This is when I decided to build my spice tolerance

This video is from a couple of months ago when I decided that I wanted to start building my spice tolerance to take on the noodle spicy challenge!
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  1. Lisa Nguyen

    Lisa Nguyen

    11 dagen geleden

    There's a chance I'll go live on NLcameras later today to show y'all what I'll be eating to prepare for my ghost pepper burrito! It just depends on if I can figure out how NLcameras Live works!

    • Vtzjmoeyaj Ewsebwaxoi

      Vtzjmoeyaj Ewsebwaxoi

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    • Andrew Howard

      Andrew Howard

      Dag geleden

      Can you eat this next? It’s called green spaghetti 4 large poblano peppers 1/4 c. packed cilantro leaves, plus more for garnish 1 small yellow onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, chopped 2 tbsp. butter 1/4 c. low-sodium vegetable stock or water 1 lb. spaghetti 4 oz. cream cheese, cubed Kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper

    • experimental_gas1257


      2 dagen geleden

      There's a chance you'll have an ulcer from all that spicy food.

    • Brenda Cox

      Brenda Cox

      2 dagen geleden


    • Blitz For 100 subs with no vids

      Blitz For 100 subs with no vids

      3 dagen geleden

      Bruh someone tried to call me .

  2. mccnbinnie


    2 uur geleden

    Your videos are literally the best part of my day!

  3. Livy play roblox Royal high

    Livy play roblox Royal high

    23 uur geleden

    Wow that’s very sweet I bet Avani will love it

  4. Brandon Bonilla

    Brandon Bonilla

    Dag geleden

    I use that for my romen my guy smh🤣

  5. Jocelyne cupcake

    Jocelyne cupcake

    Dag geleden

    I can't even breathe when I'm around that...Chili pepper flakes aaah

  6. Ndirangu Gamer

    Ndirangu Gamer

    Dag geleden

    She sounds like that one kid who got a cold no offense

  7. Adam Crifasi

    Adam Crifasi

    Dag geleden

    Yup, I ordered thai hot at that restaurant once and I had to make more noodles at home to cut down the spice level. Lol

  8. Ranger Rick

    Ranger Rick

    Dag geleden

    Day 67482737462737489590020500009900000009999999991 of wondering why this is in my recommended

  9. Silva boy

    Silva boy

    Dag geleden

    Those chillies flakes make my mouth water

  10. Geeta Batham

    Geeta Batham

    Dag geleden

    What happened

  11. Beauty Plays

    Beauty Plays

    Dag geleden

    I want that food 🥺

  12. neelam pari

    neelam pari

    2 dagen geleden

    I just love this video especially her sweet voice adds the touch of satisfaction to the delicious food❤



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  14. Antonio Carbone

    Antonio Carbone

    2 dagen geleden

    You're not building up tolerance. You're desensitizing your tongue which will make you hurt less by spice, but it will also reduce your perception of flavour. Basically, you're not going to taste good food as well as before. Enjoy!

  15. ezgi demir

    ezgi demir

    2 dagen geleden

    Pul biber bu

  16. Dinoboytony


    2 dagen geleden

    Cinnamon challenge 2.0

  17. Røsé


    2 dagen geleden

    Red chilli powder isn't good dor health

  18. Melis_sa2079


    2 dagen geleden

    Have that too those are soooo spicy 🌶

  19. SkyeWraith


    2 dagen geleden

    I remember my dad went to this restaurant and he said he wanted the spiciest food they had and they were like sir can you please sign this contact..... Not really

  20. Ssxpbbujmv Yyehssdrhb

    Ssxpbbujmv Yyehssdrhb

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  21. Daniel Dimitrov

    Daniel Dimitrov

    2 dagen geleden

    Laughs in balkan

  22. Naolal Tungnung

    Naolal Tungnung

    3 dagen geleden

    Humanity have come to a point wer people enjoy watching others do stupid things

  23. Jorja Forsman

    Jorja Forsman

    3 dagen geleden

    U should try to have a teaspoon of sugar to stop the heat I have heard it works but I’m not sure

  24. WITE FOX


    3 dagen geleden

    That food looked NASTY

  25. Shy M

    Shy M

    3 dagen geleden

    She sounds like she’s always congested

  26. Scarth


    3 dagen geleden

    Woah, thai orchid? I know this restaurant! I had no idea Lisa was from Alaska!

  27. Angela Lemos

    Angela Lemos

    3 dagen geleden

    Wish they had asked me that

  28. Jim


    3 dagen geleden

    In the UK this means a whole different thing.

