I Bought a £20,000 BASE SET Pokémon Card Box with Miniminter

We actually did it... Simon and I bought a Pokémon Base Set Booster Box! Leave a like if you want to see us open this!
My Card Store:
Huge shoutout to The_Magestic_Entei, check him out the_majestic_entei
Thanks to @Miniminter for joining me on this journey to find and buy a Pokémon Base Set Booster box from 1999... We paid £20,000 for this and will be opening it on each others channels. Can't wait to see what we will get :)
How I grade my PSA Pokemon cards:
Video uploaded by Randolph/Randolph Games
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  1. Randolph


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      Not me

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    • Arda Akcay

      Arda Akcay

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      simon a real one and me

    • Maloo Baloo

      Maloo Baloo

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      It has 40k likes you have to do it

    • Lionheart 9

      Lionheart 9

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      The 2nd Dlc of Pokemon Sword and Shield is finally here :

  2. Seth Dunwoody

    Seth Dunwoody

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    Would love to see a Pokémon go series

  3. Scott johnson

    Scott johnson

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    Hopefully you csn see this lads but I've got some heavy skyridge, expedition and 1st neo gensis packs and psa 10 cp Zard for sale if intrested for you? Cheers

  4. Aisling mc grath

    Aisling mc grath

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    Bruh why is Laura so prettttyyyyyy!!!!!!

  5. Dragonowned


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    Well done good luck with the card tricks!

  6. Bradley Cassar

    Bradley Cassar

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    Cant wait bro

  7. JonasRogier


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    Open it

  8. Jerry Plays Games

    Jerry Plays Games

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    i hate the bait fml just gonna not waste time

  9. Lamar and Lucy

    Lamar and Lucy

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    I’m looking for work

  10. Jeljer Strooker

    Jeljer Strooker

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    What kind of car does he drive?

  11. Ednita Irizarry

    Ednita Irizarry

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    Um...I like Randolph...but....THIS IS LITERALLY WHAT LOGAN PAUL DID BUT WOREEES. Sorry randy, but u just peaked in a bad way. FIRST...u bought a pack from logan for fame, SECOND...U make a video that has the same context. AND THIRD...EVEN WHEN U COPY THE IDEA.......ITS WORSE THAN LOGAN'S IDEA

  12. Mik Shida

    Mik Shida

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    Need it

  13. HEXZL


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    Randolph have u seen Jay swinglers booster box 😱

  14. Rudrajeet Chaudhuri

    Rudrajeet Chaudhuri

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    This is kinda unrelated but you should totally collab with pimpnite and Dobbs gaming

  15. Arulraj Selliah

    Arulraj Selliah

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    I feel lied too... new vid posted 18h ago and it ain’t the opening of this box 😭

  16. Nec taR

    Nec taR

    6 dagen geleden

    Why did logan pay 200k for this? Or its different?

    • shubam shukla

      shubam shukla

      5 dagen geleden

      What does psa 10 charizard in this cost

    • Nec taR

      Nec taR

      6 dagen geleden

      @Crispy Cookie oh ok thankyou random citizen

    • Crispy Cookie

      Crispy Cookie

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      Logans was first edition

  17. Noah Edwards

    Noah Edwards

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    Sick vid

  18. Jacob Nelson

    Jacob Nelson

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    He had the idea of the live stream lol okkk

  19. Max Ericson

    Max Ericson

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    When is it coming up!!!

  20. Antonio Perez

    Antonio Perez

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  21. Pancake MICFluffyKinssss

    Pancake MICFluffyKinssss

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    Didn’t Logan do this

    • shubam shukla

      shubam shukla

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      Why did he paid 5x more money

  22. Andrew Cullen

    Andrew Cullen

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  23. Menames M cameraman

    Menames M cameraman

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    Not sure if I am being stupid or not but how is your one only 20k but Logan paid 200k for his?

  24. Crypto_ Jungle

    Crypto_ Jungle

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    Why was Logan Pauls 280k an you got it for 20k?????

  25. ddan gamess

    ddan gamess

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    40k lmaoooo

  26. Mason


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    wait can someone help me out is this not the same box logan paul bough

  27. Yoinx シ

    Yoinx シ

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    This channel is popping rn

  28. D4RK M4RST3R31

    D4RK M4RST3R31

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    You asked for 10k likes are we a joke to you....

