Animaniacs - Official Sneak Peek (2020)

In this official sneak peek, Hulu, Amblin Television and Warner Bros. Animation unveil a brand-new version of the iconic family-friendly cartoon series for the whole family, as the Warner siblings, Yakko and Wakko, and the Warner sister Dot, have a great time wreaking havoc and mayhem in the lives of everyone they meet. The Animaniacs revival premieres on Hulu on November 20, 2020.


  1. Stuart Macleod

    Stuart Macleod

    6 minuten geleden

    When is it coming to πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  2. Ethan Campos

    Ethan Campos

    Uur geleden

    I dont like how wakkos voice changed a little but its fine

  3. Dippr Plays!

    Dippr Plays!

    2 uur geleden


  4. Xereta P

    Xereta P

    3 uur geleden

    a Rule 34 from one of them is probably available

  5. karsten69


    3 uur geleden

    let's just hope they don't pull a Pink, Elmyra and the Brain on us this time.

  6. Mario Marion

    Mario Marion

    4 uur geleden

    Finally! A reboot done right!

  7. Animation Paint

    Animation Paint

    4 uur geleden

    I’m happy now

  8. Andre DV

    Andre DV

    12 uur geleden

    Legend still lives

  9. Le Quack

    Le Quack

    13 uur geleden

    Hellooooooooooooo Nurse!!

  10. xXBrittany20Xx


    14 uur geleden

    I'm and my 2 sisters used to watch animaniacs EVERY day. Yes. Us 3. Funny eh? Yacko, wacko and dot. Lol. Seriously tho. I'm watching this. I always liked yacko. 🀣

  11. Jonathan Bernabe

    Jonathan Bernabe

    14 uur geleden

    Napster hehehe

  12. Stuff Studio's

    Stuff Studio's

    20 uur geleden


  13. tiphanie huynh

    tiphanie huynh

    21 uur geleden

    Im happy but I'm also scard

  14. Zachary Akerman

    Zachary Akerman

    22 uur geleden

    In reality, I think we are going back in time.

  15. Apaul Tarter

    Apaul Tarter

    23 uur geleden

    Oh children of the 90s, please welcome us 20th century kids to this wonderful show we never had the pleasure to watch.

  16. Kammy Walton

    Kammy Walton

    Dag geleden

    I want tiny toons back

  17. Annie May

    Annie May

    Dag geleden

    This β€œreboot” is so similar to the original that I don’t even consider it a reboot, just a continuation of the original in HD

  18. Alberto EscareΓ±o

    Alberto EscareΓ±o

    Dag geleden

    I think is amazing how the cast looks totally happy while they're doing the voices

  19. Wolf


    Dag geleden

    Animanics: Wherever there is stupidity, we’ll be there! 2020: Perfect Timing.

  20. Luis Balbuena

    Luis Balbuena

    Dag geleden

    I'm glad cortoon network did not want to reboot this

  21. Samien Salgado

    Samien Salgado

    Dag geleden

    "An absolute dream come true" I couldn't agree more

  22. The Mitch Zone

    The Mitch Zone

    Dag geleden

    The same voices really help sell it and makes it seem like it's a continuation rather than a reboot. It's just a reboot that's done RIGHT! Awesome. Can't wait! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘β€

  23. oto turmanidze

    oto turmanidze

    Dag geleden

    honestly i like remake

  24. Stan Garone

    Stan Garone

    Dag geleden

    Oh hell yea.!!!

  25. Brian Esquerra

    Brian Esquerra

    Dag geleden

    Excitement is just one of my feelings.

  26. SystemNotFound


    Dag geleden


  27. bryce the big cheese

    bryce the big cheese

    Dag geleden

    I can’t w8 4 this

  28. aydan sego

    aydan sego

    Dag geleden


  29. E Weezy

    E Weezy

    Dag geleden


  30. Natsurico Dumaplin

    Natsurico Dumaplin

    Dag geleden

    I just wish it would be seen on cartoon network too

  31. the Mad Hatter

    the Mad Hatter

    Dag geleden

    Will Minerva Mink return? 😏

  32. Shitposting Prick

    Shitposting Prick

    Dag geleden

    The only thing that bothers me is Brain having a bit of a weird voice but honestly it isn't bad.