  29. laz tej

    laz tej

    3 dagen geleden

    I’m sorry but what’s wrong with your nose why do you speak like that you must have nasal congestion you gotta get that looked at yo Sounds like you have to hotdog stuck up the nose

  30. Aidan Dunn

    Aidan Dunn

    3 dagen geleden

    No one cares what you did to yourself.

  31. Emmanuel Davies

    Emmanuel Davies

    3 dagen geleden

    She’s the main character

  32. Lëslie Anïmates

    Lëslie Anïmates

    3 dagen geleden

    STp making Me hungry!? In a nice way:3 Stomach:*GURL*

  33. Yousef Mohammed

    Yousef Mohammed

    3 dagen geleden

    I eated but i woke up in a hospital 🤐

  34. Rxojvtzqxv Ymzbfdeeio

    Rxojvtzqxv Ymzbfdeeio

    3 dagen geleden


    • Rxojvtzqxv Ymzbfdeeio

      Rxojvtzqxv Ymzbfdeeio

      3 dagen geleden


  35. Jamie Pan

    Jamie Pan

    3 dagen geleden

    Bro please I been eating that chilli sauce since I was a wee toddler. Bring it on

  36. CrimsonSamurai


    3 dagen geleden

    How I build up my spice tolerance: Buffalo wings with levels from 1-11

  37. Copter


    3 dagen geleden

    Dude that’s not Thai food

    • Copter


      3 dagen geleden

      Some of it*

  38. Brittany Quast

    Brittany Quast

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  39. TurnTwister


    4 dagen geleden

    These chili flakes makes my mouth water solely because of how spicy you claim they are

  40. quakkki


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  41. Kris G

    Kris G

    4 dagen geleden

    That lady was so pretty

  42. koloud al-kamiseh

    koloud al-kamiseh

    4 dagen geleden

    Why does she sound like kid

  43. Tamaki Amajiki

    Tamaki Amajiki

    4 dagen geleden

    I really like your voice

  44. Pennywise


    4 dagen geleden

    This is spice tolerance ? Bruh ... Indians eat. That amount on daily basis.

  45. Jamil Angon

    Jamil Angon

    4 dagen geleden

    That is not spicy. I want chili flakes made from reapers

  46. happy always

    happy always

    4 dagen geleden

    Try chocolate chocolate works soo well try it now!!!!!! Everytime I eat spicy food I have chocolate to reduce the spice and dont drink cold water cold water will will make something spicy more spicy soo eat chocolate and drink warm water

  47. Nerd Cabinet

    Nerd Cabinet

    4 dagen geleden

    They have to pay their employees to do it, do they not already pay them

  48. skknIreeKer


    4 dagen geleden

    Why tho? Food is so great, why ruining it with over average spices?

  49. Crazy Girl :p

    Crazy Girl :p

    4 dagen geleden

    That you have in your hands we mix with my knees and and we put it on Toki in something like that we like chili a lot

  50. Luis Wiffen

    Luis Wiffen

    4 dagen geleden

    Unblock your nose

  51. a very sad boi

    a very sad boi

    4 dagen geleden

    The owner by her self!?!😱😲

  52. Whispurr C4t

    Whispurr C4t

    4 dagen geleden

    Dang, that eggroll tho... Am I the only one who's hungry?

  53. Jaida Mobley

    Jaida Mobley

    4 dagen geleden

    I thought this was tik tok for a second so i double tapped the screen and it actually liked the video..... o.o

  54. Oof M8

    Oof M8

    4 dagen geleden

    Uh... ok.

  55. Herm


    4 dagen geleden

    I'd try it

  56. Brandon Stanton

    Brandon Stanton

    4 dagen geleden

    Where can we purchase those chili flakes online?

  57. Juan Blanco

    Juan Blanco

    4 dagen geleden

    Mmmm what restaurant is this?!!

  58. Kaden Bacote

    Kaden Bacote

    4 dagen geleden

    All this spicy food is gettin to ur sinuses

  59. 悪のChild


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  60. Minecrad


    4 dagen geleden

    Your not building your spice tolerance, your destroying your taste bud cells.

  61. This Is Fallacious

    This Is Fallacious

    4 dagen geleden

    Bruh you didn't even try it? This video is pointless, I won't subscribe for that bs

  62. Pattaratida Hansiripongsakul

    Pattaratida Hansiripongsakul

    4 dagen geleden

    Thai chili is a bye bye for me

  63. fxlzia


    4 dagen geleden

    My dad made me try that when I lived in Thailand with him main reason I moved away 😂

  64. Jason Gonzales

    Jason Gonzales

    4 dagen geleden

    how can I buy some of that chili seasoning? I want it bad

  65. Drop Stop Repair

    Drop Stop Repair

    4 dagen geleden

    I could make that music in the background with a fork knife and a metal bucket shit is ass

  66. TP Tallen

    TP Tallen

    4 dagen geleden

    Spicy Thai green curry is the way to go Trust me it's so good

  67. Seethroughallofit Lol

    Seethroughallofit Lol

    4 dagen geleden

    Idk who this lady is but I’m seeing her on my recommendation. Just want to give my condolence to her stomach.

