What Do Alien Civilizations Look Like? The Kardashev Scale

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The observable universe is a big place that has been around for more than 13 billion years. Up to two trillion galaxies made up of something like 20,000 billion billion stars surround our home galaxy. In the milky way alone scientists assume there are some 40 billion earth like planets in the habitable zone of their stars. When we look at these numbers it is hard to imagine that there is nobody else out there.

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      "Hey, dude there's this planet that has humans. I created it by accident so i'm just going to create a deadly virus to wipe em out." "Okay!"

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    "We should be able to see their influence and artifacts" Should we? What if they're staying quiet in order to observe, and are excellent at keeping their actions low key? Would we even know WHAT to look for from a T3+ civ?

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    Going from planetary civilzation to star system civilization probably requires more intelligence than technology and going from star civilization to galactic civilization probably requires more consciousness than intelligence. In the near term humanity need to become more intelligent to survive / thrive in solar system; in longer term humanity need to develop more consciousness to survive in Milky Way.

  11. Lewe Harpoon

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    5:00 the most overlooked problem with interplanetary communication is that it is unlikely to understand our languages

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    its not that ants think of us as gods, its that the ants dont/cant know that we even exist, and have no way to even detect us.

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    according to Fermi they dont exist

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    Im surprised with the videos you have seen that you dont believe in the higher-type civilizations. If you buy a good night vision monocular, you can see lasers being shot between some type of ships. Interstellar by Jose Escamilla shows what a lot of the "stars" actually look like up close...not stars at all. John Lenard Walson is the originator of this material. Check out his channel on NLcameras.

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    To be honest the measurable scale in which that guy created of human evolution is bull and doesnt work, take Nikola Tesla for example he made energy based off the surrounding vibrations of our projected world, me myself can produce energy from my body on a physical seeable scale, in truth also humans are not naturally greedy beings we are taught to be such through the leaders of the world aswell as due to money....... the simulation theory in which you have provided in previous videos was semi correct but the rest in which you have made are based on a systematic gradual evolutionary scale..

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    But what if the actions and remnants of Type 3+ civilizations are observable. It’s just that, to us young bloods, they’re indistinguishable from the natural order of physics and the universe. The Fermi Paradox? What if it’s these civilizations, or something else, killing off species to keep all the power for themselves, or some other reason? Residual dark energy aetherically moving through the observable Universe? What if it’s these beings merely existing?

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    The thing about civilization depends on the environment they are living in. Take the octopus as an example. Octopus are smart creatures. Imagine if our fish ancestor never crawled on land. Earth might look very different. Also take note energy use. For example. Gasoline or oil. In some far distant planet. Oil might be a very very precious to them and they might have better application on it than humans. What if we never discovered fire. Yes some of you might say then we will get stuck in stone age. Then what about we discovered the use of certifugal force first. Or discovered some form of energy completely different from what we have. The universe is big. What if there is a planet with octopus as the rulers of that planet. And they have ways to use energy different from us. What if.

  48. ichbinjasokreativ


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    There`s one thing I`d like to mention in context to this video, specifically the "Researchers looked and didn't see any decaying remnants of alien megastructures" part: The closest star to our sun is alpha centauri, being 4 light years away. This means, that when we point our telescopes to that star, we see it as it was 4 years prior because that is how long its light took to reach us. When we look into the universe, and we discover stars and planets around them hundreds of thousands or even millions of light years away from us, we only see what they looked like hundreds of thousands or even millions of years ago. In other words, even the dark side of earth might be obviously inhabited by us, given that our cities are clearly visible at night from space, but if a civilisation existed even just 1000 light years away from us, they wouldn't see that, even if they pointed their telescopes at exactly the part of our planet where cities like new york are now, because 1000 years ago new york wasn't built yet. There might be alien life exploring their own solar systems all over the milky way, but if they are too young for their light to already reach us, we won't know. Perhaps there will be a time, somewhere on the other side of our galaxy, when alien researchers point their telescopes at earth and see brightly lit cities, satellites and even the ISS, but mankind will long have gone extinct. When the sun gets old enough, and therefore big enough, to swallow earth, alien telescopes might still see the dinosaurs.

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      Most likely

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    Erokay Gürz

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    What if the artifacts of the higher scale civilizations are already all around us but we can't comprehend them? How we can define the "artificial" while we can't even understand and still discovering the "natural"?

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    This might be old to post too, but I had a sci-fi story that I am writing. Essentially Humanity is the first sentient race (since we are relatively early in galactic history) and humanity grows and changes into other scales. Eventually our descendants get lonely and begin to seed planets with life and then they watch and wait to see if it grows.

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  93. Johnny Carcinogen

    Johnny Carcinogen

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    There's a really great book from Paul Davies, former chair of the SETI: Post-Detection Science and Technology Taskgroup of the International Academy of Astronautics, called The Eerie Silence that does an amazing job explaining why there really truly probably isn't anyone else out there - at least in this galaxy. I would say that the odds of there being any other life anywhere else are astronomically small,but, well, I'm not sure that would actually convey it. He also lays out several variables to the Drake Equation that most people have never considered - like the need for a gas giant like Jupiter in approximately the same position/ distance from any Earth-like planets to help catch stray incoming asteroids & other objects. I don't remember if he mentions the asteroid belt or a single moon of size & position of our own (or one of a different size & position, but that would still produce similar tidal forces), but that latter one especially would be critical to the evolution of life. He also explains in detail the processes for if there actually is some sort of detection. Good read.

  94. goommis


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    What if there are type 3 civilisations and we see their work but can't understand what wee see? As in the video we're like ants trying to understand human civilisation.

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