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    Mike Dinardo

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  30. Sheryl Carter

    Sheryl Carter

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    300k woofs for big randy dog WOOF WOOF

  31. Rune Hansen

    Rune Hansen

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    "what if this doesn't Hit 10k likes"..... JOKES! xD

  32. Ynniz


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    Wait so logan paul paid 160 thousand. And you paid 20 thousand? Damn

  33. Sean Barnes

    Sean Barnes

    6 dagen geleden

    You bastard making us wait 😂

  34. utubehelps


    6 dagen geleden

    You have to make a donation button like LP did and when/if you pull a Charizard the audience has to donate $1 or $2 to charity

  35. JM Gaming

    JM Gaming

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    Bruh!! Im proud of you!! You've worked your ass off and its finally paying off!! Much love and congrats on the recent success!! Keep grinding!!

  36. HeroesField


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  37. Giancarlo Lemus

    Giancarlo Lemus

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    and you didnt even make the vid ten minutes, gg

  38. Hashir QWEASD

    Hashir QWEASD

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    39k let's gooooo Edit 39k likes

  39. Haris Hussain

    Haris Hussain

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    Lol 38K lol We Defo Broke Tgis Like Goal Lol

  40. Zeyad


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    Open it open it open it ik u already did but actually post the f*cking video

  41. ben lawrence

    ben lawrence

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    Twitch boy oink oink

  42. LostMySauce


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    Is this an unlimited box?

  43. Vansh Chopra

    Vansh Chopra

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    Laura looks so done with life 😂😂😂

  44. John Smith

    John Smith

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    Ggs rand congrats on 300k

  45. Mysticmew


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    That box is MINT!!! Keep it Sealed!!!!

  46. Luke Sheehan

    Luke Sheehan

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    We want this opening 40k likes, Randy u may hit me hooked into Pokémon 😂👍🏻

  47. Alex medina

    Alex medina

    6 dagen geleden

    You trying to copy Logan Paul lol would you have purchased it if Logan had not done it before you

  48. Jonik M

    Jonik M

    6 dagen geleden

    10k? Ezzzz after 20 hours, 38k

  49. ErikBA


    6 dagen geleden

    the amount of subscribers hes gaining is crazy. In his last two videos hes gained something like 40 thousand subs. Keep going!!!

  50. Michael Dunn

    Michael Dunn

    6 dagen geleden

    There’s literally nothing on this website everything is sold out

    • Randolph Pokemon

      Randolph Pokemon

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  51. Paul Slaughter

    Paul Slaughter

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    randy your at 38k, LETS SEE THE UNBOXING

  52. Sam Lindauer

    Sam Lindauer

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    Your channel is growing faster than any channel I've seen in a while

  53. Total Chaos Sportfishing

    Total Chaos Sportfishing

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    37k Likes in 21hrs

  54. JML


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    Randy has a face that annoys me

  55. dominic rushfirth

    dominic rushfirth

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    Go on Randolph! Seen your feature on unilad 😎

  56. Mac Jones

    Mac Jones

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    I just started a Pokémon channel off inspiration from Randolph! Sub if u want It’s MACNUGGET

    • Mac Jones

      Mac Jones

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      You don’t have to sub but would help me if u did

  57. Lionheart 9

    Lionheart 9

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    Ur wasting money pfffff

  58. R6JVE


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  59. DarkE


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    Randolph: I had this idea to buy a base box , sell packs and open then online Literally what Logan did lol

  60. Sean Harrison

    Sean Harrison

    7 dagen geleden

    10k?? More like 40k !

  61. MacheteMan


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    im not hating but holy crap does Laura looked tired af!!! have a rest!

  62. J RJ96

    J RJ96

    7 dagen geleden

    Absolutley smashing it on this channel, happy for you man also mate is your storage unit with Big Yellow? I work for Big Yellow in Hull and can get you some discount👊🏻

  63. dan4531 _

    dan4531 _

    7 dagen geleden

    Where do you find these boxes or at least single packs for sale? I want a reputable and reliable source because theres a lot of scammers. Any recommendations?

  64. Oliver Steenberg

    Oliver Steenberg

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    Lets get 10k likes. 40k likes is also fine i guess

  65. Jaspal Sandhu

    Jaspal Sandhu

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    Whats the difference between this box and the one logan opened?

  66. Luc Mermans

    Luc Mermans

    7 dagen geleden

    Why did Logan pay 200k? What's the difference between these? Is this one not first edition?

