A Selfish Argument for Making the World a Better Place - Egoistic Altruism

Why should you care about the well-being of people half a globe away?

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A Selfish Argument for Making the World a Better Place


  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Jaar geleden

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    • Search Wion

      Search Wion

      Dag geleden

      The problem is politicians and governments do not want you to make a "Bigger Pie" for everyone because that threatens their power and control.

    • Thecrippled Pancake

      Thecrippled Pancake

      15 dagen geleden

      Again at 6:12, it almost feels like we will eventually gain more “pie” if poor places stay poor because they are now “stealing” our “ingredients” to make more pie. What I mean by that is that that theoretically our people will eventually have the ideas that they would have had if they became well off. Perhaps they will make new inventions/innovations that our people will no longer have the opportunity to come up with because of patient and copyright laws. No one knows how many inventions/innovations there are, but each time one occurs the total number of potential ideas decreases by 1. Thus making it harder and harder as time goes on. Does this sound reasonable? Please share your thoughts

    • Thecrippled Pancake

      Thecrippled Pancake

      15 dagen geleden

      5:21 Serious question. If this is true, and when people get better off and that drives innovation; would that not take away my personal opportunity to innovate more and develop new things? Can you do a future video about maximum innovation? I like to view things as limited resources, are new ideas not also a limited resource? Will we ever run out of new ideas? It seems so possible that it could happen to me, it seems like there is a preset amount of new ideas waiting discovery but no one knows when that day will come😓.

    • Sweppz


      Maand geleden

      Crap, dollar is expensive

    • Daniel Saito

      Daniel Saito

      Maand geleden

      I have a question about your shop. Do you have any intentions on selling in south America? Because there's like 10 things I want to buy but to import these items seems to be more expensive than buying from a local store

  2. Search Wion

    Search Wion

    Dag geleden

    The problem is politicians and governments do not want you to make a "Bigger Pie" for everyone because that threatens their power and control...

  3. Niko Candra

    Niko Candra

    Dag geleden


  4. gustavo bianchi

    gustavo bianchi

    Dag geleden

    europeo neoliberal arruinando el mundo

  5. DoodleNoodle 129

    DoodleNoodle 129

    Dag geleden

    “Do you like being alive?” No How will you encourage me to care about poor people now Kurzgesagt?

  6. Mohammad Ayon

    Mohammad Ayon

    Dag geleden

    Only the core is wrong btw awesome vid

  7. hof987rec ;gop'sep

    hof987rec ;gop'sep

    Dag geleden

    Another funny thing is that chemistry started as a bunch of nerds trying to make stuff gold or selfishly wanting to live forever.

  8. Ahmed boy

    Ahmed boy

    Dag geleden

    "Do you like being alive" Me: Define alive P.s: I just from the 'what is life?is death Real?'

  9. Floyd Hernandez

    Floyd Hernandez

    2 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt: Everyone was fighting for a slice of the pie. Me: PIE WARS

  10. Eli Low

    Eli Low

    2 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt: "This video is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation." Haha, it's almost I was about to ask, did Bill Gates write this script?! This video is really simplistic and naive; Jeff Bezos may like it if the US made more progress on curing Cancer or Alzheimers, but that doesn't mean he'd invest billions in that research. Why? Because he doesn't need everyone to be taken care of; he just wants his money, his power and the knowledge that he's gonna be ok; what the peasants do and make are not worth paying attention to; it's like one article stated: Bill Gates makes more than 300$ a second (this somewhere between 2017 and 2019 btw); this means it wouldn't be worth his time to pickup a 100 dollar bill if he dropped one. This analogy I think more or less perfectly encapsulates my problem with this video.

  11. Andoni Velasco

    Andoni Velasco

    2 dagen geleden

    Nice video!

  12. Kevin Sluijs

    Kevin Sluijs

    2 dagen geleden

    nice vid dude loved the part when iron man died

  13. Éric Carvalho Rocha

    Éric Carvalho Rocha

    3 dagen geleden

    All the videos are amazing

  14. T C

    T C

    3 dagen geleden

    What is the reason why wage isn't balanced with inflation? Businesses get to charge more but they don't raise their wages as an act that correlates with each inflation, they raise a persons ware on how that person is valued. The wage needs to be enough as it was ages ago. A wage needs to fulfill every basic human need: shelter, food and clothes. Until then, there are no good companies even if they donate a shit ton. Who is keeping the wage minimum down?

