We add a CREWMATE Juggernaut Cop Role in Among Us
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  1. Bavly Gamer

    Bavly Gamer

    32 minuten geleden

    I WANT YOU to make a mod about hatsune miku

  2. Bakou


    2 uur geleden


  3. Bakou


    2 uur geleden


  4. Kaydan Callahan

    Kaydan Callahan

    6 uur geleden

    If i was the juggernaut henwy would be going home

  5. Kaydan Callahan

    Kaydan Callahan

    6 uur geleden

    Ssundee is so lucky he always gets inposter or the role

  6. Kaydan Callahan

    Kaydan Callahan

    6 uur geleden

    If his a real police then why is he in a space ship

  7. Mason Fung

    Mason Fung

    7 uur geleden


  8. Mason Fung

    Mason Fung

    7 uur geleden


  9. ejhester90


    7 uur geleden

    Time killer

  10. Elijah kiger

    Elijah kiger

    8 uur geleden


  11. Elijah kiger

    Elijah kiger

    8 uur geleden


  12. Elijah kiger

    Elijah kiger

    8 uur geleden

    Just car

  13. Get Nightmares

    Get Nightmares

    8 uur geleden

    Can you do bloons td 6 again

  14. Christina Brogdon

    Christina Brogdon

    9 uur geleden


  15. Joey Thomson

    Joey Thomson

    12 uur geleden

    Stop likening

  16. Huan Wang

    Huan Wang

    13 uur geleden

    Henwy vented dide

  17. Helen Carroll

    Helen Carroll

    14 uur geleden

    The momy. mod wus kerijy

  18. Brandon Mcarthur

    Brandon Mcarthur

    15 uur geleden

    I’m new

  19. Zahmanie Haughton

    Zahmanie Haughton

    18 uur geleden

    Sorry I didn't wow

  20. XD BLAKE


    20 uur geleden


  21. Chris XS

    Chris XS

    22 uur geleden


  22. Reese Calvario

    Reese Calvario

    22 uur geleden

    Please play more spoons in fortnite

  23. Happy hyven Idicy

    Happy hyven Idicy

    23 uur geleden

    Hey SSundee!! Can you make a video about police vs criminals? I want to watch it

  24. Seanelmo Sauza

    Seanelmo Sauza

    Dag geleden

    Why can he just zoom out and watch

  25. Muhammd Arief

    Muhammd Arief

    Dag geleden

    Ssunde : lez go

  26. Mr obekobe

    Mr obekobe

    Dag geleden


  27. Julie Hawkins

    Julie Hawkins

    Dag geleden

    Henwy was only following covid 19 restrictions 😴😂

  28. Roderick Beralde

    Roderick Beralde

    Dag geleden

    No hanwi

  29. Luiz Zanardo

    Luiz Zanardo

    Dag geleden


  30. Courtney Simmons

    Courtney Simmons

    Dag geleden

    The upbeat surgeon historically plug because malaysia customarily peck onto a vague battle. slow, light top

  31. Wolf Girl

    Wolf Girl

    Dag geleden

    he should do this on airship bc she map is to small on skeld

  32. shadow slayer monster

    shadow slayer monster

    Dag geleden

    1 . 2 . 3. ahhhhhhhhhh

  33. Stas Romanowski

    Stas Romanowski

    Dag geleden

    Henry wented

  34. Christa Debs

    Christa Debs

    Dag geleden


  35. Lucas Loisel

    Lucas Loisel

    Dag geleden

    Henwy ils a rober🙃😆😆😆



    Dag geleden

    i saw hanwy vent in 9;3



      Dag geleden

      i saw hanwy vent in 9.34

  37. Niranjan Kaur

    Niranjan Kaur

    2 dagen geleden

    I love it

  38. David Chijindum

    David Chijindum

    2 dagen geleden


    • Melissa Perez

      Melissa Perez

      9 uur geleden


    • Ben Alleman

      Ben Alleman

      9 uur geleden


    • Nick R

      Nick R

      10 uur geleden


  39. Alpha cat

    Alpha cat

    2 dagen geleden

    I'm a kid,but Wen i grow up I want to be a jugernaut

  40. waiz amsyar

    waiz amsyar

    2 dagen geleden

    all of you among us this mewtwo super vs medic godzilla vs kong all of them is edit i know

  41. Pramusetya Kanca

    Pramusetya Kanca

    2 dagen geleden

    Since the Juggernaut can transform into a police car, what should its name be? I’m thinking of Stryker-Bot.

