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Upgrading the TERRIBLE cooler on the Dell XPS PC...

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Dell sent over their higher-end CPU cooler for testing, I compare it to the Noctua NH-U9S.
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  1. MrBrainFucker1079


    3 uur geleden

    5:02 why does it show 100+ fps but the footage is so choppy?

  2. Vito Mule

    Vito Mule

    3 uur geleden

    Yeah, they would not sell shorter screws. LoL

  3. CLI Sign

    CLI Sign

    4 uur geleden

    did you return this crap after these videos..

  4. Jan


    6 uur geleden

    Googled Dell XPS and found this video ... glad I did.

  5. 420jahlion


    6 uur geleden

    dell putting a cooler meant for an i3 on an i7. says you need to the even more expensive computer to get the correct cooler.

  6. Joseph Olsen

    Joseph Olsen

    6 uur geleden

    OK, so you’re comparing apples to oranges. I’ve seen your previous video on this and you still haven’t mentioned that the Dell single stick is 2Rx8 registered udimm. The two sticks you’re comparing it to are NOT registered. Registered memory is always slower by design and usually found in workstations and servers where reliability is more important. Also, unless you are using the bigger Dell heatsink, putting in the Noctua cooler WILL void your warranty. Actually, every Dell product has a service tag on it which is tied to your shipped configuration such that if you send it back for warranty work you will be royally hassled if they open it up and see it’s now different. I wouldn’t buy anything from Dell for my personal use [business only]. Look how bad they’ve treated Alienware. It’s not much more than a logo now IMO.

  7. 1337GameDev


    7 uur geleden

    0:33 - So they advertise a COOLER that's adequate and expected, and then give a worse one forcing the CPU to thermal throttle.... and day you only get the better one... if you choose a "k" variant (unlocked for overclocking). DUDE. It's like $20 of material. Are they THAT stingy in merely providing a COOLER.... What the FUCK. You can buy a RETAIL cooler (that has markup) for like $30 shipped online that's comparable.... And they can't provide a reasonable one in a $1500 product?

  8. Thai Win

    Thai Win

    8 uur geleden

    Conclusion: Everyone, including AIBs, should just use Noctuas.

  9. Brian Mulrooney

    Brian Mulrooney

    10 uur geleden

    Lol my 4800H in my laptop performs better in Cinebench R20.

  10. Mememan7


    10 uur geleden

    I have an I 3 2120 dell with that same cooler.....

  11. Tarikul Islam

    Tarikul Islam

    11 uur geleden

    If possible make a Premium Luxury Super Premium Ultra Dell Cooler vs S**k Face Dell Cooler vs Intel Stock Cooler

  12. White Knight

    White Knight

    12 uur geleden

    The ordering "mistake" of the Dell ram made by Anna also happened to me. I definitely ordered (Dell) ram for a desktop and NOT a laptop, and they sent me ram for a laptop. I managed to send the laptop ram back and they sent me the appropriate desktop ram. However, it took several phone calls to Dell (in India I presume), whereby I had to cancel the first order and reorder the desktop ram. It took about a month to achieve a result and receive the desktop ram.

  13. dum boy

    dum boy

    14 uur geleden

    Third option, buy the noctua cooler and the right sized screws.

  14. MadeInFinland


    18 uur geleden

    4:45 YES!! YES!!! Thank you Dawid! It tells why why a friggen core i9 8850 can be a BOTTLENECK running 4K GAMING. And why, after numerous calls with Dell tech support they finally sort of admitted that the cooling design is to blame and they can’t fix it. CPUs and GPUs these days have numerous safeguards in place to prevent them from killing themselves, which is why you could cool it with a friggin banana glued onto it and it probably wouldn’t crash. It doesn’t mean the cooling is sufficient if it doesn’t crash!!

  15. Bronco Jones

    Bronco Jones

    18 uur geleden

    pushing 225W of power through this VRM sounds like a fire hazard to me... also the 500W power delivery with 18A lines you showed in the first vid is probably struggling under full load. does this thing have case fans? If not I think the stock cooler is a savety feature to limit power draw and therefore prevent the computer from disintegrating....

