Who Is Responsible For Climate Change? - Who Needs To Fix It?

This video is part of a series about climate change supported by Breakthrough Energy - a coalition founded by Bill Gates, that is working to expand clean-energy investment and support the innovations that will lead the world to net-zero carbon emissions.
Also a special thanks to the team at Our World for helping us out with data and research!
Sources & further reading:
Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have released over 1.5 trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide or CO2 into the earth's atmosphere. In the year 2019 we were still pumping out around 37 billion more. That’s 50% more than the year 2000 and almost three times as much as 50 years ago. And it’s not just CO2. We’re also pumping out growing volumes of other greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. Combining all of our greenhouse gases, we’re emitting 51 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents each year.
And emissions keep rising - but they need to get down to 0!
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    • philippe


      9 dagen geleden

      Quant vous traduirez vous vidéos en français, je suis sur que vous aurez beaucoup plus d'adhérents.

    • geert groffen

      geert groffen

      12 dagen geleden

      no country is the most responsible. we've all done it. so we also have to clean it up together

    • Mojodojo


      14 dagen geleden


    • SuperThunderGoodGuy


      Maand geleden

      @P B easier said than done

    • P B

      P B

      Maand geleden

      Lowering birthrate is the single most important step to fix climate change.

  2. ᴄᴏᴇᴠᴀʟ


    2 uur geleden

    Amazing video

  3. cokedrinker941


    5 uur geleden

    I hate to be this guy but migration is literally our best solution to this... Edit: well not "best" but certainly the only one that will come to reality.

  4. Vasu Garg

    Vasu Garg

    8 uur geleden

    4:07 India's flag is not "CORRECT"

  5. Lucy Gaming

    Lucy Gaming

    11 uur geleden

    "The countries with least emissions are going to suffer the most." Me: *chuckles* in 47°C summer afternoon in India.

  6. Boom&Zoom


    16 uur geleden

    The fact that we think in the context of nations all the time is what will be our end. This problem, as with all, is a human problem, not a Chinese one or an American one.

  7. 陳柏宏


    22 uur geleden

    China had only 0.8 billion population now (2017 might be 0.9) 1.4 billion was come from their "papulation consolation" policy to deceive the countries of the world to invest in their countries and 10% people(CCP member) used over 80% Co2 emissions in China so...

    • Marco Martelli

      Marco Martelli

      8 uur geleden

      Why do you TAIWANESE love to spread fake news without any proofs?

  8. born to live

    born to live

    Dag geleden

    4:08 indian flag colour is wrong

  9. Marci Lee Nelson-Murray

    Marci Lee Nelson-Murray

    Dag geleden

    Too bad our 'Leaders' only care about the short term monetary goal.

  10. Fredd2986


    Dag geleden

    Ironically, if we dont slow emissions, everyone'll be at blame

  11. Caleb Peris

    Caleb Peris

    Dag geleden

    When your country is not on the top 10 of carbon dioxide emissions: *surprised pikachu face*

  12. Puncuwuation


    2 dagen geleden

    2:35 Probably because China has the biggest population.

  13. dragonfiremalus


    2 dagen geleden

    Exxon. End of video. I kid. Mostly.

  14. Ryan Wall

    Ryan Wall

    2 dagen geleden

    Lol so countries have to work together to fix this? Good luck

  15. oofie


    2 dagen geleden

    How tf India so low??? Have you seen India bro! Theres 14 billion mopeds running at one time CONSTANTLY

  16. Salamandius Braveheart

    Salamandius Braveheart

    2 dagen geleden

    China will never end their coal plants in a million years

  17. the thinking Man

    the thinking Man

    2 dagen geleden

    just because Greta says the world is getting hot doesnt mean it is science. many people think it is getting colder especially in the south pole so people should think moving forward. Just because her teachers told her it is warm does not mean it its true! people should think about that.

  18. DevilzzzzOwn


    2 dagen geleden

    Wrong flag for India at 04:09

  19. Chris George

    Chris George

    2 dagen geleden

    The red point finallly look because farm worryingly blind over a abnormal sailor. glamorous, obnoxious tin

  20. Evil LOON

    Evil LOON

    2 dagen geleden

    Oh, hows the ozone hole my generation had to fix? It was bigger than the planet back in 91?

