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Is the Google Pixel 5 Really made of Metal? - Durability Test!

Its time to durability test the Google Pixel 5! Get your first audiobook and full access to the Plus Catalog for free when you try Audible for 30 days visit www.audible.com/jerryrig or text "jerryrig" to 500 500! Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this video! Weve heard that Google has a new 'metal' Pixel 5 smartphone with wireless charging in the back. But how is that possible?! We know that Wireless charging cant work through metal. Turns out... with a few swift swipes from a razor blade, the 'metal' appears to be a layer of plastic! Very interesting. What are your thoughts? Should Google be able to call the Pixel 5's body metal? Let me know what you think down in the comments.
Watch the Teardown HERE: nlcameras.info/wiki/bIGylKN6m2Oc2Kg/video
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  1. Anne Tran

    Anne Tran

    2 uur geleden

    Apple in 20 years: “iPhone 32 with Wireless charging on the left side of the screen, 85 speakers, 2.5 feet wide, And 5 feet tall”

  2. FPSCongo1


    15 uur geleden

    Why would you start slicing into it and ruin the battery before doing all the tests? Makes no fuckin sense.

  3. Doug Smith

    Doug Smith

    Dag geleden

    I literally cringe at every one of ur videos of u just destroying phones knowing how expensive they are lol.

  4. Opp azxxm

    Opp azxxm

    Dag geleden

    Bruv this makes me shiver

  5. ༄ Mehakpreet Rai ༄

    ༄ Mehakpreet Rai ༄

    2 dagen geleden

    Imagine 😂if the tittle was "asmr destroying google pixle5"

  6. Fong Nguyen

    Fong Nguyen

    3 dagen geleden

    5:29 run Jerry run :))



    3 dagen geleden

    Give me that phone

  8. Kusogaki


    3 dagen geleden

    Actually, wireless charging can actually work through aluminum. Of course, there are several conditions that can cause this to fail, but a thin aluminum covering should be physical law not hinder electromagnetism.

  9. Hannibal Ali

    Hannibal Ali

    3 dagen geleden

    I actually wanted to see a scratching test on the back from 1 to 9 .. now where i am supposed to see that test? The channel have some space for improvement and it would get even more awesome! It is supposed to be a full durability test for normal daily use too not only a test for army front line use that no one is really going to practice. Some ideas on the testing methods and a new channel update is good to go

  10. Narendra


    4 dagen geleden

    Before destroying your phone please contact to mobile company and simply ask.

  11. John Paul Barrientos

    John Paul Barrientos

    5 dagen geleden

    As a novice mechanic who needs a durable phone....I'm loving my purchase. I'm always around acetone and gas... Oil etc. LMAO. I love it!

  12. Deffex Plays

    Deffex Plays

    5 dagen geleden

    can you please give it to me after you scratch the phone

  13. Echidna


    5 dagen geleden

    Don't stab battery

    • Echidna


      5 dagen geleden

      Noooooooo phone is dead

  14. Pomi Sengupta

    Pomi Sengupta

    5 dagen geleden

    Google is fake

  15. Pomi Sengupta

    Pomi Sengupta

    5 dagen geleden

    Test redmi 8,9

  16. Swift


    6 dagen geleden

    How does your wife/girlfriend feel about you destroying beautiful phones and spending thousands?

  17. Gacheru Mburu

    Gacheru Mburu

    6 dagen geleden


  18. Noshi Gaming ツ

    Noshi Gaming ツ

    6 dagen geleden

    Fun Fact When You Click this video their is an add that is from jerry



    7 dagen geleden


  20. The last smith

    The last smith

    7 dagen geleden

    This is hard to watch😳

  21. KladMadz


    7 dagen geleden


  22. Whats it to you?

    Whats it to you?

    8 dagen geleden

    i recoiled when he punctured the battery like I was there

  23. Danny Rios

    Danny Rios

    8 dagen geleden

    I wonder how Jerry’s personal phone feels about him. It’s like living with a serial killer

    • Frank Sambrick

      Frank Sambrick

      5 dagen geleden

      Dude, my phone is going to have nightmares just from me playing this video.

  24. Pickle Rick Apex Animations

    Pickle Rick Apex Animations

    8 dagen geleden

    больно смотреть на это видео

  25. Евгений Ступин

    Евгений Ступин

    9 dagen geleden

    Шляпа какая то а не разбор

  26. Eric Okafor

    Eric Okafor

    9 dagen geleden

    I just got the Pixel 5 and now I'm watching this again. I thought I couldn't use it without a case because of the composition + my metal allergy but actually, I can. I think they should call it steel enforced plastic. Great video Zack, therapeutic as always ❤️🇳🇬

  27. Hussaintv


    9 dagen geleden

    F. I want this phone reither then proving nothing of this vid!

  28. Hussaintv


    9 dagen geleden

    Waste of ego rish people!

