Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass | Official Documentary

THANK YOU to each of our fans for this 10 year journey!
We can’t wait to show you all that we have coming up!
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0:00 Introduction
13:29 San Diego
27:50 Beyond The Trick Shot
41:35 Going All In
55:00 Overtime
59:53 Faith, Family, Friends
1:16:00 The Final Stretch
If you're looking for more beyond our #DudePerfectDoc, here’s a playlist of some of our favorite DP videos ever!

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  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect

    8 maanden geleden

    You guys are AMAZING. Can't tell you how encouraged we are by yall's comments 🙏 SO much good stuff on the way for you guys 🔥

    • Brandon Piece

      Brandon Piece

      Maand geleden

      @Sam Tunks cgb

    • Sara Nance

      Sara Nance

      Maand geleden

      omygosh i cant FATHOM ON HOW AWESOME,WHOLESOME,AND JUST AMAZING YOU GUYS ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my little brother loves your yt chanel and i do to. im a catholic so its amazing to find christian youtubers who are sooooo wholesome and make me and my family laugh! KEEP GOING MAKE THE WORLD SMILE!!!!

    • Shaunielle Johnson

      Shaunielle Johnson

      Maand geleden

      Thank you

    • Eden Hepler

      Eden Hepler

      2 maanden geleden

      I loveeeeeeee dude perfect

    • Helai Ghani

      Helai Ghani

      3 maanden geleden

      Afsg Dud

  2. Phoenix


    2 uur geleden

    i only just watched this, It changed my outlook on life, I want to get together with my mates and show them this and maybe we could be like dude perfect. Love you dude perfect.

  3. Aaron Robertson

    Aaron Robertson

    8 uur geleden

    You guys are so kind

  4. Little_pog


    12 uur geleden

    Whoo haw

  5. hi yeet

    hi yeet

    13 uur geleden

    loveyou all

  6. Wassup Bitches, It's Myoui Mina

    Wassup Bitches, It's Myoui Mina

    15 uur geleden

    27:27 this is why Coby's my fav

  7. Wealth & Happiness

    Wealth & Happiness

    Dag geleden

    Whoever's readings this, 2021 is going to be your year ... KEEP GRINDING !

  8. Average Fingerboarder

    Average Fingerboarder

    Dag geleden

    You know you’ve blown up when you have a TVshow on Nickelodeon

  9. Kiandra Aulia

    Kiandra Aulia

    Dag geleden

    The video is sooo touching

  10. Sheet Penny

    Sheet Penny

    Dag geleden

    dude i love the steryotypes keep em up

  11. Ronan Fuller

    Ronan Fuller

    Dag geleden

    Can you make a mohawk you looked like soap MacTavish Tt

  12. Lindsey Arkenau

    Lindsey Arkenau

    Dag geleden

    Who else cried during this video I really need to see this It reminded me that all I need is my family and I shouldn’t take them as an advantage 🥰🥰

  13. FAJAR5 YT ツ

    FAJAR5 YT ツ

    Dag geleden

    COOL 😀😀😀😀👍👍👍👍

  14. jude wilson

    jude wilson

    2 dagen geleden

    The end credits were beautiful man, Best documentary I’ve taken the time to watch.

  15. BLUE WOLF Telugu Gameing

    BLUE WOLF Telugu Gameing

    2 dagen geleden

    From India fan for u

  16. william fuchs

    william fuchs

    2 dagen geleden

    1:07:35 the purple hoser looks so funny

  17. Grayson Allison

    Grayson Allison

    2 dagen geleden

    This was so inspiring.

  18. David Hart

    David Hart

    2 dagen geleden

    I've watched this whole thing three times... wow

  19. Pratyush Coder

    Pratyush Coder

    2 dagen geleden

    Please do this in different countries, you guys have no idea how far u have spread, btw I'm from

  20. G Charvi Shree

    G Charvi Shree

    2 dagen geleden

    DP isn't a NLcameras channel it's a family

  21. Brady Laybourn

    Brady Laybourn

    2 dagen geleden

    I don’t cry. But this. This was different

  22. Jimbo Fisher

    Jimbo Fisher

    2 dagen geleden

    Tyler’s dad seems very unlikable

  23. An Intellectual

    An Intellectual

    2 dagen geleden

    Dont watch DP for a bit and they go and go on a tour

  24. Sean Subando

    Sean Subando

    2 dagen geleden

    They are more than best friends They're a whole family

  25. Matt Thompson

    Matt Thompson

    3 dagen geleden

    I don’t know anyone who hates dude perfect. They seem so nice and just have fun

  26. Treyton Karnes

    Treyton Karnes

    3 dagen geleden

    Already watched this twice. I've been going through some struggling times with mental health, but watching the Dudes makes everything go away. Thank you guys!

