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Everything GREAT About WandaVision! (Episodes 4-6)

3 more episodes of WandaVision! Here's everything right with We Interrupt This Program, On a Very Special Episode… and All-New Halloween Spooktacular!
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  1. heather wills

    heather wills

    3 uur geleden

    I know so many people are upset that casting Evan Peters feels like a bait and switch, but in my opinion, it's an amazing meta element to get the viewer to believe what Wanda believes. It's pointed out in the reveal that he doesn't even look like her brother but Wanda wanted it so bad that she bought it. By casting Evan Peters, who played Quicksilver in the Fox movies, we, as the viewers, bought it too. We wanted it so bad that by merely casting that actor, the viewers came up with explanations on how Evan Peters is the REAL Quicksilver and feel the same disappointment when it turns out he isn't.

  2. J'onn J'onzz

    J'onn J'onzz

    8 uur geleden

    As a Black person. Thanks for the hair&make up employment issue!

  3. TNT Rogue

    TNT Rogue

    10 uur geleden

    4:46 Bottem text

  4. Magnus Prime

    Magnus Prime

    11 uur geleden

    I feel like holding the lack of a 90s sitcom episode against Wandavision is kind of unfair. After all, it was very specifically targeting domestic family sitcoms, and the 90s weren’t exactly big on those. In the 2000s you at least had Malcolm in the Middle, but the 90s were dominated by Seinfeld and Friends. Sitcoms about families just weren’t popular at the time. The only exception I can think of is Fresh Prince, and that one obviously wasn’t going to work for Wandavision.

  5. Dylan Tijerina

    Dylan Tijerina

    14 uur geleden

    You have to do daredevil please 🙏🏾

  6. Nichole Evans

    Nichole Evans

    22 uur geleden

    I love your addressing her fantastic twist outs and her amazing team of stylists worked with her!

  7. Sam Maley

    Sam Maley

    23 uur geleden

    Please do everything great about hunt for the wilder people

  8. Mr. HoneyComb

    Mr. HoneyComb

    Dag geleden

    No mention of the Back To The Future town square?

  9. Nabil Ahmad

    Nabil Ahmad

    Dag geleden

    He should do the show invincible but I'm not sure he will do it

  10. Sofastsam


    Dag geleden

    Cinema wins should do a video on Earth to Echo

  11. artman2oo3


    Dag geleden

    At first the whole skipping the 90’s thing bothered me, too. But then I realized maybe they just combined the 80’s and 90’s. Many sitcoms that started in the 80’s weren’t cancelled until the early-mid 90’s. Like “Growing Pains” and “Full House” just for two examples.

  12. MerlinandMurdoch 783

    MerlinandMurdoch 783

    Dag geleden

    Do the peanuts movie next

  13. Sezer Arslan

    Sezer Arslan

    Dag geleden

    You know why you have like no views foe this vid? Because people know this was terrible. Still love your work but you owe us Kung Fu Hustle

  14. The consul

    The consul

    Dag geleden

    can you do please snowpiercer, its a really phenomenal movie

  15. Sondra 4 Arts

    Sondra 4 Arts

    Dag geleden

    I just had to say thank you for recognizing how awesome it was for Monica’s hair to be so fabulously twisted out... and thank you for respectfully mentioning that time and skill it takes to handle a black woman’s hair... it was 7 seconds of amazing, that touched my heart and made my joy of CinemaWins that much more complete... just the fact that you called it a twist out and not a fro or “hair” was nice...

  16. Jonasaurus7


    Dag geleden

    It gives me a surpassing amount of satisfaction heading you say they might be giants (they are just my favorite band)

  17. Robert Price

    Robert Price

    Dag geleden

    I GREATLY appreciated the recognition of Monica stylist. Not many people realize it or acknowledge it So THANK YOU!

  18. CDHfilms


    Dag geleden

    15:20 Okay either this theater is replaying older movies for whatever reason or Wanda can't make up her mind about what year she wants it to be. Incredibles came in 2004 and The Parents Trap came out in 1961.