  15. T C

    T C

    3 dagen geleden

    So much human potential wasted right now." Tax the churches or finally be rid of religion! There are no real borders, we should all be one big unit with one focus in mind, furthering science without harming anyone. Not chasing ghosts or filling our own pockets. The best way to escape death/extinction is to survive when it calls. Being a highly advanced society would prove to be the best preventative measure for humans to continue until maybe humans can survive longer than the universes or dimensions we dwell in.

  16. Fabio Emanuel Farago

    Fabio Emanuel Farago

    3 dagen geleden

    There is a "black box" in 1:08 when he says "we developed better machinery, chops and fertilizers". What exactly triggered that? can you do a video about the innovations that led to the industrial revolution?

  17. Hong Lo Van

    Hong Lo Van

    4 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt: Everyone was fighting for a slice of the pie. Me: PIE WARS

  18. cy


    4 dagen geleden

    Go vegan and end capitalism

  19. Thao Vu

    Thao Vu

    4 dagen geleden

    It is same opinion with communist party

  20. Kadir Mısırpüskülü

    Kadir Mısırpüskülü

    4 dagen geleden


  21. Hà Thăng Lâm Hà

    Hà Thăng Lâm Hà

    5 dagen geleden

    Fuck you

  22. Stingy


    7 dagen geleden

    This video operates under the assumption that people in developing countries are inherently just as intelligent as people in developed countries. I wonder if that's actually true?

    • Doge God

      Doge God

      4 dagen geleden

      @Jet Diiamond how so?

    • Jet Diiamond

      Jet Diiamond

      4 dagen geleden

      @Doge God Doubt

    • Stingy


      6 dagen geleden

      @Doge God Source? And I hope you're right!

    • Doge God

      Doge God

      6 dagen geleden

      well, yeah, unless theres some rare mutation, practically any human can be of average or above average intellegence with proper schooling

  23. driven to eat ass

    driven to eat ass

    7 dagen geleden

    is free trade with an adversary rational? why would you want to help a rival

  24. BigTech Is Propaganda

    BigTech Is Propaganda

    7 dagen geleden

    Everything you said revolves around fossil fuels, which we almost depleted

  25. I gotta kill something

    I gotta kill something

    7 dagen geleden

    The only way to achieve this is through capitalism. Left wing extremist, and idiots: no it's through communism. Even though he just explain one part of capitalism in this video. And that is if there is a demand, there will be supply, and a supplier. Supplier usually in the form of a business, or company. However when the government becomes the supplier then you live in a dictatorship. You can regulate businesses, and companies if they control the supply, but you can't regulate the government if they control the supply. However because of lobbying why some companies can get away with things, but it comes at a risk.

  26. Stop Now

    Stop Now

    8 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt is a group of government agents wanting us to increase taxes.

  27. pplelo


    9 dagen geleden

    But some people like seeing others suffer. This video is uninclusive and is making those people feel as if what they feel was wrong :(

  28. Axay


    9 dagen geleden

    All because of Great Britain 🇬🇧

  29. Lite 9

    Lite 9

    10 dagen geleden

    The sooner we realize that we as individuals are no bigger than any other single person, the sooner we can see this type of positive change in the word.

  30. Myco funcorriza

    Myco funcorriza

    10 dagen geleden

    Well, we have 7.8 billion people here to solve the problem of overpopulation... Perhaps we would get there quicker if we had more people...

  31. Auther Schneider

    Auther Schneider

    10 dagen geleden

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  32. Solna Gastón UwU

    Solna Gastón UwU

    10 dagen geleden

    Yiay! Pie!

  33. Robin Lundqvist

    Robin Lundqvist

    11 dagen geleden

    this video actually shits on religion without mentioning it

  34. ŇÏ GGÆ

    ŇÏ GGÆ

    11 dagen geleden

    i feel so bad for the birb that lost all his pie :'(

  35. Shlok Sharma

    Shlok Sharma

    11 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt should be president of the world .