  21. Evil LOON

    Evil LOON

    2 dagen geleden

    Coronavirus, people get restricted, the planet gets better.

  22. star lord

    star lord

    2 dagen geleden

    If the west got to 0% emissions tomorrow, it wouldn't matter. The developing world is too backwards to comply.

  23. Jeronimo mod

    Jeronimo mod

    2 dagen geleden

    Climate change is not a problem. Global sea levels have risen 1 mm in 50 years. Planet is getting a teeny bit warmer and plant growth is exploding🤷‍♂️ I bet nobody watching this knows offhand what percentage of our atmosphere is actually CO2.🤔 everybody should just keep letting TV shows tell you what you should believe instead of actually doing any research.

  24. huihh__88


    3 dagen geleden

    Oh and these "renewables" are 1) not renewable at all 2) not carbon neutral at all (actually much much worse than you think). You didn't like nuclear enough for some reason ? That's the reason why france only accounts for 2% of world's emmission... Yet totally absent in your video

  25. huihh__88


    3 dagen geleden

    fun fact : rice culture produces more methane than cows

  26. Andrew Godly

    Andrew Godly

    3 dagen geleden

    Everyone is to blame with varying degrees. If your carbon footprint isn't zero or negative, then you're contributing and you are responsible for climate change

  27. John Ljungblad

    John Ljungblad

    3 dagen geleden

    The european union has never and will never be a nation state...

  28. Michael Coffee

    Michael Coffee

    3 dagen geleden

    Human industry and prosperity are responsible for natural disasters. They must be stopped at all cost.

  29. DeadSnake


    3 dagen geleden

    Whats with all the inventions that the west make? Wich boosted the rest of the world in the modern age

  30. Luveesh Purswani

    Luveesh Purswani

    3 dagen geleden

    Humans. Period.

  31. Mayank Maximum

    Mayank Maximum

    3 dagen geleden

    We must be carbon nyutral

  32. சுஜன் சிவகுருநாதன்

    சுஜன் சிவகுருநாதன்

    3 dagen geleden

    The West and China are responsible.

  33. keshav jhunjhunwala

    keshav jhunjhunwala

    3 dagen geleden

    Lets do our bit on an individual level as well. Lets try to save electricity as much as possible and travel in an ecologically sustainable ways. Gosh I wish my city was bicycle friendly.

  34. Nocturnal Recluse

    Nocturnal Recluse

    3 dagen geleden

    China is the scourge of the world.

  35. NinjaLobsterStudios


    3 dagen geleden

    I don't understand why we allow cost to be an issue. We're facing our own extinction and we can still do something about it, yet we are fretting over the bill. Money should not be a concern with researching and implementing renewable energy technology.

  36. wrudn


    3 dagen geleden

    Climate change - is it climate warming or climate cooling? Personally I'd rather prefer warming than another ice age. It is rather early winter here in Australia

  37. Nixelaide


    3 dagen geleden

    Do you actually think China gives a shit about it? They dont care, assholes will not do anything about it!

  38. Anon Surfer

    Anon Surfer

    3 dagen geleden

    Why can't we dump a large chunk of our unrecyclable waste into active volcanoes? Presently we are just shipping it out to poor countries and that waste gets burned there anyways. Much of it is plastic, is light and can be flown over a volcano and dumped inside.

  39. Ace Ferrera

    Ace Ferrera

    3 dagen geleden

    I really like that the countrys are country birds

  40. Speed Demon Games

    Speed Demon Games

    4 dagen geleden

    who’s to blame? everyone. who’s more at fault? simon fucking cowell for legal reasons that was a joke

  41. Poggle The Lesser

    Poggle The Lesser

    4 dagen geleden

    1:42, well, they have learned from their mistakes, and so, even if it is hypocritical, we cannot fix the past, and are we supposed to be like 'well, now it is your turn to pollute because we did it and we are going to be okay with you doing it too'?!

  42. TRDPaul


    4 dagen geleden

    "Wizards when faced with an immediate problem will sit around and decide who's fault it is before ever attempting to resolve the issue" - Terry Pratchett We are all wizards

    • Emma


      Dag geleden

      That's Merlin

    • Sean Oberthur

      Sean Oberthur

      3 dagen geleden




    4 dagen geleden

    Climate change is a hoax. It's being used to implement communism. Mark my words, in 20 years nobody will have freedom. Big government will decide what and when we eat, drive, drink, how we work and much more. This video is so crap. Example Iran a country that still is burning coal to heat homes with a population of over 70 million has a pollution of only 5%... Need I say more?