  16. image.mkv


    23 uur geleden

    Dell stick kind of sucks, thanks

  17. josh patterson

    josh patterson

    Dag geleden

    I hope Dell knows that I have never watched this youtuber before and watched his series of Dell issue videos because I was curious how his experience was. I wonder how many other potential customers are no longer interested in Dell because of this.

  18. Satama Gftyf

    Satama Gftyf

    Dag geleden

    Dell.com yes graphic cards are good but your cooling is melting the pc itself aka ruining the pc

  19. Bryan L

    Bryan L

    Dag geleden

    You healed this computer.

  20. james simmons

    james simmons

    Dag geleden

    lol "acer nitro suckface edition"

  21. J.W. Grayson

    J.W. Grayson

    Dag geleden

    Excellent video Dawid!

  22. liaminwales


    Dag geleden

    VRM may need a down blast cooler, cant see any heat sinks on any of the power stuff.

  23. Shamejais


    Dag geleden

    Especially for AMD systems, DUAL MEANS a lot !!!! Dawid is 200% wright.

  24. DJ Doppler

    DJ Doppler

    Dag geleden

    While Dell is like: "We _loaned_ you a cooler. Why aren't you on your knees praising us?!?"

  25. Dart Master

    Dart Master

    Dag geleden

    Main take away from this video, "Dude, I'm not getting a Dell"

  26. Triptisim


    Dag geleden

    If you’re getting a “deal” on the hw with the current prices why not just rip the components to another system/mobo to make all the headaches go away? Does the hw that comes in dell machines sw/hw locked to the OEM board?

  27. Servil


    Dag geleden

    this man really hates this pc

  28. Safe Dave

    Safe Dave

    Dag geleden

    your videos always make me laugh keep up the good work man

  29. Tanishq bhaiji

    Tanishq bhaiji

    Dag geleden

    Try LinPack it is really heavy, it will make cinebench look cool

  30. Wilson Chan

    Wilson Chan

    Dag geleden

    This video is not boring AT ALL. Thanks for the testing.

  31. BAF 1969

    BAF 1969

    2 dagen geleden

    I have an old Dell Xps, it doesn't even have a fan on the cpu cooler. But hey, it worked fine .

  32. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad

    2 dagen geleden

    I installed a Corsair liquid cooler into min and it ran fine since then

  33. Bruce Morton

    Bruce Morton

    2 dagen geleden

    I would say the morale of the story is NEVER buy a Dell.

  34. Datachu


    2 dagen geleden

    At long last, the saga has reached it's conclusion.

  35. Marcel


    2 dagen geleden

    Wow what timing. I had my finger on the trigger for a Dell XPS, 3060-Ti before I saw this. Obviously building a PC is currently prohibitive with the worldwide shortage of GPUs, so pre-built it is. The PC I am looking at is "on sale" and with the upgrades and warranty I am looking at $2400 CAD: Added 1 TB SSD + 2TB HDD, 3 year warranty. Has 2x16GB memory and i7-10700 CPU (stock), so my question is: Since if I buy as is, they will most likely ship me with the garbage stock cooler, should I fork out the extra $100 for the next step up CPU (will it then come with the "premium" cooler?) Any advice is appreciated, thanks friends!

  36. Tinted Ice

    Tinted Ice

    2 dagen geleden

    I been subbed since 30k

  37. thebes1


    2 dagen geleden

    Another choice, don't buy a Dell...

  38. starrieeyes84


    2 dagen geleden

    I have that better Dell cooler in my G5 5090, I've had the damned thing for over a year and just realized today that it was installed 90° off! The fan was facing the top of the case and not towards the back! I fixed it, but I definitely went on a rant on Facebook and Twitter, also facepalming myself for not catching it sooner. No wonder my temps in Conan Exiles were at 90°C! Now not even topping 60°C! GPU is still running at about 70°C Edit: yes I got my 16GB in dual channel!

