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Code 3 response video!!! Pickup truck in the median and semi jack-knifed in the barrier cables. How will we untangle this mess. I wasn't sure I was going to get this video done for this week. OUR NEW GRANDCHILD MADE HIS ENTRY INTO THE WORLD THIS WEEK!!! We are so Blessed and want to thank everyone for the prayers, thoughts, and well wishes. It has been an emotional rollercoaster of a week, but our daughter, grandson, and son-in-law are all safe and healthy. That's all we can ask for............ Thanks for watching and God bless. Follow the link for special pricing on the Guardian Angel Elite seen in this video. You can also use Coupon Code: 122CLIP)
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  1. lovmybirds


    Dag geleden

    Mr. Pratt I just recently found you video. Thank you for your hard work and caring for people and not just out there for the bucks. My late husband who recently died was law enforcement here in California - and now my daughter who is a EMT-firefighter "works the streets" they often said that some tow workers just don't care and just wants the money. Don't get me wrong we do have a few good faithful tow companies just wish there where more like your company. Some day I would love to see you company site. God Bless and be safe

  2. Matt Jenkins

    Matt Jenkins

    Dag geleden

    Hi Ron, i just wanted to say i really enjoy watching your videos, its like watching a live tv show :)

  3. Sheila Marshall

    Sheila Marshall

    2 dagen geleden

    Love watching your videos! You never cease to amaze me. ❤️

  4. Keith Sawyer

    Keith Sawyer

    2 dagen geleden

    That's it man, have to get your daises on. And of course well wishers to your new family member.

  5. Lastman Standing

    Lastman Standing

    2 dagen geleden

    Interesting pull...but I would have used the reverse sling pull method coupled with an anti-gravity slug wrench hooked to the rear axle of the cab. 😏

  6. Chris Yowell

    Chris Yowell

    2 dagen geleden

    God bless brother. Good team you have.

  7. Eargesplitten_Loudenboomer


    3 dagen geleden

    Ron, love your vids. Driving and 18 wheeler for 11 years, I had to be towed into a few repair shops b/c of breakdown. Always admired the wrecker crews who supported us. You and your outfit are a class act.

  8. xoán t4nquex

    xoán t4nquex

    4 dagen geleden

    Wow, amazing job!!! The big crane truck is so cool!!!

  9. hanneske1954


    5 dagen geleden

    Hello from Germany. Just a question, when the cab of a tractor moved aside after jack-knifed, is it a posdsibility when you are there with the rotator to use it to replace the cab as far as possible?

  10. Nickie B

    Nickie B

    5 dagen geleden

    Wisconsin police officer here. They let you guys run red/blue lights and sirens down there in Missouri huh? Never seen that before. Does that require you to have a special license or certification or is it simply allowed by statute for all tow trucks to run that setup? Our tow guys run strictly amber/white and no sirens allowed.

    • Ron Pratt

      Ron Pratt

      2 dagen geleden Thanks for watching and God bless.

  11. The Carrera Clan ꨄ

    The Carrera Clan ꨄ

    5 dagen geleden

    The inside of his truck looks like the inside of my dads service truck its a linder/komatsu peterbuilt

  12. Tony Loc

    Tony Loc

    5 dagen geleden

    Ron i love your work brother! I’m a great diesel tech watching

  13. Noel Garcia

    Noel Garcia

    5 dagen geleden

    None of these guys look happy to work with you cool video though



    6 dagen geleden


  15. David Carter

    David Carter

    6 dagen geleden

    Congrats on the grandbaby!!! :) Great job as usual..

  16. tigersfan14


    6 dagen geleden

    Man, I wish I had a Federal Q siren on my patrol cruiser. Those suckers part the sea!

  17. Camden Norris

    Camden Norris

    6 dagen geleden

    Didn’t realize Scott was the city at first and was thinking “wow they put Scott in charge of slot here”

  18. Ryan McKeeman

    Ryan McKeeman

    6 dagen geleden

    2:33 would have me confused if i saw a tow truck with a fire engine siren

    • Crowbar44


      Dag geleden

      Exactly. I am a firefighter here in Ohio and I have never seen or heard of a tow truck running emergency lights and siren. Seems weird to me. I wonder of the tow truck drivers have to take a defensive training course or any kind of training like we do? Not to mention inspections.

