BLACK PANTHER - '' I'm Not Dead '' Flipbook - DP ART DRAWING

It took me over 100 hours to draw 298 Black Panther paintings and creat a 17 seconds flipbook
“In my culture, death is not the end” - Black Panther
Wakanda Forever. RIP Chadwick Boseman. T’Challa
#BlackPanther #Iamnotdead #DPARTDRAWING
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    Por tu enorme esfuerzo lo minimo que te puedo dar es una suscripcion un laik un comentario

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    Actually he is dead

  3. Blackoreanfemale


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    👏 WOW

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    Santiago Vargas Grajeda

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    this guy loves marvel like me

  5. Zafar Imran

    Zafar Imran

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    Great work and i have only one word to say that - You are a legend artist sir.

  6. Zafar Imran

    Zafar Imran

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    Witch pencil you are using for penciling and inking sir pleae tell me

  7. Prakash Sinha

    Prakash Sinha

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    Bs is level ka dedication chahiye 🙏❤️

  8. Ronit raj

    Ronit raj

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    Amazing guy mann wahtt a much of patience talent...just rock🔥🔥🔥



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    Hardwork 😍

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    But why

  11. Abhishek Belwal

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    FUN DRAW art

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    the original is really cool . don't forget to stop by my channel too

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    Cara que paciência, e que talento, vc é realmente incrível, Deus abençoe

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    I'm but an agent of the void. This input is important,

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    Very very nice video amazing super next drawing Frozen 2 thank you 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉☺️

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    You should join zhc drawing group

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    I paused it so she can rest a bit

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    #Andymation should see this

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    Uncle Freddie

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    Wait. The monkeys not dead 😔I thought he was

  22. Devin Newton

    Devin Newton

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    When you can't afford Disney+

  23. Juni Jones

    Juni Jones

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    He’s not dead if he’s alive in our hearts and memory

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    All love here man

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    Total Respect and lovely

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    omg hes a god

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    Serendib Artist

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    What an effort and patience ! And skill ! I admire this !

  28. Falcon 2.0

    Falcon 2.0

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    Boo al the people who thumbs downed this video! It is insane



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    nicegaming 60

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    Keep up The Great work. 👍✝️💯🙏🦾

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    Magical Messi

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    He's not dead, now he's gone 😔😔🐆

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    Mr. Perfect

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    This is creativity

  33. Mark Rivera

    Mark Rivera

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    What's the title of the song @2:48??

  34. Andrey Mascardo

    Andrey Mascardo

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    Wow You are so Very amazing I hope I should have do it 🙂

  35. T talk

    T talk

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    Best reply by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to a little girl. Everyone must watch

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    Pls subscribe to this legend

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    Rip chadwich bronson he isnt dead is our hearts😇

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    Respect I have nothing but respect Good job

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    Sahebrav Bhise

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    Are you girl

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    U are super great

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    Well done man

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    This fantastic! I'm truly amazed!

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    Moniq Kimi

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    This legend will never die🐱🐱🐱🐱

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    Im nod dead but now hes deaad😭😭😭😭😭

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  47. Eliane Nzayisenga

    Eliane Nzayisenga

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    That is real art if I was to do that I will probably do stick mans

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  49. Richboyisdope


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    whoever disliked this is just because they're jealous and wish they could do it and also because they don't like black panther

  50. Sifrane Pertini LOUMOUAMOU

    Sifrane Pertini LOUMOUAMOU

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    I love black penter

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    this man should recieve a novel prize

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    OMG !! I can't say anything You blow my mind away ..

  55. Jason Xie

    Jason Xie

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    There should’ve been more stuff for RBG she most of her life voting for history changing laws and acts that will remain for the rest of American history. Chadwick was just an actor the fuss about his death was bcuz he is a celebrity.

  56. A L

    A L

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    This is what COVID 19 has lead us to

  57. Sundar Giri

    Sundar Giri

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    Are you girl or boy

  58. OldOgForDaWin


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    I recently had a chadwick boseman assignment about his death and now I hate school

  59. Ericks Gaming channel roblox and more

    Ericks Gaming channel roblox and more

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    Guys look at the left side see how the time is going by fast me looks at my time yup no difference

  60. Robert Borich

    Robert Borich

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    You are a true-life X-Man with patience waaaaaaaaaaay beyond us mere mortals.

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    Wakanda forever 🔥🔥🔥

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    How did some people dislike this?

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    Love it 🔥🔥🔥 this deserves more views

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    You didn’t show us how it was played out

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    R.i.p 😭😭😭 we love you

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    Whatever floats your boat

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    This peron has some talent!!

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    why the hell would someone not like this vid

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    How to get 24tr view😘

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    How good can he get!?

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    Hope someone suport my channel..thank u

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    Masterpiece ❤️

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    And he still lives thank you for making this😊😊🙂🥰

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    What the hell 💯 hours omay god

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    What a stunning hand drawn animation. Xxx

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    2 weeks for 24M+ views

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    It was incredible the transformation!

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    Great video nice for sharing,love it🙃❤️....❤️❤️..👍.....👍....... .... 😍...........😍

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    you amanig

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    15,000 people disliked this wtf ?

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    R.I.P Black Panther😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏

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    Hard work appreciated

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    He is true legend or we can say true fan of marvel B/z he gives most important thing of his life (TIME)

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    Love you thanks for your hardwork😢😢

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    . (Left some space for the praise I would’ve commented but couldn’t because I’m literally left speechless)

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    Oh my god! This is masterpiece. Please take your time and sleep okay 😊

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    Pls sound

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    Dude can you make the avengers endgame

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    At 4:09 start to look at the watch 😱😱

  93. Sadhna Vijay Anand

    Sadhna Vijay Anand

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    Did you draw this as a tribute? P. S. Your drawings are legit incredible ❤️😍

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    You have a lot of determination.

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    Wakanda forever