  39. OGT Gaming

    OGT Gaming

    2 dagen geleden

    No private person with a brain, buy a Dell system in the first place ^^

  40. Ario Wibisono

    Ario Wibisono

    2 dagen geleden

    i've seen so many vid criticizing DELL's customer services/relation stupidity year after year, and they don't seem to change. i feel like why bother anymore.

  41. voidling


    2 dagen geleden

    ah my msi codex s got a sucky cooler to but on the other hand its just 9.5cm wide and the side of the case is 40% open just above the cpu cooler max temps get to 75-77 degrees celcius so i guess thats ok for now :p

  42. MarcoPolo94


    2 dagen geleden

    But if they improved the temperatures, the PC would last longer. Do you really think they want their products to last longer so you don't need to buy a new system in 1-2 years?

  43. No Name Tito

    No Name Tito

    2 dagen geleden

    Good video.

  44. Stone Cyfer

    Stone Cyfer

    2 dagen geleden

    Its unfortunate to see but Dell is not the only company that uses those super lame CPU coolers on their pre-builds. I have a Omen 25L (made by HP incase anyone didnt know lol) that came with a cooler that looked *exactly* like that one from Dell. Thankfully they did not have a weird proprietary attachment solution like the Dell.

  45. justair44


    2 dagen geleden

    Oh Geez... Dawid, wth.. I have a G5 on the way.. I didn't spec up because I planned to use that Noctua cooler you got your hands on and before I watch this video im pretty positive the Dell one will do the job nicely but be louder and run somewhat hotter... dang though this is going to be a interesting video and very relevant to what im going to be doing in the next week or two when mine comes in.. Right now I've got the cooler, got the screws, got another stick of Dell ram off of kijiji, got a 92mm Noctua fan to for replacing the 80mm.. just waiting for the G5 to come in sporting that spiffy 3070 I plan to rip out and put in my other PC (The G5 will get the 5700X)

    • justair44


      2 dagen geleden

      Ok so after watching your video I hopefully won't have to dremel down my screws (they're only half a inch.. geez i hope they're long enough.. hah..) but i do also have spacers. I knew about the proprietary mounting already so that's fine (if not ideal) I am somewhat surprised you didn't move up to a bigger fan for exhaust though.. it looks like the G5 allows for it.. I was hoping you'd put down a noise comparison with the higher end dell cooler vs the noctua but oh well not a biggie! Thanks for the video!!!

  46. Menno Verheij

    Menno Verheij

    2 dagen geleden

    What program do you use to see all the temperatures and frames and stuff. Would be pretty interesting to check for my own computer.

  47. Gurupimp10


    2 dagen geleden

    Clearly shows that Dell don't even test a system befor giving you the option to buy it.

  48. Andrew Farmer

    Andrew Farmer

    2 dagen geleden

    "Proud" owner of a new Dell XPS 8940 desktop, which came loaded with a 3060 Ti. And a "stock cooler", not the tower cooler pictured in the user manual. (LIES!!!) After full patching, I loaded up Horizon Zero Dawn. Immediately got 110+ fps... And 100+ Celsius on the CPU. Screw that. I don't give two craps about how "quiet" my system is if the CPU dies in a year, or constantly chokes due to throttling. Bought myself a proper tower cooler for less than $30. (Velroos version 5). Now I max out around 70 Celsius in-game. Up your game, Dell. Charge the extra $25 for a proper cooler. I'm already paying $1700+ for a decent PC. I'm not going to complain. FIRE THE ASSHOLES WHO INSISTED THIS WAS SOMEHOW OKAY. OUT! GONE! DONE! FUCK 'EM. THEY SUCK AT THEIR JOBS AND JUST PISSED ON YOUR BRAND. Thanks.

