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Introducing My Stray Cats To Each Other & Forcing Them To Be Friends

I introduced my stray cats to each other and forced them to become best friends. 👁👁
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  1. Joey Graceffa

    Joey Graceffa

    15 dagen geleden

    The two queens finally meet! 😭 Do you think they can be friends?!

    • joking jester -.-

      joking jester -.-

      2 dagen geleden

      I think that they will Tolerate each other or hate each other

    • parmida keshvari

      parmida keshvari

      2 dagen geleden


    • ruby kibicho

      ruby kibicho

      2 dagen geleden

      no lol

    • GoodVibes.Syd09


      3 dagen geleden

      They will be amazing Queens 👑

    • •SquidWard• Tentacles!

      •SquidWard• Tentacles!

      5 dagen geleden

      Hello Joey!

  2. Marissa Damico Blong

    Marissa Damico Blong

    10 uur geleden

    Im not a cat person at all im actually scared of cats but these videos with the little snippets of what the cats are saying literally has my dyingg lmao

  3. Karma Crazywolf

    Karma Crazywolf

    20 uur geleden

    The fact that he add subtitles to the cats make this whole video 100 time much better 😂 we need more of these ✨

  4. Ellison Ashlock

    Ellison Ashlock

    21 uur geleden

    I love her cats 👌☺️🎄

  5. keira L.M

    keira L.M

    Dag geleden

    1:30 😂😂😂😂😂😂 over the years of watching him I've never seen this much cursing lmao

  6. Hafsatou diallo

    Hafsatou diallo

    Dag geleden

    When u said azula I was like 👁👄👁 I just finished watching atla 😂

  7. Nicole Webb

    Nicole Webb

    Dag geleden

    Azula:she's getting on my last nerve

  8. Nicole Webb

    Nicole Webb

    Dag geleden

    Sakura :its a love hate relationship she loves me I hate her

  9. Nicole Webb

    Nicole Webb

    Dag geleden

    I mean azula

  10. Ileana Mojica

    Ileana Mojica

    Dag geleden

    joey:food fixes everything sakura: HISSSSSS

  11. Michelle Pesquera

    Michelle Pesquera

    Dag geleden

    I dont wana be that person to tell you what to do but just keep an eye out on sakura since she knows how to open doors lmao(we dont want a kitty fight happening 😂)

  12. KAMILA Palacios

    KAMILA Palacios

    Dag geleden

    Do yiu still have then???

  13. KAMILA Palacios

    KAMILA Palacios

    Dag geleden

    We’re are your dogs??

  14. Legendary Red bucket

    Legendary Red bucket

    Dag geleden

    Fro the og’s that remember escape the night

  15. Maxwell Well

    Maxwell Well

    2 dagen geleden

    If you can can you try resqhu dogs

  16. Dorrena Fields

    Dorrena Fields

    2 dagen geleden

    can you post more on the they ples joey

  17. Stace_88


    2 dagen geleden

    ...did he just hit the cat in the first clip..?

  18. Branda Lucas

    Branda Lucas

    2 dagen geleden

    Can you make more seasons on Escape the night please I miss that show. It was funny and it was scary at the same time so that’s why I like it so much.

  19. ruby kibicho

    ruby kibicho

    2 dagen geleden

    joey where’s my escape the night: season 5 😑✋

  20. Tracy Winsor

    Tracy Winsor

    2 dagen geleden

    Hey Joey are you ok you have not been doing videos for a while

  21. Chloe Was An Impostor

    Chloe Was An Impostor

    2 dagen geleden

    I feel sad for the brown cat

  22. Chloe Was An Impostor

    Chloe Was An Impostor

    2 dagen geleden

    im dying of cuteness

  23. Chloe Was An Impostor

    Chloe Was An Impostor

    2 dagen geleden

    I came from James Charles

  24. The King of Pop

    The King of Pop

    3 dagen geleden

    The black cat has a perfect meow

  25. Rini Jamal

    Rini Jamal

    3 dagen geleden

    Yours content are getting boring👎🏻

  26. Stephanie Klabis

    Stephanie Klabis

    3 dagen geleden

    You should try again in a few days

  27. CherriiBlxssom


    3 dagen geleden

    Me scrolling through all the vets comments:👁👄👁

  28. Abigail Madison

    Abigail Madison

    3 dagen geleden

    You should make a shirt for Azula.. I think it’d be cool if it was her in the woods!

  29. Chloe Wilhelm

    Chloe Wilhelm

    3 dagen geleden

    they probably got mad at each other because sometimes cats can get territorial around there food.