  36. MarkasPlays


    11 dagen geleden

    Bruh imagine being a BIRD and getting the attention of BILL GATES

  37. Satan


    12 dagen geleden

    8.9K people are going straight to hell, see you soon bitches

  38. Sibgha rehman

    Sibgha rehman

    12 dagen geleden

    woah,kurzgesagt is now being supported by bill gates,one of the most richest man in the world.WELL you guys rock may you be blessed by more

  39. Allysandra Ilagan

    Allysandra Ilagan

    12 dagen geleden

    Hi guys! if u care for the environment, please use Ecosia as your search engine. For every 45 searches u make, a tree will be planted somewhere. If you think this is fake, u can always check out their NLcameras channel. Stay safe guys :) bai bai

  40. eugen zamfirescu

    eugen zamfirescu

    12 dagen geleden

    Interesting concept

  41. PL


    13 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt = Alien mentors

  42. Sammy :D

    Sammy :D

    13 dagen geleden

    I love how he says so casually were going to die

  43. S Madhav Airapuram

    S Madhav Airapuram

    13 dagen geleden

    What is wrong with these 8.9k people?no matter how great the vedios are there will be some uneducated or saddist people disliking kurzgesagt vedios.shame on those mindless people.😒😒😒😒

  44. Anh Le

    Anh Le

    13 dagen geleden

    At the end, the land is still finite.

  45. ThatDutchGuy


    14 dagen geleden

    Aka "benevolent" narcissism to give it its better name.

  46. blipskr.jolt


    14 dagen geleden

    The pie is bigger at the expense of the future, the universe is still a zero sum game

  47. Lc Marina

    Lc Marina

    15 dagen geleden

    Alot of people think I'm a good person when I am, in fact, a bad person

  48. Faith Sim

    Faith Sim

    15 dagen geleden

    Is there gonna be a infinite sum game?

  49. poems


    16 dagen geleden

    my heart really breaks with these poor birds :P i need doctor.... looool

  50. Pani Poni Dash

    Pani Poni Dash

    16 dagen geleden

    The Chinese got better off, they're using their money to eat everyone elses pie, not to make more pie.

  51. Jagjit Rai

    Jagjit Rai

    16 dagen geleden

    iam 76 years old so not interested

    • Δημήτρης Κκ

      Δημήτρης Κκ

      15 dagen geleden

      Ok boomer

  52. Fozzy Bear

    Fozzy Bear

    16 dagen geleden

    People told you to be a good person they didn't tell you not to be a dick tho.

  53. Emily Larnder

    Emily Larnder

    16 dagen geleden

    so, niceness and communism saves us?

    • Katyusha _

      Katyusha _

      4 dagen geleden


  54. Chris Timmis

    Chris Timmis

    16 dagen geleden

    the problem with world peace is everyone is not an angel some are unrepentant demons. angels and demons have a hard time coexisting because their natures are different. its not just demons that are violent but angels too saint michael the archangel used violence against satan to kick him out of heaven. satan wanted to take the kingdom of heaven by violence

  55. ian rowell

    ian rowell

    16 dagen geleden

    So, is this how socialism works?

    • Katyusha _

      Katyusha _

      4 dagen geleden


    • Katyusha _

      Katyusha _

      4 dagen geleden


  56. MrMarks101


    16 dagen geleden

    This sounds a lot like AGENDA 2030

  57. Navashark Gaming

    Navashark Gaming

    17 dagen geleden

    Who knew we used to fight over pie?

  58. AnJuli NoName

    AnJuli NoName

    17 dagen geleden

    Sorry, someone ever heard about limit of growth ..... -this is is made up world of Utopist who might want to check in in the real world. Those theories were kind of popular in 80’s of the last century.

  59. Archana Srivastava

    Archana Srivastava

    18 dagen geleden

    So, sorta like the butterfly effect?

  60. kenthehobo


    18 dagen geleden

    Some people had all the pie others had the crumbs. Oh yeah, real big change

  61. medo sam

    medo sam

    19 dagen geleden

    Still wars happen in our modern world

  62. ibrahim Al-jundi

    ibrahim Al-jundi

    19 dagen geleden

    The whole story at the beginning is not making any sense So new buildings, cities, ports, mined metals, and many other stuff which happened before the glorious industrial revolution didn't add anything to the humanity well being. We can claim that before mastering the power of fossil fuel we did not have enough energy to make our dreams come true but not the silly argument presented here and in many books and panels.