    • Color Soup

      Color Soup

      5 uur geleden


  42. Shibin Joseph

    Shibin Joseph

    2 dagen geleden

    it was dark green killed yellow

  43. Valeria Larios

    Valeria Larios

    2 dagen geleden

    Henry vented😮😮😮😮😎😎😎

  44. Riley Webb

    Riley Webb

    2 dagen geleden

    Sundee you are my favorite player of all of them in Everything

  45. L3thalGamer79


    2 dagen geleden

    4:07 He’s the Jug

  46. RPR Studios

    RPR Studios

    2 dagen geleden

    good job

  47. La Movieman

    La Movieman

    2 dagen geleden

    Your mom is freaking so oh people

  48. Adam Zdenek

    Adam Zdenek

    2 dagen geleden

    can you diagnose

  49. Darby Crabtree

    Darby Crabtree

    2 dagen geleden

    SEND ME ONE pls

  50. Sean Kock

    Sean Kock

    2 dagen geleden

    100 iq is normal iq....not impressive

  51. Baby Boss

    Baby Boss

    2 dagen geleden

    10:27 14:02

  52. artinen kameli

    artinen kameli

    2 dagen geleden

    Who else saw henwy vented when ssundee was juggernaut

  53. Fitri red saan

    Fitri red saan

    3 dagen geleden

    Loaf's laugh was kinda like william's when he was in springboonie

    • Not yet Yeet

      Not yet Yeet

      Dag geleden

      Mark it

  54. Maryam Akif

    Maryam Akif

    3 dagen geleden

    I like you

  55. Jayden Castillo

    Jayden Castillo

    3 dagen geleden


  56. FrostySilver


    3 dagen geleden

    6:34 Explain to me what that is

  57. Faris 777 Ali

    Faris 777 Ali

    3 dagen geleden

    JUGGERNAUT role mod is cool

  58. FL Shlate

    FL Shlate

    3 dagen geleden

    Claim ur here before 10 million views ticket here

  59. JT Kirk

    JT Kirk

    3 dagen geleden

    Hi ssundee you’re the best NLcameras.

  60. Alex Jin

    Alex Jin

    3 dagen geleden

    your mods are extremely cool and fun

  61. Sachin Mishra

    Sachin Mishra

    3 dagen geleden

    Why did he kil biffle he’s the only one who trusted you

  62. Burning godzilla

    Burning godzilla

    3 dagen geleden

    8:47 I'm gonna go interrogate Henwy if he doesn't say anything about the body then it's him and henwy.🤣🤣

    • HippoSushi5


      2 dagen geleden

      I heard that in the video and was confused 🤷‍♂️ lol

    • Aaron Mooney

      Aaron Mooney

      2 dagen geleden


    • Jervie Gorgonia

      Jervie Gorgonia

      3 dagen geleden


  63. hamza hilal

    hamza hilal

    3 dagen geleden

    👍Ioikoyu yuioi zoo

  64. Cyber Clan

    Cyber Clan

    3 dagen geleden

    Who else dosen't watch the video right away because you think it wont be good and then it is an absolute banger

    • Zelda master 0101 Gaming

      Zelda master 0101 Gaming

      13 uur geleden

      Not me

    • FireRBX


      15 uur geleden


  65. Isabella Schwartz

    Isabella Schwartz

    3 dagen geleden

    It's hewy

  66. Bridgett and victoria

    Bridgett and victoria

    3 dagen geleden


  67. Katherine Yates

    Katherine Yates

    4 dagen geleden

    I like ya cut g

  68. weid_dude 124 is too weird

    weid_dude 124 is too weird

    4 dagen geleden

    Weeeee woooooooo weeeeeeeee wooooooooo

  69. Michelle Chong

    Michelle Chong

    4 dagen geleden

    Why did you all die at?

