Paul McCartney - Coming Up (Official Music Video)

The music video for “Coming Up” from the McCartney II album was directed by Keith McMillan and released in 1980. It has been newly remastered in HD.
“Coming Up” was the first single released off the McCartney II album. The video features Paul McCartney playing a number different roles, alongside Linda McCartney who plays the backing signers in the video.
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  1. dailyflash


    4 minuten geleden

    He's doing the guy from Sparks with the Hitler mustache on keyboards.

  2. Gazzy Muñoz

    Gazzy Muñoz

    Uur geleden

    La canción que mato a John Lennon

  3. Jose Cuenca

    Jose Cuenca

    3 uur geleden

    guao todos son quico

  4. Barclay Allsopp

    Barclay Allsopp

    3 uur geleden

    That was like seeing all the different personalities of Paul, inside his head, having jam party about the thought of dating some new chick or something like that. His libido was the drummer. Very strange show, mesmerising till the end.

  5. Headbanging MAMA

    Headbanging MAMA

    5 uur geleden

    I love Paul as the cowardly lion!! LOL 😂

  6. Armando Arellano

    Armando Arellano

    9 uur geleden

    ???: Are you the real Paul? Paul: What do you mean? We are ten paul's

  7. Charles Allan

    Charles Allan

    17 uur geleden

    Backup band sounds like the Blockheads.

  8. Sean Sullivan

    Sean Sullivan

    20 uur geleden

    I’m wondering if “The Plastic Macs” is a play on both the Plastic Ono band and Dirty Mac

  9. Nick Firth

    Nick Firth

    21 uur geleden

    When I was very young, I used to go to sleep listening to a Wings cassette my dad made for me. For some reason he had recorded 'Ace of Spades' by Motorhead on the end of side 2. It used to wake me up in the early hours, and I loved it. Every time I hear a Wings song, it transports me back to being a tired 7 year old.

  10. Jon Cunningham Experience

    Jon Cunningham Experience

    22 uur geleden

    Paul's answer to Th Talking Heads

    • Headbanging MAMA

      Headbanging MAMA

      5 uur geleden

      LOL LOL 😆🤣

  11. Maria Therese

    Maria Therese

    22 uur geleden

    This gives me the same vibes as George popping out of a pram. 😅

  12. forevercomescrashing


    Dag geleden

    If I was a Billionaire I'd pay Radiohead to make an entire album of songs like McCartney when he's being weird

  13. Gravity Twins

    Gravity Twins

    Dag geleden

    the bassdrum head said the plastic macs lmfao

  14. Alex DONI

    Alex DONI

    Dag geleden

    why is this so addictive?

  15. penny lane

    penny lane

    Dag geleden

    1:52 The bass drum says "The Plastic Macs" ..... hmmmmmm

  16. SamIAm


    Dag geleden

    god what a horrible song

  17. Vivian Hegyi

    Vivian Hegyi

    Dag geleden

    i can't belive he's everyone in that video

  18. Ruby Tuesday

    Ruby Tuesday

    Dag geleden

    You're all crazy saying that he looks 20... It's not that you look 20 or you look 80.

  19. gutgolf74 gutgolf

    gutgolf74 gutgolf

    Dag geleden

    That whole bass line is INSANE, but 3:26 is AMAZING!!!

  20. gutgolf74 gutgolf

    gutgolf74 gutgolf

    Dag geleden

    Outkast say "Thanks for the cool idea!"

  21. TomT


    Dag geleden

    Seems to be sped up.

  22. Sabina


    Dag geleden

    cómo no amar a este hombre?

  23. Muhammad Rafiq Farhan

    Muhammad Rafiq Farhan

    Dag geleden

    Young Paul in 80s

  24. The White Hotel

    The White Hotel

    Dag geleden

    Blood test came back positive for marijuana

  25. Marcus Paulo Ribeiro

    Marcus Paulo Ribeiro

    Dag geleden

    Coming up musicao esse 👍👏👏👏

  26. Randy Ranson

    Randy Ranson

    Dag geleden

    The Plastic Macs vs The Plastic Ono Band.

  27. Louis Tenore

    Louis Tenore

    2 dagen geleden

    41 years later and stll sounds great im jamming to this right now

  28. Carlos Paredes

    Carlos Paredes

    2 dagen geleden

    Temazoooooo, de lujo ,quien lo escucha mayo 2021 ???

  29. Gary Atkinson

    Gary Atkinson

    2 dagen geleden

    Love the Ron Mael impersonation!