  19. Laura Trotter

    Laura Trotter

    7 dagen geleden

    I saw one of your video's for the first time last night, and had no idea what you all went through to upright a truck. It was fascinating. The fact that you are more concerned about the drivers and pray for them as you are in-route to the scene is heart warming and awesome. CONGRATULATIONS on your new grandchild. GOD bless you, your family, your team and your business.

  20. Brayden Lowe

    Brayden Lowe

    7 dagen geleden

    First time here

  21. J. Allen

    J. Allen

    7 dagen geleden

    Ron, from Australia, l love your Kangaroo on the dash !!, John

  22. Christine Boone

    Christine Boone

    7 dagen geleden

    I’ve been driving almost 21 years now and I’ve never known that heavy duty tow trucks run lights and sirens !! Thanks for teaching me something new !!

  23. polecat fan

    polecat fan

    8 dagen geleden

    I'm pretty sure that somebody has told you this before but I really don't think that you should be using your Amber lights with your red and blues cuz people will get confused you know what I mean

  24. Albert


    8 dagen geleden

    what sirens do you use?

  25. Robert Schreiber

    Robert Schreiber

    8 dagen geleden

    @ Ron Pratt; Are you the tow company, that had a show on Speed Channel, about 12 years ago?

  26. Daniel Owen

    Daniel Owen

    8 dagen geleden

    I have never seen (heard) a heavy tow truck (or any for that matter) with a siren in my area. Pretty interesting stuff

  27. johnmh1000


    8 dagen geleden

    Good evening Ron from Essex, England. I'm sorry but I haven't caught up with your channel for some weeks now. I'm so happy for your wonderful news about your grandchild. May you and your family know happiness. God bless and stay safe my friend.

  28. Karen Lingefelt

    Karen Lingefelt

    9 dagen geleden

    I use to ride with my dad & i have seen first hand how people cut these big rigs off there is no way you can stop these trucks on a dime i pray for these drivers every day God bless these rescue guys & all police involved Amen

  29. Dakota Plowman

    Dakota Plowman

    9 dagen geleden

    Anyone else notice the big guy with the walkie sounds like YummiR6?

  30. Ariana Stachoski

    Ariana Stachoski

    10 dagen geleden

    I love how well this guy teaches his guys and makes them do what they are supposed to be doing.

  31. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith

    10 dagen geleden

    @ron pratt for someone who has a class A cdl whats required to get a job doing this and where do you start?

  32. Haven DeZeeuw

    Haven DeZeeuw

    10 dagen geleden

    I hope this guy makes real good money.

  33. Cyber Cheech

    Cyber Cheech

    10 dagen geleden

    Good jod

  34. Jeremy Hodge

    Jeremy Hodge

    11 dagen geleden

    I would have waaay to much fun with the siren

  35. Jeffrey Protzman

    Jeffrey Protzman

    11 dagen geleden

    Good job guys!! I work for S.D. DOT and have had to respond to many wrecks to give support to our officers and wrecker services..Usually just blocking roads and helping with clean up .. All of us there to get it done fast and as efficiently as possible.. Stay safe guys and keep on pullin' !!!!

  36. tobylou8


    11 dagen geleden

    What's the closing tune called??

  37. Ton Verkleij

    Ton Verkleij

    11 dagen geleden

    Little dumb guy with huuuge hat 14:40

  38. matt miller

    matt miller

    11 dagen geleden

    im still blown away by the rotating chain rack. very clean and fast.

  39. Rob K

    Rob K

    12 dagen geleden

    Dude, you need to get a Powercall Siren. Waaay better than the traditional Wail sound. And yes, the Federal Q is AWESOME!!!!!

  40. Em1L


    12 dagen geleden

    Hi there, i have always been wondering - arent you afraid of the chains snapping - and hitting someone? Would it even be possible or are they to strong? Thx!

    • Ron Pratt

      Ron Pratt

      9 dagen geleden

      Chains can and will snap. There are different types and strengths of chains. The ones I use for recovery and lifting are grade 100 or higher and are inspected for damage on a regular basis. Standard chains for holding down loads, etc, are generally grade 50 or grade 70 transport chain and they are not designed for the type of work that we do. Thanks for watching and God bless.

  41. Ken Bearsley

    Ken Bearsley

    12 dagen geleden

    Where would we be without the tow truck people?! Well done guys.

