Jake paul what do you do for a living?

Don't ask jake paul again or else he body the f out of you bruh
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  1. johane11s GJ11

    johane11s GJ11

    Dag geleden

    This is why people should stop supporting jake Paul. If you asked ksi that question he would talk to you nicely. If I am going to be honest logan paul is nicer thank jake

  2. SamuraiWolf


    Dag geleden

    ask me he fool 12 yrs olds

  3. Hurricane Tortilla

    Hurricane Tortilla

    Dag geleden

    Someone did this to my mom (she has kind of a nice car) she freaked out and called the cops 💀

  4. SarcasMix


    Dag geleden

    He suck

  5. Ryan Christiansen

    Ryan Christiansen

    Dag geleden

    He needs to chill he just asked a question gosh

  6. Thomas Francis

    Thomas Francis

    Dag geleden

    Oneday it's gonna be😂😂



    Dag geleden

    Omg the the thing is though he put his hands together asif he was preying as soon as the man knocked on his window!

  8. jacobtatsch


    Dag geleden

    Okay this was kind of funny

  9. Spooky . Banana

    Spooky . Banana

    Dag geleden

    What do you do for a living? Jake: “oh yeah, I film dead bodies in forests”

    • Osman Canales

      Osman Canales

      22 uur geleden

      That’s Logan Paul

  10. Galo Brasil

    Galo Brasil

    Dag geleden

    wow he actually looks depressed or on some fucked up shit🤣🤣

  11. Mickel okeke

    Mickel okeke

    Dag geleden

    If he wasn’t wearing two hats I would’ve thought it was real

  12. Nik Scott

    Nik Scott

    Dag geleden

    Jake Paul's hat on a hat is literally a metaphor for his entire existence.

  13. J P

    J P

    Dag geleden

    Id body the fuck out of you .... wtf? That’s probably his go to fighting line

  14. morble


    Dag geleden

    this is jake after 1 nba youngboy song

  15. Patrick Allen

    Patrick Allen

    Dag geleden

    You seem really intelligent!

  16. Yusuf Saed

    Yusuf Saed

    Dag geleden

    Sorry tg

  17. Edubbed Tv

    Edubbed Tv

    Dag geleden

    He beat up 100 people no press charges

  18. VenomousUmbreon


    Dag geleden

    Hes just a male version of the "cashmeoutside" chick but with half the braincells

  19. Julius John

    Julius John

    Dag geleden

    "what do you do for a living" Jake Pussy Paul:iam a d*ckhead and a p*ssy for a living and my dad is f**cking creep

  20. Barnesy's Builds

    Barnesy's Builds

    Dag geleden

    This Jake bloke is honestly the biggest flog on NLcameras.

  21. parasite venom

    parasite venom

    Dag geleden

    Next time bring ksi

  22. Day G

    Day G

    Dag geleden

    As Long As this Guy Knocks Connor out , I couldn't care less.

  23. Harold Hernandez

    Harold Hernandez

    Dag geleden

    If Billy Madison like person ever existed this it....

  24. Rebeltoys Beastgaming

    Rebeltoys Beastgaming

    Dag geleden

    I'm pretty sure everyone here hates Jake paul

  25. Cameron Chubb

    Cameron Chubb

    Dag geleden

    Was I supposed to laugh?

  26. T38WOLF


    Dag geleden

    This is fake because if he hit him that’s assault and he can go to jail for that

  27. Pepitang Solomon

    Pepitang Solomon

    Dag geleden

    Bruh I’m sad Jake become like that he’s not the old Jake Paul like he’s hanging out with the dobre brothers

  28. Benedict Williams

    Benedict Williams

    Dag geleden

    Jake Paul 🤮

  29. Takao Senpai

    Takao Senpai

    Dag geleden

    Don't knock on a car like that please

  30. MISS RED


    Dag geleden

    "What do you do for a living" Jake- " yeah like I'm a full time douche"

  31. Alex


    Dag geleden

    Jon: Damn boy

  32. Peter Killeen

    Peter Killeen

    Dag geleden

    Jake Paul: I get paid a shit load for being the biggest twat on the planet, an embarrassment to humanity

  33. SPÀĎÈS 1

    SPÀĎÈS 1

    Dag geleden

    Geez he in a mood

  34. Poo Loo

    Poo Loo

    Dag geleden

    Just me or does jake Paul act tough after he got into boxing?