  30. Robert Scott

    Robert Scott

    2 dagen geleden

    live in Berlin is still my fave cut of this song

  31. Arrison Teixeira

    Arrison Teixeira

    2 dagen geleden

    Pior música e vídeo do Paul mcartney, digno de Luiz Boça ...

  32. JJ G

    JJ G

    2 dagen geleden

    McCartney has written some of the greatest songs in music history and he has written some of the worst crap in music history. This song falls into to the latter.

  33. Loris Perfetto

    Loris Perfetto

    2 dagen geleden

    Linda was beautiful

  34. 125 Southern NH

    125 Southern NH

    2 dagen geleden

    Linda was a sweetheart but was fairly talentless as a musician/dancer.

  35. mateo arnau 12

    mateo arnau 12

    2 dagen geleden


  36. mateo arnau 12

    mateo arnau 12

    2 dagen geleden


  37. Guillermo Rodríguez Moreno

    Guillermo Rodríguez Moreno

    2 dagen geleden

    Paul has found the way to parallel universes

  38. Tainá Tw

    Tainá Tw

    2 dagen geleden

    I miss Paul on this song

  39. the blues and other colors

    the blues and other colors

    2 dagen geleden

    great tune. hilarious video

  40. Marvin Palomo

    Marvin Palomo

    3 dagen geleden

    Una delas mejores canciones nuestra epoca

  41. Roger Condori Huisa

    Roger Condori Huisa

    3 dagen geleden

    El Paul verse

  42. Earl Delsanto

    Earl Delsanto

    3 dagen geleden

    I'm still not getting over ivory and ebony and that savoy crap. This is leading up to the miserable 80s for sir paul.

  43. Análisis De Cuestión

    Análisis De Cuestión

    3 dagen geleden

    Beautiful 😍😍❤❤

  44. Joe Schembrie

    Joe Schembrie

    3 dagen geleden

    Paul needs to talk to that guy on the keyboard. I think he has issues with the band that need to be resolved. Also, he's not pulling his weight.

  45. Chase Chilcoate

    Chase Chilcoate

    3 dagen geleden

    if baul didn't die we wouldn't have gotten faul

  46. David L

    David L

    3 dagen geleden

    Must give Sir Knight Paul credit for this video..................far as the pre-MTV era, it's pretty creative and well-directed!

  47. Shane Kristian

    Shane Kristian

    3 dagen geleden


  48. Rafic Hobeika

    Rafic Hobeika

    3 dagen geleden

    Did anyone notice his Hank Marvin ( The Shadows) impersonation?

  49. greg best

    greg best

    3 dagen geleden

    Greg and Cher, .. like a flower, ..coming uP.

  50. Mauro Coimbra

    Mauro Coimbra

    3 dagen geleden

    He's the greatest artist of the 20th Century... and, so far, of the 21rst aswell.

  51. Tailgunner Rich

    Tailgunner Rich

    3 dagen geleden

    Wow! Here’s stating the obvious: what a fun video from Paul.

  52. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    4 dagen geleden

    Coming up☝️like a Flower🌹🥰🌹✌️🎵🌌⏳RIP Linda🌹27🌹

  53. StoOn Head

    StoOn Head

    4 dagen geleden

    1:06 : wink wink to the Beatles ! Oooooh ! 👍 Julian Lennon at 1:21 ! This video seems to be full of camos !