  27. Snipez 5001

    Snipez 5001

    3 dagen geleden

    I'm Playing to have my own channel and yall all my inspiration thank you

  28. Xero


    3 dagen geleden

    I watched this whole thing, and there was something inside of me that hasn't been touched before, and now it has, luv u guys ❤️

  29. Breck Yarborough

    Breck Yarborough

    3 dagen geleden

    Has to be one of the most inspiring videos of all time

  30. Henry Martin

    Henry Martin

    3 dagen geleden

    you are also helping me right now through Covid.

  31. Henry Martin

    Henry Martin

    3 dagen geleden

    DP thanks for all you have done for the sick or diss abled kids in the world your story is amazing!

  32. Malin Schadt

    Malin Schadt

    3 dagen geleden

    love yall

  33. David Gameplay

    David Gameplay

    3 dagen geleden

    NLcameras originals

  34. Swati Anand Sinha

    Swati Anand Sinha

    3 dagen geleden

    There are 7.8 billion people in the world

  35. Kai Hale

    Kai Hale

    3 dagen geleden

    I'm not bored, I am just awed by how well put this documentary was. This is like my 10th time watching lamo.

  36. Casey Brown

    Casey Brown

    3 dagen geleden

    U need to do another tour and come to Atlanta Georgia again

  37. Harrison H

    Harrison H

    3 dagen geleden

    must be so weird to have kids cheer for you with drew brees behind them

  38. amaizelake


    4 dagen geleden

    You guys are the best ever people on the planet and universe! This video gave me tears! POUND IT NOGGIN SEE YA!!

  39. Robert Tankersley

    Robert Tankersley

    4 dagen geleden

    11K people: In terms of IQ, we have no IQ.

  40. Roko Plays

    Roko Plays

    4 dagen geleden

    I love you Dude Perfect ❤️❤️

  41. bluemachine _16

    bluemachine _16

    4 dagen geleden

    rest in pieces to the guitars

  42. TTV-Kaden _haas

    TTV-Kaden _haas

    4 dagen geleden

    You guys saying loyal fans who watched the whole video how about loyal fans the ones who watched almost the whole career I’ve been watching since I was 5 and I am 14 now and still here

  43. Jos Weems

    Jos Weems

    4 dagen geleden

    I swear DPHQ2 must have cost like 100 million dollars

  44. FAJAR5 YT ツ

    FAJAR5 YT ツ

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    NLcameras SUBSCRlE🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👍👍👍👍

  45. FAJAR5 YT ツ

    FAJAR5 YT ツ

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    NLcameras SUBSCRlE 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  46. icon


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    Sakina Burhanpurwala

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    I hope I find friends like them

  48. Olawale Ogundare

    Olawale Ogundare

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    The faint fair clutch partly zip because clef culturally agree into a outrageous saturday. faded, resolute range

  49. DORAZD


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    1:05:03 ty where it crocs... I see you

  50. Kyeron Fair

    Kyeron Fair

    5 dagen geleden

    How could you possibly hate these guys

  51. Austin Luszcz

    Austin Luszcz

    5 dagen geleden


  52. Kristy Doherty

    Kristy Doherty

    5 dagen geleden

    You guys should come to Australia

  53. Leo Orth

    Leo Orth

    5 dagen geleden

    This is such a genial video, I mean how in the world world could anyone dislike this Masterpiece. Stay healthy and carry on like this, I love your videos. You can be proud of yourself 😁

  54. Parker Borland

    Parker Borland

    5 dagen geleden

    You guys are amazing I am a huge fan go dude perfect

  55. Ruby Martha

    Ruby Martha

    5 dagen geleden

    Dude perfect should be a TV show

  56. Cute Cookies

    Cute Cookies

    5 dagen geleden

    It’s so cool that you get to see everything that happens with them and that you can get to know who they are

  57. henry queen

    henry queen

    5 dagen geleden

    ive never seen garrett out of purple clothing

  58. Faith Vu

    Faith Vu

    5 dagen geleden


  59. A A

    A A

    5 dagen geleden

    i literally started crying about 5 times through this, I love this so much thank you for making my life better

  60. Mikayla Tam

    Mikayla Tam

    5 dagen geleden

    i couldn't stop smiling as a kpop stan when i saw their name in between twice and got7's when they were in la

  61. Zoë G

    Zoë G

    5 dagen geleden

    Just five nice christian boys

  62. Keira Maisano

    Keira Maisano

    6 dagen geleden

    GO to Australia 🇦🇺 🏀 and do bucket list

  63. 8_E_B_42 Dobariya Pranav

    8_E_B_42 Dobariya Pranav

    6 dagen geleden

    You are great

  64. EthanPlayzYT


    6 dagen geleden

    Only 24million views? It should have way more!