      3 dagen geleden

      @Pepijn Did you read the IPCC report? I did and I can't find anything about the 96% of scientists agreeing on how climate change works. What I do find is that big green gets more money when they talk about all these doom scenarios. The fact is that the climate is always changing and it will always do so and we don't yet fully understand the dynamics of how climate works on this planet. Those are the fact. Not one thing in this video is fact. It's all fiction.

    • Pepijn


      3 dagen geleden

      Those large contributors aren't contributing so much by heating homes, but with large scale industry. Iran does not have as much industry, hence they contribute less. This is also why Germany has historically produced as much as the whole of Africa and South America combined. Which would be ridiculous if it was only by heating homes with coal, Germany does not have that many people. Germany does however have a huge manufacturing industry.



    4 dagen geleden

    I wish fossil fuel become empty.



    4 dagen geleden

    Humans have invented eco friendly engines or other machines but they don't take it seriously

  46. MineCrafterCity


    4 dagen geleden

    Well we drive 100kmh on highways instead of 130kmh. I contributed more than enough now.

  47. Sinan Bozkurt

    Sinan Bozkurt

    4 dagen geleden


  48. Vaibhav Luxmi

    Vaibhav Luxmi

    4 dagen geleden

    4:07 India's flag was not correct it was of Iran .

  49. GAB TV

    GAB TV

    4 dagen geleden

    Corona virus is saving our planet.

  50. Robert W

    Robert W

    4 dagen geleden

    Who’s responsible for climate change China of course

  51. Zeddicus Zorander

    Zeddicus Zorander

    4 dagen geleden

    1:00 the narrator says that the ice is the lowest it has ever been recorded. This is disingenuous. There are many recorded periods in Earth’s history where the ice caps were totally melted. Please check.

  52. Harry Trg

    Harry Trg

    5 dagen geleden

    Basically destroy humanity and the survivors continue lol

  53. vkingrules


    5 dagen geleden

    Very good work and research u guys have done... I saw 1 video liked it and came to ur channel, was watching this video and at 4:8 mins I saw that you guys are taking India's name and putting some other countries flag... Where as just before in 1st context the flag was right and later you decided to change India's flag... I understand that it's human to error, but if such mistakes occur then how can one trust the info ur giving us... So this will affect you back somehow... Just a small feedback, you guys are making great videos... Keep up the good work Thanks

  54. Master Blaster

    Master Blaster

    5 dagen geleden

    Honestly nothing will change

  55. Drzoopark


    5 dagen geleden

    china is fault, of course.

  56. Chimichanga


    5 dagen geleden

    Who's to blame? I know his name. his name is Mr.Booze, Mr.Booze. Mister B-double O-Z-E.

  57. htlem aeon

    htlem aeon

    5 dagen geleden

    But it's China and India which are really working on climate change more so than Usa, Uk, Germany and France



    5 dagen geleden

    The thing is that US and EU are stopping that while china only doing more

    • Yap Benjamin

      Yap Benjamin

      Dag geleden

      Except China is also heavily transitioning to renewables. 10% of cars in China are EVs. Public buses in developed regions are China are electric. The same cannot be said for the U.S in Particular

  59. Kimber Black

    Kimber Black

    5 dagen geleden

    Shasta County California held a city council meeting in 2014, their community won their case demanding an investigation of Chemtrails & geoengineering. Bill Gates funds such projects. STOP ACTING LIKE YOU CARE ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING. You are liars. You do not give a damn about global warming, or you would stop them from spraying our Skies with aluminum and barium.

    • Agent Sus

      Agent Sus

      5 dagen geleden

      I don’t even live in California, what am I supposed to do about that?

