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Discover: Dog Mode

Keep your pets comfortable while you’re away.
Featuring Patty.


  1. Prince fernandes

    Prince fernandes

    18 uur geleden

    No cat mode

  2. Goblingut


    20 uur geleden

    lol, but please add a warning saying this isnt for babies, people tend to do this

  3. Fandy Diadline

    Fandy Diadline

    Dag geleden

    How about Transformers mode?

  4. Gabe Collins

    Gabe Collins

    Dag geleden

    Tesla’s look so simple yet they are very complicated and hard to make

  5. Nitro


    Dag geleden

    Patty is a pitbull!

  6. rytis89


    Dag geleden

    joe mode

  7. Jaime Treviño

    Jaime Treviño

    Dag geleden

    Te amo tesla

  8. Geetha R

    Geetha R

    Dag geleden

    What breed is it?

  9. erpetek


    Dag geleden

    Temperature: Dog

  10. Azhar Khan

    Azhar Khan

    2 dagen geleden

    If the pet wants to pee or shit then what

  11. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha

    2 dagen geleden

    Introducing natural disaster protection mode

  12. Ringwraith


    2 dagen geleden

    Where is cat mode ):

  13. Haram Bae

    Haram Bae

    2 dagen geleden

    Dracula mode plz.

  14. Ajith


    2 dagen geleden

    Tesla next mission:wife mode

  15. Amit Kharel

    Amit Kharel

    3 dagen geleden

    Meanwhile the owners with pet cats: :-(

  16. Thomas Kuntze

    Thomas Kuntze

    3 dagen geleden

    I love how Tesla is making people lock their dogs in cars

  17. Anton Schramm

    Anton Schramm

    3 dagen geleden

    where is the cat mode

  18. Kinder


    3 dagen geleden

    next mode: Sicko mode. Features sick mode

  19. Nappy Neil

    Nappy Neil

    3 dagen geleden

    Introducing baby mode

  20. InukaLogy


    4 dagen geleden

    Wait till the dog takes a shit;)

  21. the mysterious

    the mysterious

    4 dagen geleden

    Elon is the reason behind Johnny's suffering

  22. Karan kaira

    Karan kaira

    4 dagen geleden

    What about if there is a baby inside alone A general mode should be mad3

  23. Karaan Satish

    Karaan Satish

    4 dagen geleden

    Wt about cat mode bruh

  24. Totemxhd


    4 dagen geleden

    Loving the model Y

  25. T Y

    T Y

    4 dagen geleden

    The back window can't even roll all the way down....

  26. Anendra Restu

    Anendra Restu

    5 dagen geleden

    cat mode please

  27. Eugene O

    Eugene O

    5 dagen geleden

    Instructions unclear, locked myself inside the car with dog mode on

  28. zyx gaming n tech

    zyx gaming n tech

    5 dagen geleden

    baby mode

  29. Kevin Jati

    Kevin Jati

    5 dagen geleden

    Does this work the same as baby

  30. _The_Bandit 786

    _The_Bandit 786

    5 dagen geleden

    WhT about cat mode

  31. Dane Wiley

    Dane Wiley

    5 dagen geleden

    I use dog mode all the time

  32. Jack


    5 dagen geleden

    What model is that



    5 dagen geleden

    Sad cat noises

  34. supkari


    5 dagen geleden

    Because that's, what heroes do



    5 dagen geleden

    I need a dog now

  36. Francesco Giantin

    Francesco Giantin

    5 dagen geleden

    I see: dog mode *I immediately think of a dog driving*

  37. Johnny Boy

    Johnny Boy

    5 dagen geleden

    Every Dad: *Finally, new Joke Potential*

  38. Nordic Prospecting

    Nordic Prospecting

    5 dagen geleden

    will same work with wife?

  39. StrikeWave


    5 dagen geleden

    00:00 slow it down to 0.25 the first word is GG Yes gamer pog

  40. Jayesh


    5 dagen geleden

    I'm gonna do this for my vacation trip to Canada 3 days and 4 nights.

  41. pragya saripalli

    pragya saripalli

    6 dagen geleden

    yes keeps our dog happy but where do we get the money from??