  68. Andrej


    4 dagen geleden


  69. Molly Schultz

    Molly Schultz

    4 dagen geleden

    Thank you for telling me your plans ;)

  70. Tony Ly

    Tony Ly

    4 dagen geleden

    is that thai orchid in SJ?

    • Tony Ly

      Tony Ly

      4 dagen geleden

      nope in KC. 913 area code. @lisa ping me if you in ca bay area

  71. jose juan

    jose juan

    4 dagen geleden

    Está tipa no aguanta nada

  72. mentally challenge

    mentally challenge

    4 dagen geleden

    6 days 3million views

  73. pest


    4 dagen geleden

    Clean your nose

  74. Higher Sound

    Higher Sound

    4 dagen geleden

    Eat tapatio you will like it!! And it’s spicy too

  75. Allyiah knight

    Allyiah knight

    5 dagen geleden

    Cute ugly

  76. Cristian Ortiz

    Cristian Ortiz

    5 dagen geleden

    me at 6: scared to have hot sauce me at 15: if i start making ramen and realize there isn’t any hot sauce to go inside it, i no longer want the ramen.

    • Taylor


      2 dagen geleden

      Same, but I want my ramen with sriracha.

  77. Ami Carranza

    Ami Carranza

    5 dagen geleden

    Stop that look bomb

  78. MXXN VIC


    5 dagen geleden

    I’m sweating just by looking at it tbh

  79. krissy


    5 dagen geleden

    Omg hiiiii my mom is a Thai so I'm also 🥺💕💕

  80. Jason Gutierrez

    Jason Gutierrez

    5 dagen geleden

    Put it in cereal

  81. DCastanFit


    5 dagen geleden

    Delicious foid

  82. Heals


    5 dagen geleden

    Bro Mexicans can prolly eat a whole plate of those and I’m Mexican

  83. Desley Alvy

    Desley Alvy

    5 dagen geleden

    I dare u to sniff it Or maybe not

  84. Jt Jt

    Jt Jt

    5 dagen geleden

    I am Thai guy

  85. santi sisneros

    santi sisneros

    5 dagen geleden

    Your weak af

  86. Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jackson

    5 dagen geleden

    That is certainly unhealthy

  87. Lydia Embry

    Lydia Embry

    5 dagen geleden

    I can hear the spiciness in her voice just in general. Like her voice is getting worse the more she eats spicy things. No offense I’m not trying to be rude. 🥺❤️

  88. Black Diamond

    Black Diamond

    5 dagen geleden

    The toilet has enter the chat

  89. me very sus

    me very sus

    5 dagen geleden

    your actually right i almost died in elementary school because i put some on my pizza and it was hot and i was choking but i didn't want to cause a scene and have the bullys make fun of me so i ran to get milk because mine was already gone.

  90. Hannah banana!!

    Hannah banana!!

    5 dagen geleden

    I'm only nine but I love chilly so much that one to me I ate a whole bowl of soup with like.... I dunno 10 spoons? !

  91. -Jesslya Sans-

    -Jesslya Sans-

    5 dagen geleden

    I tried that once. But in a pizza ! I must say the chili in my opinion is very strong even if use a bit. (Sorry for my bad english)

  92. bunny love

    bunny love

    5 dagen geleden

    :0 I love spiciness so much that if they'd offer me that I wouldn't even consider my health I'd just do it

  93. Ps6_offical


    5 dagen geleden


  94. Yousuf Ahmed

    Yousuf Ahmed

    5 dagen geleden

    That just made my mouth water 🤤🤤🤤

  95. Ketamollycane


    5 dagen geleden

    Who are you and why should we care

  96. Bradley Maguire

    Bradley Maguire

    5 dagen geleden

    Why don't you just come to Thailand and eat real Thai food. Have some pappya salad and wait. Chilli flakes chilli paste chilli sauce that add it all. I don't think this is a hard challenge

  97. Slimetime


    5 dagen geleden

    Wait you want to build your spice tolerance but are scared to eat something spicy? Wtf you just wasted my damn time

  98. lileevgaming


    5 dagen geleden

    My mum has a whole tub of it

  99. The what

    The what

    5 dagen geleden

    That's what I eat everyday

  100. Phon N

    Phon N

    5 dagen geleden

    I would so do this! 😍