    • FRST Music

      FRST Music

      7 dagen geleden

      The one Logan bought was the first edition base set, the one Randolph has bought is a reprint of the first edition base set. It’s still very rare but not as rare as the first edition.

  67. john waff

    john waff

    7 dagen geleden

    Click bait waste of time..

  68. Liam Connolly

    Liam Connolly

    7 dagen geleden

    How did Logan buy one for 200k but Randolph got it for 20

  69. mrtibbz10


    7 dagen geleden

    When you dropping the video?!?!?!

  70. Adox 28

    Adox 28

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    Congrats on 300k subs!

  71. Sibbe Dijkstra

    Sibbe Dijkstra

    7 dagen geleden

    Is it the same box as Logan Paul opened

  72. exotic YT2207

    exotic YT2207

    7 dagen geleden

    I just got a 2 packs for my birthday and I got a pikachu charmander and blastoise

  73. hai hai

    hai hai

    7 dagen geleden

    I bet this video is gonna get recommend

  74. 1024shiftay


    7 dagen geleden

    Hey Rand are you still buying old collections from people? We just found some really old cards in the attic some are good quality some are a bit rough, there a few 1st editions too

    • 1024shiftay


      7 dagen geleden

      @Randolph Pokemon I'll pop an email over now bud

    • Randolph Pokemon

      Randolph Pokemon

      7 dagen geleden

      I am! Email 🙌

  75. John Johnson

    John Johnson

    7 dagen geleden

    Makes a Pokemon channel to escape the sidemen... I open rare Pokemon cards with the sidemen

  76. William Kerr

    William Kerr

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    Congrats on 300k well deserved, absolutely smashing it!

  77. DaRk NSPG96

    DaRk NSPG96

    7 dagen geleden did I pull something good? I'm new to it xd

  78. Biggsy


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    randy finna get to 1 million on this account in no time

  79. TOP Comment

    TOP Comment

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    Collectible guru was body shaming Randolph:(

  80. otto steiner

    otto steiner

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    You should open up one of every pack every made. From base set to most recent set

  81. Crag Hopper

    Crag Hopper

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    This channel has grown so much best 11 grand he ever spent.

  82. Challenge to get 15,100 subs with no vids

    Challenge to get 15,100 subs with no vids

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    Mate you’re smashing the scene! I’m so happy for you man, the content over the years has been unreal 🙌🏻

  83. Challenge to get 15,100 subs with no vids

    Challenge to get 15,100 subs with no vids

    7 dagen geleden


  84. Leyland Porter

    Leyland Porter

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    Buzz lightyear got you same way he got woody also randy? 😅

  85. Taylor.12


    7 dagen geleden

    1st edition booster box for £20,000??? Logan bought it for £200,000?

  86. Alex Lowings

    Alex Lowings

    7 dagen geleden

    I think it's dead how hes now going off logans content in buying expensive pokemon cards.

  87. LuckyDucky


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    Bro u better release that fucking video on 35k likes

  88. T F

    T F

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    Mad them pokemon cards are probably the same price as that car 😂

  89. Shane Francis

    Shane Francis

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    Yes Randolph 👌

  90. Wantedexpert727 727

    Wantedexpert727 727

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    U talk to much lol

  91. Sezze 123

    Sezze 123

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    Mate so happy you're smashing it. All the hard work paying off

  92. myguysteven


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    LETS GO RANDY!!!!!!!!! 300k+!!!!

  93. Joakim Heitmann

    Joakim Heitmann

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    When will you open it?

  94. SaltForMyChips


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    mate you hit 301k holy i remember when you said you want 200k by the end of the year keep up the hard work.

  95. SketchRotter


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    Wow you gained like 5k subscribers overnight. GG my man, 300k ! Lets go !!!

  96. Peter Sansil

    Peter Sansil

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    PASSED 300K!!!!!!!!!!

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    Aaron Lewis

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    Congrats on 300k. You got me through lockdown and you deserve all the support you get.

  98. icytrampoline


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    How come Logan Paul’s box was 200k?

    • Jayden hadine

      Jayden hadine

      7 dagen geleden

      His was 1st editon

  99. Harry Tillett

    Harry Tillett

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    Congratulations on 300k !! 🙂

  100. Harry Tillett

    Harry Tillett

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    Big up Randolph you are smashing it 🤙 Keep up the great work 🙂