  42. Dwight Yost

    Dwight Yost

    12 dagen geleden

    You made it look easy i bet you did this once before

  43. Chris Marek

    Chris Marek

    13 dagen geleden

    Hey Ron just a thought. When you do arm and hand gestures with no dialogue, could you translate them with subtitles?

  44. Pr0Apache


    13 dagen geleden

    I've been told that there are special licenses to do heavy duty recovery, if so how does one begin to enter this process and what tips do you have?

  45. Juan Castro

    Juan Castro

    13 dagen geleden

    28:48 what I’f the truck trailer get loose

  46. eric huntington

    eric huntington

    13 dagen geleden

    I prefer the Q on a foot pedal but I like how you do it

  47. Josh Johnson

    Josh Johnson

    13 dagen geleden

    Im confused. Why does a tow truck have a siren?

    • Wendy C

      Wendy C

      12 dagen geleden

      In the State of Missouri tow trucks, wreckers and recovery vehicles are considered EMERGENCY vehicles. Ron put a link in one of the comment threads. Edit found link... ALL tow and recovery vehicles in every State should have ALL the lights and sirens to run code. It would save the lives of many tow operators. We just lost a young tow truck driver of a family business Iodice Towing, being hit here in Connecticut RIP 🙏Cory.

  48. Brian


    13 dagen geleden

    I appreciate the constant focus on the safety of the crew and the entire scene. Angling the tator as a blocker, despite it being the pride of the fleet, shows that safety of the crew is truly the #1 priority. A lot of companies do not operate this way.

  49. Diana Fertig

    Diana Fertig

    13 dagen geleden

    You and your crew are incredible!

  50. Omar Santana

    Omar Santana

    13 dagen geleden

    Coronavirus NLcameras google 😷😷😷😷😷🚶🏻⬅️6️⃣➡️🚶🏻‍♀️🏥☣️☣️🤧🤧👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️🤕🤕🤒🤕👨🏻‍⚕️👨🏻‍⚕️😷😷🤒👨🏻‍⚕️🤕🤕🤒🤧👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️

  51. mario Repetto

    mario Repetto

    13 dagen geleden

    How much does the rotator weigh

  52. Derick Douangnouanexay

    Derick Douangnouanexay

    13 dagen geleden

    U sr are a pro working the siren and hitting the right gears in the truck if that’s was me boy that trans would’ve been gone love the vid

  53. Junior Junison

    Junior Junison

    13 dagen geleden

    I love that he used this wreck as a teaching opportunity for the new young guy, it also made me appreciate his knowledge of towing stuff, for example I thought that it would have been better to pull from the center but I realized that the way they had it hooked took into account the weight of the trailer pushing down on the truck, simply put it, the trailer provided enough force to keep the truck straight.

  54. Juan Castro

    Juan Castro

    13 dagen geleden

    22:29 thoes cars are like what’s going on???

  55. Richard Gallo

    Richard Gallo

    14 dagen geleden

    Just the bean-counter in my core, but would like to know your total billing on each of your runs. Might be educational for some knuckle-heads.

  56. Scott Keroack

    Scott Keroack

    14 dagen geleden

    A tow truck with a siren. Interesting.

  57. ismael Boisvert

    ismael Boisvert

    14 dagen geleden

    Hello from Canada ! Are your instructed to go Code 3 or you can decide? Thanks for the answers guys!

    • Ron Pratt

      Ron Pratt

      14 dagen geleden

      I am never the one who determines if we run code 3 or not. When the law enforcement dispatches us to a scene, they determine if it is necessary or not. Thank you for watching and God bless.

  58. josip melih

    josip melih

    14 dagen geleden

    That was awsome job , i m bit late on video but danggg,,,thks for the servis

  59. Vickie


    14 dagen geleden

    Simply amazing

  60. Stepqen Live

    Stepqen Live

    14 dagen geleden

    Never seen someone drive a manual with a Q Siren before. Thats bad ass

  61. Jones C. Gaming

    Jones C. Gaming

    14 dagen geleden

    It’s cool seeing Ron teaching him how to bring the truck up, and teaching him that “things are going to snap and pop” reminds me of when my dad taught me how to tow.

  62. Nicholas Cody

    Nicholas Cody

    14 dagen geleden

    I’d work for somebody like you in an instant. You trust your employees and encourage them to learn new things about the trade. I’m a log hauler and big trucks are my passion. I’d love to work for an outfit like yours someday. Watching your content encourages me to always do the next right thing, so that I can grow in this industry and strive to be a professional like yourself. Thanks for the entertainment. Keep em coming.