  35. Gemdust


    Dag geleden

    Run!!! He got aids!!!!

  36. Vortexツ


    Dag geleden

    Rip camera guy we miss you 😪 I

  37. vh recovery

    vh recovery

    Dag geleden


  38. Will Greer

    Will Greer

    Dag geleden

    Whys he wearing 2 hats?

  39. King Bob The first

    King Bob The first

    Dag geleden


  40. ImGhostDude


    Dag geleden

    Imagine someone just steals that lambo, the keys are inside and the door is open lol

  41. Shreyas Kumar Agarwal

    Shreyas Kumar Agarwal

    Dag geleden

    That is one hell of a way to steal a car from him.

  42. ESB boxing podcast.

    ESB boxing podcast.

    Dag geleden

    What a bell end jake Paul is

  43. Isaac Alonso

    Isaac Alonso

    Dag geleden

    100% deserved

  44. Lofty


    Dag geleden

    Jake is soft lads

  45. Mad Mike

    Mad Mike

    Dag geleden

    it's a joke... but he genuinely is fckn joke...



    Dag geleden

    Damn it was so hilarious 😂

  47. Mat Kim

    Mat Kim

    Dag geleden

    His face looks so chubby

  48. Cool Beanzzz

    Cool Beanzzz

    Dag geleden

    *gets out of car* Homeless person sitting on the bench behind the car: don’t mind if I do.. 😏

  49. Liam Barnett

    Liam Barnett

    Dag geleden

    You can never believe anything this man does he’s whole life staged

  50. Glen Watkins

    Glen Watkins

    Dag geleden

    The kids a donut.. talking about ‘I’ll body you’ Stick to NLcameras

  51. Jon Wright

    Jon Wright

    Dag geleden

    Its everyday bro

  52. Nishanth Karthikeyan

    Nishanth Karthikeyan

    Dag geleden

    Jake paul: i do prison time.

  53. Sam Warren

    Sam Warren

    Dag geleden

    Jake has only got a urus so he can say oh yh I have a lambo

  54. Denis Ahmetovic

    Denis Ahmetovic

    Dag geleden

    Money doesn't buy you to be able cultivated nice human

  55. blake anderson

    blake anderson

    Dag geleden

    Jake is trash tho

  56. Tyler Ramsay

    Tyler Ramsay

    Dag geleden

    He think he’s Superman and it’s funny as fuck

  57. Operation Blackout

    Operation Blackout

    Dag geleden

    KSI can’t lose

  58. The Reacter

    The Reacter

    Dag geleden

    Big Jakey will “Box the fuck out of you” 😂

  59. Cartimods 1997

    Cartimods 1997

    Dag geleden

    The fact that jake paul acts like an asshole now that he started boxing professionally makes me wanna just end my life lmfao just 2 years ago he was a goody goody white boy now hes a “ToTaL BaDaSs” that cries after conner sued him lmfaoooo 😂💀

  60. Squirtle squad Rodriguez

    Squirtle squad Rodriguez

    Dag geleden

    What the you don’t want to mess with him

  61. Limitless.


    Dag geleden

    Damn that Nate Robinson fight has boosted his ego ten fold

  62. OG kUsH

    OG kUsH

    Dag geleden

    Fake who would knock on someone window like that

  63. Dx3 Yurrr

    Dx3 Yurrr

    Dag geleden

    hold on this the same dude from the disney channel flow shi when tf jakey got so hard 😂 tryna fight pro fighters nd shi nigga a straight clown omm

  64. Andromeda Galaxy

    Andromeda Galaxy

    Dag geleden

    its funny how he thinks hes so cool cuz hes rich. not knowing that he look like a old ass man selling news paper on street

  65. Nicholas Ramey

    Nicholas Ramey

    Dag geleden

    Rude ass. Wtf do u want bro... Uh you to stop pretending your a good boxer.. Yeah no wouldnt be running away

  66. ohno 6.0

    ohno 6.0

    Dag geleden

    Like Jake Paul will do something. Jake Paul sucks.