    • Chris Carpenter

      Chris Carpenter

      15 uur geleden

      Yeah but the "Parent Trap" REMAKE came out in 1999. Also (and I'm surprised I've heard no one else mention this) the Olsen twins (Elizabeth's older sisters) were in "It Takes Two" which is a looser version of "The Parent Trap" that came out in 1995.

  19. Squidyboy


    Dag geleden

    I was rewatching your The Dark Knight Rises video and realized you referenced The Prestige. I’d love to have a everything great about or everything wrong with the Prestige. It’s one of Nolan’s lesser known films but one of my favourites

  20. Furryfox766


    Dag geleden

    Do an Everything GREAT About "The Platform, or Bojack Horseman"

  21. Elijah


    Dag geleden

    I like to think of the Hex as an SCP, it would be a great SCP article

  22. CookieMastah


    Dag geleden

    14:15 If you have a problem with Hayward calling them sassy best friends, then you should probably have a problem with Marvel too, because that's exactly what they were in Thor, Thor 2 and Ant-Man and The Wasp.

  23. CookieMastah


    Dag geleden

    No, the "real special episode" moment is genuine, Wanda is teaching the children to not be like her.

  24. oliver pohlmann

    oliver pohlmann

    Dag geleden

    what about a review of legend

  25. blue snuggs

    blue snuggs

    Dag geleden

    I'm like 70% sure that teaser frame was from wonder woman

  26. TheSacredSavior


    2 dagen geleden

    At 2:39 I think I hear the line "You're in Hell" in the background. That might be either another reference to either Mephisto or a way to hint at Wanda's contol in The Hex.

  27. DoughyInTheMiddle


    2 dagen geleden

    Why is no one commenting on the fact of all the lewd comments that Agnes was making about "her husband Ralph". WAS SHE BANGING THE BOHNER???

  28. Patrick Spencer

    Patrick Spencer

    2 dagen geleden

    Can you please do The Matrix movies soon because of the new one is coming out in December.

  29. Philip Seven

    Philip Seven

    2 dagen geleden

    Please cover the last three episodes! Episode 8 was so powerful and I think it's the one that's filled with lots of great stuff to analyze.

  30. Dude Imperfect

    Dude Imperfect

    2 dagen geleden

    Please do Willy's Wonderland

  31. Anael Hester

    Anael Hester

    2 dagen geleden

    Please do Everything Great About "The Secret of Kells" next, I think it would be so cool if you analyzed such a beautiful movie.

  32. Juaben Rodriguez

    Juaben Rodriguez

    2 dagen geleden

    Please do a video on Cars

  33. Lego 420

    Lego 420

    2 dagen geleden

    Do one for rango please

  34. I V O

    I V O

    2 dagen geleden

    Spirited Away by Ghibli Studios next, Please!

  35. coolguyhino92


    2 dagen geleden

    They wrote the Pietro-twist-gag back in mid 2019. Back when there was a different plan for the MCU. Back when WandaVision was meant to be like the 2nd or 3rd Disney+ show released. Back when it would have been a joke, amidst all the other MCU material that would have been out. Yes, it spiraled into expectations by the fans. Yes, it's our fault(and Eric Voss') that we 'expected' MANY a thing to happen on the show. Yes, it's the showrunners/screenwriters fault for leaving SOO many bread crumbs in a VERy specific direction, and then either yelling 'PSYCHE', or fizzling out into rushed nothing. But remember, the world, and the MCU was planned on being just a LITTLE DIFFERENT.

  36. coolguyhino92


    2 dagen geleden

    Wait, if you were 15 when Malcolm in the Middle came out, you were born in '85. You ain't no 90's kid.

  37. Mathieu Leblanc

    Mathieu Leblanc

    2 dagen geleden

    An interview with Feige recently came out stating it was originally Doctor Strange doing the commercials trying to find a way to warn Wanda of the dangers that would be facing her since he was meant to be in the final episode. They removed him so that he would not out-shine Wanda in her own show

  38. Ariel Harloff

    Ariel Harloff

    2 dagen geleden

    When you're done with this you should totally do the falcon and the winter soldier too. This is great.