  60. The Lions and The Lamb

    The Lions and The Lamb

    6 dagen geleden

    Not blame, but cooperation; To help the earth I decoded this message; The wow signal frequency of 1420.4058 MHz, is exactly the same frequency as Cold Hydrogen Gas atoms emitting photons at the wavelength of 1420.4058 MHz; the message is for the earth to start using clean and safe hydrogen gas for all human consumption, and stop destroying our environment and natural planetary defense mechanisms. I thank The Lord for this breakthrough, as I did not know that the world is headed for a major catastrophe. When a wow message from outer space translates for the planet's future security, it's time to act, as I have said, the greatest climate change initiative would be to start using safe and clean hydrogen gas for all human consumption. The earth will heal itself, but as the human body, it can only heal at a rate that is proportionate to the pollution that is going in the atmosphere, or in our case, in our bodies. If the pollution exceeds the healing time necessary for the planet, as our bodies, the planet will continue to decay proportionately to the ratio of pollution put into the atmosphere, because it has no time to heal from our pollutions. The great news is, the earth heals itself if we would stop the toxic emissions into the atmosphere.

  61. Lily Shi

    Lily Shi

    6 dagen geleden

    Where do our laguage come from

  62. I TR

    I TR

    6 dagen geleden

    4:00 wrong flag

    • Josue Palomares

      Josue Palomares

      4 dagen geleden

      They actually pointed that out in the video they just released

  63. TL AU

    TL AU

    6 dagen geleden

    USA and AUS have the most carbon emissions on average

  64. Joao Vidal

    Joao Vidal

    6 dagen geleden

    Wow, i never thought it would be this complicated... we are fucked.

  65. Armaan Singh

    Armaan Singh

    7 dagen geleden

    Canada is not at 10th place its on 97th so keep your fake facts with you.

  66. khoi tram

    khoi tram

    7 dagen geleden

    Check out ecoisa

  67. Aman Itlas

    Aman Itlas

    7 dagen geleden

    at 4:08 u put an iranian flag instead of indian- imma confused is it India or iran?

  68. Pelumi Owolabi

    Pelumi Owolabi

    7 dagen geleden

    that's not Nigeria that's chad. open a map for god's sake

  69. Someone's Youtube Username

    Someone's Youtube Username

    7 dagen geleden

    6:42 Ah yes. The Chinese way of reducing is poverty; instead of uplifting people from poverty through economical improvements, they mostly just lower the definition of their poverty line and call it a day.

    • Pony Infestation

      Pony Infestation

      3 dagen geleden

      To be fair, they did uplift a lot of people out of poverty, but they also did lower their poverty line. Guess a country with population this large will have to lower their expectation.

  70. Bisho Bisho

    Bisho Bisho

    8 dagen geleden

    17% for Australians bro seriously you will get fined if you litter our climate change laws are strict

  71. Niraj Gautam

    Niraj Gautam

    8 dagen geleden

    India's flag is not correct at 4:10

  72. Andrés F.F

    Andrés F.F

    8 dagen geleden

    I have an idea, why not blame all of them?

  73. Just Bored

    Just Bored

    8 dagen geleden


  74. Alphahurricane


    8 dagen geleden

    "europe" isnt a state. just to remember

  75. Artour Babiev

    Artour Babiev

    8 dagen geleden

    *let's* *fix* *the* *world* *said* *everyone* *not* *knowing* *how*

  76. LOL KING


    8 dagen geleden

    Can you Americans do something about climate change Stop improving your wealth and help us europeans lower our co2 emissions

    • Agent Sus

      Agent Sus

      5 dagen geleden

      We don’t exactly have control over what other countries do...

  77. farid elfadani

    farid elfadani

    8 dagen geleden

    Thank you

  78. Yunguan


    9 dagen geleden

    So the solution is, developing countries need to buy the 'clean' tech from rich countries to make themselves clean, at the cost of higher energy price and possible slowed down development? In the mean time developed courtiers got another chance to use the price scissors to reap even more profit from the poor countries? If the developed countries really cared about this and making the world clean, they need to pay for their historical pollution with cash and set up an international fund to provide FREE clean energy solutions to developing countries.

  79. oojimmyflip


    9 dagen geleden

    this is factually wrong , India is the worlds most populated country with 1.8 billion people not China.

    • oojimmyflip


      7 dagen geleden

      @dennobie I dont know who to believe now theres so much fake news out there trying to make things look worse for India at the moment .

    • dennobie


      7 dagen geleden

      china has 1.4billion while india has 1.3

  80. Ameya Kabra

    Ameya Kabra

    9 dagen geleden

    4:08 small thing but that's not India's flag

  81. Eye


    9 dagen geleden

    Simple all of us because it's all our planet

  82. Frank Hartman

    Frank Hartman

    9 dagen geleden

    Scientists are!!!!

