bad customers

Annoying customers are annoying. These are times I met the most notable customers and shoppers when I worked at the UPS store. I thought working in food jobs would be worse but I think I had a worse time in the UPS store. Looking back now I think it was funny. In the moment though it was less of that and more annoying. Crazy customers be crazy. And I imagine people working in retail now have even crazier stories from the past year. My stories are from years ago.

Villa helped with this animation and did a really good job here is their twitter account: hi_blnd

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  1. Otagiri


    13 minuten geleden

    All I learned is that there’s shady people wanting to do shady things

  2. Cake or Trap?

    Cake or Trap?

    18 minuten geleden

    Please dont push read more I warned you Stop right now Last warning Want to proceed to continue (Yes=scroll) (No=refresh youtube) Ok then NOTE: while in your way there are some game you can play, something you can read and some food Hi lets play simon says Simon say ignore the next message ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Good Simon says see you later Hotel? T______ You look starving. Here grab some food 🍔🍟 Guess the next word will come Supercalifragilisticharlididnthaveanytalentxpialidocious That was impossible right Now read the word Welcome back to simon says Simon says spell icup Simon say whistle Slmon say end the game Here some food to eat 🍔🌭 Say this word: I like fortnite 1+1= A)2 B)² C)3-1 Tips: i you on simon says still activate and you saw "say", "do" and "answer" without "simon says" dont do that. Symon says speak german Simon says i will end the game Guess the word He__o Truth or dare Truth=what is your bigest fear Dare= find some food and eat it Simon say end the game Congrats you past Simon says game here some cookies 🍪 Read this: Rose are red, Violet are blue, Im reading this in my head, Bee. This is probably the last game But be ready for COMBOS Simon say pin me Simon say end the game Guess the word 70-1= A)69 B)A C)B Say fuck me Eat this 🍪🍔🌭🥛🍟 Truth or die Truth= you want to heart this? Die= heart this Hotel? ______ And the word is (wow) Hi you found me

  3. Kleary Lim

    Kleary Lim

    20 minuten geleden

    The bra8n is not brain shaped it is square shapes it is square brain

  4. Swaggy Rat

    Swaggy Rat

    51 minuut geleden

    I love this channel it keeps getting better

  5. David cruz

    David cruz

    59 minuten geleden

    ThAt me eating the french fries

  6. FJforLyfe The Emily-Illustrator

    FJforLyfe The Emily-Illustrator

    Uur geleden

    Me: (sees ice cream sandwich) Also me: Man, I love Ben & Jerry’s

  7. Tree


    Uur geleden

    He returns

  8. Alex Moore

    Alex Moore

    Uur geleden

    "The customer is always right" is a shortened version of "the customer is always right about what they want to buy". For example if you're working at a restaurant and someone orders a burger, you can't decide to instead give them a salad

  9. Piss


    Uur geleden

    8:17 i have done that, i manifested a snazy laptop an got one. So, it kinda works. it just depend if you beleive it or not s you can think its fake but i like manifestation.

  10. Jillian McLaren

    Jillian McLaren

    2 uur geleden

    The ups stands for Undercover Professional Spies, he, on camera, admitted that he works for the undercover professional spies. Lol

  11. Trinity Horton

    Trinity Horton

    2 uur geleden

    Love how you pack and ship a non-subscriber and all of those Minecraft references lol

  12. Fenrix15


    2 uur geleden

    Dude wtf I’ve been watching you for a while, and I just started working at ups like 2 months ago. It sucks.

  13. Holly


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  14. CJ Lozy

    CJ Lozy

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    I just subbed dont ship me to a valcano.

  15. Subtub


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    Throw the box

  16. Derp Time

    Derp Time

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    The lady with the cane was just flexing her COOL CANE CHAIR TRANSFORMER

  17. Molotov's Сука

    Molotov's Сука

    2 uur geleden

    USPS sounds way better than fast food, just saying So many fewer customers, for one. That's the only qualifier you need, really

  18. Jane Is insincere

    Jane Is insincere

    2 uur geleden

    I worked at a fast food place for about 3 months and a guy od in the drive through for about 5 minutes woke up, drove up and picked up his food. I got yelled at for cheese

  19. KingYote Gaming

    KingYote Gaming

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  20. OverDriv3567


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    The kash

  21. Saywhaa?


    3 uur geleden

    Sandwich timing

  22. Photogenic_guardian


    4 uur geleden

    All this checks out sincerely - ups associate

  23. Syd ney

    Syd ney

    4 uur geleden

    I scream man which!!!!!!!!

  24. minethecrafting 6000

    minethecrafting 6000

    4 uur geleden

    these people are sus ngl

  25. ZombieSlayer Yt

    ZombieSlayer Yt

    5 uur geleden

    I actually read how someone witnessed a drug deal at a fedex last week

  26. Ice cream sandwich Fan

    Ice cream sandwich Fan

    5 uur geleden

    EYES :)

  27. Ice cream sandwich Fan

    Ice cream sandwich Fan

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    I’m a fan :)

  28. Ice cream sandwich Fan

    Ice cream sandwich Fan

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    Drugs bad

  29. Austin Huwer

    Austin Huwer

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  30. River wolf Plays

    River wolf Plays

    5 uur geleden

    I did barely didly squat in highschool tbh and I'm doing fine

  31. Error_ Code

    Error_ Code

    5 uur geleden

    Or am I crazy, I am crazy... seizure noises

  32. Liam Durias

    Liam Durias

    5 uur geleden

    His drawing is very VERY GREAT AND HIS EDITS.