    4 dagen geleden


  55. bearcb


    4 dagen geleden

    An Amish drummer, that’s a thing to see

  56. Kenneth Ostrer

    Kenneth Ostrer

    4 dagen geleden

    Paul's final solo US #1. Which is kinda unbelievable to me. Legend and genius

  57. 비정한세상


    4 dagen geleden

    You Want a Love to Last Forever 너는 영원한 사랑을 원하지 One That Will Never Fade Away 결코 사라지지 않을 사랑말이야 I Want To Help You with Your Problem 너의 문제를 도와주고 싶어 Stick Around, I Say 내 말을 계속 들어봐 Coming Up, Coming Up, Yeah 잘 되어가고 있어 Coming Up Like a Flower 꽃피어나듯 잘 되어가고 있어 Coming Up, I Say 잘 되어가고 있어 You Want a Friend You Can Rely On 너는 믿을 수 있는 친구를 원하지 One Who Will Never Fade Away 영원히 사라지지 않을 친구말야 And If You're Searching for an Answer 해답을 찾고 있다면 Stick Around. I Say 내 말을 계속 들어봐 It's Coming Up, It's Coming Up 잘 되어가고 있어 It's Coming Up Like a Flower 꽃피어나듯 잘 되어가고 있어 It's Coming Up. Yeah 잘 되어가고 있어 You Want Some Peace and Understanding 너는 평화와 이해를 원하지 So Everybody Can Be Free 그래서 모두가 자유로울 수 있도록 I Know That We Can Get Together 우리가 함께 얻을 수 있어 We Can Make It, Stick with Me 성공할 수 있어. 내 말을 들어봐 It's Coming Up, It's Coming Up 잘 되어가고 있어 It's Coming Up Like a Flower 꽃피어나듯 잘 되어가고 있어 It's Coming Up for You and Me 너와 내가 잘 되어가고 있어 Coming Up, Coming Up 잘 되어가고 있어 It's Coming Up, It's Coming Up, I Say 아주 잘 되어가고 있어 It's Coming Up Like a Flower 꽃피어나듯 잘 되어가고 있어 It's Coming Up 잘 되어가고 있어 I Feel It in My Bones 뼛속 깊이 느낄 수 있어 You Want a Better Kind of Future 너는 더 나은 미래를 원하지 One That Everyone Can Share 모두가 나누는 미래말야 You're Not Alone, We All Could Use It 넌 혼자가 아니야. 우리 모두 사용할 수 있어 Stick Around We're Nearly There 조금만 더 들어봐 It's Coming Up, It's Coming Up Everywhere 잘 되어가고 있어. 다 잘 되고 있어 It's Coming Up Like a Flower 꽃피어나듯 잘 되어가고 있어 It's Coming Up for All to Share 우리가 나눌 수 있도록 잘 되어가고 있어 It's Coming Up, Yeah 잘 되어 가고 있어 It's Coming Up, Anyway 어쨌든 잘 되어가고 있어 It's Coming Up Like a Flower 꽃이 피어나듯 잘 되어 가고 있어 Coming Up 잘 되어 가고 있어!

  58. Matt Macob

    Matt Macob

    4 dagen geleden

    So "The Plastic Mac" is both referencing plastic ono band and the dirty mac?

  59. Notoriousblt103


    5 dagen geleden

    Choose your fighter: hillbilly drummer Paul, Long hair Paul, saxophone Paul, Buddy Holly Paul, stern businessman Paul, or Beatle Paul

  60. Frank Lee

    Frank Lee

    5 dagen geleden

    MTV Wasnt even created yet🤔😊👍

    • Close Your Mouth

      Close Your Mouth

      2 dagen geleden

      Wish it wasn’t

  61. Miguel Ponce

    Miguel Ponce

    5 dagen geleden

    Paul mccartney chespirito metalero

  62. mazasan


    5 dagen geleden

    I remember when I watched the video clip on my tv for the first time. We didn't have a video recorder yet and I filmed it using my parents' cinecamera 😂.

  63. Johann Witt

    Johann Witt

    6 dagen geleden

    Never noticed the Ron Mael (Sparks) impersonation before.

  64. Johann Witt

    Johann Witt

    6 dagen geleden

    I believe this premiered on SNL.

  65. Steve Headroom

    Steve Headroom

    6 dagen geleden

    1:29 paul mccartney death stare

  66. Planet of the Deaf

    Planet of the Deaf

    6 dagen geleden

    Paul looking really young in this video, indeed better than he did through most of the 70s and indeed late 60s!

    • Sheid


      3 dagen geleden

      Beards can really make or break men

  67. Oyama Kouki

    Oyama Kouki

    6 dagen geleden

    あはは~m(_ _)m

  68. Oyama Kouki

    Oyama Kouki

    6 dagen geleden


  69. Crumpleshadow


    6 dagen geleden

    Drums: Mick Fleetwood Keyboards: Kraftwerk Guitar: Buddy Holly Guitar: Yoko Ono Bass: Paul McCartney Backing Vocals: Glen and Glenda Lead Vocal: Paul Ramon

  70. kato64


    7 dagen geleden

    I read somewhere that this tune became an earworm for John, and it’s what actually got him back into the studio. Ten years after the breakup, and Paul was still inspiring John to outdo him.

  71. Jeff Oregon

    Jeff Oregon

    7 dagen geleden

    MTV was such a great idea when it was new. A radio station on TV with creative visuals for every song. Then they switched to reality TV, which is not exactly what we needed more of but less. Coming Up is a great song and the video is still excellent.