  83. 편경훈


    9 dagen geleden

    기후변화는 우리 모두가 책임지고 나아가야할 전 인류의 과제라고 생각합니다. 물론 다른 사람을 생각하지 않는 이기적인 나라들이 있지만 그런 나라들을 설득하면서 평화롭게 해결하면 좋을거같아요. 경각심을 가지게 해주는 영상 감사합니다.

  84. Messimonkeyman5


    9 dagen geleden

    Iran’s not doing much and I’m Irish I’m epic ::

  85. Alex Lin

    Alex Lin

    9 dagen geleden

    Rich country Need to help the poor

  86. Michael Wright

    Michael Wright

    9 dagen geleden

    China has 1) the largest renewable energy programme in the world; 3-4 people to every one American. People who pass the buck to China or India (which, btw has lower total emissions than the US, nvm per capita) should not be treated in good faith, because they're either liars or dupes

    • Agent Sus

      Agent Sus

      3 dagen geleden

      @Michael Wright Lol, my teachers say Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source. Clearly it’s more reliable than the news.

    • Michael Wright

      Michael Wright

      4 dagen geleden

      @Agent Sus also the Wikipedia article on renewable energy in China has 79 citations, so I'd say that was a pretty trustworthy overview

    • Michael Wright

      Michael Wright

      4 dagen geleden

      @Agent Sus probably the Chinese dept of energy. Presuming they're using designs already known to the world, they have no reason to lie about production of turbines

    • Agent Sus

      Agent Sus

      5 dagen geleden

      I’ve seen sources that say China is in the lead at getting renewables, in others they don’t do a thing. I don’t know what to believe.

  87. Guillaume Arnould

    Guillaume Arnould

    9 dagen geleden

    Im happy the eu is trying to change. Like the green deal.

  88. James Binnie

    James Binnie

    10 dagen geleden

    and yet the gov paid me to hop off the solar tarrif and get on gas lol no wonder australians produce the most, we have a fucking electric car tax that's higher than petrol cars

  89. Jan Imson

    Jan Imson

    10 dagen geleden

    I have a solution: we can use fusion energy but not the energy we use, energy from the sun where instead of taking away particles we add particles. This adds up more energy and less emissions.

  90. Gooddaniel2018


    10 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt's videos make you feel so.. guilty

    • Guillaume Arnould

      Guillaume Arnould

      9 dagen geleden

      Lol ikr. But all we can do is try to go green ourself too.

  91. Robert Scott

    Robert Scott

    10 dagen geleden

    It's amazing that as glaciers retreat they uncover evidence of prior human occupation. So as temperatures hit the highest temperatures on record we find evidence of people living where glaciers currently exist. CNN just reported that a glacier retreated uncovering a ww1 bunker. How can a retreating glacier uncover human occupation from a 100 years ago if the temperatures have never been so high?

    • Agent Sus

      Agent Sus

      5 dagen geleden

      Maybe check your sources because that doesn’t seem very likely.

  92. Haitham Ammar

    Haitham Ammar

    10 dagen geleden

    *Everyone, everyone is responsible for climate change, including grandma*

  93. Rick Lill Retae

    Rick Lill Retae

    10 dagen geleden

    all of them need to stop we need it to be a few like it need to just be 0-100 but not over

  94. 김윤하


    10 dagen geleden

    Of course China

  95. MRA The Imperfec10

    MRA The Imperfec10

    10 dagen geleden

    Never ask "who did it?" but ask "how did we fix it?"

  96. Jack Lunz

    Jack Lunz

    11 dagen geleden

    I’m so happy to have a Canadian citizenship for when the word starts to warm and flood

  97. jason walon

    jason walon

    11 dagen geleden

    4:03 where is india??

  98. Carlos Reis

    Carlos Reis

    11 dagen geleden

    Where's the video about fossil fuel industry?

  99. Sadia Azhar

    Sadia Azhar

    11 dagen geleden

    All we need is USA and Europe to reduce fossil fuels and we will have stopped 50 percent of pollution plus China will soon follow and the developing world doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

  100. tactical_snails


    11 dagen geleden

    Long story short it's every one and we should work together