  49. Chris Teschke

    Chris Teschke

    2 dagen geleden

    I have the dell xps 10700 with 3070, mine actually came with 2 x 8 gb memory. RandomXmonero on the Stock cpu cooler hits thermal throttle in 5 seconds with 4 cores @ 100%. Turning off the turboboost in the bios , and the cpu will hit 72 degrees , using 34 watts on RandomXmonero. The stock cooler is even worse than the old IBM pr200's when the Fan died. You cannot use this computer for any cpu intensive workloads.

  50. TrialMacameau


    2 dagen geleden

    It ALWAYS make a difference going dual channel on the RAM. To that person saying Dual Channel mode doesn't make a difference, you are DEAD wrong. Learn your computer better Period.

  51. OriginalGrubby


    3 dagen geleden

    Cool, I ran this test on my system, and while I'm only running an i5-8400 with a Corsair H55 AIO cooler, it didn't move above 50°c the entire run, while being pinned at 100% usage. I'll stick with my liquid cooling any day of the year over air.

  52. Merlyn Priester

    Merlyn Priester

    3 dagen geleden

    Final take away...don't buy Dell

  53. Will Kirkham

    Will Kirkham

    3 dagen geleden

    'Acer looser nitro suck face edition' i bought one of those babes and it works just fine...no over heating problems!

  54. Someone


    3 dagen geleden

    Hey, I've got a Dell G5, looking for a better cooler, can I get the link to the Noctua cooler?

  55. David Wei

    David Wei

    3 dagen geleden

    I'm getting a Dell AW R12 desktop with i5 1140F and a stock CPU cooler soon, and I'm in Vancouver too, want to give it a go and see what hilarity it world provide us?

  56. Miguel CossyLeon

    Miguel CossyLeon

    3 dagen geleden

    I love this big FUCK YOU to Dell by comparing their shitty premium cooler to the Noctua cooler.

  57. Eric


    3 dagen geleden

    what i think is that cooling is one place dell should stop cutting corners on. got an 8930 and to get better cooling in this thing id need to swap the case cause they put the power supply right over the cpu... their cases are fancy ish on the outside but on the inside their god awful. i have to use a reg edit to keep the cpu from going above 3.8ghz so it doesnt sound like a jet engine and overheat somuch while playing games like fo4... and this thing was advertised as silent even at full load which is a load of bs...

  58. DesertPackrat


    3 dagen geleden

    Fuck Dell. Nothing more to say. Lame company that I have stupidly purchased for 20 years. The next PC will not be from them.

  59. joe opentoe

    joe opentoe

    3 dagen geleden

    wait... you seriously still have comments of people saying dual channel doesn't change anything?? What the hell

  60. Darkizled


    3 dagen geleden

    this dude is literlly bullying these prebuild's lol

  61. MrKigo1


    3 dagen geleden

    ​ If anybody wants to do the upgrade, the Arctic freezer i13x fits without having to mess with the screws. The ones included fit straight into the cut-outs.

  62. Oren


    3 dagen geleden

    Is there an AMD Ryzen version? Those actually mostly obey the rated TDP, and do not need hacky PL1/PL2 strats by motherboard makers - I would assume this will be ideal for a conservative OEM like Dell.

    • Oren


      3 dagen geleden

      Again this is because Intel officially advertises the I7 10700 as a 65W TDP CPU, while it actually goes about 200W when in PL1 Turbo. That is a massive difference in cooling capacity for the HSF. As far as Dell is concerned, they rightly included a 65W TDP capable cooler - according to specs.

  63. Vijay Shah

    Vijay Shah

    3 dagen geleden

    I just upgraded my Dell G5 PC cooler with a Noctua Chromax CPU cooler. Went from 90°C on my non K, to 60°C max

  64. MrBoombast64


    3 dagen geleden

    Why are you using that awful company for your stuff, AMAZON that is? Antiworker fiend they are.

  65. Chris


    3 dagen geleden

    Dell is a BAD pc manufacturer. Intel should sue them.

