HUGE 4300 IQ bodyguard STRAT to find the impostor... (ft. Muselk)

Watch Disguised Toast showcase some A-game bodyguard strats to protect President Muselk.
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Edited and Animated by: Frosturne
Music composed by Fabian Del Priore


  1. Luis Flores

    Luis Flores

    2 dagen geleden

    The fretful samurai effectively welcome because recess understandably shiver from a massive fox. torpid, blue-eyed earth

  2. rexx soul

    rexx soul

    2 dagen geleden

    21:45 Leslie is so funny

  3. Teeona Curry

    Teeona Curry

    3 dagen geleden


  4. Hakuna Matata

    Hakuna Matata

    3 dagen geleden

    Muselk seems like the dumbest person ever, literally sussing the only person he should trust the most for no reason at all

  5. Princess Mercy Famucol

    Princess Mercy Famucol

    3 dagen geleden

    Imagine if Dream body gets reported they will just like its sykunnooooooo

  6. Chad Hogan

    Chad Hogan

    4 dagen geleden

    Why is it you can pretend to be Italian and it not be racist but everyone instantly defends just about any other race instantly? Ya'll are fucked up. Either make fun of everyone or no one mfers

  7. BabyAteMeDingo


    4 dagen geleden

    Ads literally a minute into a video is why people skip them and ad block exists

  8. Jennifer Winters

    Jennifer Winters

    4 dagen geleden

    Muselk: yes, I'm innocent. Toast: understandable, have a great day

  9. Revero Nevo

    Revero Nevo

    4 dagen geleden

    Toast: "Muselk are you innocent?" Muselk: "I am innocent" Everyone: Understandable have a nice day

  10. Helenec11 Roblox

    Helenec11 Roblox

    5 dagen geleden

    Baby sykkuno and baby Lilly in the animations are the cutest things

  11. Marianne Steele

    Marianne Steele

    6 dagen geleden

    Up until like the 29 minute mark, I thought that 5up’s profile fo discord was an elephant with two pink trunks twisted together 😂😂

  12. aBanabis


    7 dagen geleden


  13. dan palo

    dan palo

    7 dagen geleden

    Lily:sees toast vent says nothing about it Me:confused

  14. Slyder Ace

    Slyder Ace

    7 dagen geleden

    7:20 made me laugh SO HARD! Toast looked like a spider, luring a fly to his web in order to strike it down! I can't believe Dream fell for it!!

  15. Sabrina Cabudoy

    Sabrina Cabudoy

    8 dagen geleden

    Dram yu ar

  16. Brien Riley

    Brien Riley

    8 dagen geleden

    Dream: follows toast to the vent and gets killed That's definitely not going into the 1000 IQ dream compilations

  17. General 71

    General 71

    8 dagen geleden

    Who knew toast was part of the Italian mafia.

  18. Rishi Pandit

    Rishi Pandit

    8 dagen geleden

    When Toast leaves NLcameras he should become a lawyer

  19. Gregory Weir

    Gregory Weir

    10 dagen geleden

    "Either he's an imposter baiting me, or he really wants to snuggle in the hall." Damn, I guess Dream must really have wanted to snuggle huh

  20. Anzhela Grechikhina

    Anzhela Grechikhina

    11 dagen geleden

    When Toast leaves NLcameras he should become a lawyer

  21. Hank Moody

    Hank Moody

    11 dagen geleden

    Muselk "I love my body guard Toast" 1 round later Muselk "Get Toast the F#&k off this ship"

  22. TSM Grim

    TSM Grim

    11 dagen geleden

    Poor Nogla

  23. Anzhela Grechikhina

    Anzhela Grechikhina

    11 dagen geleden

    Lily, after getting defeated by Toast and Kristofer: "You'll a message from me tonight 😡🌸" That was simultaneously the cutest and most threatening thing I've heard from her 😂

  24. vsceglio 1013

    vsceglio 1013

    11 dagen geleden

    Sometimes it looks like the only tasks Toast does are: 1. To find a killer 2. To be a killer

  25. Deepak J

    Deepak J

    11 dagen geleden

    Muselk is entertaining, please bring him back. Everyone who wants Muselk back hit like so toast can find this comment.

  26. Frakture


    12 dagen geleden

    Toast doing an italian accent confirms hes a white boy now

  27. Dugan Chapell

    Dugan Chapell

    12 dagen geleden

    Human vocal range brackets: Corpse and Lily.

  28. Sara Khantore

    Sara Khantore

    12 dagen geleden

    I really like the outro at the end of the video

  29. Justin y.

    Justin y.

    13 dagen geleden

    "toast trusted rae"

  30. Melek Wondergem

    Melek Wondergem

    14 dagen geleden

    lily and toast have such a cute sibling-like relationship

  31. Ross Fennell

    Ross Fennell

    14 dagen geleden

    Is it just me or was toast touching face a lot when him and Marcel were imposter?