  67. Sarp Aral

    Sarp Aral

    Dag geleden

    2 hats??

  68. Franco Katotoka

    Franco Katotoka

    Dag geleden

    This guy need rehab

  69. Dean


    Dag geleden

    Jake Paul is a fool

  70. The Cursed Legion

    The Cursed Legion

    Dag geleden

    Asking what you youtubers do for a living (in there driveway editon that's surrounded by gates

  71. Charlie Kelso

    Charlie Kelso

    Dag geleden

    I hope he loses all his money and humbles tf up because right now he is a living pile of shit

  72. Simp


    Dag geleden

    a young bearded man chase a man trying to ask him what his do for a living

  73. cxxleb!


    Dag geleden

    Person: what do you do for a living *Jake will remember that*

  74. Dr Disrespect Jr.

    Dr Disrespect Jr.

    Dag geleden

    I'll fight Jake Paul right now for nothing in a cage!

  75. 会打电话建设军事基地时间


    Dag geleden

    Oh you know boxing ufc fighters

  76. Casey Shipman

    Casey Shipman

    Dag geleden

    People like jake Paul do not deserve the fame and luxuries he has

  77. Benoh


    Dag geleden

    Leave them alone

  78. JΛMΛ


    Dag geleden

    ha ha 🙁

  79. No name Bruh

    No name Bruh

    Dag geleden

    Really.....people still watch this guy.after all the stupid,ass hole douchebag things he has done.not to mention all the girl that he said he would be together with forever then break up with them the next day because he cheated on them.Surprised he still makes money

  80. calgrizz52


    Dag geleden

    How do you know they are rich? Credit is really easy these days. Also, why determine if someone is rich by the things they have? Materialism sucks dick. Go find a purpose in life.

  81. Tork Lax

    Tork Lax

    Dag geleden

    He tide to flex so hard

  82. Geo C

    Geo C

    Dag geleden

    Knew this was a joke but I feel like he would genuinely act like this in person

  83. PHANTOMxTahsin


    Dag geleden

    Now I really want JJ to knock him out😂

  84. Not Speedy.

    Not Speedy.

    Dag geleden

    Wow this is hilarious I can’t stop laughing 😐

  85. Mafiacat


    Dag geleden


  86. marcel balepogii

    marcel balepogii

    Dag geleden

    One shot and he gone

  87. Zeno _ReloadZz

    Zeno _ReloadZz

    Dag geleden

    it’s a skit lmaoo

  88. Jona Laurenson

    Jona Laurenson

    Dag geleden

    “I’m a clout chaser”

  89. Dave Trautz

    Dave Trautz

    Dag geleden

    Before he rolls window down hands go up to his nose? Hmm what's he snorting? Ctfu

  90. Nick ツ

    Nick ツ

    Dag geleden

    2021 comments how ironic

  91. martha pena

    martha pena

    Dag geleden

    Yo love your song jake paul

  92. Chris Cullison

    Chris Cullison

    Dag geleden

    Douche bag

  93. shukri husin

    shukri husin

    Dag geleden

    We need Allah and Islam.. u think before u die...plssss

  94. NFL KID100

    NFL KID100

    Dag geleden


  95. NFL KID100

    NFL KID100

    Dag geleden


  96. Margarit Mkrtchyan

    Margarit Mkrtchyan

    Dag geleden


  97. Jalen Williams

    Jalen Williams

    Dag geleden

    This this is what he does for a living

  98. Amalio_ hk

    Amalio_ hk

    Dag geleden


  99. Alex Hendricks

    Alex Hendricks

    Dag geleden

    crack won’t hurt me baby: *them being wrong*

  100. Kinan Bazzi

    Kinan Bazzi

    Dag geleden

    That shit was so mean I feel offended now 😭