  66. Zoopa


    3 dagen geleden

    Me: Dell, if Acer jumps off a cliff would you also jump off a cliff!? Dell: Yes

  67. an3k


    3 dagen geleden

    DELL wanted you to buy RDIMMs, Registered DIMM. That shit is expensive ... but not really necessary in a Dual Channel Desktop.

  68. an3k


    3 dagen geleden

    Whoever thinks that not using two sticks in a Dual Channel system (or four sticks in a Quad Channel) system is ... and should not help others with advise simply because they're way too ... to grasp the most simple facts of computing.

  69. TheLoneSculler


    3 dagen geleden

    "Loser nitro suck-face edition" I had to pause the video

  70. S.J. L.

    S.J. L.

    3 dagen geleden

    Funny thing is that at least on some older Dell office use design Optiplexes had better standard cooling solution (beefier, more efficient heatsink) than that new PC you got had.

  71. Fred Zlotnick

    Fred Zlotnick

    3 dagen geleden

    You could use a fine tooth hacksaw to cut the screws and then file the ends to get rid of the burrs as well

  72. JawaPunter


    3 dagen geleden

    What software monitor do you use?

  73. Robert Gaither

    Robert Gaither

    3 dagen geleden

    your ram used to be an adventurer, but it got an arrow in the knee...

  74. M L

    M L

    3 dagen geleden

    do the dell special coolers at least use the lga1xxx mounting system or is that some proprietary pisspot as well

  75. Holly L.

    Holly L.

    3 dagen geleden

    damn, youre annoying

  76. Kathrine Wong

    Kathrine Wong

    4 dagen geleden

    It is mind boggling that so many people come here and with a straight face can say dual channel isn't any different than single channel.

  77. Razale


    4 dagen geleden

    "Acer loser suckface edition" is of those phrases that make me just stop and laugh during my day, seemingly at random.

  78. supertouring1


    4 dagen geleden

    David may have just stumbled onto Dell's marketing strategy. By selling substandard computers, it probably causes clients to upgrade prematurely or buy higher spec and thus more profitable systems than they need!

  79. supertouring1


    4 dagen geleden

    This was a great video! Very informative.

  80. Chris Keller

    Chris Keller

    4 dagen geleden

    2004 I fully realized Dell's proprietary BS when they make their PC's. After a frustrating night with customer service, I decided to custom build my PC's moving forward. Best decision I made. Thanks Dell!

  81. ikwilgewoonfilmpje


    4 dagen geleden

    Also PROtip to people who don't want to build themselfs. Ask around in your friends and family circle for someone who can. They can't be worse or more expensive then Dell. You can test there knowledge by asking 2 questions: Q1. Is duelchannel or singlecannel better with same total amount of memory and the same speed? A1. Duelchannel is better. Q2. Is Dell a good company to buy a prebuild gaming PC from? A2. No. If they get these roght better then Dell ;)

  82. ikwilgewoonfilmpje


    4 dagen geleden

    Also not boring at all. Very usefull to learn about prebuild handicaps. Imagine seeing this while searching info about the best prebuild you can buy with your hard earned money. Some people can't or don't want to build themselves. Sadly most will see this after buying the prebuild. I think prebuild buyers do less research befpre buying then people building there own PC

  83. ikwilgewoonfilmpje


    4 dagen geleden

    11:41 NO the most easy thing to do is not buy prebuild Dell craperware!

  84. MrJobocan


    4 dagen geleden

    Before I got a pretty decent prebuilt from Canada Computers, I was considering Dell XPS to get a 30-series card. The more videos you post about your experience with Dell, the happier I am with my decision to go with Canada Computers. Not that I didn't have issues with their crappy customer service (they weren't accepting my credit card because... they suck? And then by the time I paid in a different way they had already literally sold and shipped MY PC to someone else so I had to wait over 3 months to get it), but at least I ended up with a decent computer. Might have a couple things I'll change over time (already upgraded the RAM), but the cable management is actually great, the PSU is good enough if I ever want to upgrade the CPU or GPU (for now I'm more than fine) and the only thing I can really think to upgrade is the CPU cooler.

