

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    Javier López Coscojuela

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    So, I know this stuff is not green, per se, but it is a self-replicating exotic material that comes from space with no warning and will ruin your world. Tiberium? Anyone?

  37. Marek Sekerka

    Marek Sekerka

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    maby they didnt hit us becouse gravity would pushed them back. can you make a vid about that becouse i subcribed :]

    • Aleriv


      5 dagen geleden

      wait, that actually makes sense, what if strange matter is 'repelled' by gravity. that would make strange matter an anti-graviton

  38. Joseph B.

    Joseph B.

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    I guess you could call this a STRANGE theory!

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    Interesting how scientific push people to learn scientific things even when they realise that maybe earth will be infected by strange matter tomorrow xD Maybe it's time to learn about ourself

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    *As if Covid wasn't enough*

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    How do strange quarks form matter if they prefer to decay back down to regular up/down quarks?



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    Alexandre Freitas

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    Pushing strange matter into black holes is like when the main villain in the cartoon needs to join forces with the hero of the story to defeat an even more powerful villain.

    • Galaxy


      3 dagen geleden

      lmao so true

  66. Blah Anger

    Blah Anger

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    So a strangelet is basicaly a sort of protomolecule?

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    binary blade fanatic

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    Nah I don't think so. If this matter is so perfect then it should be able to escape neutron stars regardless of whether they collide or not.

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    Amazing video! I was supposed to watch this for homework, but this is soo much better than normal homework! Thanks, Kurzgesagt!

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    Sweet Williams

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    So if a neutron star could be safely contained and systematocally harvested ot could power several Earth's full of people & animals & plant life for several million years?

  76. Rick Fox

    Rick Fox

    11 dagen geleden

    If strange matter is the most stable in all of the universe, why does a strange D meson decay? Why do all Strange Quark Mesons decay?

  77. Fus1on M4st3r

    Fus1on M4st3r

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    Wait how are these strange quarks supposed to turn matter into strange quarks if the beginning of the universe was most likely full of the stuff like nutron stars? Wouldn't most matter be this strangelet quark stuff if it infected things? Idk if I worded my question in a way people can understand what I'm trying to ask lol but I thought I'd at least try

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    This whole video sounds like an awesome sci fi book.

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    That Ghost

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    how many types of matter are there?

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    Could strange matter be the exotic matter that could hold a wormhole open?

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    Great, more nightmare fuel.

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    Well this is terrifying

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    Kristine Cortes

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    Seth Kunert

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    This is another danger of cold fusion

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    Seth Kunert

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