  39. Trap Johnson

    Trap Johnson

    2 dagen geleden

    Far From Home AND Wandavision with back to back Multiverse fakeouts. (Yes, BW & F&WS being pushed muddles the order) If Doctor Strange's Multiverse is also a fake out... Being an MCU casual, I have yet to have any exposure to Mephisto, so I had no grounds to feel let down (and thus didn't). Pietro/Peter was not what I was thinking; but, it worked for the show. "That big cameo" was just Bettany being a troll, and I digg.

  40. tyler tessier

    tyler tessier

    3 dagen geleden

    Do the car’s moves

  41. Daryn Voss

    Daryn Voss

    3 dagen geleden

    I suppose they never really paid off why Monica reacted so negatively to the mention of Maria. Love the Too Many Cooks reference. Also seriously, what happened to Franklin? Is he okay?

  42. Jesse Ramos

    Jesse Ramos

    3 dagen geleden

    Wait is Cinema sins and Cinema wins the same person

  43. Owen Oseroff

    Owen Oseroff

    3 dagen geleden

    Can you please do a "the truman show" win video?

  44. cocoChocolate


    3 dagen geleden

    Could you do The Falcon and The Winter Soldier?

  45. Joya Lewis

    Joya Lewis

    3 dagen geleden

    Evan Petersss

  46. Sturtle353


    3 dagen geleden

    I’m a huge 2 broke girls fan so it was fun seeing kat dennings in a sitcom again

  47. Mark Alvarado

    Mark Alvarado

    3 dagen geleden

    can you please do ford vs ferrari?

  48. Makice hit

    Makice hit

    3 dagen geleden

    Hi, could you review the falcon and the winter soldier? I remember you saying you loved civil war, so I think you'll enjoy it

  49. Finn Lockington

    Finn Lockington

    3 dagen geleden

    Wait what 14:16 how is that racism and sexism

  50. Sabrina


    3 dagen geleden


  51. The Starks

    The Starks

    3 dagen geleden


  52. WlatPziupp


    3 dagen geleden

    I don't understand why people are so angry about easter eggs not turning out to be foreshadowing for 5 movies and 20 shows

  53. Random 1s

    Random 1s

    3 dagen geleden

    do "The Mitchells vs. the Machines"

  54. Mathue Bowen

    Mathue Bowen

    3 dagen geleden

    Evan Peter's is always a win!

  55. Freedom Fighter

    Freedom Fighter

    3 dagen geleden

    14:08 Another hint that Vision is influenced by Wanda: this is the episode where she slips into Bargaining.

  56. Ishan Basu

    Ishan Basu

    3 dagen geleden

    This was so different than anything marvel as done and I loved it

    • Rising-Jay


      3 dagen geleden

      There's even an animated rundown of the show!

  57. Henry Snoddy

    Henry Snoddy

    3 dagen geleden

    Can you please do The road to eldorado

  58. Ragenandez


    3 dagen geleden

    I love this so much. Do Falcon and winter soldier after!

  59. Shannon Fox

    Shannon Fox

    3 dagen geleden

    I loved that Darcy called herself and the scientists in the van a "clown car", foreshadowing the circus. Also, turns out the commercials were originally a way for Doctor Strange to communicate with Wanda:

  60. Amonik Melaco

    Amonik Melaco

    4 dagen geleden

    if you're reading this you're an MCU nerd

    • Rising-Jay


      3 dagen geleden

      I AM an MCU nerd, so much that I animated the whole show lol

  61. mfmageRaids


    4 dagen geleden

    It isn't a path, Wanda actually is the bad guy...

  62. Samur/Aye


    4 dagen geleden

    bro winning wonder woman 84 is a tough job, you have my sympathies... and I actually like the DC films lol.

  63. aRush


    4 dagen geleden

    I do agree the lack of a pure 90's episode was one of the few misses from what was a great series. The Fresh Prince inspired theme (it'd have to be that one, its too recognizable not to be) to open the episode would practically write itself.

    • retnavybrat


      3 dagen geleden

      Don't ask me where I got this idea, but I was under the impression that the 90s weren't covered because most of the iconic sitcoms of that era focused on friends rather than families.