  30. _that_one_child _studios

    _that_one_child _studios

    3 dagen geleden

    Hi ♡

  31. Orangenkraft


    4 dagen geleden

    DO NOT pet either of them if they hiss at each other! Reward them if they're nice to or ignoring each other

  32. lelia32174


    4 dagen geleden

    just the fact that your an animal person says the world about you! love it! 😻

  33. Scivnce ,

    Scivnce ,

    4 dagen geleden

    Not him making the crescent moon his personality trait

  34. Tricia Gillikin

    Tricia Gillikin

    4 dagen geleden

    I try to do this because every year I rescue kittens and I have a mama cat and she hates all of the kittens

  35. Carrie Boyer

    Carrie Boyer

    4 dagen geleden

    Joey we have so much in common ! I work for natures nursery and take it dogs and cats even goats and cows lol

  36. Tennison Does YouTube

    Tennison Does YouTube

    4 dagen geleden

    Joey: “I went on the internet and found some little hacks to make them like each other.” No Joey no the hacks. Anything but the hacks....

  37. Bella Kratzer

    Bella Kratzer

    4 dagen geleden

    "I Just wanna be... Appreciated" damn i always hear that sound and tiktok lmao 😭✋



    4 dagen geleden

    Joey who was the father of larks puppies Wolfe of storm it was can fusing but I think it both because some of the puppies had some white and some don't

  39. Ana Laura Landa

    Ana Laura Landa

    4 dagen geleden


  40. Lps wolf Gang. Roasting

    Lps wolf Gang. Roasting

    5 dagen geleden

    They're both so pretty and cute🐾🐾😍

  41. Uh_Berri


    5 dagen geleden

    Awwww the cats adorable:3

  42. Tea


    5 dagen geleden

    OMG- I haven’t watched you in soo long 😭😭 *I love your hair* Btw what kind of cats are they?

  43. JvsstPurple


    5 dagen geleden

    How r the dogs?

  44. zoe lopez

    zoe lopez

    5 dagen geleden


  45. Moon Willow

    Moon Willow

    5 dagen geleden

    got me a shirt! 😜

  46. Gianna Flores

    Gianna Flores

    5 dagen geleden

    you shouldn't force them to be friends if you know anything about cats

  47. Dymond Mccfarland

    Dymond Mccfarland

    5 dagen geleden

    No I don't think so

  48. Terri Lynn

    Terri Lynn

    6 dagen geleden

    Found you through Beatrice Caruso's channel. So happy you saved these kitties thats awesome

  49. Hannah Baker

    Hannah Baker

    6 dagen geleden

    What happened to the daily vlogs

  50. Sophiebuggie


    6 dagen geleden

    "a̷͙̬̥̹̰̠̜͛̂͐͌̑͜͝ͅh̴͉̯̼̭̩̥̦̲̫͊̕ good day everyone.." IM SO SORRY JOEY I LOVE YOU

  51. mona lisa

    mona lisa

    6 dagen geleden

    they touched noses !!

  52. Alexandria Yeater

    Alexandria Yeater

    6 dagen geleden


  53. Jennifer Jolly

    Jennifer Jolly

    6 dagen geleden


  54. lex johnson

    lex johnson

    6 dagen geleden

    They weren’t killing each other so that means they like each other. I think people expect a dog reaction when introducing cats. They will be cuddling in no time!

  55. Gunachandra Kakchingtabam

    Gunachandra Kakchingtabam

    6 dagen geleden

    Some tried to be you and he was so rude

  56. Ninamoon And Blaze Gacha

    Ninamoon And Blaze Gacha

    6 dagen geleden

    The description 😂😂

  57. Emerald Game

    Emerald Game

    6 dagen geleden

    Joey I have a question will there be a Season5 of Escape the night I hope so I love this series so think about it :)

  58. sylvia little

    sylvia little

    7 dagen geleden


  59. Teryn Pitcher

    Teryn Pitcher

    7 dagen geleden

    no one: sakura: i want to be spider man *climbs a door*

  60. Talisa Thierry

    Talisa Thierry

    7 dagen geleden

    What are your pronouns Joey

  61. Madaleine Olivia

    Madaleine Olivia

    7 dagen geleden

    stop crsing plzzzzzzzz

  62. Lona Tes

    Lona Tes

    7 dagen geleden

    you gotta let them hiss at eachother its just what they do lol they sus of new felines

  63. Britton’s Decor

    Britton’s Decor

    7 dagen geleden


  64. KK Bing

    KK Bing

    7 dagen geleden

    Great job Joey!! I think in time Sakura and Azula will be best friends!! Much love ad respect from Texas!!

  65. Toyin Robinson

    Toyin Robinson

    7 dagen geleden

    Issa process🥺

  66. Kylie Ward

    Kylie Ward

    7 dagen geleden

    I was like what !!! When I read the description it ses Forsd to be freinds like what !

