Feeding Calves

How we feed calves on our 200 cow dairy farm.
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  1. Preston


    2 dagen geleden

    The babies are soooo cute.

  2. kaylie nee

    kaylie nee

    3 dagen geleden

    we use bottles. i just think it’s a lot easier because it only takes usually only takes 2 or 3 feedings to train them to drink from a bottle holder, and you can get it done pretty fast. And the angle they’re drinking at is also better for them :)

  3. Khaled Khalel

    Khaled Khalel

    7 dagen geleden


  4. Ed Ic

    Ed Ic

    8 dagen geleden

    Great video... Thanks for your time making. Awesome.

  5. Brett Novak

    Brett Novak

    9 dagen geleden

    We do basically the same calf routine except wait until they are 1.5 - 2 months before switching from bottle to bucket

  6. razor world

    razor world

    13 dagen geleden

    Thank You for making time to share your videos with viewers who never saw the inside a dairy farm. Please keep them coming " you could show mess-ups/poop accidents so everyone see's it's not a bed of rose's working with live animals " .

  7. Anaston Maw

    Anaston Maw

    13 dagen geleden

    we feed our Calves with bottles till their about a month old and we do it the same way as you and find it helps a lot we milk in tie stalls

  8. MrSnicklesnickle


    14 dagen geleden

    Does a mother cow also pasteurise her own milk before feeding it to her calf?

  9. Breanna Springer

    Breanna Springer

    15 dagen geleden

    I think bottle is better. Pail feeding introduces lactic acid to the rumen, which causes bloat, lethargy, and reduced weight gain potential.

  10. Paul Irving

    Paul Irving

    15 dagen geleden

    who is doing the filimg

  11. Twon of Texas

    Twon of Texas

    15 dagen geleden

    IDK how or when I started watching all these farmers but MAN! Y'all are the MVPs!

  12. Shelly C

    Shelly C

    15 dagen geleden

    This is one of my favorite videos. I’m just learning , but why don’t the calves get to have more exercise? Their pens are so small. That one calf was jumping after his feed as if he wanted to run In the field. Also, seems sad they are not nursing.

  13. Alex Freeman

    Alex Freeman

    15 dagen geleden

    We feed it straight from the cow

  14. Alex Freeman

    Alex Freeman

    15 dagen geleden

    We bottle and bucket feed but we don’t pasteurize our milk

  15. David Wallac

    David Wallac

    18 dagen geleden

    That was VERY interesting, and a LOT of work I’d imagine! I’m sure when your married you’ll be the one doing the dishes? LOL!

  16. Justin Tremelling

    Justin Tremelling

    18 dagen geleden

    We can't have the pasteurizer in the milk house like you. We're in Wisconsin. Has to be in a different room.

  17. waterbug85


    18 dagen geleden

    More shot of 482, please.

  18. DS Galaxy Models

    DS Galaxy Models

    18 dagen geleden

    The dairy farm I work on, the calves get bottles to start, then progress. To pails with nipples, then to pails ..

  19. Old Rivers Farm

    Old Rivers Farm

    18 dagen geleden

    I use bottles all the way thru weaning. I haven’t tried using buckets. I’ve always heard bottles help digestion.

  20. Andrew Stevenson

    Andrew Stevenson

    18 dagen geleden

    This was my job aged 6 till I was 19. I loved every single minute! Very similar system; pas milk in bottle, then bucket, then water. We also had feed with Jelly babies and other sweeties in, I’d wash them in the parlour and eat them myself...!

  21. Everhard Ridder

    Everhard Ridder

    19 dagen geleden

    good work 👍👍 love watching other dairy farmers. Always think I learn from and things that don't make sense to me ...

  22. Melissa honey

    Melissa honey

    19 dagen geleden

    Why don't you just come and stay with your mother

  23. Tina F

    Tina F

    19 dagen geleden

    What about their gold colostrum for the first few days? I am a dairy farmer in nz and I have never heard of people pasteurizing milk for calves. Our calves are bottle (well, a feeder with 10+ teets) fed, all the way until 100kg at their weaning weight. I was told that the milk does not get processed correctly if they drink from a bucket vs suckling from a teet. I am impressed that you keep all the young calves seperate though, must really help with stopping sickness spread because that is the one thing we struggle with when having mobs of 20 calves together

  24. T2 Cattle Co.

    T2 Cattle Co.

    19 dagen geleden

    What percent of milk of yours goes to the calves

  25. Matt Monteith

    Matt Monteith

    20 dagen geleden

    I drove a jonh deer gater full of milk and a gas pump and use a fuil nozol on a hose drive up feed.