  63. Jack Rocky

    Jack Rocky

    15 dagen geleden

    love that q siren

  64. Austin


    15 dagen geleden

    you have the big x15 cummins in that boy? Sounds amazing!

  65. Joshua Sims

    Joshua Sims

    15 dagen geleden

    At 20:00 you can see the same truck from the raising the truck that he just helped. 🤣🤣🤣

  66. LazerSharkGaming


    15 dagen geleden

    Live PD nah Live Towing

  67. David Portass

    David Portass

    15 dagen geleden

    Why does it seem many US tractor units have their rear brake/indicator/reverse lights in the middle of the truck instead of full width bar where the lighting clusters are behind the rear wheels and more visible when a trailer is hooked up?

  68. Ryan Stearns

    Ryan Stearns

    15 dagen geleden

    Just recently found your channel. I am just curious do you work for the city or are you a private business? just curious about the legality and circumstances where a tow truck or mini crane truck is able to run code. I am sorry if this is a dumb question I just have not seen it I have only ever seen tow trucks and similar run amber lights with no sirens.

  69. Roger Smith

    Roger Smith

    15 dagen geleden

    No way youd tell me how to back up and pick up a trailor. If i need instructions, then i need to go back to CDL school.

  70. Guess Who

    Guess Who

    15 dagen geleden

    45:35 Is that a old swift truck?

  71. Greg McCallum

    Greg McCallum

    16 dagen geleden

    Loving the Skippy (Kangaroo) on your dash :) (Aussie here)

    • Ron Pratt

      Ron Pratt

      16 dagen geleden

      One of my best friends live in Brisbane and he sent me the Skippy. I spoke with him earlier today and he said QLD was on a 3 day lockdown. He wasn't real happy with that. Thanks for watching and God bless.

  72. Daniel keirstead sr

    Daniel keirstead sr

    17 dagen geleden

    Nothing like a brand new baby to make you happy even while you're out the working your ass off.

  73. Cathy Yates

    Cathy Yates

    17 dagen geleden

    Awesome video and I love it and u did an awesome job with getting the semi truck back on the road to be hauled to ur garage. I hope the truck makes a speedy recovery. I'm from Deer Lake, Newfoundland, Canada and I also love trucks.

  74. Tristan Green

    Tristan Green

    17 dagen geleden

    Who was waiting on prayers good thoughts and wishes

  75. Brian Olson

    Brian Olson

    17 dagen geleden

    Ron is a professional and well respected.



    17 dagen geleden

    Something bout a federal siren is music to my ears 🤤🤤

  77. Starthedarkwolf


    18 dagen geleden

    what happends when your done with the truck

  78. Todd Loiselle

    Todd Loiselle

    18 dagen geleden

    You should see about getting some kind of switch or something to put in the "10 and 2" positions of your steering wheel, one to control the air horn and the other to control the Q siren. That way you don't have to reach over to grab the siren switch or up to grab the horn rope and it'll let you continue to safely drive. (not that you aren't safely driving already, but it just helps to add safety to your already safe driving)

  79. Sworn Thekillerintown

    Sworn Thekillerintown

    18 dagen geleden

    Me: can't drive stick. Him: man shifting every three seconds just to get up to speed.

  80. Preston Cramton

    Preston Cramton

    18 dagen geleden

    My favorite thing, never afraid to admit he made a mistake and share it publicly, that’s the best person out there in my opinion, I like how everyone works as a team and they make sure that their cables look good to someone else!! Great goin keep up the hard work!!

  81. Fred Travers

    Fred Travers

    18 dagen geleden

    I think you have this stuff down good job

  82. dasharer


    18 dagen geleden

    Neat video, but I can't say I'm crazy about the trailer getting moved around at the 30 minute mark while not being able to see exactly where everybody else is. Seems like a good way for somebody to get hurt.

  83. Richard Auchmoody Sr.

    Richard Auchmoody Sr.

    18 dagen geleden

    Love your show your a hellva gentleman and a great guy

  84. Wieteke van Keulen

    Wieteke van Keulen

    18 dagen geleden

    Ron question...on the way in did the rcnp tell you the cab whas smashed and the trailer ok? you could have roled out the second truck for the trailer right away could have saved you time?,...second question the cable on the second racker looked pretty damm thin...should they replace it?