  29. Jack K

    Jack K

    9 dagen geleden

    Are we really all going to ignore the fact that it clearly doesn't state that the phone is 100% metal/aluminium but that 100% of the metal/aluminium used is recycled? I'm not sure if that's just being ignored for the wow, google lied news factor or if people actually didn't understand the description..

  30. Fahim Islam

    Fahim Islam

    9 dagen geleden

    You just kill him!

  31. WawaWulff


    9 dagen geleden

    Your own ad unbekivable

  32. Sunay Shah

    Sunay Shah

    9 dagen geleden

    Is the pixel 5 really made of metal? Jerryrig: Well yes but no.

  33. Lalo Cota

    Lalo Cota

    10 dagen geleden

    Super cringe

  34. A M A D E U S . H L A D U N

    A M A D E U S . H L A D U N

    10 dagen geleden

    Pierces battery... Proceeds to place the phone in flammable acetone...

  35. Zenobia Footman Beckett

    Zenobia Footman Beckett

    10 dagen geleden

    The adventurous sailboat baly observe because shark evocatively found after a tart taiwan. spotty, thoughtless salt

  36. findantu


    10 dagen geleden

    Is there anywhere where for scratches its like" level 1 is polyester plastic clothes " Lv2 is paper Lv3 Lv4 coins Lv5 keys And so on?

  37. Define


    10 dagen geleden

    Lemonade 🍋 (Fortnite Montage) - NLcameras

  38. Томми


    10 dagen geleden

    and what do you do after viewing the phone for strength it is already scratched and so on

  39. The RealDevPlayz

    The RealDevPlayz

    10 dagen geleden

    Ready player 2 ? Roblox Edit : OK ok I get it it’s a movie

  40. Todd Purvis

    Todd Purvis

    11 dagen geleden

    I wish he had addressed the infamous screen gap. Lord knows Google won't

  41. Riley Cordova

    Riley Cordova

    11 dagen geleden

    The way you used your razor blade scares the fuck outta me. Cut AWAY!!!!

  42. Adhirath Kesar

    Adhirath Kesar

    11 dagen geleden

    Why do I feel so bad everytime he cuts through a phone? I dont think I'd be able to buy such expensive phones in my LIFETIME!

  43. Vatsal T

    Vatsal T

    11 dagen geleden

    Take care while tearing down these kind of phones

  44. Sneaky Weasel

    Sneaky Weasel

    11 dagen geleden

    Another scammy false advertising from Google. Nice.

  45. Horatiu Graur

    Horatiu Graur

    11 dagen geleden

    You look like an Apple fan when damaging the Pixel :) fire, acetone .. poor Pixel :D

  46. yusuf shahriar

    yusuf shahriar

    11 dagen geleden

    What is the phone he using ????

  47. JM B

    JM B

    12 dagen geleden

    You may be smart when it comes to tech, but when it comes to politics, you DAF lol.. you openly support Communist

  48. John Clarence Mercado

    John Clarence Mercado

    12 dagen geleden

    How many scratches will you make? Jerry: YES.

  49. KKCH


    12 dagen geleden

    Mending buat gw

  50. Marilyn Buscas

    Marilyn Buscas

    13 dagen geleden

    Possibly give it to me I'm useing a 2016 vivo phone

  51. Marilyn Buscas

    Marilyn Buscas

    13 dagen geleden

    Aammmmmmm can u m give it

  52. Garrett Carlson

    Garrett Carlson

    13 dagen geleden

    "is the phone made of metal" If you needed a knife to state the obvious, then there you go. But shoot! That's a well built looking phone.

  53. Angel Chavez

    Angel Chavez

    13 dagen geleden

    You were one of those kids who just couldn't sit the fuck down...

  54. Graham Morgan

    Graham Morgan

    13 dagen geleden

    This is elementary advertising. Nowhere does it state the whole phone is aluminium, just that it is all recycled. A body of a part is the main structure not the complete part itself.

  55. Joshua Black

    Joshua Black

    13 dagen geleden

    That’s a plastic phone.

  56. Shane Amrein

    Shane Amrein

    13 dagen geleden

    At just $649.00. smh this guy has lost touch with reality

  57. TheManInBlack_W.W.R.C


    13 dagen geleden

    Me : watches this with a Pixel 5 Hehe

  58. NURE YT


    13 dagen geleden

    plase give me your phone ,

  59. Roy Luo

    Roy Luo

    14 dagen geleden

    4:05 I love how he said it should be in that general area,then continues to scratch out a circle the size 30% of the entire phone.

  60. TapisDeBains


    14 dagen geleden


  61. francisquiet


    14 dagen geleden

    poco x3

  62. Bob Videos

    Bob Videos

    14 dagen geleden

    Ok this guy scratches the heart and gives the news. Damn that sound hurts 😄😄

  63. Ryan McRoy

    Ryan McRoy

    14 dagen geleden

    His voice is creeepy af

  64. Action Pack 3300

    Action Pack 3300

    14 dagen geleden

    Gorilla Glass 7 is Note 20 Ultra 5G

  65. Sub80


    14 dagen geleden

    Pixel 5 is made of bioresin over a metal endoskeleton.