  33. Liam Jones

    Liam Jones

    Dag geleden

    That's my childhood right there xxx

  34. Harry Bodeenis

    Harry Bodeenis

    Dag geleden


  35. Ceb the cap

    Ceb the cap

    Dag geleden

    This brings memories *narf*

  36. Spunk yeet

    Spunk yeet

    Dag geleden


  37. Sown- Laughter

    Sown- Laughter

    Dag geleden

    mm I'm impressed @ the voices; but the script feels. a bit weak .. there was a LOT of thought back in the old scripts based on hollywood theatrics.. it will be quite hard to reach that bar & presentation.

  38. Kermit The frog

    Kermit The frog

    Dag geleden


  39. SonicXNinja Yi

    SonicXNinja Yi

    Dag geleden


  40. Piotr John Gapacan

    Piotr John Gapacan

    Dag geleden


  41. Alfredo Alcantar

    Alfredo Alcantar

    Dag geleden

    You been trying to take over the wolrd since1995

  42. Patrick Hullman

    Patrick Hullman

    Dag geleden

    it's cool to see the storyboard process for the show

  43. Spamus Music

    Spamus Music

    Dag geleden

    β€œWherever there is stupidity, we’ll be there!” That’s why they came back in 2020 during quarantine.

  44. Hyper Helios gaming

    Hyper Helios gaming

    Dag geleden

    BRING BACK THE POWER RANGERS ANIMANIACS!! (That was the first episode I ever watched)

  45. Piotr John Gapacan

    Piotr John Gapacan

    Dag geleden

    Then, Yakko Warner will brought back "The nation's of the world"

  46. Mateo


    Dag geleden

    *Me during the pandemic* : 2020 is the worst year ever! *Animaniacs 2020 reveal* Also me: 2020 is the best year ever.

  47. Spydiscr Game

    Spydiscr Game

    Dag geleden

    Ok I'm actually excited about this lmao

  48. andywolan


    Dag geleden

    Why did they pull this show off the air? All the kids at school were talking about it at the time so it was very popular. Was it because the show was just too expensive to make?

  49. Sirvikrail


    Dag geleden

    Hoping there are more jokes like the Finger Prints one. That joke after so many years had to be explained to me and others. A lot of their jokes were so subtle that you would probably miss it the first several times. Really looking forward to this..

  50. Sonofawil


    Dag geleden

    Dream come true? You and me, both.

  51. A Hendle

    A Hendle

    Dag geleden

    Me , born after animaniacs ended : ah yes my childhood ( I watched it on Hulu tho )

  52. A Hendle

    A Hendle

    Dag geleden

    My parents and aunts will force me into the other room so they can watch it without me

  53. Mercy Walschek

    Mercy Walschek

    Dag geleden

    They better not mess it up!😠

  54. Lennon Hodges

    Lennon Hodges

    Dag geleden

    Man 25 Years ago I miss this show so much it was my childhood

  55. Daniel Chan

    Daniel Chan

    Dag geleden

    omg wakko also played that dum dum socerer from that disney show!

  56. DRAHK


    2 dagen geleden


  57. GamingWithSceptile


    2 dagen geleden

    *n a r f*

  58. Dustin_Gabert


    2 dagen geleden

    Waiting for allegations to come out against the voice actors......

  59. youtube dope

    youtube dope

    2 dagen geleden

    There coming

  60. youtube dope

    youtube dope

    2 dagen geleden

    7 year and gone and after 22 years it happened

  61. youtube dope

    youtube dope

    2 dagen geleden

    I singed none stop the animaniac show

  62. youtube dope

    youtube dope

    2 dagen geleden

    I watched every episode

  63. youtube dope

    youtube dope

    2 dagen geleden

    Animaniacs pinky and the brainy totally insany animaniacs that all the facts jack

  64. youtube dope

    youtube dope

    2 dagen geleden

    United States Canada Mexico Panama hati Jamaica puru

  65. youtube dope

    youtube dope

    2 dagen geleden

    I loved Animaniacs

  66. Glitchyβ€’Myan


    2 dagen geleden

    The animaniacs are just in time

  67. mattbough


    2 dagen geleden

    Wait. What about Slappy the Squirel? You can’t bring back the Animaniacs without bringing back Slappy!!!