  26. Matt Monteith

    Matt Monteith

    20 dagen geleden

    I love feeding calfs every night. 100 or more. Busy job .mixing milk pick it up from the house. Unloan it heat it.feed it. And assistant pull ing calfs. And a walk through .up a farm management love it. I dont work with cows now i sure miss it.

  27. Paul Walsh

    Paul Walsh

    20 dagen geleden

    you should make a metal rack to sit on the fence and to hold the bottles seen them use pretty handy if feeding mutliple. And on every dairy farm i worked on went from bottles to bucket if they could. messy at start but most were all good.

  28. Farmer - Joyden

    Farmer - Joyden

    20 dagen geleden

    So cute

  29. Laura Kay

    Laura Kay

    20 dagen geleden

    In New Zealand we feed our calves milk straight from the cow no pasteurization needed but ours are also in pens of at least 10 calves until they are outside then in mobs of at least 40 and are trained onto feeders that have atleast 10 teats

  30. David Setzer

    David Setzer

    20 dagen geleden

    Could you share your calf feed recipe? Thanks

  31. Dipity Quinn

    Dipity Quinn

    20 dagen geleden

    Thos Calves sould be getting at least 6 letters of milk

  32. Connor Lewis

    Connor Lewis

    20 dagen geleden

    How do you clean and replace calf pen bedding? Be interested to see

  33. Robert Marino

    Robert Marino

    20 dagen geleden

    Great video 👍 working hard , stay safe ! Have fun ! Bob

  34. deere man

    deere man

    20 dagen geleden

    Love your videos, I always tried to put them on bucket so as they seemed ready, I do like u not using milk replacer, you guys do awesome job.

  35. Emma Berry

    Emma Berry

    20 dagen geleden

    I've been trying to figure out who you look like and it just hit me. You look just like Justin in 13 reasons why

  36. H3N2


    20 dagen geleden

    What breeder do you use?

  37. Mitchel Lemon

    Mitchel Lemon

    20 dagen geleden

    We do bottle's and it better and easier

  38. 김재선


    20 dagen geleden

    시설들이 깨끗하고 체계적으로 사용하기 편리하게 잘 배치된 환경을 보니 낙농 선진국의 참다운 모습에 자꾸 보게 되내요.👍 동네에 가끔씩 가보는 목장들은 ? 배울점 많은 좋은 영상소식 감사 드립니다🎄🌿🍒 From South Korea Nov 15 2020. Sunday.

  39. S. Ashcraft

    S. Ashcraft

    20 dagen geleden

    Really enjoyed watching you WORK and narrate. So interesting.

  40. Imperator Augustus

    Imperator Augustus

    20 dagen geleden

    Last night around 2 am I woke up and got me a big glass of milk. Those calves downing that milk was like me last night.

  41. Thijs grijsen

    Thijs grijsen

    20 dagen geleden

    Whe dont even have bottles, feed them with buckets from day one

  42. Late 4Dinner

    Late 4Dinner

    20 dagen geleden

    I like to get mine into buckets by a week old. Maybe bottle feeding is better but it's harder to clean bottles. Buckets are easier to keep clean and to me eliminating places for bacteria is easier to keep healthy calves. So I'm pro bucket myself

  43. Marti


    20 dagen geleden

    Back when we had calves, we used bottle buckets. Basically it's a bucket with a bottle tip at the bottom. We just poured the milk up and then they drank from that bucket

  44. Josh Pierce

    Josh Pierce

    20 dagen geleden

    I've been wondering about this process! Thanks for the video!



    20 dagen geleden

    Calves are soo cool! Amazing that they are only 24 hrs old and already walking around. Beautiful animals.

  46. Hamad Al-doraihim

    Hamad Al-doraihim

    20 dagen geleden

    Ask forgiveness of Almighty God and repent to Him

  47. Ty Debeer

    Ty Debeer

    20 dagen geleden

    We feed our calves with bottles, and then they go to group pens of 8

  48. Dirk Masur

    Dirk Masur

    20 dagen geleden

    I had once trouble with the little once, so the vet told me feed them about 3 weeks with bottles since they produce an enzym while suckling wich is helping the to digest better and it seemed to work, feeding out of a pail is only easier for the farmer, just look at beef herds, is the calf getting there a pail or is it sucking on the nippel???? but hey I tried as well as soon as possible with the pail, sometimes the calf took that easier then the bottle, just do whats best for yourself

  49. Purple Carrot

    Purple Carrot

    20 dagen geleden

    Feeding calves milk replacement is an abomination.

  50. Purple Carrot

    Purple Carrot

    20 dagen geleden

    Even calves drink pasteurized milk. Can it be safe for humans to consume raw milk?

  51. PA Dairy Farmer

    PA Dairy Farmer

    20 dagen geleden

    We use bottles for the first three days that we move them out into the hutches and then we teach them to drink from the bucket.