  64. Sarrumorous


    4 dagen geleden


  65. Nina ifallintofantasy Elliget

    Nina ifallintofantasy Elliget

    4 dagen geleden

    mmmm I wonder if Cinemawins will cover falcon and winter solider in this format

  66. Julia Sapyta

    Julia Sapyta

    4 dagen geleden

    Love the video! Please do everything great about The Gentlemen



    4 dagen geleden

    I don’t know if this is important or not, but when billy puts his hand to his head to teach sparky a trick, that may not be mind powers. That’s a real tactic used by dogs trainers to link a physical movement and an action. That way the dog will do said action everything their owner does the hand to head thing. But even if it’s not mind control, it should earn a win for being an actual tactic instead of just doing some lazy “speak boy” as almost all shows do.

  68. Queenie Bee

    Queenie Bee

    4 dagen geleden

    Can't wait the for 7,8, and 9 vid!

  69. James Keys

    James Keys

    4 dagen geleden

    3:56 Don't you mean "Voodoo Child" not "Voodoo Chile?"

  70. Esta


    4 dagen geleden

    when godzilla vs kong?

  71. Ryan Donnell

    Ryan Donnell

    4 dagen geleden

    man since your doing shows now, PLEASE do stranger things!! it deserves to be praised!

  72. Paapa Ewool

    Paapa Ewool

    4 dagen geleden

    So glad someone pointed out that this show blatantly skipped the ‘90s, so many missed opportunities. Could’ve had a Fresh Prince style intro where Wanda details how she got to Westview (Fresh Witch of Westview), or Family Matters with Herb’s son as Urkel!

  73. Grace Kempton

    Grace Kempton

    4 dagen geleden

    The M Effect is a little old to be a new movie right? I came across a trailer for it on NLcameras one and watched it out of curiosity. I had it on mute for almost all that saw and stopped before I was finished but still it scared me and is something I wish I could erase from my brain forever. I’m just a little worried that it’s the next movie that’s why I said that. (P.S. what I said is NOT the actual name of the movie. I just say M because I don’t quite know or remember the spelling or pronunciation of the word in the middle and if you haven’t guessed I don’t really want to know the spelling or pronunciation of that word.)😱😰

    • Grace Kempton

      Grace Kempton

      11 uur geleden

      Thank goodness it’s not that movie! It did seem unlikely because that movie was not brand new but I was just a little worried. Thank goodness that not the case.

  74. Grace Kempton

    Grace Kempton

    4 dagen geleden

    Do you think you can do the Addams Family? The new CGI movie of course. I’ve really got into it recently. Also like I asked before, can you do the first two night at the museum movies? You can do the third too if you want but I don’t really like it.

  75. Criston Sloan

    Criston Sloan

    4 dagen geleden

    Totally had not realised that both Quicksilvers were in Kick Ass. That is.... just too good, man. Mind. Blasting.

  76. J. Kelly

    J. Kelly

    4 dagen geleden

    omg quit bitching about the things the show didn't promise you not showing up. Easter eggs are not always hints, you'd think you'd have seen enough MCU retcons to know that.

  77. Tyler Hill

    Tyler Hill

    4 dagen geleden

    Here comes my standard: "please do Kimi No Na Wa/Your Name" comment. Only 3 days late

  78. Discovery Overlander

    Discovery Overlander

    4 dagen geleden

    “evan peters gets a bad rap for being a bait and switch” i have never seen anybody be mad at him, as far as i know, we all love him!! we’re just mad at marvel for pulling said bait and switch

  79. AJones 475

    AJones 475

    4 dagen geleden

    Freaking finally dude

  80. Luke Bolesta

    Luke Bolesta

    4 dagen geleden

    Everything great about invincible???????

  81. sillygirlkc


    4 dagen geleden

    Ok! I see you seeing the twistout! Represent! ☺

  82. Penfold011082


    4 dagen geleden

    14:30 Also her husband during a Kaiju attack in 2014, and Brian Cranston’s daughter in law. They get around.