  42. Sayan guria

    Sayan guria

    6 dagen geleden

    I'm not interested in buying cars bit I saw cute doggo and had to watch the video

  43. Rajesh Kanna

    Rajesh Kanna

    6 dagen geleden

    Super video

  44. chandra sekar

    chandra sekar

    6 dagen geleden

    Is dog the only pet? If someone owns a pet other than dog, they won't buy your car! And this mode is such a dumb option in a car!

  45. Royston Pinto

    Royston Pinto

    6 dagen geleden

    The only animal I want in my car are the horses under my hood 🙃

  46. Rakesh S

    Rakesh S

    6 dagen geleden

    No wonder Tesla will become a trillion dollar company and Elon Musk will be richest person.

  47. Lucas P

    Lucas P

    6 dagen geleden

    When you don't own a dog or a Tesla, but you still watch the video

  48. IGGI Beats

    IGGI Beats

    6 dagen geleden

    Did you see what happened behind the scenes lol

    • I S

      I S

      6 dagen geleden

      Lmaoo that was hilarious

  49. sygthaaaar


    6 dagen geleden

    With the poor quality of the fake leather seats in a tesla 3 i wouldn't let a dog in the car :'D

  50. Zaid Mousa

    Zaid Mousa

    6 dagen geleden

    You know the stock is gonna rise even more after this vid

  51. happyclash


    6 dagen geleden

    Are we gonna ignore that at the beginning it says Bioweapon Defense Mode? (You can see it if you watch frame by frame)

    • Jake D.

      Jake D.

      6 dagen geleden

      That is a real mode. From the owners manual: “When selected, outside air is filtered through the medical-grade HEPA filter in addition to secondary air filtration systems. Both the HEPA air filter and secondary filtration system also contain activated carbon to remove a broad spectrum of odors and gasses. When you engage Bioweapon Defense Mode, the fan operates at the highest speed. In addition, positive pressure inside the cabin minimizes the amount of outside air that can leak into the vehicle.”

  52. NietoKT


    6 dagen geleden


  53. That's What She Said

    That's What She Said

    6 dagen geleden

    People that own Teslas and see this video: Its fine to leave your dog in the car.. Yea. People that don't know what Teslas are and see a dog in the car: *attempt to break glass to save poor dog*

  54. docent


    6 dagen geleden

    Why Tesla is expensive?

  55. redstone ultimate

    redstone ultimate

    6 dagen geleden

    what about cats

  56. Math L

    Math L

    6 dagen geleden

    U know when a brand is good when the brand has a dog mode but no cat mode

  57. Rodney Preston

    Rodney Preston

    7 dagen geleden

    Can’t wait for the “husband waiting on wife whiles she in the grocery store” mode! 😂

  58. Lanfranco Pignoli

    Lanfranco Pignoli

    7 dagen geleden

    the pit bull is a car alarm

  59. patafian


    7 dagen geleden

    oh i like dogs

  60. Aditya Sharma

    Aditya Sharma

    7 dagen geleden

    "My owner will be back soon". I guess no dogs can read that.

  61. Itzahuang


    7 dagen geleden

    thats so frikken cute

  62. Raymond Cunanan

    Raymond Cunanan

    7 dagen geleden

    Cats, pigs,rabbits and other animals : "Why only Dog mode? This is racism at its finest!" Tesla: Added cats,pigsrabbits and other animals mode. Cockroaches: how dare you not to even think of us?

  63. Schöfer Film

    Schöfer Film

    7 dagen geleden

    My Coton de Tulearè wants such a car 😅 watch him on NLcameras 🐶💪🏼

  64. robert1235421


    7 dagen geleden

    I believe no device that can harm something/someone should be left unattended. I would definitely leave windows a bit open.

  65. Lucius


    7 dagen geleden

    My cat won’t be happy about this.

  66. High 5 playz

    High 5 playz

    7 dagen geleden

    Cats: Am I A Joke To You?

  67. assimo


    8 dagen geleden

    tesla goes into sicko mode

  68. creepster


    8 dagen geleden

    Dog temperature is lava soon the dog will die a sad death

  69. Panzer Meyer

    Panzer Meyer

    8 dagen geleden

    I’ll wait for “Hooker” mode that choose the best bitches for me.

  70. Brian Jones

    Brian Jones

    8 dagen geleden

    Subaru is sweating now.

  71. xJollisaurus


    8 dagen geleden

    first , i need to get a dog. and buy a tesla

  72. YuanZhi Zhao

    YuanZhi Zhao

    8 dagen geleden

    still wish someone can make a video that leave their girlfriend in the car and activate the dog mode. THAT WILL BE FUN TO WATCH!!