    • blue knight

      blue knight

      11 dagen geleden

      They do contributed but compare to the industrial age? You are missing the point

  63. AngryBirds Museum

    AngryBirds Museum

    20 dagen geleden

    I agree

  64. Aerism


    20 dagen geleden

    This video is wrong, there is still a zero sum game. Nature is taking the loss now. :)

  65. Mac Kinnon

    Mac Kinnon

    21 dag geleden

    It’s such a sad self-discrediting act to make a pristine, well organized vid, but then spell and use words wrong! Makes viewers see that behind the polish of editing, you lack both substance and authoritative fact.

  66. Rob Houser

    Rob Houser

    22 dagen geleden

    Great video!

  67. Obedient Consumer

    Obedient Consumer

    23 dagen geleden

    It's an underdevelopment problem. If we as a collective human race were to instead of war bring everyone up in the world, that would change everything. I believe that is what we are supposed to be doing. But no the people in positions of power and wealth want it all for themselves and look apon the rest of us as cattle that need to be controlled. The only way humanity as a chance at moving forward together is to get rid of the socialpaths at the top.

  68. jashane stone

    jashane stone

    24 dagen geleden

    These were my ideas exactly 😉

  69. YelloBanana64


    25 dagen geleden

    That's not a pie

  70. Harshraj Chundawat

    Harshraj Chundawat

    25 dagen geleden

    Why WW took place because of pie

  71. Md.Safinul Islam

    Md.Safinul Islam

    26 dagen geleden

    And what about the consequences!!??

  72. Soul Mechanics

    Soul Mechanics

    27 dagen geleden

    Nice shot. 👏👏👏👊

  73. itsmebxv


    27 dagen geleden


  74. Jessica Jyu

    Jessica Jyu

    27 dagen geleden

    That's why I don't think it's pie anymore

  75. Melissa Ross

    Melissa Ross

    29 dagen geleden

    😀 shar the pie!

  76. Dave


    29 dagen geleden

    9k dislikes?????

  77. s w

    s w

    29 dagen geleden

    Try to understand the industrial revolution. The population was ready for it. You need the culture and capable society for an industrial nation. No money can change it. It needs time to develop. Sometimes centuries. As you can see in Africa. But a society from scratch is not existing. I despise the Revolutionärs. They have done so much harm. They try to fill the God shaped hole. Without knowing they are believers. Every day more people will be better off. Check out Steven Pinker statistics.

  78. Daiki Uematsu

    Daiki Uematsu

    Maand geleden


  79. SciFiBug


    Maand geleden

    Do you like to live? Millenials: *I am gonna do whats known as I a PRO GAMER MOVE*

  80. Drak9


    Maand geleden

    Unfortunately we are not evolved enough to understand this, we still think we are better off by having more than the others, making the rich richer and poor poorer... Our governments spends the majority of its budgets on weapons development, what if instead of spending 80% of our budget on weapons and wars we invest this money in research and healthcare and on poor countries struggling to provide water, food and education for their citizens? When will we realise that war and killing machines should be a lesson for us not a tool? You may think wow how far technology has come but then again I guess we are still a primitive species fighting for resources and power and yet we still didn’t figure out that on our planet we can co-exist and forget our selfish needs and differences...

  81. Daniel


    Maand geleden

    Is this not the greatest video ever made?

  82. Kley


    Maand geleden

    "We can now have pie growing bigger each year" *shows 4 layer cake*

  83. Emmet1237


    Maand geleden

    I hate to think how many einsteins have been lost in the farms, the coalfields, the factory floor; how many geniuses lost to serfdom and wage slavery; how far we could've come if we'd just have changed our outlook on life.

  84. Ishan Pednekar

    Ishan Pednekar

    Maand geleden

    So that's why Bill Gates is into philanthropy He wants to live

  85. Pedro Pablo Alcantara

    Pedro Pablo Alcantara

    Maand geleden

    This video was incredible!

  86. Кеша Тетерин

    Кеша Тетерин

    Maand geleden

    where is word communism?