  66. Sub80


    14 dagen geleden

    5:59 Phone marinated in acid! Your phones hate you!

  67. abhishek anchal

    abhishek anchal

    15 dagen geleden

    Whatever! The phone is amazing and with Google made cover, it is quite lightweight

  68. quqa buu

    quqa buu

    15 dagen geleden

    Where's the scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7?!?!

  69. Ben W

    Ben W

    15 dagen geleden

    "Bio-plastic" is a gimmick. It's still plastic. It's still going to end up in the ocean.

  70. Álvaro Miguieles Lechenbauer

    Álvaro Miguieles Lechenbauer

    15 dagen geleden

    Sufrí con este video ... 😭

  71. Jonas Van Dorpe

    Jonas Van Dorpe

    15 dagen geleden

    Monster! I will continue to hear these scraping sounds in my sleep...

  72. iPhone iOS 14 iPad Pro

    iPhone iOS 14 iPad Pro

    15 dagen geleden

    Ml up Win 10!

  73. The Bima Offc

    The Bima Offc

    16 dagen geleden

    Gua punya pixcel 2 harganya 4,5jt'an gila ni kluar pixcel 5 langsung di tes ke kuatan pixcel 5, mending buat gua dah, kagum sama pixcel

  74. k0rv1n


    16 dagen geleden

    Есть такая болезнь, все ломать.... Чел, ты болен

  75. Frenzy Gamer

    Frenzy Gamer

    16 dagen geleden

    Nobody: Zack: Google Mentioned On Their Website...

  76. Hoperandi


    16 dagen geleden

    Just "Recycled aluminum" and "bioresin" is enough for a big ass fucking no for me. I want durability, Don't give a fuck about all this fake "sustainability"

  77. Butter fox

    Butter fox

    17 dagen geleden

    im sad... i dont even have a phone I CANTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  78. jonnymbuna


    17 dagen geleden

    Total waste of a good phone

  79. Jesse Asher

    Jesse Asher

    17 dagen geleden

    If I was anticipating a metal phone/metal finish and I received a plastic coated phone like this, I would not be at all impressed.

  80. Mohammad 3861

    Mohammad 3861

    17 dagen geleden


  81. Mayuresh Kasbe

    Mayuresh Kasbe

    17 dagen geleden


  82. Normalny Pan

    Normalny Pan

    18 dagen geleden

    "just 649 dollars" wait, let me calculate... In Polish złoty is "just" 3245zł, i monthly make about 1100zł, 3 months for a phone? No thank you

  83. minecraft player youtube

    minecraft player youtube

    18 dagen geleden

    Are you serious? Why you didnt power off the phone before opening it



    18 dagen geleden

    The jerry sound is so. Satisfying😁😁😍😍

  85. Franklin Pérez

    Franklin Pérez

    19 dagen geleden

    Peleó hasta el final 😔

  86. M'k .-.

    M'k .-.

    19 dagen geleden

    Can you also do one on the poco X3?

  87. The Youtube Kid

    The Youtube Kid

    19 dagen geleden

    His channel should be Jerryrigphones

  88. Lecon Lance Widjaja

    Lecon Lance Widjaja

    19 dagen geleden

    7:42 Don't tell my wife, I will tell it! (JK).

  89. NotTheWindowsGalaxy


    19 dagen geleden

    “Scratches at level 6, with deeper grooves at level 7,” Ahh yes, the classic.

  90. Komic


    19 dagen geleden

    This is peak ASMR

  91. Ashutosh Kumar

    Ashutosh Kumar

    20 dagen geleden

    I thinks its better to have plastic over aluminum than jus aluminum...

  92. Venigjar Llanaj

    Venigjar Llanaj

    20 dagen geleden

    What smartphone is that? The one that you’re using while shoring audible . Thanks

  93. Capt Ikhmal

    Capt Ikhmal

    20 dagen geleden

    You make me cry bruhh,😭

  94. Hannah Seay

    Hannah Seay

    21 dag geleden

    Why buy it and damage it....?

    • Max Kimmings

      Max Kimmings

      19 dagen geleden

      Because its his fucking job

  95. Kendel Désir

    Kendel Désir

    21 dag geleden

    Just leave like that the world may never know

  96. Brian James

    Brian James

    22 dagen geleden

    Me to the plastic: She is thicc

  97. Shsjsh Xhxhzhzhz

    Shsjsh Xhxhzhzhz

    22 dagen geleden

    The necessary board greely scribble because swallow lily tire after a spiky east. useful, brash ravioli

  98. itai


    22 dagen geleden

    so we went from phones using glass bodies as a selling point back to using a metal back which used to be normal as a selling point.

  99. Brandon Carbee

    Brandon Carbee

    22 dagen geleden

    This hurts me deep inside, though I appreciate the science.

  100. Sachi Sach

    Sachi Sach

    22 dagen geleden

    This is criminal. Google must be sued !!!