  33. Nika Mikeladze

    Nika Mikeladze

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    Like eye👁👁 👀

  34. Jack in the box

    Jack in the box

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    do a colab wif theoddonesout

  35. Derpy Angelo

    Derpy Angelo

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    u looks ''theodd1out

  36. Cap Blueberry

    Cap Blueberry

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    God bless

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    Victor FF

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  38. Dimitri Ferreira

    Dimitri Ferreira

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    Dose any one think when he YOUR MEAN the person who said is the odd ones out

  39. Zaya Kapi

    Zaya Kapi

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  40. HighTideAnimations


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    50% funny 20% eyes 30% minecraft noises

  41. Shazal Zaidi

    Shazal Zaidi

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    0:55 As someone who just found this guy’s channel and is watching one of his videos for the first time and has not yet subscribed, I have deduced that I really enjoy this guy’s content so very much its lovely fabulous extraordinary anyways I will be subscribing *IMMEDIATELY*

  42. Fire Man

    Fire Man

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    That magazine is hard

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    Jeanette Sena

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    Rayat Akhand

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    welp i guess i have to sub today

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    me, someone who uses affirmations and knows that they don't have magic powers: *....* *"ihaveajuicybootyihaveajuicybootyihaveajuic-*

  47. Tsuyu Asui

    Tsuyu Asui

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    5:48 I was watching this and ordering five guys...

  48. alpha cyclops

    alpha cyclops

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    I just found. Diamond

  49. Thomas's Things

    Thomas's Things

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    YOU'RE MEAN *commits homicide *

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    comfy fdps

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    ayo the pizza here 8:44

  51. CatDoesMinecraft


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    someone who want to send somthing to Mars: WHY NO INTERPLANETARY UPS??>?>?>>?

  52. CatDoesMinecraft


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    im in middle school at least lemonade cant do the same fate right....... GULP

  53. Robbie The Doggie

    Robbie The Doggie

    8 uur geleden

    This man is a legend! "LOOK AT MY EYES!!!"

  54. _Taby Gehman_

    _Taby Gehman_

    8 uur geleden

    The Minecraft sound effects made this pure gold

  55. Maniacmoose18


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  56. Corgdillo


    9 uur geleden

    Me who possibly has a vague memory of a woman with a chair cane in a UPS store: *sweats* *nervously*

  57. Neluga


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    After seeing the box thing i realized i wasn’t subscribed and immediately went well friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick...

  58. Tucker Lambert-Clark

    Tucker Lambert-Clark

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    Oh no I touched the money if I don’t take the money I will get involved with the mob oh no free money

  59. LuckoftheClover


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    Working at five guys is aids.

  60. David Esch

    David Esch

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    I'm only just discovering this channel. Good stuff!

  61. OnionAnimates


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    Drugs are in the no go zone. B)

  62. Mason Manning

    Mason Manning

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    Love all the Minecraft things

  63. Adabz


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    in canada weed arnt drugs

  64. JamesHeick


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    okay okay ill subscribe

  65. Christian Howard

    Christian Howard

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    You have been playing to much Minecraft

  66. Cherry Key

    Cherry Key

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    that guy who got mailed inside the box is me *Im subscribing now I dont wanna be kidnapped*

  67. I dont have a name

    I dont have a name

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    *dont ship drugs* Drugs x Man

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    Sarah Glinz

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  69. Slav Dog

    Slav Dog

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    0:23 favorite part

  70. Bastin


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    I like the flapping of ur magnificent eyes

    • Slav Dog

      Slav Dog

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  71. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    12 uur geleden

    "And trust me, I know about cringe." Same

  72. Cameron Bartlett

    Cameron Bartlett

    12 uur geleden

    I love my job for the soul reason that if a customer is rude, I can just tell them to fuck off, though they have to be exceptionally rude for me to get to that point lol

  73. Oof guy

    Oof guy

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    Im new and ur vids r entertaining

  74. Dr. Hue

    Dr. Hue

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    7:55 FACTS!!!

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    Savage Bear

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    Hi. I have a stress disorder that makes fun difficult. Its like the skies have opened up when I see your videos in my recommend. As a very legitimate internet doctor, and the first of my kind, I am writing myself a prescription for your videos.

    • Ailsa Ni

      Ailsa Ni

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    T Dog

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    cosmos complete

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  79. Jero 2975

    Jero 2975

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    teacher: why u laughing? me: nothing my brain: 8:44

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    Kimchi Kat

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    Omg you posted again 😁

  81. Joseph P.

    Joseph P.

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    1000% percent accurate description of a retail shipping job, can confirm all experiences

  82. Nostalgic


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    Legends say that he is still in the box

  83. Winter And pixie

    Winter And pixie

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  84. The Dynamic Classics

    The Dynamic Classics

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    Those are some *N O I C E* eyes

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    Aiden Andert

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    You are funny and I like your channel and I subscribed.

  86. ChesKaramel


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    "i am crazy BUERAUEGLHUE"

  87. Ken Hosokai

    Ken Hosokai

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    Ice Cream Sandwich: Don't you think its crazy you have to do homework and work? Asians: oh ho ho ho ho, thats little compared to us

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    Jerzy Capshaws

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  94. Awesome_ Ninja_boy

    Awesome_ Ninja_boy

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    Hey there mr sandwich, when recording do you do the talking or the animating first?....?... :/

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    Got my first job interview for a warehouse job on monday wish me luck boys

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    Flavored .w

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