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Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport - First Drive!

How is this Chiron different to the others? The Pur Sport is made for drifting and cornering! This is the day I fell in love with the Chiron. So smooth but so unbelievably powerful. It has gone in to my top 3 cars to drive. Big thanks to Frank, the Deputy Design Director for showing us around, and to Andy, the official Bugatti Test Driver, who recently broke the world speed record!!
The full review of the Pur Sport is here:





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    Shadow wodahS

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    Dust in hair ?

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    A Bugatti.... is the ultimate hypercar

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    I know this question is personal and silly but.. You are rich?

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    I love bugattie since i am a French 🥰😍😋

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    Yellow colours gold sun colories cars world passitive engerys cars skin safe cools cars thanks medam Sundar sumathi



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    He should of brought out the buggati bolide

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    Official Travis Turner

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    Thanks for sharing this amazing video with us all

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    love from BD

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    does best

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    that is my favourite color and car

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    That engine sound like a caged beast growling, wanting to be frightening.

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    • BERK KOÇ 06

      BERK KOÇ 06

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      Haklısın dostum

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    Brakes inspection needed which might cost $100,000 Did you listen to that whistling sound! 9:11

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    God's Son

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  16. Jaymo Reynolds

    Jaymo Reynolds

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    please get Go Pro cameras that can be mounted to the cars, the content was cool, specifically the mini drag race, but the camera angles and camera stability really takes away from what it could be - Check out the Car Wow or StraightPipes NLcameras channel to see what I'm referring to.

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    Can i have blondies phone number, i need to ask her a personal question.

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    Wonder if Bugatti makes matching sun glasses? Cause I need them when I drive my gigantic Bugatti

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    Fabulous engineering. Bliss.

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    Jan Ruud

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    The woman simply cannot say Bugatti. After all these years. Its still Booghatchi.

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    More for me to believe that if u drive fast u won't have any hair

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    You are very lucky ma'am to drive the Bugatti Chiron I love that car its my dream to own that car

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    idol 😁

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    You are no more blondie

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    its either a spaceship a or a poor mic!!

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    Opo iku buggti chiron wes wes laini lo

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    best car

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    She looks like a feminist now.

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    Need one of these for my Epilepsy Awareness 💜

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    💕 I love it

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    I love bugatti... Awesome...

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    Love Nitro RC

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    Always nice to watch a Bugatti video. Haven't been on this channel for a while now. I'm surprised to see how much it has grown. Congrats to you!



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    Nice butt with gucci pants

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    Ok nice, i will buy 10 of this cars.

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    Ohh yeah she is blonde! Talking about watering out the brand! Where to begin .......

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    Glad to see your happiness, you are so enjoying life happily, safely and peacefully, greetings from gaza

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    Ahmad Izzat Shahmier Alhamdulillah

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    It's same like aventador sv,but more horse power.

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    Bugatti : 0-100 in 2.3s Tesla model s : 😌😌

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    5 dagen geleden mercedes-benz

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    Ya buggati

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    Well technically she is now SuperCar Ginger

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    Gucci top to toe. Looks good on you.

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    i take both!

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    necesitamos un canal tuyo en español

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    I love your videos and I love cars even I never have one 😢

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    Nothing better than seeing a Beast and a straight line

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    SuperCarPinkie ;-)

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    Luxury #p11knowledge

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    Who in the world drifts their buggati? Stradman be like:🤨

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    Where is this location ?

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    Finally she steps on it. Never saw her pushing the pedal to the ground

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    i wonder if they rent pur sport in dubai



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    There's no "blondie" here... instead a pinkie girl popped! 🙄🤔 🤣🤣🤣

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    I love how you are sitting on the wrong side of the road at the end with the Bugatti lol

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    Please make video on SHUL hypercar

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    my favorite car is that bugatti chiron beauty I love it😍

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    I think you should sell the McLaren & buy a Bugatti 😊

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    in the first minute of the video: -Is this your first time in Dubai? -Yes, this is my first time in the desert -....ok! Im going to drive the Chiron! I think she is rude!

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    Jim Pearce

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