  83. Ultimate Warrior

    Ultimate Warrior

    4 dagen geleden

    This show is really bad

  84. Rosalie Harderwijk

    Rosalie Harderwijk

    4 dagen geleden

    Kevin Feige confirmed that it was actually docter strange seding wanda the commercials like that makes everything different

    • Ash Z

      Ash Z

      3 dagen geleden

      I highly doubt this lmao

    • Abigail Webb

      Abigail Webb

      4 dagen geleden

      wait what-

  85. Miles_T _Prower

    Miles_T _Prower

    4 dagen geleden

    12:30 Is that... a win removal? Not exactly but gets close to it

  86. Lucindo Teixeira

    Lucindo Teixeira

    4 dagen geleden

    Thank you for Malcom in the Middle 2000s comment. I have been arguing about this with my wife, almost divorced, this video settled it. Thanks Lawyer

  87. EMD 1594

    EMD 1594

    4 dagen geleden

    I think casting Evan Peters specifically was actually pretty genius of them. Agnes points out Wanda wanted her brother so badly was so willing to accept this completely random person a Pietro, just like how we the audience completely accepted him due to the X-Men movies, the MCU doesn't exist within a bubble, it knows we will watch other things

    • heyitsmira


      3 dagen geleden

      Exactly why I thought it was perfect. The audience *wanted* to believe that was the Pietro we were longing for, just as much as Wanda did, but deep down it was obviously not him.

  88. ma champion

    ma champion

    4 dagen geleden

    In its defence, Wandavision was supposed to air after falcon and the winter soldier, which explains the aftermath of the blip much better.

  89. The Omnitorium

    The Omnitorium

    4 dagen geleden

    9:21 That's not a red herring. That's what happend. Wanda knew what was going on long before she stopped hurting those people. She did do it purpose.

  90. Amy Reynolds

    Amy Reynolds

    4 dagen geleden

    I am loving the heck out of these

  91. ibemanny99


    5 dagen geleden

    14:33 “it’s a small world after all”

  92. DJ Dosage

    DJ Dosage

    5 dagen geleden

    Not sure how you long you like to wait for streaming exclusives movies since they don't get the theatrical release treatment, but I'd love to see a video about The Mitchell's vs. The Machines.

  93. koushik raja

    koushik raja

    5 dagen geleden


    • Rising-Jay


      3 dagen geleden

      @retnavybrat Nah you're right, that was the explanation

    • retnavybrat


      4 dagen geleden

      I believe that Feige or someone else at Marvel said that when Bruce wished everyone back, he consciously or subconsciously wished that everyone materialize in the nearest safe space to where they were snapped from. Even if I'm wrong and no one said that, I'll take it as my head canon.

  94. IcedKidSavage 99

    IcedKidSavage 99

    5 dagen geleden

    Do Secret Life of Walter Mitty

  95. Alex Schnetgoecke

    Alex Schnetgoecke

    5 dagen geleden

    if we're doing comic shows now....Invincible please?

  96. Ed Murphy

    Ed Murphy

    5 dagen geleden

    I feel like they are actually teasing the multiverse since we know the next Doctor Strange movie is called "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" and we know Wanda is in it.

  97. Ilan Rhone

    Ilan Rhone

    5 dagen geleden

    Love that you recognized Monica's impeccable twist out. I also love that you pointed out that a team of black stylist did her hair. Representation matters.

  98. Jomomicbumsmell


    5 dagen geleden

    Just wanna put my Movie in the big list of movies you need to make a video about, my favorite vin diesel movie ‘Iron Giant’

  99. Pérez Ortega Valentín

    Pérez Ortega Valentín

    5 dagen geleden

    The whole Quicksilver thing I don't know, I just never thought they would introduce the multiverse from the Fox movies in their first show that up until Pietro showed up, never gave even a glimpse of that. Not to mention, it's episode 5, of 9. Like, come on. I always viewed it like J.K Simmons in Far From Home. Everyone knew it was a gigantic wink to the fans, instantly, no one began thinking multiverse stuff. The way they confirmed it was nothing though, Ralph Bohner, was kinda dickish, I will admit that

  100. Tyler Merrifield

    Tyler Merrifield

    5 dagen geleden

    You should do Paul or robots next