  65. Ian Gaming

    Ian Gaming

    6 dagen geleden

    Love it

  66. TheBallers131


    6 dagen geleden

    I remember watching your first videos in 2009 and 2010. It's amazing to see how popular the whole crew and your channel has become over the years. Congratulations and keep up the great work!

  67. HD Leon

    HD Leon

    6 dagen geleden

    Do a back flip

  68. Ramsha Riaz

    Ramsha Riaz

    6 dagen geleden

    WHY do I feel like Cory's not getting that much attention

  69. the lost bongo cat

    the lost bongo cat

    6 dagen geleden

    TY is a great dad

  70. i do stuff

    i do stuff

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    This made me cry lol

  71. Twin Monkeys AB

    Twin Monkeys AB

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  72. Jai Bhardwaj

    Jai Bhardwaj

    6 dagen geleden

    Throughout this video, there is inspiration everywhere. you are changing the world and we love you

  73. Jai Bhardwaj

    Jai Bhardwaj

    6 dagen geleden

    What you guys do is incredible and it's changing the world. We love you guys!!!!!!!

  74. Galzin Sherpa

    Galzin Sherpa

    6 dagen geleden

    Garret is Monica 😂

  75. hamood


    7 dagen geleden

    there needs to be like a dudette perfect with the wives



    7 dagen geleden

    Кто русский



    7 dagen geleden

    Кто руский

  78. Jill Emery

    Jill Emery

    7 dagen geleden

    Who were the 11k people that didnt like this vid

  79. Leigh Noe

    Leigh Noe

    7 dagen geleden

    This is and will always be my favorite documentary ever made. I love ya DP

  80. ArtOniverse


    7 dagen geleden

    You are the most entertaining on NLcameras for me

  81. NoBro Skate

    NoBro Skate

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  82. Flaps 40

    Flaps 40

    7 dagen geleden

    San Diegooooooo!!!

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    Chanel Smith

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  84. Dyllan Delfin C.

    Dyllan Delfin C.

    7 dagen geleden

    Its 2021. Look where we are right now...

  85. Hollis Willoughby

    Hollis Willoughby

    7 dagen geleden

    You’re Told me the real thing that matters family

  86. Kaylee Kendrick

    Kaylee Kendrick

    7 dagen geleden

    I wish they could do a Show in Danville Virginia

  87. SJ Wee

    SJ Wee

    8 dagen geleden

    I love how they are grown men but in real life they just act like kids and have fun😌🥰😂

  88. Braden Markus

    Braden Markus

    8 dagen geleden

    This is truly amazing

  89. BeanyPlays7


    8 dagen geleden

    someone plz give me the timestamp when they are in ohio

  90. Derek Orallo

    Derek Orallo

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    They made the best

  91. Derek Orallo

    Derek Orallo

    8 dagen geleden

    The light hit there life yooooo amazing people i love dude perfect

  92. Jeremiah Reese

    Jeremiah Reese

    8 dagen geleden

    Hey Dudes, who is your favorite out of the dp crew? Ty, Cody, Coby, Cory, Garrett or the filming and editing crew? (The dp crew can answer to)

    • Jeremiah Reese

      Jeremiah Reese

      8 dagen geleden

      Personally Ty is my favorite

  93. Charlotte Lau

    Charlotte Lau

    8 dagen geleden

    Parents' begging: Please get rid of the rage monster!

  94. Joanna Peralta

    Joanna Peralta

    9 dagen geleden

    4:00 hole seen

  95. Miles Burson

    Miles Burson

    9 dagen geleden

    If I were to know you are in Ohio totally Would have went

  96. Maarten Rombouts

    Maarten Rombouts

    9 dagen geleden

    i just wanne say thank you dp. i have it really rough and i was thinking about giving up on things. i barely eat, drink and sleep. it really felt like i can't climb out the pit i was in. and now after watching this video i have motivation, you guy DP are amazing. thank you so much for giving me the motivation to continue and inspiring me to take opportunities. i love you all, and again thank you so very much.

  97. Felipe


    9 dagen geleden

    I spent the entire video crying :')

  98. black bandit bandit

    black bandit bandit

    9 dagen geleden

    are you doing the airsoft wor in Charlotte MI

  99. Deadly Killer

    Deadly Killer

    9 dagen geleden

    Name of the song on 20:40 plz reply

  100. Raj Mehta

    Raj Mehta

    9 dagen geleden

    One of the best 1hr 24 Mins and 30 Secs of my Life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU DUDE PERFECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!