  68. Thomas Harrington

    Thomas Harrington

    2 dagen geleden

    this is how it's done Cartoon Network

  69. Michele Pauquette

    Michele Pauquette

    2 dagen geleden


  70. Phil Hering

    Phil Hering

    2 dagen geleden

    Can't wait for the dvd release in Australia only if u can get hulu in Australia

  71. franzliebkin


    2 dagen geleden

    But will it be woke? I think we know the answer.

  72. Iberian _ Wolf99

    Iberian _ Wolf99

    2 dagen geleden

    Geek of classic animation: Animaniacs REBOOT?!?!?! BAH! I betcha they're goin to ruin it like for example that shitty "r E b o O t" of Thundercats Roa-- Warner Bros: We dont do that here

  73. LeoDiamond YT

    LeoDiamond YT

    2 dagen geleden

    I can’t believe Animaniacs is coming back

  74. Martin


    2 dagen geleden

    Omg i dont wanna see the old men talking, its like punch in the face, pleaseeee, keep the magic, hide all those elders

  75. fused data

    fused data

    2 dagen geleden

    "Let this be a lesson to all, *wherever there is stupidity WE'LL BE THERE* "

  76. Mrawfullgamer


    2 dagen geleden

    i wonder if they are going to be edgy as they where before

  77. Karel Channel VideosTube

    Karel Channel VideosTube

    2 dagen geleden

    First I saw Blue's Clues reboot called "Blue's Clues and You!" and then I ever wished to see an Animaniacs reboot. It happened.

  78. Zax Plays

    Zax Plays

    2 dagen geleden


  79. hassmann2000


    2 dagen geleden

    LOOL Napster

  80. jtaheri223


    2 dagen geleden

    I’m so pumped!!!!

  81. ShyGuy


    2 dagen geleden

    Cannot wait for the Yakko's world remake.

  82. ngΓ΄ duy dΕ©ng

    ngΓ΄ duy dΕ©ng

    2 dagen geleden

    warframe katwonders disneyworld

  83. A Hobo Hippie Manchild

    A Hobo Hippie Manchild

    2 dagen geleden

    Feel free to bring back "Billy And Mandy" "Ed Edd N Eddy" and of course "The Misadventures Of Flapjack" as well while you're at it.

    • Alex Austin

      Alex Austin

      Dag geleden

      No those are cartoon Network properties they'll just ruin them

  84. Sugang


    2 dagen geleden

    I can’t even describe how happy this makes me and the rest of the generation who watched animaniacs as a kid. Our memories have been renewed!

  85. Burritozi11a


    2 dagen geleden


  86. Cat Diaz

    Cat Diaz

    2 dagen geleden

    I want toooo cryyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  87. Ameila Rosalina The Hedgehog

    Ameila Rosalina The Hedgehog

    2 dagen geleden

    I love animaniacs so much and I grew up watching jimmy neutron cause of rob

  88. The Monica Gacha Comes back

    The Monica Gacha Comes back

    2 dagen geleden

    Lets hope the DEMON called coppa wont flag this as "For kids" because I still wanna see the comments.

  89. Upset Montague

    Upset Montague

    2 dagen geleden


  90. T.V Deamon

    T.V Deamon

    2 dagen geleden

    November is the golden month of this year. Finally I'm excited for a month in this year

  91. July Ávalos

    July Ávalos

    2 dagen geleden

    Rob Paulsen is back, that's all I care!

  92. The dark.

    The dark.

    2 dagen geleden

    United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru!

  93. Gail Lewis

    Gail Lewis

    2 dagen geleden

    Oh, hells to the f***ing yes.

  94. KayChan LovesYou

    KayChan LovesYou

    2 dagen geleden

    I really hope there's an updated US Presidents song!

  95. AW - 05KA 817372 Agnes Taylor PS

    AW - 05KA 817372 Agnes Taylor PS

    2 dagen geleden


  96. Jim B.

    Jim B.

    2 dagen geleden

    0:35 - Guess that guy in the background didn't want to be part of animation history....

  97. Vic P

    Vic P

    2 dagen geleden

    β€œHelloooooo nurse!”

  98. Thediamondman24


    2 dagen geleden

    Hope they redo the nations of the world

  99. Nocturnal Artist1909

    Nocturnal Artist1909

    2 dagen geleden

    Wow, sweet!

  100. Jacket


    2 dagen geleden

    All I hear is rather Carl Wheezer from Jimmy Neutron or AngelDust from Hazbin Hotel