  73. Mayuresh Gawade

    Mayuresh Gawade

    8 dagen geleden

    Congratulations Elon Musk for Becoming second Richest Person on Planet Earth

  74. DennisCW - Tesla Tech Money Cars & Stuff

    DennisCW - Tesla Tech Money Cars & Stuff

    8 dagen geleden

    my two corgi's love this (i think)

  75. Patrick Star

    Patrick Star

    8 dagen geleden

    Now I just need to wait for the Cheap Mode

  76. Daniel Davidson

    Daniel Davidson

    8 dagen geleden

    If the battery or AC stops working, your dog could die. Honestly a stupid idea

    • Rob


      6 dagen geleden

      better than not having this option though

  77. I am Cool

    I am Cool

    8 dagen geleden

    Don’t worry, the AC is on and it is 127 *f

  78. Marvin Marrufo

    Marvin Marrufo

    8 dagen geleden

    Anyone else watches these in hope that maybe someday, just maybe you'll get your own Tesla? Future so uncertain, you never know, I guess.

  79. Luke Thomas

    Luke Thomas

    8 dagen geleden

    *Everyone liked that*

  80. Carlos Valentino

    Carlos Valentino

    8 dagen geleden

    Keep Summer Safe!

  81. A


    8 dagen geleden

    I actually would pay 30k just for that mode. If other car companies werent so friggen greedy they mightve had time to implement such a simple feature that has been demanded for years.

  82. Vítor Hugo

    Vítor Hugo

    8 dagen geleden

    The owner should only remember to activate the "dog" mode. What if he forgets? Tesla could create something to identify the dog and automatically activate if the owner forgets.

  83. Mal Talks Tesla

    Mal Talks Tesla

    8 dagen geleden

    I think the dog I had in my car on dog mode was nicer what you think Mal Talks Tesla

  84. ambessa shield

    ambessa shield

    8 dagen geleden

    Waiting for “Munchies” mode when my Tesla will drive me to closest dunken donuts

  85. Vishnu Gitte

    Vishnu Gitte

    9 dagen geleden

    wait how will dog get oxygen it will suffocate and die

  86. Ahmad Kmail

    Ahmad Kmail

    9 dagen geleden

    Keep dog safe .. 😂

  87. Maxime G

    Maxime G

    9 dagen geleden

    keep summer safe !

  88. Keking


    9 dagen geleden

    Good job Tesla

  89. Aaditya Baduni

    Aaditya Baduni

    9 dagen geleden

    Doesn't matter what the content is, if the video is less than 1 minute, *I click*

  90. David Tsai

    David Tsai

    9 dagen geleden

    "Charging, Voice Commands, I'm Feeling Hungry, Remote Air Conditioning, Camping Mode, Bioweapon Defense Mode, Ticket Avoidance Mode, Pin to Drive..." Wait, hold up. Ticket avoidance mode is real?

  91. Aaditya Baduni

    Aaditya Baduni

    9 dagen geleden

    I'm a simple man. I see dog, I click

  92. Vincent Asatru

    Vincent Asatru

    9 dagen geleden

    And even with Tesla’s dog mode hysterical Karens will smash your window to save little Fufu from its alleged cruel death.

  93. Adrien Tirado

    Adrien Tirado

    9 dagen geleden

    When you only have a normal vehicle 👁👄👁

  94. Jnyan Pandit

    Jnyan Pandit

    9 dagen geleden

    You know what happens if you forget to turn on dog mode?

  95. mau557


    9 dagen geleden

    It should say "My human will be back soon"

  96. Vietnamese Memer Boi

    Vietnamese Memer Boi

    9 dagen geleden

    Meanwhile Karens with an Tesla: *Taking gas into the car as they thought it run on gas*

  97. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov

    9 dagen geleden

    Imagine some Karen who can’t read throws a roCk at the window and the dog bites her

  98. Aditya K

    Aditya K

    9 dagen geleden

    I thought that "Tesla" will barking to everyone who touch the car while the owner is leaving 🤣

  99. ii Hunter

    ii Hunter

    9 dagen geleden

    I ain't buying till they put eject mode..

  100. Idan


    10 dagen geleden

    There is a baby mode too?