  85. v1rotait


    20 dagen geleden

    Hi Ron, I just found you neat channel from way down south in the little country of New Zealand in the South Pacific. I've a great interest in trucking and find it very interesting to see you and your team managing and cleaning up the carnage to keep the interstates and road systems flowing in MO. I love your PB rotator! It sure is a super versatile machine and good to see you have a well organized storage system going, with everything in its own place. We have lots of KWs, Macks, W-Stars and Scanias down here, but not many of the rarer PBs. We have such crane towing beasts as yours, spread all around our 2 islands with towing companies, for rescuing the trucks that get themselves in strife, but they don't have sirens, just orange flashers. It's great to see the team work and cooperation with all the local county police, state police and the many fire crews in action. Our country of only 4.5Mill only has 1 nationalized, but 3 separate forces for the police, fire and ambulance services across the whole country, but we don't have separate county police. Keep safe and doing what you're doing. Cheers, David.

  86. Drinking Coffee & Spending Money

    Drinking Coffee & Spending Money

    20 dagen geleden

    What kind of camera is this and where is it mounted? It looks great!

  87. Terry mcvicker

    Terry mcvicker

    21 dag geleden

    Got to ask! Why is your truck painted similar to a Swift Truck?

    • Terry mcvicker

      Terry mcvicker

      20 dagen geleden

      @Ron Pratt God bless to you as well

    • Ron Pratt

      Ron Pratt

      20 dagen geleden

      We actually had our paint and striping LONG before Swift changed theirs. They use to have just simple blue lettering on white trucks and trailers. Thanks for watching and God bless.

  88. John Eastman

    John Eastman

    21 dag geleden

    Ron, from all of your many tows videos, you remain the sharpest knife in the drew by far...

  89. Cormac McCarthy

    Cormac McCarthy

    21 dag geleden

    Best wishes Ron for 2021 two you and your crew stay Ron .coracle mc carthy blarney Co cork ireland

  90. Smurphenstein


    22 dagen geleden

    Considering the mess you start out with, you run a pretty slick and smooth operation.

  91. Terry Pomatto

    Terry Pomatto

    22 dagen geleden

    Prayers for long life for your grandchild, and all the tow truck operators. If only the public would just slow down and obey all of the laws provided to make trips safe.

  92. shawty1698


    22 dagen geleden

    How much did the entire recovery cost???

  93. Fred Field

    Fred Field

    22 dagen geleden

    Very interesting to watch.

  94. Clint Osowski

    Clint Osowski

    22 dagen geleden

    Nothing like a good old fashion Federal Signal Q blaring away...

  95. paulla smith

    paulla smith

    24 dagen geleden

    God Bless you and your new gran-baby!

  96. Kimi Haynes

    Kimi Haynes

    25 dagen geleden


  97. Thomas Reed

    Thomas Reed

    25 dagen geleden

    I think you need another tator!

  98. George Isaak

    George Isaak

    26 dagen geleden

    Ron turns all this job into an art ! I've never seen anybody so focused and perfectionalist as he is in such a difficult occupation . While i was growing in my hometown in Greece ,in a city called Perama of Peiraius , i had access in several shipyards spamming the entire coastline of the city . As a kid in highschool , not very good with homework but always curious about cranes and stuff , often i was leaving school and went inside the biggest of shipyards called NAFSI ( Nuff-sea ) and i was introduced in all kinds of heavy lifting possibilities , from wheel cranes to caterpillar cranes and forklifts , i was always finding it way more interesting than a regular class day so i had too many absences ...LOL . Ron Pratt is like a superhero to me considering the amount of experience he must have to do all those things look like nothing out of the ordinary when it's not something everybody can do . You can have all the equipment , the trucks , the hooks , the control everything in your disposal but you can't predict how something will behave , when is gonna snap on you , or what direction it will take , Ron does that by instinct and knowledge on the subject and it's awesome to watch !

    • Ron Pratt

      Ron Pratt

      25 dagen geleden

      Greece is some place I would love to see one day. Thank you so much for the kind comments. I certainly am no super hero, but I do operate by experience and instinct. Geometry and physics were my strengths in school and I put them to use every day. I don't know what your career choice is, but I wish you the best. Thank you for watching and God bless.

  99. Fmrlt9a


    26 dagen geleden

    I love that you put a Q on the truck

  100. Ernest Wilcox

    Ernest Wilcox

    26 dagen geleden

    Ron you the man