  52. Churchtown Custom Cutters

    Churchtown Custom Cutters

    20 dagen geleden

    I saw a sign on the way to the post office that said thank a farmer so "thank you " for all your hard work to help feed Americans .

  53. Frank Kokoski

    Frank Kokoski

    20 dagen geleden

    Do you use any powder milk replacer

    • 10th Generation Dairyman

      10th Generation Dairyman

      20 dagen geleden


  54. scooby 11

    scooby 11

    20 dagen geleden

    Your videos are awesome men congratulations 🇪🇦🇪🇦

  55. Carolina Roth

    Carolina Roth

    20 dagen geleden

    I put mine on the bucket

  56. German A

    German A

    20 dagen geleden

    I give 4 litros every day for 4 moths is that too much

  57. Kelly Schmidt

    Kelly Schmidt

    20 dagen geleden

    Why don’t you make the chickens be in the video

  58. K Allen Bridges

    K Allen Bridges

    20 dagen geleden

    we have always used nipple buckets

  59. Emiel vNV

    Emiel vNV

    21 dag geleden

    we leave the calves with the mother, but we raise our cows for their meat

  60. Y


    21 dag geleden

    Why not just let the cows roam and feed from their mother's udders? That's what we did on my family's farm.

    • Y


      20 dagen geleden

      @10th Generation Dairyman couldnt you still let them roam ? my calves loved to run and play and be with their mothers

    • 10th Generation Dairyman

      10th Generation Dairyman

      20 dagen geleden

      Because the cows are milked 3x a day

  61. America got censor by youtube.

    America got censor by youtube.

    21 dag geleden

    we do pretty much what yall do. start em out on bottles, then buckets then grain.

  62. K-ファームトラクター CH

    K-ファームトラクター CH

    21 dag geleden

    Why did you change from a waterbed to a mattress?

    • K-ファームトラクター CH

      K-ファームトラクター CH

      20 dagen geleden

      @10th Generation Dairyman Thank you very much. It was very helpful!

    • 10th Generation Dairyman

      10th Generation Dairyman

      21 dag geleden

      Waterbeds were ok but wood shavings was building up under them and hurting comfort. They are also harder to clean than a flat mattress.

  63. K-ファームトラクター CH

    K-ファームトラクター CH

    21 dag geleden

    Hello! Nice to meet you. How long is the life of a cow waterbed in a barn?

  64. Sally Dorsey

    Sally Dorsey

    21 dag geleden

    I must say you have cleanest cattle farm

  65. Sally Dorsey

    Sally Dorsey

    21 dag geleden

    I hope those aren’t those baby cow mom across from them

  66. Randys FiftySevenChevy

    Randys FiftySevenChevy

    21 dag geleden

    This be a great series for 4H interest students

  67. Pocket Change

    Pocket Change

    21 dag geleden


  68. Samsng Device

    Samsng Device

    21 dag geleden

    I did not know that it was pasteurized at the farm. I thought it was pasteurized at the dairy company. I suppose and predict that they probably do re pasteurize just in case one Farm Miss pasteurized milk protecting Public Safety in food.

  69. Sweaty Gamers_Yt

    Sweaty Gamers_Yt

    21 dag geleden

    I’m ate farm we give them warm water after the milk

  70. Stevie Rhodes

    Stevie Rhodes

    21 dag geleden

    Loved seeing the little babies!

  71. Isaac the Amish boy.

    Isaac the Amish boy.

    21 dag geleden

    I love all the cows especially the babies that would be the coolest job just feeding them. Thanks for the video. Isaac

  72. Ian G

    Ian G

    21 dag geleden

    We use bottles right through, tried buckets but found it harder to get them going consistently with them.

  73. Brian McCandless

    Brian McCandless

    21 dag geleden

    Appreciate the extra time you take to shoot POV and also get establishing/wide shots - keep up the great work!

  74. Jeffrey Worth

    Jeffrey Worth

    21 dag geleden

    Great video eric, i love how much care u put into takeing care of all the animals, thanks for being a farmer

  75. Bill Skidmore

    Bill Skidmore

    21 dag geleden

    I miss feeding my babies, I always got them on a bucket as soon as I could, but as you said, a super important job to raise calves and sometimes its hard

  76. yayapj4


    21 dag geleden

    So flipping cute❤️

  77. Connie White

    Connie White

    21 dag geleden


  78. Jeanne Kneifl

    Jeanne Kneifl

    21 dag geleden

    we do I live on a farm my dad is a farmer

  79. Topher Turley

    Topher Turley

    21 dag geleden

    Those new borns. My grandpa has a ranch and he does calves, those little guys are sometimes the most stubborn things ever, some will eat like a dream and some will pop their bottles out of their bottle holders and knock them on the ground😂 but I love it as a summer job

  80. vibez_clan


    21 dag geleden

    Love your videos man, keep up the hard work on the farm and on this platform.