  32. Jm Morales

    Jm Morales

    14 dagen geleden

    i just wanna say shut the hell up marcel your like a fvcking fortnite kid who played among us for the first time bruh

  33. rakesh gagneja

    rakesh gagneja

    14 dagen geleden

    the cutest things in the world 1) A PUPPY 2) TINY LILY 3) TINY SYKKUNO

  34. Jake E

    Jake E

    14 dagen geleden


  35. Jake E

    Jake E

    14 dagen geleden


  36. Jake E

    Jake E

    14 dagen geleden


  37. Jake E

    Jake E

    14 dagen geleden


  38. Jake E

    Jake E

    14 dagen geleden


  39. Jake E

    Jake E

    14 dagen geleden


  40. Jake E

    Jake E

    14 dagen geleden


  41. Jake E

    Jake E

    14 dagen geleden


  42. Swaggerdagger


    14 dagen geleden

    Your gameplay is fun but your titles are annoying af

  43. Smoke


    14 dagen geleden

    wait, coffee or comfy?

  44. Jean Pachon

    Jean Pachon

    14 dagen geleden

    "Either he's an imposter baiting me, or he really wants to snuggle in the hall." Damn, I guess Dream must really have wanted to snuggle huh



    14 dagen geleden

    7:33 Toast hypnotizing its prey to lure it into his cave

  46. MinatoAce


    15 dagen geleden

    Don Ace sends his regards. La Familia is very pleased to see the business booming. :)

  47. Kar Kat 23

    Kar Kat 23

    15 dagen geleden

    Corpse saying he is too smooth brain to even think is iconic

  48. CHD Benedicto Beltran

    CHD Benedicto Beltran

    16 dagen geleden

    Poor sykkuno 😂 he honestly sounds so sus either way, I wouldn’t be able to tell that he’s crewmate

  49. Ashin Basilio

    Ashin Basilio

    16 dagen geleden

    Is Nogla and Basically really that loud? They've hurt my eardrum, chill man

  50. Poor People

    Poor People

    17 dagen geleden

    When Toast leaves NLcameras he should become a lawyer

  51. Ashura Joestar Alai Jr

    Ashura Joestar Alai Jr

    18 dagen geleden

    Lily is the world’s cutest thing in the world. I even say that in my language, Lily est la chose la plus cute de ce monde

  52. Jack Pabich

    Jack Pabich

    18 dagen geleden

    Anyone know what exactly the name of the song is? Also, love the animations!

  53. Bluerainbow 18

    Bluerainbow 18

    18 dagen geleden

    Be careful of the links you seen in the comments!

  54. Joshua Virata

    Joshua Virata

    19 dagen geleden

    6:43 Dream is so big brain he knows Marcel is cappin

  55. NotRayPvP


    19 dagen geleden

    me italian pizza napoli pepperoni dio cane

  56. Mustofa Abdullah

    Mustofa Abdullah

    19 dagen geleden

    Now there is no IQ in the title? **checks** I knew it.

  57. Racket Tattoo

    Racket Tattoo

    19 dagen geleden

    Lily's voice is so annoying

    • ToWo


      6 dagen geleden

      Let’s hear yours and see how annoying it is.

  58. Muhammad Rafi Aziz

    Muhammad Rafi Aziz

    19 dagen geleden

    that dream kill was so funny i cant believe it happen xD

  59. PopeDope69-420


    19 dagen geleden

    These are hilariously terrible Italian accents

  60. Domagoj Srečec

    Domagoj Srečec

    20 dagen geleden

    7:30 until the kill happens, I NEVER LAUGHED HARDER IN MY LIFE hahahaha

  61. Stephen Von Maclid

    Stephen Von Maclid

    20 dagen geleden

    22:44 The people who skipped are the ones who know sykkuno well and more logical by the given info and not just vote without evidence

  62. Dox xx

    Dox xx

    20 dagen geleden

    "Either he's an imposter baiting me, or he really wants to snuggle in the hall." Damn, I guess Dream must really have wanted to snuggle huh

  63. Yvonne R

    Yvonne R

    20 dagen geleden

    I don’t know what’s better to watch CORPSE as imposter or toast as crew mate lol

  64. Niño Emanuel Aldovino

    Niño Emanuel Aldovino

    21 dag geleden

    I love how toast pronounce "You Mo**er F***** Sorry for the bad words

  65. Teun Oepkes

    Teun Oepkes

    21 dag geleden

    Nobody: Toast: I’m gonna kill in the dark(2seconds later kills grease)😂

  66. ishaan kulkarni

    ishaan kulkarni

    21 dag geleden

    I don't know why but when everyone else is speedrunning tasks and toast is just following muselk and doing nothing just gets on my nerves soo frickin much .like I just want to scream like do ur tasks and winnn

    • ToWo


      6 dagen geleden

      Toast makes better content for everyone instead of just ending the game with task. If your that irritated click off the video.