  72. Syamsul Ankar 1996

    Syamsul Ankar 1996

    7 dagen geleden

    The Plastic Mac Band 👍

  73. HMWaluigi


    7 dagen geleden

    Who can name all the impersonations?

  74. Milford Civic

    Milford Civic

    7 dagen geleden

    The live version off Paul McCartney's "All the Best" is a way better less weird version:

  75. 徐英風


    7 dagen geleden


  76. Rafita Ramírez Ok

    Rafita Ramírez Ok

    7 dagen geleden

    Está canción es de la época discotheque en la voz del sir Paul McCartney

  77. Auntjemima Uncleben

    Auntjemima Uncleben

    7 dagen geleden

    All musicians were cast by the William Shears Campbell talent agency.

  78. Ron Weasley

    Ron Weasley

    8 dagen geleden

    Didn't know Paul died more than once.

  79. David y Pato

    David y Pato

    8 dagen geleden


  80. Rob Tyman

    Rob Tyman

    8 dagen geleden

    Wow, Prince should have done a cover version of this. It's made for Prince!! ...Paul looks alittle uncomfortable singing this..... it's a funky song and he doesn't do the song justice. This could have been in an early Prince album such as 'Dirty Mind' or maybe on 'Controversy'. It screams Prince!!

    • Oliver


      8 dagen geleden

      the live version is more funky, check out the Concert for Kampuchea performance

  81. Sami Rivera

    Sami Rivera

    8 dagen geleden

    Director: how many Paul’s do you want Paul McCartney: yesssssss

  82. Finn Shoaps

    Finn Shoaps

    9 dagen geleden

    The song that took John out of retirement!

  83. Doug Tull

    Doug Tull

    10 dagen geleden

    Listen to that bass. So in the pocket!

  84. Lance Love

    Lance Love

    11 dagen geleden

    I didn't know wierd al.was brittish.

  85. Elzio A. Santos

    Elzio A. Santos

    11 dagen geleden

    Linda...a real princess... congratulations to Paul choosing a wonderful wife

  86. Evani Stephani

    Evani Stephani

    11 dagen geleden

    I can't get over Beatle Paul's Cheeky wink at 1:25 and then he looks around like nothing happened. Who knew Paul McCartney was such a good Paul McCartney impressionist

  87. Fiero88mph2018


    11 dagen geleden

    This is what the Beatles would have sounded like by 1980, had 1. They never broken up, 2. John Lennon never been assassinated, but especially 3: had John never met Yoko.

    • Close Your Mouth

      Close Your Mouth

      2 dagen geleden

      John loved her. F. Off

  88. John Wharton

    John Wharton

    11 dagen geleden


  89. Bernice


    11 dagen geleden

    The run he did at the very end always satisfies me

  90. Christopher Huber

    Christopher Huber

    11 dagen geleden

    Did anyone notice at about 1:37 that Buddy Holly whipped the bird at i am guessing is Ian Gilliam of Deep Purple?

  91. Christopher Huber

    Christopher Huber

    11 dagen geleden

    This was the greatest video before mtv used to play videos

  92. Mike Z

    Mike Z

    11 dagen geleden

    Wow did that feel long

  93. No Me

    No Me

    11 dagen geleden

    During this time I didn't know who the Beatles were. Born in 66 I didn't grow up on them. I knew McCartney from 70's radio. He was a rock star during this time. I dragged my mom to his rock concert at the movies and became a fan.



    12 dagen geleden

    He and Ringo are precious and need to be protected at all costs

  95. BansheeFifteen


    12 dagen geleden

    the chick dancing in the background

    • BansheeFifteen


      10 dagen geleden

      Oh that's Linda. She was great.

  96. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski

    12 dagen geleden

    Why are there any thumbs down? This is an awesome song and video.

  97. Ll Smith

    Ll Smith

    12 dagen geleden

    Good song. However the "live" version from Glasgow is the one that turns this pretty good song into a classic. The Live Concert Glasgow version is one of the best concert version of a hit song I have ever heard.

  98. OLEF


    12 dagen geleden

    genial desde Chile, la música británica es la mejor del mundo, junto a la Italiana, Española y Mexicana. En ese orden?

  99. Debbie Spohn

    Debbie Spohn

    13 dagen geleden


  100. Katy Collins

    Katy Collins

    13 dagen geleden

    he is amazing singer i like him a lot PAUL McCARTNEY you are good sing it that song

    • Katy Collins

      Katy Collins

      13 dagen geleden

      come on paul mccartney sing it agian