  67. M CThree

    M CThree

    7 dagen geleden

    Joey if you ever make a season 5 of escape the night can I please be a guardian for you and help you escape the Pandora's box

  68. Flower Seymour

    Flower Seymour

    7 dagen geleden

    So sad for you to break up😭😭😭😭😭

  69. Hanna Surowka

    Hanna Surowka

    7 dagen geleden

    They are like me and my brother when they hiss we fight🐱🐱

  70. Adriana


    7 dagen geleden

    dont worry joey, it takes time for cats to get along. when i got my 2nd cat it took a week for my 1st child to accept her

  71. Megan Nelson

    Megan Nelson

    7 dagen geleden

    It took 2 months for mine and my roommates cats to get along. It's a process but now they are best friends

  72. MaddMaddy


    7 dagen geleden

    @joey Graceffa could it be possible that in the next escape the night season you could have James Charles be a person in escape the night?

  73. *•A d d i s o n •*

    *•A d d i s o n •*

    7 dagen geleden

    *gasp* *B¡tch you can open doors?* *Since when!? Since when can you open doors? Even I can’t open doors sometimes* 😂😂😂

  74. ~mist_gacha~


    7 dagen geleden

    You cant just force them to be friends! You should of put one in a cage then let them meet then

  75. Rosie Collis

    Rosie Collis

    7 dagen geleden

    Cats protection also have a step by step guide on their website on how to introduce new cats into the same home

  76. Hi welcome To chili’s

    Hi welcome To chili’s

    7 dagen geleden

    Who does this 😂😂

  77. Raj’Zyane Porter-Riley

    Raj’Zyane Porter-Riley

    7 dagen geleden

    Just put them in the same room I did with my cats

  78. jasmin gonzalez

    jasmin gonzalez

    8 dagen geleden

    I would definitely like a part 2 to this! “WHO ELSE??

  79. Alina Sinclair

    Alina Sinclair

    8 dagen geleden

    “I can’t even open doors sometimes” -Joey same

  80. harsh ahir

    harsh ahir

    8 dagen geleden

    Their name should be interchanged cuz sakura behaves more like azula

  81. Julia Johnson

    Julia Johnson

    8 dagen geleden

    Who did you end up giving Sakura to?

  82. EmeraldLily


    8 dagen geleden

    Joey: you act like you want a friend all the damn time, and I finally give you a friend, and what so you do? YOU HISS AT HER -Joey best quote of 2020

  83. Alexis Martinez

    Alexis Martinez

    8 dagen geleden

    are you going to do a season 5 for escape the night?

  84. Megan Gudgeon

    Megan Gudgeon

    8 dagen geleden

    They’ll adjust - it may take some time but I’m sure they will - i have 4 cats at home and they took a longggg time to adjust but now they love each other ❤️

  85. liz smith

    liz smith

    8 dagen geleden

    Sometimes if it takes a while for two cats to warm up to each other its a good idea to use a baby gait and maybe even the door too at first so they don't potentially physically fight and feed them on opposite sides of the door then the baby gate before having them in the room together, so they can just get comfortable with eachothers presence first 👏✌🤟👍👌👏 they did pretty good so far, but cats do tend to be very territorial so just be careful.

  86. Emma Kloppenborg

    Emma Kloppenborg

    8 dagen geleden

    Joey graceffa and Tyler Oakley should be friends

  87. Memexb


    8 dagen geleden

    Omgg I legit just came back to your acc coz u were my literal child hood

  88. Meowies


    8 dagen geleden

    Currently going through this with my Bella and Sophie 😌

  89. nasche


    8 dagen geleden

    because I used to watch his channel before sleeping a few years back I now find his voice super soothing 😌😴💙

  90. Vilix


    8 dagen geleden

    "stay away from my twink" LMFAO that took me out

  91. Gregory_Yt


    8 dagen geleden

    My black cat can open doors to lol

  92. V


    9 dagen geleden

    lol my cats can confirm that Temptations are the big guns.

  93. Lacy Morris

    Lacy Morris

    9 dagen geleden

    If you have problems with them getting along check out Jackson galaxy here on YT he’s been a lifesaver for me.

  94. Jasmine


    9 dagen geleden

    who edits this lmao

  95. babyshayleen


    9 dagen geleden

    You have to let them fight it out it's a peaking order I go through it with all my cats when I bring in a rescue.

  96. wolfie_slush


    9 dagen geleden

    I see this as yellowfang meeting spottedleaf for the first time Lol

  97. Mental Breakdown

    Mental Breakdown

    9 dagen geleden

    The texts had me dying lmaoo I love these kitties

  98. Megan Edmunds

    Megan Edmunds

    9 dagen geleden

    Low-key waiting for Joey to have his own farm 😂😍

  99. Grace Bertke

    Grace Bertke

    9 dagen geleden

    Joey you should try putting a hidden camera and places around Where both of the cats are And then leave them and see what they did together and like watch the cameras

  100. Hetty B

    Hetty B

    9 dagen geleden

    "Forcing them to be friends" ???? What if they dont want to be 😂