  87. Trevor Wong-VanHaren

    Trevor Wong-VanHaren

    Maand geleden

    so this is just Sapiens huh

  88. DVD 8

    DVD 8

    Maand geleden

    1:57 Look at the chat... Kurzgesagt predicted the COVID-19 lockdown two years ahead... Jokes apart, i wonder why somebody would just send an emoji with a face mask in a normal situation LOL

  89. Ashley Giles

    Ashley Giles

    Maand geleden

    But you see, this is too long term, and I want all the pie now, and then want everyone to give me more pie while never getting any more.

  90. j Walster

    j Walster

    Maand geleden

    Oh, ok can you say the again I got lost halfway through? 6:27 the fact that that car is a Tesla Roadster, hidden gold.

  91. Rafael Castro

    Rafael Castro

    Maand geleden


  92. thomas kurzthaler

    thomas kurzthaler

    Maand geleden

    This ignores the greed of the industry. While the argument is laid out great, the reality looks way more grim: Innovation needs resources; It's great if you can pay for 7 times as much, but at the same time there must be produced collectively 7 times as much. However, there are only so much resources on earth, distributed over countries. Countries that have different cultures and different levels of development. One needs a minimum level of development on a country wide scale to be able to use these resources according to the context of the video. However, in a less developed country the mentality might be like this "If I work hard, I can barely survive here. If I work less, rich people will come and give me money...". While I am well aware, that this is a provocative argument and not many people think like this, it is sufficient if the right people there think like this. Donald Trump is a perfect example of such a man in power, that does not share the same thinking as the majority of the FIRST WORLD country he is ruling. Further more, the pie increases each year, yes, but not equally! If you have a lot of land (referencing the picture in the beginning of the video), the pie stack is bigger in volume than when you have less land. Thus, wars for resources are still a thing and robbing and plundering happens now less visible on Wallstreet. Patent law and lobbying are major factors too and the focus or universities is shifted from "push our knowledge further" to "push economic interests further". While I, myself, would strongly support an idealistic world, where everyone is better off and knowledge is SHARED instead of monopolized, I see this only possible if the way of thinking of people in general changes and I don't know how we should achieve that on a grand scale... People are selfish creatures on a primal level and only few are able to stand above their feelings.

  93. Thebaconiskindaback


    Maand geleden

    But that looks like a cake...

  94. Adib Rabbani

    Adib Rabbani

    Maand geleden

    Sorry, but could someone point out the journal of which this argument come from? I reaalllyyy want to read it.

  95. Jerry Li SS fallen

    Jerry Li SS fallen

    Maand geleden

    One like = one piece of pie for that poor bird

  96. 6 Troncs

    6 Troncs

    Maand geleden

    Yeah well... I am a bit puzzled with this one 🤔 This idea is an old one. It was largely considered to be true during the 20th century, but it seems actually a bit broken today.... And the reason is quite obvious : "Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist" (Kenneth E Boulding) Given the state of our planet today, and the fact that we are already overusing natural ressources, the sad truth is that it seems highly unlikely that everybody will keep getting richer

    • Bob Bub

      Bob Bub

      28 dagen geleden

      i thought that the main focus was how our base of society's output (and how we improve our standard of living) changed from agriculture, to moreso innovation, which requires education for more people. Or overall, just better circumstances for more ppl ig. A good upbringing and stable mind is good to have in contribution. Our planet is the limit, tho we haven't fully utilized it yet. By that, I also mean in a long term way, so sustainability is a MUST. But with a bit more innovation, we can reach the stars. Either way, we're all global and unified now. We have to have a mentality where we're all on the same elevator, instead of our many diverse diff groups being on diff elevators. at least, that's how i interpreted it

  97. Angron


    Maand geleden

    That's a cake.... Not a pie.

  98. Alexal Wiener

    Alexal Wiener

    Maand geleden

    One of the most tragic things about Ayn Rand's death is that she never got the opportunity to see this video. She never got her selfish world view shatterd (possibly even growing as a person)

    • mburg33


      25 dagen geleden

      I guess she didn’t like being alive

    • Bob Bub

      Bob Bub

      28 dagen geleden

      I would pay PLENTY, to see that

  99. Minecraft Is still good

    Minecraft Is still good

    Maand geleden

    i'm an egocom (psychological egoist) and under this current system our ego cant simply flourish as if you are poor you have to be opressed automatically so the pie thing is still happening today

  100. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda

    Maand geleden

    World leaders need to watch this. 😒