  81. Beth Kucera

    Beth Kucera

    21 dag geleden

    great video. i had no idea about the process. LOVE MY HOODIE!!!!!

  82. MegF


    21 dag geleden

    Do the newborns get colostrum? -- I need one of those buckets with a screw on lid.

  83. Tate Pegram

    Tate Pegram

    21 dag geleden

    Them cows are pissed

  84. Yourandreaas1


    21 dag geleden

    So cute love ya farm

  85. Dude Man

    Dude Man

    21 dag geleden

    We use bucket cow milk with milk replacer our calf barn actually burned down last month so we are overloaded with calf’s right now

  86. Brian Rett

    Brian Rett

    21 dag geleden

    We use replacer to feed our calves with bottles the whole way through. We find it’s easier to makes sure the calves get consistent meal sizes. We use 3 and 4 quart bottles depending on age. We also found that we can maintain proper feeding temperature while feeding calves in hutches. Let me know if you would like to know more.

  87. George Goertzen

    George Goertzen

    21 dag geleden

    There was one calf in with 2 others, one was Angus, is it a heifer headed for the milking herd? I'm guessing that the other Holstein may have been a bull calf and, obviously, a half Angus has no place in a high milk production herd.

  88. Ed Elm

    Ed Elm

    21 dag geleden

    We were just like you, the sooner we could get them to drink the better, way less work if they drink.

  89. George Goertzen

    George Goertzen

    21 dag geleden

    Your heifer also has some pretty chrome on her legs. Why don't you follow her life from a day old, on the bottle, bucket, weaning, (pasture?), to bull selection and breeding, to first calf and finally entering the milking herd? Or pick another not born yet from your higher genetics to follow that calf on its same journey. May have to film a few births to get the right heifer but I know I would enjoy such a video.

  90. Mark Cli

    Mark Cli

    21 dag geleden

    lol I know I'm not suppose to eat the grains..but it looks yummy to snack on

  91. Micheál Lyons

    Micheál Lyons

    21 dag geleden

    On our farm we bottle feed the calves until they are around 3 days old and after that they go into a group of 10 and they drink out of a big tub with 10 teats on it

  92. Wyatt Braker

    Wyatt Braker

    21 dag geleden

    we use bottles then we train them to drink milk out of a pall

  93. Jim Wilhelmi

    Jim Wilhelmi

    21 dag geleden

    If my memory hasn’t completely failed me, I think we bottle fed raw milk for the first 3 or 4 weeks and then transitioned them milk replacer in buckets until they were weaned. This was 45 years ago though, and we sold the farm when I was 13 after my dad had back surgery and couldn’t farm anymore. I do remember one particular ornery calf. She liked to keep pulling the bottle closer and closer to the ground. I bent over and just followed her down when she decided to bring her head up fast. She broke my nose.

  94. Dan Harvey

    Dan Harvey

    21 dag geleden

    You seem to be well calf inated

  95. Maverick Maciejko

    Maverick Maciejko

    21 dag geleden

    We always feed out to a bottle for like three of for then we will feed them in pails

  96. joe scharbrough

    joe scharbrough

    21 dag geleden

    Great video. As a non farmer I was interested in how much water you have to use on the farm, cleaning the parlor and washing equipment to watering the animals. Would be an interesting video to discuss all the uses for water and how much you go through in a month

  97. Aaron Thomas

    Aaron Thomas

    21 dag geleden

    So why do you pasteurize the milk for the calves? You mentioned it kills bacteria but not all bacteria is bad. Pasteurization kills the good bacteria too. It seems to me it would be better (and more “natural” ) not to pasteurize it. Pasteurization is actually one of the biggest reasons why we decided to get a family milk cow. We can’t legally buy raw milk in Iowa and we believe that raw milk from grass fed cows is extremely healthy for you. We have a 100% grass fed A2 Jersey. My neighbor who is a dairy farmer feeds his calves raw milk. I help him three nights a week milking.

  98. Schnot


    21 dag geleden

    Did you stop in to see the Veggie boys on your trip up north?

  99. Timothy DC

    Timothy DC

    21 dag geleden

    How long does this task take you? Seems like 3-4 hours with all the bottle feeding and you do that twice a day?

    • 10th Generation Dairyman

      10th Generation Dairyman

      21 dag geleden

      Took me about 45min-1hr. We don't always have this many bottle calves to feed.

  100. If shes not blue she'll not do

    If shes not blue she'll not do

    21 dag geleden

    Dunno if the camera doesnt do them justice but they look tiny compared to the size of calves over here in Ireland, what would they weigh at birth?