  85. poot111111


    4 dagen geleden

    No one is going to mention Dell only gave him the "luxury" cooler on LOAN? That looks like a ~$19.99 MSRP cooler, come on Dell....

  86. Chléas Grangier

    Chléas Grangier

    4 dagen geleden

    Does someone knows where to get those intel options ?

  87. George Kokalas

    George Kokalas

    4 dagen geleden

    Dell: We can't produce PCs that last for very long. It's not profitable. What to do? Well just put inside the system a pure crap CPU cooler. Every 2 years they 'll order a new PC.

  88. Clout


    4 dagen geleden

    This i5 with the Noctua cooler probably outperforms Dell's i7 model with the super deluxe loser cooler.

  89. Clinton McCool

    Clinton McCool

    4 dagen geleden

    the Noctua NH-D9L is a drop in cooler replacement using m3x16mm screws (cheap at local hardware store) and the supplied black spacers. no dremel or modding necessary. Also, the Vetroo V5 is another drop in replacement that is about half the price of the Noctua, while providing very similar performance. And if you carefully match specs PERFECTLY, Crucial makes compatible RAM that will keep the system running in dual channel at 2933 mhz. I upgraded from 32 gigs to 64 gigs and saved a lot of money compared to the ridiculous prices Dell charges for RAM. for some reason it's not allowing me to post the Amazon link, but the Crucial model number for that 32 gig memory kit is CT2K16G4DFD832A

  90. envirovore


    4 dagen geleden

    Not familiar with Intel, but double channel vs single channel makes a world of difference with Ryzen CPU'S and has been well known since they launched. Dual rank vs single rank provides even more performance with them. Who are these cavemen claiming otherwise?

  91. John


    4 dagen geleden

    if single channel is so bad why you only have one yt channel?

  92. Blake Ruscica

    Blake Ruscica

    4 dagen geleden

    My XPS 8940 arrived with dual channel about two weeks ago. 10700k throttles hard even with more premium cooler though...

  93. Living Bucket

    Living Bucket

    4 dagen geleden

    I would watch more of your videos, but your voice is so annoying, it's very hard to listen to it. You are changing it on purpose and you sound like you're trying to take a shit. Why? Just speak normally. Relaxed voice is totally fine

  94. Matt M

    Matt M

    4 dagen geleden

    Lmao since when does GTA V support DX12.

  95. Ankur Shinde

    Ankur Shinde

    4 dagen geleden

    My old optiplex 3010 from 2013 also has the exact same cooler 🤣

    • Christmas Crustacean

      Christmas Crustacean

      4 dagen geleden

      I mean its all 14nm right 😏

  96. Ankur Shinde

    Ankur Shinde

    4 dagen geleden

    Pls shoot your videos at atleast 30 fps.

  97. Razor2048


    4 dagen geleden

    Awesome video, though I wonder, why are they using such a poor motherboard design when it comes to the VRMs. It makes me wonder how hot they get when you extend the boost duration to 128 seconds. I have a feeling that if the boost duration was unlimited, one of those VRMs will fail after a few months of use.

  98. martin c

    martin c

    4 dagen geleden

    I did want to buy this pc, after I have seen your videos (three of them for this pc), I changed my mind. Thank you very much and (of course) thumbs-up.

  99. Lucas Cadena

    Lucas Cadena

    4 dagen geleden

    You don't need to cut down the screws--just buy the correct 16mm M3 screws and the Noctua mounts easily. That's what I did. There's also another option now. Somebody on the Dell forums reported that the Vetroo V5 cooler doesn't require any additional screws or other hardware to install, and it costs less than the Noctua.

    • Clinton McCool

      Clinton McCool

      4 dagen geleden

      I did the same to mount the NH-D9L and it works perfectly and dropped temps by almost 30°.

  100. CharlieXray


    5 dagen geleden

    The real blame is not the cooler, the real issue is the 14nm+++++ intel cpu. But that is still a Dell faul for not using AMD