  67. Pengapan


    21 dag geleden

    I know no one will believe this but I started the bodyguard trend thing

  68. Aaron Cárdenas

    Aaron Cárdenas

    21 dag geleden

    Toast: *see that dream vote Marcel* Toast: You have seen too much.

  69. Camille Buenaflor

    Camille Buenaflor

    21 dag geleden

    Lily's voice is so cuteeeeee

  70. Andrw Citra

    Andrw Citra

    21 dag geleden

    This guy's toast

  71. Juan Snow

    Juan Snow

    21 dag geleden

    I need Dreams view from that vent kill lmaooo

  72. Drift Boats

    Drift Boats

    21 dag geleden

    TASK TASK TASK IM GONNA FINISH THE TASK if you cant is not satisfying

  73. Desirae Vang

    Desirae Vang

    22 dagen geleden

    Poor Sykkuno always gets easily blamed and then killed

  74. Apurv


    22 dagen geleden

    4300 IQ? What's next, 9000? Damn, these streamers keep adding zeros to IQ ratings like they're adding sugar

  75. grayson weber

    grayson weber

    22 dagen geleden


  76. meto30


    22 dagen geleden

    What I can never understand is why Muselk was suddenly convinced Toast was an imposter? If that was a joke I'd expect that to stop in the later rounds, but it does not.

  77. Pain Less

    Pain Less

    22 dagen geleden

    This particular intro music brings me so much joy I don’t know why 🤷‍♂️

  78. Scott Cohen

    Scott Cohen

    22 dagen geleden

    anyone know where i can find the dream POV of toast's kill on the vent (7:34)

  79. Gay Ming

    Gay Ming

    23 dagen geleden

    man australian gamers r KAHRINGE and that's coming from an australian..

  80. hahneul shin

    hahneul shin

    23 dagen geleden

    Don Lily and the Coffee Cartel will dominate the world with their coffee brands xD

  81. CleFesse


    23 dagen geleden

    That president/bodyguard relationship was truly the key, and very funny to watch! Well done!! Tho, Corpse voted twice Sykkuno, his relenting tactic is to vote at the last moment everytime he's out of options.

  82. Among Us Hub

    Among Us Hub

    23 dagen geleden

    The animations are actually the best part of the video!

  83. Kevin Cabras

    Kevin Cabras

    23 dagen geleden

    2:35 2:35

  84. Kinwa Li

    Kinwa Li

    23 dagen geleden

    Once Dream voted Marcel, Toast knew Dream must die.

  85. Jeremy Campos

    Jeremy Campos

    23 dagen geleden

    That bait kill on Dream had me reeling

  86. olivia


    23 dagen geleden

    Toast: *uses Muselk to protect himself* Toast: Yeah, I'm his bodyguard

  87. the00EDub


    23 dagen geleden

    Toast always plays with his food

  88. Keith Coyotl

    Keith Coyotl

    24 dagen geleden

    toast: (kills) everybody: It's Nogla. and even if it isn't, at least he can't yell at us now

  89. Susan Hoki

    Susan Hoki

    24 dagen geleden

    18:53 Toast yawning while Rae is questioning 5up

  90. Radhika Somani

    Radhika Somani

    24 dagen geleden

    Toast knew it was black and orange but he still let them play.

  91. SwetlessNoob


    24 dagen geleden

    AmOnG uS bUt I WeNt 13430u320590 iQ

  92. Devil's Advocake

    Devil's Advocake

    24 dagen geleden

    My god, Lily is too adorable.

  93. Shevy_Seby Gamer

    Shevy_Seby Gamer

    24 dagen geleden

    Wait where

  94. Kylo Quinn

    Kylo Quinn

    25 dagen geleden

    The video is very amazing and very action

  95. Tom


    25 dagen geleden

    I wish Nogla would let other people talk

    • Shining Darkness

      Shining Darkness

      23 dagen geleden

      I wish you would delete your account

  96. mikael hjønnevåg

    mikael hjønnevåg

    25 dagen geleden


  97. Jonathan Anderson

    Jonathan Anderson

    25 dagen geleden

    of course he gets special treatment sykuno best boy

  98. VonDrake Natividad

    VonDrake Natividad

    25 dagen geleden

    When does dream goes stupid he was literally getting lure to a trap

  99. Ur a pig 69

    Ur a pig 69

    25 dagen geleden

    Toast go brrr

  100. AhoyItsKaitlyn


    25 dagen geleden

    5up and Dream sound so similar