  70. Maltin Guja

    Maltin Guja

    4 dagen geleden

    I don't remember you being the imposter

  71. Konrád Köteles

    Konrád Köteles

    4 dagen geleden

    i: henwy?

  72. Dylan Wong

    Dylan Wong

    4 dagen geleden

    does anybody like this mod like if you like the mod

  73. Tuğra Tuğ

    Tuğra Tuğ

    4 dagen geleden


  74. Sherry Thomas

    Sherry Thomas

    4 dagen geleden

    just mine at night

  75. Pixie Studio - Digital Content & Printing

    Pixie Studio - Digital Content & Printing

    4 dagen geleden

    This video is epic and amazing

  76. Dounia el mouallem

    Dounia el mouallem

    4 dagen geleden

    The X button for XECUTE HAHAHAHAHA

  77. Rupfuto Chuzho

    Rupfuto Chuzho

    5 dagen geleden

    Biffle always become imposter

  78. Susie Teller

    Susie Teller

    5 dagen geleden

    SO FUNNY LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Toadhead


    5 dagen geleden

    Henwy vents 9:33 in generator room

  80. Mr Pib

    Mr Pib

    5 dagen geleden

    U should do some more scary mods

  81. Thiền Am Bên Bờ Vũ Trụ

    Thiền Am Bên Bờ Vũ Trụ

    5 dagen geleden


  82. Youssef Hamed

    Youssef Hamed

    5 dagen geleden


  83. Emilio siahaan

    Emilio siahaan

    5 dagen geleden

    novisor is secret imposter

  84. Project zorgo Leader

    Project zorgo Leader

    6 dagen geleden


  85. HeeseWing2421


    6 dagen geleden

    yo are the worse

  86. May Saeedi

    May Saeedi

    6 dagen geleden

    It’s pretty good that the police get’s to grab somone so he can bush them all around so they can’t do anything the hole time 😂 So please do a troll video then you be the police 👮 Then grab somone the hole time😈 It’s good advice for your views becouse I’m also a youtuber👈🏻 so if you agree comment my NLcameras hamza hm tv thank you!

  87. Basem Braish

    Basem Braish

    6 dagen geleden

    Yea he takes a lot of time

  88. Alex Knox

    Alex Knox

    6 dagen geleden

    i love how when you are a protector at the begging you always say "I will protect this city" so dramaticly

  89. Kristen Rodgers

    Kristen Rodgers

    6 dagen geleden

    Why dose he always get it the second round and wins

  90. jamie Gibbons

    jamie Gibbons

    6 dagen geleden

    i mean 1:31

  91. jamie Gibbons

    jamie Gibbons

    6 dagen geleden

    1:13 Henwy:oh hey biffle Ein: (killed biffle) me:oh by biffle henwy PFF-

  92. Maze


    6 dagen geleden

    “DUDE THIS IS 100 IQ” do you realize that the average iq for an adult is slightly over 100 iq?

  93. Ali Garza

    Ali Garza

    6 dagen geleden

    where are the greatest crewmates

  94. bear is sneaky

    bear is sneaky

    6 dagen geleden

    How do you do that I want to I like what you do like the siren head so how do you do that can you tell me

  95. Nancy Garrett

    Nancy Garrett

    6 dagen geleden

    baby yoba among us mod

  96. Gaming and Youtube

    Gaming and Youtube

    6 dagen geleden

    most common words:i will protect the city

  97. BigFoot 51ting

    BigFoot 51ting

    6 dagen geleden

    Government is going to start skimming the you tube pots ,seen on fb today people with over a million viewers are going to be in some hot wata . Prepare . Counter

  98. Marky D

    Marky D

    6 dagen geleden

    0:51 sorry that what I meant

  99. Marky D

    Marky D

    6 dagen geleden

    0:53 movie star ⭐️✨🤩

  100. Alex Vitos

    Alex Vitos

    7 dagen geleden